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The Namarielle Part One (The Chronicles of Lashai)

by Julien Jamar

Only three people in the Kingdom of Lashai know that the youngest Namarielle survived the Midnight Revolution. Her Nanna, who has raised her in hiding, Elian, the Fontre who fell in love with her, and Devilan, the Fontre who tried to kill her. Fourteen years later, her hiding place discovered, Cassai is thrown into an unexpected fight for survival, and to save the kingdom she never knew she was born to rule.

Assassins (The Stormcaller Cycle)

by R. K. MacPherson

In this sequel to Stormcaller, the Amazon best-selling urban fantasy novel, Isaura Durand finds herself hunted. The FBI wants answers to the ritual murders in the Cascade Mountains, the blood mages want to put an end to her meddling, and an order of assassins wants her dead. Oh, and the rest of the eldritch community thinks she’s murdering other adepts.

So much for a normal existence.

Ordo Purgatioâ??an ancient fraternity of pious huntersâ??has come to Seattle to kill her. Resourceful and relentless, the assassins prove to be more than a match for her. Each attempt on her life grows more ruthlessâ??and the stakes that much higher.

As she races through the chaos to stay ahead of her enemies, Isaura searches for answers. Why can she control lightningâ??her signature powerâ??when no other adept can? What is the source of her magic? The truth carries frightening implications and may cost more than her life….

A Gift of Time (Tassamara)

by Sarah Wynde

Natalya Latimer’s ability to see the future has been as much curse as gift. Knowing that she would someday find his dead body destroyed her relationship with her best friend and lover. But when it finally happens, nothing turns out the way she expected it to and suddenly she’s flying blind, with no gift to tell her where she’s going.

Escaping Destiny (Tapestry, Book 1)

by Jeffrey Pierce

There is a world beyond our own, a place that resides backstage to our own reality.  In a realm where magic is woven into the very fabric of the land, an ancient prophecy promises that thirteen mortals will alter not only this hidden world, but that they are the keys that will change the future of all existence.

The forces of darkness and light search for the thirteen mortals, their desperate race against the other factions blurring the line between good and evil, between hero and villain.  One by one, the thirteen mortals are swayed or captured.

Kai Oakman is one of the thirteen mortals spoken of in the prophecy. With his faerie lover, Ko’laru, they seek to live free, their lives pledged only to each other.  As the noose around the thirteen individuals tightens, as all of reality is swept up in the prophesied change, the mortals seek to escape their destiny but that choice may no longer be theirs to make.

Remembering Tomorrow

by Jeffrey Pierce

In a final stand of old growth timber, a stranger is found shivering in a patch of new snow on a hot summer day. The world has changed from the one he knew; society has stumbled and the rural areas have lost their connection to the rest of the country. Over the last sixty years, a culture has grown amidst the myths of the world before, developing its own beliefs around the ever present cycles of nature. Those who live within the shadows of the ancient trees have never seen a television or an electric light, they have never watched a plane climb into the sky or listened to voices echoing from a radio.

The nightmare Alexander escaped from, that left him shivering with fear in a blanket of summer snow, is not ready to let him go. The echoes of another world slip into the mortal realm in the jealousy of an immortal lover who seeks to possess the one man who has ever told her, “No.” He has always held out for the love he once knew, the woman whose memory gave him strength through the years spent in the realm of the fae, never submitting to the immortal Nakayla’s icy embrace. And now he has escaped to find Megan, the woman he loves, living in another lifetime, surrounded by a world he doesn’t know.

Within the pages of Remembering Tomorrow we discover that the myths of our past are intimately tied to the environment of the present. We find that hatred and rage are powers that can rival those of love and sacrifice. As the story builds to a tension-filled climax, lives are lost, the bonds of magic are severed, and we discover that sometimes losing the battle is the only way to win the war.

Dominion (Guardian Angels)

by Melody Manful

I Dare You.

Look Over Your Shoulders.

Do You See Them?

They are behind you…

They are always behind you.

