Free fiction Kindle books for 21 Dec 13

Dakota Gold An Adventure on the Missouri River

by John Anderson

Rob and Marlo, brother and sister, get their hands on the Sharndo outlaw’s map. It shows where the stolen gold is buried, in the White Cliffs of the badlands, along the Missouri river. They make a raft and head on down the river to recover the gold. A bold journey, with the Sharndo gang hot on their trail and a run in with Blackfeet. Will the map take them to the hiding place and will they return safely home. A must read for kids and adults.

The Little Drummer Boy

by Sydney Logan

A new holiday short story by Amazon bestselling author Sydney Logan.

It’s Christmas Eve, and Justin Banks is on the hunt for a last-minute gift for his wife, Megan. With the help of a homeless man and the beat of a drum, Justin stumbles upon the one thing Megan has always wanted. The one thing money can’t buy.

It’s amazing what we can hear if we just take a moment and really listen.

*Please note – This is a short story.

The Return (Return To Me)

by A.L. Parks

Eve Carlisle had a singular purpose – sell the rustic house nestled in the Colorado ski resort town.

Tortured by her husband’s betrayal, the beautiful divorcee refused to give her heart to another man. But Jake had been a happy surprise, with his mesmerizing blue eyes, warm smile, strong but gentle nature – as well as being incredibly sexy.

She had convinced herself the relationship with Jake was nothing more than a fling. After all, she had a life in Newport, with society friends and a lucrative career as a family court judge. Still, Jake had a definitive hold over her, and she was finding it hard to think clearly where he was concerned.

The demons of prior failed marriages haunt them both, and threaten to end things just as they are beginning. When Jake tells Eve he is falling in love with her, Eve refuses to believe it can last. Returning to Newport, the hollowness of her existence exposed, she must confront her fears before she loses Jake forever.


by Kate Langdon

Samantha Steel is blissfully happy. She’s about to be made a partner in one of the country’s leading advertising agencies, she has no messy emotional ties or relationship hang-ups, plenty of money, clothes, fabulous parties – and designer dresses and décor to die for.

Perfection. Until a highly enjoyable one-night stand goes horribly pear-shaped and she accidentally bonks someone famous. The bonking wasn’t accidental – it was the guy being about as famous as it gets that was her big mistake.

Suddenly she’s a notorious scarlet woman and her heavenly life has transformed into paparazzi hell. Making a break for obscurity Sam disappears into the depths of the deepest darkest countryside, miles from the nearest latte, and finds her life taking some very unexpected turnsâ?¦

Entertaining and laugh-out-loud funny, this is chick-lit at its wittiest and funniest. Fans of Bridget Jones Diary and Marian Keyes won’t be able to put this one down!

The Cuckoos of Batch Magna (The Batch Magna Novels)

by Peter Maughan

The Cuckoos of Batch Magna
The First Book In The Batch Magna Story By Award-Winning Author Peter Maughan.

“His work should be required reading in every high school to introduce them to the finest in lyrical writing … He sees with an inner eye what we cannot, and points it out with such delight … His work is filled with his great compassion and tolerance for all life around him. … If you want to give your children’s teachers a Christmas gift, give them one of Peter Maughan’s books.” Henrietta Lala.

“Peter Maughan, a man for all seasons, a man whose works will endear him to the ages. All his writings are classics and have earned a place in world-wide libraries. They will never be old or outdated … just enjoyed and very loved … every word … every nuance. Peter Maughan is a gift you give yourself and a gift for those you love.”Joymarie, USA.

“I want to go round beating a big bass drum and pointing out to the world that a great writer for the ages had appeared among us ...The Cuckoos of Batch Magna is destined to become an English classic for many, many generations of readers. …” Henrietta Lala, (USA).

THE CUCKOOS OF BATCH MAGNA by Peter Maughan is going to become one of the most beloved books of the decade. … I guarantee that once you have visited Batch Magna you will never want to leave.This is a story that will restore your weary soul.” Jenny Willis, Virginia, US.

“…You will never forget how it made you feel.” