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Wild Sex & Porn Stories Volume 4: Fantasy & Revenge Sex

by Macy Alexander

Enjoy these naughty excerpts from Wild Sex & Porn Stories Volume 4!

From The Farmer’s Daughters

Watching them, made me so fucking hard again! I told them both to get on their hands and knees. Once they did, I got behind them, got the head of my cock wet and shoved my cock in one of the sister’s ass and she screamed pretty loud. I was also shoving two fingers in her sister’s ass and continued to fuck them both. Not long after we were going at it like that, I switched and started fucking the other girl deep in her ass with my super hard cock. After about ten minutes of that, I pulled my pumping cock out and shot my cum all over their backs and they quickly started licking it off.

Sweet: An Erotic Lactation Love Story

by Millie Camille

Derrick has always fantasized about having an Adult Nursing Relationship

With one random encounter, lonely everyman Derrick Jeffries thinks he’s finally met the girl of his dreams.

Christy is a beautiful pregnant woman who finds herself suddenly homeless and alone. With only two weeks left in her pregnancy, Christy’s out of options. But when handsome, rich guy Derrick’s car breaks down and they end up in the same diner, Christy’s luck changes in ways she never imagined.

Derrick is a â??good man with an unusual predilection.’ His milk fetish embarrasses and shames him, but with a willing partner, could he find the balance and joy in life he never thought possible?

Derrick and Christy find each other, and in each other, the potential for happiness. But the trauma of childbirth, as well as her decision to give the baby up for adoption, causes Christy to plummet into post partum depression. Is Derrick’s fantasy of having a lactating love over already? Will anything pull Christy out of despair and give them the life they both want?

Nothing worth having in life is ever easy…

Sweet: An Erotic Lactation Love Story is a 34,000 word novella intended for adult audiences only.

Content warning: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: adult breastfeeding sex, milking sex, mild bondage and one FF scene.


When we finished eating, she stood and cleared both our plates and carried them to the sink. As she scraped the plates into the trash, she said “I’ll wash, you dry?”

I have a dishwasher, but the idea of standing next to her and doing this little task sounded nice. Any excuse to be close to her was good enough for me. She filled the sink with soap and leaned in to wash a glass. A little bit of water splashed up onto her belly and the wet silk became see-through. She hardly noticed the water spot, but I couldn’t take my eyes off it. She rinsed the glass, held it out to me, and then realized I was staring at her. She followed my gaze to that one small, clearly visible spot of pink skin through the gown and she laughed a little in surprise. “Oh! I didn’t know it would do that!” She looked back to me, to the unwavering heat in my eyes. She looked slightly nervous, but she smiled lightly and said, “looks like I have another thing to thank Gina for.”

I stepped closer and dipped my fingers into the warm dishwater. Then I dribbled a few drops on her breast and I could see the dusky color of the crinkling areola around her nipple. She sighed and I pressed my thumb into her and rolled it in a circle. I pulled her into a hug and leaned her back gently into the counter. I practically growled at her: “I want you more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my life. But I’ll stop if you want me to. I’m not into gratitude fucking. Well … okay, I’d probably be into a gratitude fuck, but that’s not why I brought you here.”

She laughed lightly and pulled away to look up at me. “I am very grateful, but that’s not why I want to fuck you.”

Femdom : The Beautician Trap : Male Chastity & Forced Femme

by Sabrina Jen Mountford

Be careful what you wish for, wanting to experience strict male chastity, Perry tries to trick Nikki, a Beautician, into becoming his unwitting key holder. Perry’s plan backfires and he finds himself in a world of forced feminization, chastity and orgasm denial, having fallen foul of ‘The Beautician Trap’

Perry has a secret kink, he longs to be locked in chastity by a beautiful but strict mistress. After a long time experimenting with self-locking and timed release systems he gets an interesting suggestion from a, ‘Mistress Wildfire’ who frequents his regular BDSM and fetish online forums, Samantha suggests a way he could experience having a real life keyholder… It entails locking himself, then contacting a beauty therapist who specialized in male genital waxing, posing as his owner-mistress and asking for him to be secured, unbelted, then waxed bare on the groin, belted back up and sent home without the keys.