Abigail Cells had a nightmare the day before she met Gideon, the new guy in school who has every girl drooling just to be near him. In her nightmare, she was murdered by a magical creature. As she gets to know Gideon, she begins to remember pieces of her nightmare, and was shocked when Gideon turned out to be the creature from her nightmare. Who is Gideon really? Should Abby allow herself to fall completely for him, or is he the next disaster waiting to happen?

Hell Hath No Fury (An Angelblood Novel: Book 4)

by Linda L. Creel

After returning the sacred gifts to Heaven, Aura has released her daughters from Hell’s prison, and awakened the angel’s of the tier. The gates to the underworld are closed, and Lucifer is now a prisoner. All of Heaven has a reason to rejoice.

But the reunion with her family may be short-livedâ?¦

Lucifer’s children have sworn to destroy Aura and the other angel-bloods.

Desperate to avenge the deaths of his brothers, Mortriel enters into an agreement with the Elite Guardians. Once great protectors, they have now chosen the path to darkness; Michael’s son among them.

With no chance for a peaceful resolution, Aura is prepared to summon all of her powers to defend her children, her friends, and her home.

If she failsâ?¦they will all die, and mankind will die with them.

The Lie Spinners (The Deception Dance)

by Rita Stradling

Last summer, with the help of demon-killer Stephen Tapper, Raven Smith faced Hell on Earth to stop the demon-apocalypse (or more like, put it on hold). Raven made a deal with the Grand Marquis of Hell: he would not open the gates of hell if she promised not to fall in love with anyone until he returned for her.

Almost a year has passed and summer has come againâ?¦

Raven is safe. Relatively. She’s protected. Doggedly. She’s away from the demons, the hell, the madness. Until she falls asleep.

When the earth-witch Madeline shows up in Raven’s hometown (aka her prison), calling in Raven’s life-debt, Raven shouldn’t even listen to Madeline’s proposal. But she does.

Madeline tells her that months ago, Stephen travelled to Thailand to track down a magician called The Spider; but within days of arriving, Stephen vanished. Every person (be they witch or demon-killer) Madeline sent to find Stephen was hunted down, overwhelmed and murdered by demons. The message Madeline received after all attempts failed was clear: send in Raven Smith or Stephen dies.

Going to Thailand might possibly be the stupidest decision Raven could ever makeâ?¦ there are a thousand reasons why Raven should stay guarded, protected, safe; only one reason why she shouldn’t.


Earth Girls Are Difficult

by Frances Pauli

Eight tales of wily women from author Frances Pauliâ?¦

Whether they are causing trouble or just getting into it, they’ve got what it takes to get the job done. Need a little bacon to domesticate a hell hound? Looking to seduce an Italian Vampire? You need look no further.
From vengeful goddesses to mythical tattooists, from train robbery to the local spelling bee, these women are well prepared and fully armed for adventure. They have the tools. They have the attitude. They’re tough, tricky, and possibly, just be a teeny bit wicked.


by Tony Steele

When four teenagers find a blind girl lost in the woods near their home, naturally they offer to help. But Aealdra is not all she seems – she’s an elf. Soon the four friends and their new acquaintance are fleeing through ancient tunnels as dark forces gather against them. But who are their pursuers, and why is Aealdra so precious?

The Dreamt Things of Jeffrey R. Colder

by L.A. Shane

Jeff is a young Black man on his way up. Fresh out of college as an intern at a newspaper, he’s definitely on the right track. However, he’s been having some rather strange dreams lately, and a strange figure has entered his consciousness, only Jeff has no idea why. Jeff also has to contend with his surly father who is a danger to himself…and everyone else.. To make matters worse, he has a rising attraction to a saucy lady at his job. Will she cause problems between Jeff and his girlfriend? Will Jeff find the shrouded man? The answers lie in his dreamsâ?¦

The Rise of Rae (Ovialell)

by Tish Thawer

(An Ovialell Series Companion)

Raeanne is a common girl with an uncommon problem. Growing up the outcast of her fairy village has caused her to lead a very sheltered life…until she meets Prayter.

Join them on this short journey to discover just what being different can do.

