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Manna: Two Visions of Humanity’s Future

by Marshall Brain

Robots will soon begin taking human jobs in places like retail stores, fast food restaurants, construction sites and transportation. The key technology that will fuel the transition is inexpensive computer vision systems, and the number of human jobs at risk numbers in the tens of millions. More than half of the jobs in the United States could be eliminated.

With half of the jobs eliminated by robots, what happens to all the people who are out of work? Marshall Brain’s book Manna explores the possibilities and shows two contrasting outcomes, one filled with great hope and the other quite uncomfortable.

Join Marshall Brain, founder of, for a skillful step-by-step walk through the robotic transition, the collapse of the human job market that results and an surprising look at humanity’s future in a post-robotic world.

Then consider our options. Which vision of the future will society choose to follow?

About the Author

Marshall Brain is best known as the founder of Marshall started the site as a hobby in 1998 and it was purchased for $250 million by Discovery Communications in 2007.

As a well-known public speaker, Marshall frequently appears on radio and TV programs nationwide. He has appeared on everything from The Oprah Winfrey Show to CNN. He is the host of National Geographic’s “Factory Floor With Marshall Brain”.

Marshall has written more than a dozen books and a number of widely known publications.

Today Marshall resides in Cary, NC with his wife and four children.

You can learn more about Marshall Brain at

Dinosaurs and Prime Numbers (Walton Cumberfield Series)

by Tom Moran

There is a cow in Budleigh Salterton that is independent of the space-time continuum. Walton Cumberfield, however, is not aware of this. At least, not yet…

All he knows is that his dog is missing, his girlfriend has left him, and the local residential home has banned him from putting on any more of his celebrity-based toy theatre productions. It’s the end of his world as he knows it – and something has to be done!

Join Walton Cumberfield, amateur gas and electricity meter-reader, semi-professional scientist, poet, entrepreneur, inventor, raconteur and private detective as he embarks on a hilarious quest that will lead him to the discovery of a lifetime.

Find out more on Walton’s blog:


by C. Dennis Moore

Stan Wasco is a seeker. He spent nearly five decades seeking truth in science before giving it up to pursue bigger goals. But since then he’s not done much with his time. Then one day he finds something on the side of the road, something that shouldn’t exist, but its staring him in the face and asking for bananas.

After fifty years, he’s finally found his one big thing, and he’s eager to find out as much as he can about this fluke of nature that has no right being here.

There’s just one problem: it’s that time of year when his older brother comes into town for a week of fishing and bonding and Jim’s a bit of a bully when he doesn’t get his way.

Stan has to find a way to placate the unreasonable while trying to understand the unexplainable. If he can make it through this week, he’s got the discovery of the century and a possibility to change the scientific principles governing life on earth.

In this novella, horror author C. Dennis Moore tells a very different kind of Frankenstein story. Originally intended as a graphic novel, FLUKE has been expanded and adapted to prose, with the original comic book script included afterward.

C. Dennis Moore is the author of over 60 published short stories and novellas in the speculative fiction genre. Most recent appearances were in the Dark Highlands 2, What Fears Become, Dead Bait 3 and Dark Highways. His novels are Revelations, and the Angel Hill stories, The Man in the Window, The Ghosts of Mertland and The Third Floor.

The Day You Discard Your Body

by Marshall Brain

Today your brain is inextricably linked to your body, and your body is a very poor vehicle for it. The problems are myriad, ranging from simple things like body odor and restroom breaks, to serious issues like cancer. If you get cancer at age 30 and the malignancy takes your life, your body is the worst kind of trap – your perfectly healthy brain dies when the disease kills your body. Any kind of serious accident – everything from falling down the steps to a car crash – has the same deadly effect on your brain.

There is an alternative on the horizon, in the form of Vertabrane and then complete disembodiment. In his book “The Day You Discard Your Body”, Marshall Brain skillfully guides you through the steps that will lead you to gladly discard the frail human body that your brain inhabits today.

MARSHALL BRAIN is best known as the founder of Marshall started the site as a hobby in 1998 and it was purchased for $250 million by Discovery Communications in 2007.

As a well-known public speaker, Marshall frequently appears on radio and TV programs nationwide. He has appeared on everything from The Oprah Winfrey Show to CNN. He is the host of National Geographic’s “Factory Floor With Marshall Brain”.

Marshall has written more than a dozen books and a number of widely known publications.

Today Marshall resides in Cary, NC with his wife and four children. You can learn more about Marshall Brain at

Tornado Alley

by Sigfried Overby

â??Tornado Alley’ is a hilarious satire that takes place in the near future. Combining the styles of Don Delillo’s White Noise, George Orwell’s 1984 and George Saunder’s Pastoralia, Tornado Alley takes the reader on wild ride throughout the bread basket. When a troubled young magazine writer with a case of severe writer’s block gets assigned to chase tornadoes with three offbeat characters, he ends up getting the ride of his life. His assignment: to write about storm chasers or get fired from his magazine job. But in the process he ends up getting mixed up with a sinister corporate entity whose primary goal is the maximization of profits through humans’ innate fear of tornadoes. The corporation’s research has determined that primal fear leads to rampant consumerism, and so they travel throughout Tornado Alley promoting their unique brand of corporate fascism and scaring the good people of the Midwest. And because of the expected increase in tornado activity due to global warming, the evil corporation aims to use the brute power of mother nature to grow their bottom line, and in the process groom the helpless writer as the next puppet dictator of Tornado Alley.

Heaven’s Vector

by Dale Colson

Jim Chambers awakens to find himself alone on a derelict alien spaceship, a castaway in time and space. His only companion is the eccentric and secretive ship computer named Vexis. Following the directions of the computer, Jim rushes to make repairs to the ship while the neighboring sun threatens to explode in a super nova at any time. But Jim discovers that Vexis holds a dark secret and the answers to many questions, including what happened to the alien crew.