It all goes to plan, but the experience is too frustrating and painful for him to want to repeat and he decides never to put himself through this again. the trouble is when the keys don’t get sent back six weeks later at the agreed time… The plot thickens… Did his cheque bounce? Or is something more sinister afoot? How far will Nikki take her game of dominance, enforced chastity and forced feminization?

*This femdom story was originally published as a free bonus story with the first edition of ‘The Clinical Trial’ it has been extensively re-written, extended and improved. It is a shorter than average story of mine, hence the low price, however I have included free sample chapters of several of my other works.

Look for more Sabrina Jen Mountford Fetish Erotica on Amazon.

Taken & Creamed 2: Intruders

by Eliza DeGaulle

Is it a cruel twist of fate or exactly what she wants?
The honeymoon seems to be over between Caitlyn and Roman. As their first anniversary approaches, Roman seems to have forgotten to celebrate the day, and Caitlyn is left worried about the passions that have died between them. 
In a drunken attempt to reignite the lost love, Roman seeks to play along with her kinks and ties Cait to their bed. As it always does, however, career took precedence over her, and he abandons her and leaves her vulnerable. Especially as two intruders bust into their home and find Cait unable to do a thing to stop them from taking anything they please. Including her, and she’s in no position to make them wear protection.
Cait’s darkest fantasies are about to be fulfilled again – is it just be another one of her love’s secret plots to please her?
The second book in the Taken and Creamed Series. 7800 words. Not for readers under the age of 18.

Left to Her Own Devices (Mark and Katherine)

by J. Leon Scott

As Katherine sleeps, her devious Master sneaks into her apartment.

She is awoken by being forcibly bound, beaten, and then used for his gratification… but his game doesn’t end there. In fact, at that point, it’s just beginning.

Left to Her Own Devices is the fourth of a series of short stories detailing the adventures of Mark and Katherine as they explore the world of BDSM, and find new ways to push both his and her fantasies and limits. It deals with Surprise, force fantasies, and the frightening prospect of being left in bondage, to escape on your own.

Decadent Pleasures

by Francine Sherman

In this new collection of erotic stories from Francine, the sensual, hot action surrounds the woman embracing her new-found sexuality, the teacher seducing his student, the older woman seducing her best friends’ son and the bride-to-be giving a unique pre-wedding gift.

Lucky Day (a bisexual watersports sex story) (a prequel to In Between)

by Lolly Pope

Warning! This book contains very explicit sex scenes, watersports, golden shower, piss drinking, gay and bisexual scenes. Please be responsible for your copy of this material and keep it out of the hands of minors.

Gabe Hunter’s day began a little grumpy. He went down to the kitchen to make some coffee, but instead assisted at hid Dad’s morning fuck with the new maid.

After that, the day just got better and better. At school he made a new gay friend who helped him with his raging hard-on that he got when ogling Dave Shields, he took a very steamy golden drink to a nice girl that he only knows as Jenny, the piss-drinker, and fucked two beautiful ladies at his part time job, with his favorite flavors.

Just when he thought the day couldn’t get any better, when he finally got back home and wants to get some sleep, he found his bed already filled with the maid’s butt. And Gabe Hunter never refused a lady before, so why would he start now?

Adult Video XXXMas

by Lexi Maxxwell

Adult Video XXXMas

The One Where Heather Fucks the North Pole

The genre defying erotic comedy of Adult Video (“Clerks in a Porn Shop”) has never been funnier than XXXMas.

Have fun with Tiffany, Heather, Seth, and all the customers at Happy Endings as they suffer the holiday rush, while Heather decides to fuck “The North Pole,” the biggest dildo she (or anyone) has ever seen. Guaranteed to make you laugh “” if you like things that you probably shouldn’t laugh at, even though they have you clutching your sides trying not to “” while getting you hot.



Adult Video Season One Contains the Following Episodes:

The Gang Deals With the Fisting Mitten Recall

Seth Can’t Get Any Alone Time

Tiffany and Heather Act Like Total Cunts

The Gang Accepts Stuff From People’s Butts

Heather Makes Amateur Porn

Heather is Broke as Shit

The Gang Makes People Get to the Fucking Point

Tiffany and Seth Stage an Intervention

Who Fucked What?

Seth Gets Caught in a Lie

Tiffany Has an Adventurous Boyfriend

The Gang Meets a Guy Who Wants to Fuck Himself

Laugh Yourself Horny!