The Demon Blade (Chronicles of the Fel Wars)

by J.D. Ravynsmoon

In the world of men and Elves, an evil has risen as Karanam the Black seeks to force his rule over the world. Standing against him is a coalition army of many nations led by the warrior princess Hana Greysone, and a young hero named Corium of Longreach, the new commander of the Knights of Arnoth. Joing them is an unlikely Hero from the first empire, General Maximus Boratus and his undead leigon who have sworn revenge on the wizard who has disturbed their sleep of death. Together they plan to stop the tyranny of Karanam and restore peace and along the way find a cure to an unknown poison now affecting Hana’s younger brother Prince Paul…

The Burr Conspiracies

by Paul Taylor

A document found in a charred iron trunk at the University of Pennsylvania tells this novella’s tale of pre-Steampunk alternative history. Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton battle the conspiracies and political ambitions of Vice President Aaron Burr during the presidency of Thomas Jefferson. Franklin uses electromagnetic and other technologies decades before their time to defend against a terrifying variety of threats to the young American republic, from the Barbary pirates to the Hellfire Club, including supernatural creatures from American, European, and Caribbean folklore. Steampunk with a Boston Tea Party twist (or “Teapunk,” if you will).

Damn Vampires: Feed The Children

by Will Bevis

ANNOUNCING the Third Annual – and possibly final – Will Bevis Christmas Giveaway – Beginning Saturday December 21st 2013 and lasting through Christmas Day – As many as possible of ALL 100 of Will Bevis’ Kindle Stories – including the new full length novel “Boogie: A Life With the Devil – are FREE for Kindle. Be sure to download “Boogie: A Life With The Devil and ALL others that you want during those five days – and read them at your leisure the coming year! Last year’s giveaway resulted in over 9,000 free downloads! Including over 1,000 for “Blackbird: A Young Boy Meets the Devil For the First Time” – which is where “”Boogie: A Life With the Devil” was born! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! (For a list of ALL Will Bevis stories email [email protected])

About the Author:

Will Bevis is a prolific writer of short, sometimes very controversial “Slice of life” stories, articles, essays and memoirs that make you feel you are right there, experiencing the story as it it happens. His best known story is the Top One Hundred Free for Kindle story, “The Killing of Train-Man Brown.” He has written over one hundred short stories including, “Then Her Wig Fell Off,” “Let the Dog Drive,” “Blackbird,” “Supply and Demand,” “Daddy’s Playing Dead,” and many, many others. Many are also available as audio books.

About “Boogie: A Life With The Devil.”

This full length novel grew out of the Five Star short story, “Blackbird: A Young Boy Meets the Devil For the First Time.”

It follows the little boy from that first meeting with the devil, all the way through his life… until the surprise end.

Meet “Bill the Blackbird” and “Boogie McCain” and a host of other interesting characters…

As the devil never gives up in trying to get Boogie to sign away his soul… in return for fame and fortune…

and a few other things as well!

One reviewer called “Blackbird…” A must-read treasure, December 24, 2012

By Henrietta Lala “herbalwiz” (St. Martinville, LA) – See all my reviews

Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

This review is from: Blackbird: A Boy Meets The Devil For the First Time (Kindle Edition)

I’ve been reading about 70 years and Blackbird is one of those rare nuggets of pure gold in a whole mountain of clay . It plays out like the blues, full of riffs and bass and gravel that spin themselves into a mirror of soul not ashamed to get down and dirty and come up dragging us into a light we refused to open our eyes to before. Don’t let the stomp and shuffle and guffaws fool you into thinking it’s not about you, you ain’t gonna get off that easy. I was in Gadsden Alabama for about three months in 1958, and he’s not telling any lies. It was my first experience with deep southern segregationist views. A great morality tale told by a masterful and powerful writer about a very unique character.

About this story:

Things look bad when a guy who is adverse to vampires loses his job at the local “Feed The Children” organization. He spent the last of his last unemployement check three days ago, and has had nothing to eat since then. And man… is he hungry.

Stirring up Magic (The Prophecy of Arbutus)

by Kari Milburn

This is the story of two ordinary brothers, Alex and Ben, thrust into a medieval world which is strangely familiar to them. Without everything that they take for granted in this life, they set out to save a fantasy world from the threat of evil.

