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Over the Edge

by Jason Moser

For the past few years, Derek has lost all interest in the Navy and decides to run away from everything to the untamed wilderness of the Flathead National Forest in Northwest Montana. His friends, Jeremy and Susan, are forced to join him after some unfortunate circumstances make them run from law.

Running for their lives, they experience the adventure of a lifetime, staying one step ahead of the pursuing posse as they make their way to the Jewel Basin. Trapped at the edge of a cliff, their only chance of escape is to go over the edge.

Over the Edge is the second fiction novel by Jason Moser and is a fast moving action/adventure thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat the entire way through.


by Donald Stilwell

Kevin Anderson is a United States Marine selected and trained to do one very important job.He hunts and kills terrorists.  The true point of Kevin is not his inherent gifts of strength and skill, but his vulnerability.  His everyman quality.  He doesn’t take life mindlessly, though it would appear so in the act itself.  He is thoughtful and remorseful and never at peace with the monster within.  Kevin is everyone of us.  That is his curse.“Life is not kind.  It is a ruthless, formidable opponent, and you must face it with a lion’s heart to survive…”

Reluctant in Uniform: or Pig gone soldier on

by CJ Harcourt

The timeless and hilarious story of a young recruit’s life and adventures in the British army of the 1960’s post National Service.
A reflective, humorous and alternative look at life in and out of uniform in the swinging sixties.
Forgotten by those who served and informative for those who did not, the book is written with some level of naturalistic dialogue and a degree of barrack room realism – not for the faint hearted.
â??Sir, On considered reflection I consider myself stagnating in this regiment if not in the entire British army and submit this my resignation…’ read the major out loud to Logan before looking up. â??You do know you can’t resign from the army don’t you Logan?

The book Brigadier General the Hon. Diarmuid (Paddy) de Dildao D’Arcy tried to get banned.

Stealth Drop

by Alex Zonneveld

A short story about a number of Special Forces troops who parachute into a gang fortress, which has recently caught public attention through huge kidnappings. This is a story full of action and is a nice read on a bus or train. This is my first book and I’m only 14. Feel free to write reviews and comments. Give it a try and I hope you enjoy it.

Wolves: A Christmas Story (The Maroons of Hawking, Saskatchewan)

by Chris Donovan

– Jacob didn’t have to stoop much as he walked under the copter’s blurring rapidity. The face of the machine was smothered with an embossed Canadian flag and the words, SECURITY DEPARTMENT OF CANADA, glowed in maroon on the dark blue paint of the pilot’s door. He opened his helmet with a vocalized password and smiled at this. He was proud. –

During a Christmas Eve patrol of the Hawking, Saskatchewan, military base, Corporal-Pilot Jacob Moloney pursues an unusual visitor.

Could it be Santa Claus?

“Wolves: A Christmas Story” is a prequel to “AWOL” and is available until January 1, 2014.

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