Sorority ORAL Fundraiser (ORAL COLLEGE EROTICA–m/f group, fellatio, gloryhole, college girls) (Demure’s Delicious Delights)

by Celia Demure


The girls of Omega Omega Alpha Omega have a VERY special charity fundraiser planned for homecoming weekend.

All of the wealthiest male alumni have been invited to experience the ORAL PLEASURES that can only be offered by the kinkiest coeds on campus …

Tender young, submissive female MOUTHS and LIPS will be used by alpha male customers in a shameful and shocking manner …

One thing’s certain: the men will all leave SATISFIED … And NONE of the girls will leave hungry.

M/F oral—girl/girl—cum eating/swallowing–facials—bisexual coed bonding and wanton campus sluttony!!!

Based on a special request from my hubby, this one’s for the guys … and also adventurous females who are up for a tale of female submission of the ORAL variety 😉

The Cheerleaders

by Captain Chris Felton

Please be warned this is an erotica novel and don’t download it if your prudish, shy or suffer from a heart condition. Following a plane crash Peter finds he is he only male survivor in a group of many females he seduces two reporters and a flight attendant and sets up his own hut on the beach his attention is drawn to a group of 18 year old Japanese Cheerleaders and after seducing their coach he seduces all twelve girls. Who eventually become pregnant and when they are rescued he and the girls become an overnight sensation in Japan. He is invited on a TV show and has the announcer during filming he eventually films the pilot for a new series and flies home to the Philippines

All Good Things…: Nothing Lasts Forever (Good and Wild)

by Dominica Dark

“I won’t leave you again.”
This is what Christine Foster promised on the eve of their wedding, but Nick St. Claire found that there are worst things.

It seemed that whatever could go wrong did as soon as they said “I do” and Nick found himself going from one crisis to another, some of them of his own making. No matter how satisfying they were together in bed, life always seemed to get in the way. When Christine lost her memory and forgot everything about them, it had seemed the final straw.

But he would find out that while all good things come to an end, and nothing lasts forever, that’s not always a bad thing.

Follow the lives of Nick and Christine as they find out how true love can heal the deepest hurts.

The Ad

by Roie Philom

The ad offered quite a bit of money for about three hours of her time. It said “Must be sexually liberated.” Kathy wondered what that meant. But she did need money to pay this month’s rent.

A Bicycle Orgy (Group Sex, Public Sex, and Dildo Bikes) (My Taboo Bike)

by Dalia Daudelin

This 3000 word story includes:

  • Dildo use
  • Oral sex
  • Bisexuality
  • Kinky sex scenes

Max and Talia are living happily now, no more huge arguments and no more withholding sex. When Talia receives an invitation to a bike ride that she and Max are required to attend, she expects it to be a normal charity event. Oh, how wrong she is.

Instead she finds a kinky, bisexual, slutty dildo bike ride, where the men and women are both fucked by their bikes. In the end, Talia and Max are thrown into an orgy that will change their lives forever.

Interior Motives

by FeFe Whitaker

Having conquered the task of becoming a successful interior decorating business at the early age of 27, Lashe’ Washington had the picturesque life most would dream of. She has a luxury car, a beautiful home and is engaged to Toni, who is also a successful business owner of a high end spa and salon. However, all of these components combined still can’t keep Lashe’ from lustful temptations. She has an affair with her married neighbor Andre’, whom she has lusted over for quite some time. It starts out as a one night stand, but becomes much more. Andre’s wife, Samirah has her own agenda for Lashe’ as she plans to use Lashe’ as a pawn in a deceitful plan to avenge the person that wronged her years ago.
This motive which is one of many brings on a whole other world of drama that one wouldn’t think possible. Just when the plot starts to thicken, more drama is added into the mix, as elements within reveal that Lashe’ and Andre’ aren’t the only ones having an affair!
With so many ulterior motives, coming into play, everyone thinks they have the upper hand, but when marriages, relationships and friendships are put to the test, the lives many have come to know will become nonexistent.

The Nautch Dancer

by Roie Philom

A short erotic tale of only 42 pages about characters in the Old West. It is
a western with a difference. It is about Indian uprisings and mountain men
and saloons and preachers as experienced by a young dancing girl whose culture is from India and France. Contains erotic content for adults only.