Unwittingly, their coming brings back magic into a world that has been without it for 500 years, and with their arrival, so also come the Unicorn, the Cyclops, and even witchcraft.

Alaya is troubled by a dream so vivid and shocking, but The Lady Grace, a learned scholar, suspects that the girls dream is in fact Foresight, a magical gift, reborn in the mind of a 19 year old maid. Alaya has seen the war that will one day fall upon their lands.

Knowing what may follow, they set out in search of the children destined to change their world, and now that the wheels of the Prophecy are in motion, they can only do one thing. They must find the boys who, as young men, will win the coming war for them.

Paladin (Guild Tomes)

by Donald Yule

Based on the Christian webcomic series by Dy Comics .

When Dron Hahmer, a young squire trying to get his life on track and become a full fledged member of the Paladin Order loots the camp of Gore-Club the goblin he sets a deadly chain of events into motion that will make the leaders of three nations and the most powerful warrior on the continent of Gar put their sights on him.

Passage of Rights (The Time Keeper)

by Adam Slater

This is the first book in a series. “Cole Stevenson is your average seventeen year old. Blissfully unaware of the powerful forces that are watching over him. On the eve of his eighteenth birthday he finds himself staring in to another world. The mysterious disappearance of his father and his sudden strange sensations clouding his judgement,Cole finds himself traveling through the rift to this other world. Cole will have to rely on his new friends and skills on his journey to survive and return through the rift. Will he be able to find his way back?”
I look forward to hearing from you all! Please review and rate and if you would like to contact me or follow me on twitter please follow my link:

Order of Earth (Elements of Ink)

by Jennifer Cornet

For Onyx Bay, what started as a cathartic ink session takes an unexpected turn when a specialized blood test at the tattoo parlor reveals her true identity, which threatens to turn her entire world upside down.

When Onyx learns that she is the descendant of a fantastical race of creatures who control the global elements, she discovers that her own blood makes her a valuable prize for competing forces, known as the Orders. As the truth about her bloodline spreads, she finds herself at the center of a supernatural bounty hunt pursued by both human and creature members of the Orders willing to do anything to claim her as their own. The hunt intensifies when a prophet foresees she will tip the balance of power and upset the peace among the Orders. As she attempts to evade capture and survive, Onyx is forced to choose between her humanistic past and a supernatural destiny in order to take control of her own future.

Runaway Girl (The Secrets of Avelina Chronicles)

by Elaine White

A missing vampire princess. A soul fractured among five young human girls. One loyal vampire with a grudge. Can vampire soldier Damian set aside his personal feelings to follow orders? Can princess Amelia’s soul be reunited in time for the meeting of the three clans? Will her brother, Matthew, fight for the right to rule? Who will prevail?


by Zenka Wistram

An army painted black seeks to destroy the Seven Kingdoms of Dragon’s Tooth and violently dethrone High King Guin. A field worker and an old man, the only adult survivors of the small village of Berowalt, may find a way to stop the Crow’s Army and their leader, the man known as Iceblade.

Hell Bent on Success

by A M P Mills

At last, the real story of what caused the financial crisis…

The world’s financial markets are in meltdown and everyone wants to know who is responsible. Some believe it started two weeks ago with the unfortunate demise of the CFO of Sheol Trading, the world’s largest and most feared Hedge fund. Others believe it started much longer ago – 5,000 years ago to be precise, when Gilgamesh ruled Mesopotamia. But what does this have to do with Duncan Bottomley, an ordinary accountant? And why is he attracting the attention of an overzealous combustible woman, a walking corpse, demons and a Chihuahua with an attitude problem? Amid the confusion, it will fall upon Duncan to save the world from a hostile take-over…

The Tiggidy

by Linda Stephenson

The Tiggidy is a nasty slimy creature. Beth Fowler finds herself pitted against him firstly when she goes in search of Apricot the duck who has gone missing from the village pond. And secondly when she hears the mysterious pixarillion pipe and goes in search ot it. Beth needs all her courage and will power to take the Tiggidy on. But can she defeat him?
Also includes Minty the story of a grieving orphaned boy Joe Redpath who finds happiness with a horse named Minty.
And The Keeper a story about Milly who enters the magical world of the canal horse known as The Keeper.