23 Hours

by Kevin Riley

I went to that cabin with a very simple plan; drink until the whiskey ran out, then use my last bullet to set myself free. I’d been bitten so I knew exactly how much time I had left. I also knew what would happen when time ran out and there was no way I was going to let that happen. I wasn’t upset about it; I was almost relieved. Hell, I was even looking forward to the freedom that death would bring. Then that damn kid had to ruin it all.

Mars Inc.

by Daniel A. Greathead

There’s strange things afoot on Mars.

In this incredibly skewed and slightly humourous tale, Mike must dig deep if he’s going to find out what’s going on at Mars Incorporated, make it out alive, and above all else locate the mysterious Rose.

And… what’s the deal with the Black Cat, and why is it so important that Mike follows it? To make matters worse, he doesn’t even like cats!

Twisted Sanity

by Christopher Winterberg

Strap in for a wild ride through worlds of obsession, chaos and fear. A literary equivalent of The Twilight Zone, Amazing Tales or The Outer Limits, Twisted Sanity: Stories Beyond Reality will keep you guessing with sinister and astonishing endings. Seemingly normal scenes quickly become shocking and surreal. Twisted Sanity makes one promise to the reader with each and every story: expect the unexpected.

Into the Tall Grass (Free Story Friday)

by Josh Hilden

What lays within the tall grasses in Repose Valley?

One Way To Mars 1

by Gary Weston

Veterinarian Andrew Foreman hadn’t wanted to go to Mars in the first place. But somebody had to look after Monkley the GenMoP, the genetically modified primate. Foreman had always regarded space travel as a dangerous business, but he had no idea just how dangerous.

Black & White Roses

by Ruth Watson-Morris

A story of an ordinary woman whose life and that of her family are afeected by cancer.

This story is to raise money and awareness of the fund raising organisation – Association for International Cancer Research. (AICR)

This organisation bring together the top scientific researchers, by funding them in their work to cure all cancer around the world.

The site link:-

Please note that ALL authors profit WILL be donated to this group. Which on Kindle is 35% of the price. Please donate on the site provided as well.

Time to kick the illness hard!

With Thanks.

Mall Santa

by Pam Uphoff

Trans-dimensional travelers have to earn money some how. This seemed like an easy job . . .


by Chuck Ian Gordon

“This book blurs the boundaries of science fiction and reality to create a wonderfully futuristic novel. A well-paced, gripping read that seems to have found the optimal balance between excitement and length.”

                                                     Dirk Wendt, Online Gamer

The medieval warrior Haran finds out the shocking truth about his existence: he is one of a hundred artificial intelligences (AIs) placed into multi-user computer game environments as part of a 21st century military experiment. Aided by the exceptional hacker Natasha Morrison, he is able to escape to different game worlds and liberate the AIs trapped within. An aggressive military AI named Zarco takes up the chase and the game worlds are turned upside down. Gangster cars on a pirate beach, biplanes in the Arabian Nights, space cruisers at the Battle of Troy. The chase continues in the real world when the AIs are downloaded into robot bodies. Zarco and his henchmen have their own sinister plan and will stop at nothing to see it through. Can Haran and his friends stop them before it’s too late?

Science fiction author Chuck Ian Gordon has been in the IT game for years. His debut novel, based on current and near-future technological developments and the author’s own experiments with AI, throws up important social questions for what is to come. Mixing opulent imagery with his passions for science fiction, mythology and computer games, Gordon’s action-packed story climaxes with an explosive finale.

Sea of Masks: Rejected

by Robert Glover

Think it is tough getting that dream job?

Try being a clone amid a society where having the right mark on your mask means the difference in destitution or opulence. How is a clone to succeed in standing out? Only those with money or influence are able to stand above the clamoring masses and truly claim their dreams.

Marks are all that separate Jaxis from fulfilling his dreams, but with their lofty prices, and exclusive nature, they can be impossible for a new clone, like him, to attain. Everyone tells him that if he is patient, and works hard he may one day, before his time, attain his dreams.

That is all changed now. Years of mistreatment have finally worn on Jaxis and he made a rash decision to go out on his own, to venture into the business world alone. He quickly regretted the decision, and now his options are vanishing. He is getting desperate. What is a clone to do when all other options are closed?

Automaton Women

by Dan Hendrix

Bad guys get all the hot girls; so five good nerds decide to build their own supermodel girlfriends. Each brings some special skills to the table. Together they force technology into existence through innovation and theft. They find themselves breaking laws, ignoring ethical considerations, and deflecting the hatred spewed by flesh-and-blood people, who don’t want to be replaced by robots. Tampering with Mother Nature has its consequences as the â??not so nice anymore’ friends find out.

The Dark Streets Book Two: The Fall

by Justin Shepherd

The Saga Continues 5 years after the events in book one. We find our people going through a wasteland trying to find answers and hope in the new reality that has become our world. New evils have wormed their way into existence that will either destroy the remaining resistance or force unlikely heroes into action.

The Phantoms greater plan will be revealed and Liam will be forced to do unspeakable actions to have Peace once again.


by Richard Norman

Two planets collide millions of years ago destroying both, but a small life form remained alive safe in its dormant state attached to it’s piece of resist the freezing of space, and travels millions of miles on another collision course with earth. It gets pulled in by the earths gravity and survives the heat of entering the atmosphere, it hits the earth being awakened to find it has a new home with all the food it could dream of. But it’s just a fly, what harm could it do?

Virtual Sex In Dreamscape Mode

by Joseph P Hradisky Jr

This is a short story that blends technology with fantasy and the possible idea there is no separation of the two.

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