“My mother did the Nautch dance the ancient Indian way ending up completely naked by the end of the dance. That’s something unknown here in America. She attracted business for the other girls.”

The Treasure of Shah Jehan

by Captain Chris Felton

Kester goes to India to buy planes for his aviation museum and gets interested in the ruined palace of Shah Jehan the moghul emperor of India. He buys the palace and during restoration works finds several voids inside the building which contianed skeletal remains of concubines, trusted followers, and the massive treasure of the Shah, he hid from the East India Company before they looted his palace. Kester buys four girls former temple maidens sold at public auction. This enraged the local brothel madam and she put a contract with the secretive Thuggi sect who had been assassins in india for years. Kester has a prolonged confrontation with them. During which he saves a girl from another brothel, who turns out to be a Maharani, placed there by a scheming father who wants a bastard son to succeed him, he helps her regain her birthright

A Male Fantasy

by Roie Philom

A story of a man and two women in the forests and farmlands of Kentucky. A male fantasy of the way the world should be.

The End of the World Adultery blues (Erotic Fiction of Ally Mauser)

by Ally Mauser

A deadly rock is hurtling towards the planet. An astronaut’s wife is driven to suicidal, self-destructive despair as a result in a world that is quickly going to hell. She wanders the hell-ish suburbs, encountering the worst of humanity on the brink of disaster. Humanity, in a truly devastating crisis like this one, is probably not worth saving.


by Captain Chris Felton

This is an novel has an erotica content, not for the shy and prudish dont download if your faint hearted or have a bad heart, its about war as well

A modern love story set in war torn Yugoslavia, an sas trooper on a mission to protect a high ranking Yugoslavian officer meets the stunning Katya, but a few months later she is found raped, mutilated and murdered. The hero sets out to revenge her death and scours the war torn country for those responsible until he has killed them all. This book is a prequel and follows Kester Wylie’s early career

from his mission in Yugoslavia through to Afghanistan. Follow Kester as he extracts his revenge for the beautiful Katya’s murder

Tales by Tiffany

by Noel

A Collection of Erotica for Women.

New Years Eve Masquerade Party (Super Hero Sex)

by JJ Anthony

New Years Eve Masquerade Party by JJVJJ

Search Kindle Store for JJVJJ and JJ Anthony

Search Kindle Store for JJ Bones and JJ Anthony

Search Kindle Store for JJ Bones and JJ Anthony

This story needed reworking of the Names so not to be sued. So now we have Kat Woman and Battman.

Two gorgeous people meet in costume and stay in costume while having crazy hot sex.

Read the free sample and decide if this is your type of erotica.

JJ Bones

Secretary Wanted (Adult Short Erotica, Book 1)

by A. Aaron

The economic recession has made a victim out of sexy Anna as she has spent months looking for a new job. The most insanely erotic, explicit details you will find in any short story erotica, this book is not for the fainthearted or easily embarrassed. The author gets quick to the point to give you the vivid details you are craving to know as Anna is taken by surprise during this high stress interview. You will find yourself reading this story over and over again, eager to catch every last drop.

Warning: This is not your average romance or even short-story erotica. The sex scenes are explicit and emotionally charged. You will feel on the edge of your, ahem, seat- the whole time you are reading!

Crazy & Funny Sex Poems (Poems by Theo Gerken)

by Theo Gerken

This eBook contains 4 funny wild and hilarious poems about sex. They are pretty long and epic and have a lot of story to them. I had a lot of fun writing them, hopefully you’ll have a lot of fun READING them.

The four poems are:

1) SEXMACHINE SEX – A sci-fi poem set in the future where a guy has an entire stable of crazy sexbots in his garage that he made for himself. Making new models and trying them out is his hobby.

He’s only part human too so the words “clash of the titans” is not a bad description for what goes on down there. The whole thing climaxes (yes double meaning) as the neighbours find out and call the “robot rights activists” on him. Robots have rights too don’t they?!

2) MR. WOODCOCK – A poem about a guy who is kidnapped by a fat lady and kept in a wooden cage for weeks. She makes him weak by starving him and having him on a fruit-only diet. She then uses him for sexual pleasure.

3) BIG BLACK MAN – A story about a big black man who gets screwed over by a small white guy. He takes revenge by having sex with the white guys mum.