Last Man Anthology

The Last Man Anthology takes inspiration from Mary Shelley’s novel, The Last Man, and showcases short stories and poems that build on the theme of finalityâ??of being last. From experiencing the last snowmelt to taking part of the last day on Earth,The Last Man Anthology propels catastrophic literature into the twenty-first century while staying true to Shelley’s timeless themes of chaos and isolation.

How would it feel to know you were experiencing your last day on Earth? What would the end of the world look like to the Greek gods, the last bookstore owner, or the last philosopher? The story settings range from the fringes of Outer Space, to the last museum, to New York City the day before September 11, 2001, to Brighton Street with the last teddybear, and many more.

(Only print edition contains the stories by Bradbury, Cherryh, & Malzberg.)

Clay for Ellen (Tales from the Lands)

by Harper Peace

Anas waits on a quiet shopping street of the evening city. He hopes to catch a face. But what if a face catches him?

A short-story length tale of glamours and charms from the Lands of the Sweet Waters.

The Tales from the Lands can currently be read in any order without spoilers.

PG â?? Some Material May Be Inappropriate For Children. Contains an adult theme: the beauty of a glamour-free face.

Johnny Roberts and the Gods of Eden (The Adventures of Johnny Roberts)

by Andrew Noble

Having overcome obstacles no normal thirteen year olds should have to face, Johnny and Jade find solace in their own company. But, as governments and others seek what they have, they are forced to retaliate.

Named as fugitives, Johnny and Jade assert themselves as the powerful beings their heritage dictates. With the help of the ship, they embark on a quest of self discovery, not only of their own beginnings, but of themselves as well.

A new bond, forged of steel, connects the two of them, and all who attempt to challenge them are brought to their knees!


by GM Spear

When the last of Sophie Vann’s kin dies leaving her distraught, twenty-two, and a college dropout, she goes searching for answers. A blank journal opens a the world of 1936 Newtown to her, forcing her to choose between a seemingly perfect life or dealing with her collapsing existence in the present.

Lover’s Choice (The Chronicles of Ray McAndrues)

by Stephen Pearl

Ray, a modern day wizard, and Cathy, an enchantress and exotic dancer, must deal with a succubus that is perverting the energies of a strip club to drive it’s patrons to act of violence and rape.

Pabstrum’s Reckoning (Staff Trilogy)

by John Buckley

A world of gambling and high stakes wizardy is crumbling. Massive beasts called Palants tug 5 to 10 story wagons with houses on them. Murderous giant wolf-like creatures named Canto stalk the roads. The lines between life and death are murky at best.

Saycha, Dorama, and Jamce Mospet are not the people you think they are, they’re more! With Saycha acquiring spells and learning to wield his staff. And his sister Doroma mastering the blade. It leaves only Jamce the ever eager pugilist. All the while they are separated and fending for themselves against the forces of evil! With The Demon and Lord of the Underworld Drayne Sectis the ever mindful puppet master. Drayne has lost his mind and the destruction of Pabstrum laces every breath. For vanquishing him he needs his bloodlust satisfied to even the score one last time.

Renegade (Eagleheart)

by Karolina Wloch

Uanadain is the Reborn.

But laying claim to being the hero who killed a god has made him enemies, even among those he once fought beside. No one wants to accept that the ghouls are in fact the Forerunners: the vanished civilisation in whose footsteps his own people are trying to follow.

As his friends search for allies in the coming war, he struggles to unite the Four Realms. Even harder are the battles with memories of his life as Kato, the contempt for what his own people have done – and the knowledge that, in his heart, he not only pities the Forerunners, but admires them.

Whatever side he chooses, he will have to act soon. For the rightful owners of the Four Realms are returning, with their god at their head, and for those who have wronged them, they have no mercy left.

Saving Mrs. Claus (An Apocalyptic Fairytale)

by Serena Walken

Carrie is the next Mrs. Claus, and the son of Santa follows his family traditions to make her his. Only, tradition must break as Carrie’s world gets lost to darkness.

