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The Book of Bulking: Workouts, Groceries, and Meals for Building Muscle

by David De Las Morenas

3 Routines, 30+ Exercise videos, 7 Recipes, and 25 Grocery Items
The two biggest problems people face when trying to build muscle are undoubtedly poorly programmed routines and a lack of calories. Most people I see are using routines that suck. It could be due to a lack of forced progression, leading you to hitting a quick plateau. Or it could simply be unbalanced, leading to poor posture and injury. Either way, you won’t get stronger or build muscle efficiently with a bad routine.

Even after I initially made the choice to put on weight and stop being skinny, it took me months of effort and experimentation to figure out a diet that worked – both for my wallet and my stomach. I have tweaked it and refined it over the last 3 years. The included grocery list and sample meal plan should make affording and consuming a high calorie diet far easier.

Between my own experience and my experience working with numerous clients as a personal trainer, I have developed a set of workout routines and eating systems that will help you build muscle and get stronger – at an optimal rate. I believe you will find the included workouts challenging and effective; and the grocery list and sample meals delicious and affordable.

3 Bulking Routines
1. The Bodyweight Bulking Routine – using only your bodyweight
2. The Dumbbell Bulking Routine – perfect for your home or the hotel gym
3. The Born To Bulk Routine – my full-on bulking routine, you’ll need access to a gym

Access To My Video Exercise Library
– Videos of all exercises contained in the routines, performed by yours truly
– Audio narrations and text description of proper form
– The ability to comment and ask questions regarding form for each and every exercise

The Bulking Grocery List
– 25 items I recommend and buy myself to put on weight- Descriptions of why I chose each- Considerations you should take in regards to brand, type, etc.

7 Sample Bulking Meals
– Recipes for 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, and 2 dinners (one quickly prepared and one slightly more elaborate option for each)- Bonus: The Beastly Weight Gainer Shake, 700 calories of pure awesomeness

Blood, Sweat & Beers (Working Class Sport)

by Graham March

For reasons no one close to him could fathom, Graham March decided to run a marathon. Was it the desire to reduce the forty plus inch beer belly with its associated visceral fat slowly crushing his major organs? Was it to prove to his young son that this middle aged authoritarian figure could mix it with the younger lads still? That his depleting machismo still had a swansong left in it?

Graham has been muddling through at a laconically plodding pace most of his life. A lazy drift through the education system saw him leave school completely ill-equipped for a moribund mid ’80s job’s market. A succession of demoralising positions (to which ill-suited was an understatement) forced him back into the higher education system before spitting him out, older and wiser, and ready to get his career back on track.

Twenty odd years later, life has become comfortable and he’s satisfied with his lot.

Too satisfied.

Hence this book and everything in it…

SAIL THROUGH THE BUFFETING WINDS (fall in love with the life you create)

by Sophia Ann Montoya

SAIL THROUGH THE BUFFETING WINDS is the 3rd book in the -fall in love with the life you create- series. These books are fun to read as they present opportunities for you to meet the real and amazing you! Within the realms of tango dance, motorcycle riding, and sailing, you will be inspired to maximize your potential in order to fall in love with the life you create in lieu of feeling you were tossed into a life you did not ask for. Think of it as an illuminating way to upgrade–with enhanced features–your current version of existence. Whether or not you ever engage in these activities, you will be inspired to ponder upon your dreams for the purpose of igniting passion within yourself to productively take action now. More importantly, the concepts presented will enhance all aspects of your life when adapted. Because of life’s challenges, you will learn the importance of being responsible for your choices as you dive into life’s cornucopia with the intent to hone your abilities and reap the rewards.

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