Well SHE kinda likes it, and when the little white guy (her son) comes home and discovers THEM having sex, HE gets strangely excited and whips out the camera and starts taking pictures. Yes – he even starts FILMING!

The black guy is totally weirded out but keeps going. The black guy goes to prison. There he works out 24/7 and dominates every small white guy in sight to get back at the guy who put him in prison.

4) MY DICK – An ironic poem about every guy’s belief that his penis is the most important thing in the world. The poem is spoken through the lens of a man who is convinced of this. It’s ironic. It basically makes fun of the male sexual ego.

Five Days a Millionaire

by Ruth Broucq

A self-reliant single mom in Germany finds herself in a tricky situation. Her ambivalent lover appears to have called it quits for good, and finances are running thin. Suddenly a chance to make her – and her daughter’s – life more secure appears in the form of a repugnant yet mystifying man who promises them the world.
An autobiographic erotic tale of passion, lust, greed, and kinship that questions our priorities in life and love. Can the mystery man keep to his promises? How far would you go to secure a fortune? And is what you get really worth waiting for?

Hot And Nasty: 7 Stories From 7 Authors

by JT Holland

Collected together for the first time are stories from 7 different erotica authors. Over 45,000 words of hardcore smut.


The Pornstar Next Door by JT Holland

A Little Rough Around The Edges by Scotty Diggler

The Teen Slut Down The Street Loves Anal Sex by Jeremy Holmes

Submissive Little Slut by Michael Scott Taylor

Anal Frenzy by Aaron Grimes

Trash Talking Teen by Brock Landers

Suite Lovin’ by TJ Holland.

Adults only! 18+!

This collection includes depictions of hardcore, graphic sex, including but not limited to: oral sex, anal sex, dirty talk, rough sex, aggressive sex, femdom, light bdsm, slapping, spanking, and much, much more! It is designed with the discerning adult in mind.

The Foreign Teachers: Three in a Billion

by Alex Gamble

Li Na translates for the foreign teachers at a private school in China.

A green-eyed American shows her a special interest after school, and Li Na becomes the timid focus of his affection.

When another man enters their relationship, Li Na realizes desires she never even knew she hadâ?¦

Mang Becomes a Man

by Darrin

A mang and his older sister experience a moment of emotional and horny bonding after having talked the night prior.

This book is a short, (~2500 word) erotica with incest elements. Enjoy!

Missionary Position (Light, Sweet, Crude)

by Alex Lamb

Dr. Susan Storch, PhD, is a highly respected teacher of composition and literature in the halls of ivy. Her students, however, dub her “Professor Starch” for her stiff, proper demeanor and shutdown social life.

Oil roughneck Hank Macy is getting his degree in Petroleum Engineering but on a whim takes Susan’s class in creative writing. As an assignment, he turns in a piece of erotica written in the earthy language of oilfield men. Susan finds it crude, disgusting and â?¦ something else.

Hank and Susan are oil and water. He’s light, sweet crude; she’s Perrier. He spends his spare time working on engines. She likes to curl up with a good book. Despite complications, in the end Susan finds herself curled up with a good, hard man who can make her engine purr, even in a boomtown bunkhouse deep in the heart of Texas oil country.

Missionary Position is the first in Alex Lamb’s Light, Sweet, Crude series of stand-alone romantic tales told with a comic touch. Light, Sweet, Crude features hot Alpha Males and women not easily mastered. Watch for more soon!

WARNING: Includes the notorious love poem, Sonnet to a ***** Absolutely no minors!


I felt his teeth on a nipple, the most delicate of nibbles. A wash of heat flowed over my breasts, producing a thin mist of perspiration on my skin.

“Oh, delicious!” he said in a low voice. I put my hand to his cheek and felt the stubble on his face. He had a heavy beard, hair that had popped relentlessly through the skin by late afternoon. The thought of his chest hair flitted through my mind again. I was desperate to see it. I started to fumble with the buttons of his plaid shirt.

He took my hand gently but firmly. “Not yet.”

“It’s not fair,” I whimpered. “You can see me.

“Okay, you’ve got a point. But just my shirt, all right?”

I undid his buttons rapidly and pulled his shirt open. He was wearing a t-shirt underneath but a cluster of curly brown hairs protruded over the top. “Yum!” I said with a sigh of pleasure. “I’ve been wondering what you looked like.”

“Have you?” he asked with surprise.

“Oh yes,” I laughed. “I love men with brown hair, especially on their chests!” I stroked his chest and slipped a finger in one of his curls. “Let’s get ’em off!”

He pulled off his shirts, revealing a broad chest with hard, flat pectorals built not from workouts but years of manual labor. I ran my hand over his abs and poked one with a finger. It gave to my touch no more than would a piece of metal. I licked a pectoral, tasting the salt and sweat of this hairy brute. I put my mouth over a nipple, sucked lightly and heard a satisfying moan in response.

I wanted to dally more with his chest but he sank to his knees and undid the waist button of my skirt, then pulled it down my hips. A second later it lay at my feet. “Pantyhose,” he sighed. “The devil’s invention. Covers up half a woman with fake nylon. About as sexy as overalls.”

I laughed. “Let me get them off.”

“No, I said I wanted to undress you myself and I’m going to finish the job. Raise one of your feet so I can get your shoes off.”

I put a hand on his shoulder and raised my right foot. In a moment he had both shoes off and was sliding my pantyhose down. They were just below my vagina when he stopped. “Oh God,” he said huskily. “What a beautiful pussy you have, Suzy.”

The sound of a nickname only my family and close friends used combined with what I always thought of as disgusting slang pushed a secret button in me. I couldn’t remember any boy talking about my sex that way. No, wait, one had once and I’d asked him not to. That all changed in a twinkling. I wasn’t about to tell Hank not to say “pussy” in my presence. In fact, I hoped he’d say it again.

SWEET EROTICA: Five Explicit Erotica Stories

by Carolyne Cox

Do you like your erotica a bit softer with a touch of romance? In this collection of explicit erotica stories, you’ll find plenty of sugar to mix in with the spice. But don’t worry. Even though we sweetened it up, it still packs a hardcore punch!

1. Two Girls in Pink: An Erotic Threesome Short

When the lovely and exotic Alani approaches Ryan at the bar, he doesn’t care that she’s a prostitute. He’s a long way from home and doesn’t even have anyone back there anyway. He’s eager to experience her lovely body, but when she suggests they spend time with her lovely friend, he’s hit the jackpot. His first threesome will be an experience to remember with two beautiful women having lesbian sex right in front of him until it’s time to turn girl on girl into a scorching mff ménage.

2. Dream Girl: An Erotic Night with a Call Girl

When I caught my wife with my best friend, I was devastated, but a tip from a cocktail waitress led me to call a girl who could help me get over her. I wasn’t sure it would work, but the lovely redhead took over, and it was just the night of call girl sex I needed.

3. When the Waves Crash Over the Pots: An Erotica Romance Short Story

Karen has had an impossible time moving on with her life after the death of her fiancé. He was a crabber, fishing for crab in the dangerous seas; and the sea claimed him. Seven years later, she still mourns his loss, and when the opportunity to work on the very boat, in the very place of his death, arrives, she takes it in a desperate attempt to come to peace. Peace is coming, but it comes unexpectedly, in the form of a handsome and wonderful crabber named Crosby.

4. Rose in Bloom: A Victorian Erotica Short

Rose desperately wants Daniel, but there are just some things a woman in Victorian England cannot do. She appeals to her friend Andria, who arranges a secret rendezvous, and the results are steamy! A night of passion follows with real love culminated in a blaze of glorious and lusty sensuality follows!

5. Watching On Command: A Voyeuristic Interracial First Anal Sex Short

Sally Whitley’s college call girl memoirs continue. This time, she recounts an episode a few years into her career when she was asked by a new client to watch rough interracial sex without participating. Of course, she agrees; and she’s amazed by the allure of seeing the beautiful African American man, Tony, push into his tiny redhead girlfriend. It gets even more astounding, though, when he changes gears and gives his girlfriend her first anal sex experience right in front of Sally.

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various sex encounters. It includes lesbian sex, oral sex, first anal sex, exhibitionism, voyeurism, masturbation, ass to mouth, biting, deep throat, rough sex, semen swallowing, and sex with a prostitute. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

Alien Vampires

by Ashlee Rivers

Aliens from Arundan come to Earth to obtain blood for their race because they have squandered their resources. One of the field agents meets and falls in love with her prey.

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