Kris wants to take a slow, traditional approach with his future Mrs. Claus. Night riding in the sleigh. Drinking the elves cocoa. Distributing toys to good girls and boys as friends for a few years. His father though, isn’t doing too well in the magic apartment, and Carrie’s world loses the protection of Santa Claus.

Carrie is a sweet seventeen year old, who has known Kris only a little from his visits year to year. However, when he spits out the truth to her, running away to the North Pole isn’t on her plans. As people in her world turn, and the season of merriment is no longer celebrated, will she have any choice in the matter?
Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus are gone. To give her world a fighting chance, can they both become the new Mr. and Mrs. Claus?

Don’t worry, this single adventure is complete. Books with the subtitle ‘An Apocalyptic Fairytale’ stories are single stories that you can jump into at anytime in any order without the cliffhangers or background of my Apocalyptic Fairytale episodes.

*Saving Mrs. Claus is a novella length story that has some sexual situations toward the end of the tale. It is the second to be published in ‘An Apocalyptic Fairytale’.

Skratches Book Three: Juice’s Legacy

by Justin Robertson

The Titans finally found Olympus and they’re on their way! It’s up to Juice to take him down. Meanwhile, Ryan and Tyson venture to the temple of time.

What the Moon Said

by Peter Fredericks

The story opens with a man sent to investigate the city of Cubit and its two scientists. He finds them and other peculiar characters. However, it’s not until he befriends the moon that his path is changed.

One Last One

by Will Lewis

Regret. Loneliness. Despair. ALINA struggles with these feelings every night. Centuries ago, her kind was all but wiped out by a mysterious disease which left them unable to produce the venom needed to make new vampires. She’s the last one – isolated in what feels like a never-ending nightmare.

But she discovers a homeless man named TERRENCE who’s in the early stages of becoming a vampire. He doesn’t remember how he got turned. That doesn’t matter to Alina because if he feeds, he’ll complete his transformation and have the power to save her race from extinction.

Alina offers to teach him vampire culture and history. Longing to find a place where he belongs, Terrence accepts. But he’s appalled at the idea of living on human blood, so he refuses to feed. Alina resorts to manipulation and deceit to try and get what she wants.

Meanwhile, Alina’s past closes in on both of them as an immortal named LANIER hunts her to avenge the murder of his brother. And he’s been ordered by a mysterious figure named DUKE to find a special book thought to be in Alina’s possession. But what’s in this book? Why is it so important?

If Alina can save her race, she’ll find her redemption. But can she persuade Terrance to do the unthinkable… before it’s too late?

The Ruby Eyed Devil

by Lynnette Roman

He was just a leper but Ram was Tammy Justice’s friend and the only one that made her feel less like the crimson glowing eyed monster, The Ruby Eyed Devil. But when Ram dreams a dream that not only prophesies of his death but also grants him a glimpse into Tammy’s own destiny, a destiny that will only be ascertained at his demise, Tammy refuses to accept it and defies Ram’s willfulness to yield to the summons of fate without a fight.

For Ram’s salvation Tammy will bargain with the ruthlessly estranged Dr, Edgar James LaRue. For him she will stand alone against the Assyrian army in Beulah’s stead, Ram’s home, and war against its mighty king, Sennacherib. For victory sake she will pledge herself to the Lord Jehovah to conquer Beulah’s foes. For herself she will battle against prophecy and fate facing tremendous peril until her dying breath only to discover her breathless end is the start of a whole new beginning.

Dream Weaver (Wizard – A Love Story)

by Murphy Childs

The banks on the other side of the open water were lined with alligators and snakes. Their eyes were shining in the bright headlight of the boat. The predawn light made it seem that every eye was watching the airboat approach. Even the channels between the little hammocks were choked with writhing masses of snakes. Except one.

“Gee, do you think that’s where we’re supposed to go?” Sean asked sarcastically.


Sean and Megan, two young Magi, survived their battles and welcomed the relative peace that followed. That peace lasted for twelve years. Then, one of their favorite teacher’s family is kidnapped. They were obligated to help. The battle that followed, shattered their peace and brought tragedy and loss. The journey that followed went from the mountains of Arizona to the swamps of Louisiana where they face their long time enemy, the Brujo, Eli, and the Nightmare.

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