Free travel Kindle books for 20 Dec 13

Sea Kayaking in the Florida Keys – The Digital Edition

by Bruce Wachob

Sea Kayaking in the Florida Keys – The Digital Edition

If you have ever wanted to explore the Florida Keys the way it was intended- by the seat-of-your-pants-then this guidebook is your bible for adventure. This digital rendition of Sea Kayaking in the Florida Keys gives explorers an interactive guide to all areas of interest, with internet resources for lodging, camping, entertainment/dining and where to rent kayaks. But the most dynamic feature of this digital publication are the color map-images that have been provided. Designed exclusively for use with tablet devices from the first page, this travel guide is likely to spark a revolution in the way that guide publications will be developed for future travelers. For explorers of the Florida Keys, that future has arrived!

Ka Mate: Travels in New Zealand

by Dan Coxon

The New Zealand All Blacks are one of the most recognisable team franchises in modern sport, and their performance of the Ka Mate haka prior to international matches is known across the globe. But how many of us know anything about the Maori people to whom this haka belongs?

Ka Mate: Travels In New Zealand takes us on a three month journey around New Zealand, through the vineyards, over the glaciers, and across the fields of boiling mud. Freelance journalist and writer Dan Coxon does more than simply entertain us with anecdotes of his travels: he unravels New Zealand’s complex history of migration and settlement, and reveals an intriguing story of British colonisation that still has repercussions today.

Plus there’s time for a rugby match or two along the way.


by E. Amato

Poems/Images from Morocco by E. Amato with select translations by Catherine S. Webster, Ph.D.

Dhaka to Dakar: Across Africa – Chapter 15: Ghana

by Andrew Boland

The final volume begins with my arrival in Sub-Saharan Africa and the country of Ghana. It would be a baptism of fire. Would I cope with the culture shock? How would I find this new region to the world?
I visit the capital, Accra, Cape Coast and Elmina, all places that have history in the slave trade.
I would be challenged regularly. I will meet some good people, and some questionable people too! I would start to learn a lot about Africa and myself.

Motorbike Diaries: Mad in the Med

by Graham Hoskins

Danny John-Jules and Graham Hoskins have undertaken two amazing adventures by motorbike that anyone could try. They even filmed them so they could share and inspire anyone to have a go themselves! In 2010 they rode 7,000 miles in 15 days through fifteen countries, circumnavigating the Med Sea. The series was screened in April 2012 on Extreme Sports.

Now read how both Danny and Graham discovered their passion for motorcycling, travel and how the strangest of circumstances created an unusual friendship and an astonishing adventure.

Please note this book is our first edition and will be subject to further editorial change in subsequent releases.

French Flea Bites (Mill of the Flea)

by George East

THE FOURTH book in the best-selling Mill of the Flea series, continuing the often farcical and always entertaining adventures of the author and his wife as they attempt to make a new life in rural France. Totally unlike any other book in the genre. FRENCH FLEA BITES covers another eventful year for our hero and his wife as they stumble knee-deep through the rice pudding of their lives in darkest rural Normandy and at the Mill of the Flea. This episode introduces another galaxy of weird characters and situation – and a number of distinctly distinctive recipes, such as the favourite dishes of an (alleged) Ancient Egyptian god and his travelling companion! EVERY TYPE and age of reader from the confirmed Francophile (or Francophobe!) to the armchair adventurer├ó?┬Žor anyone in search of a rattling good and very funny read will LOVE this book.

50 Free Things to Do in Vancouver (+25 Things to Do for Less Than $10!) (Budget Destination Canada)

by Jenell Diegor

The City of Vancouver is a coastal city in the province of British Columbia, Canada. It is a popular destination for visitors from all over North America and Asia. To help travelers and residents alike save their money, this list has been compiled and contains 50 free things to do in Vancouver, as well as 25 things to do for under $10.

Included in this list are some of Vancouver’s beautiful parks and beaches as well as activities such as martial arts classes and museums.

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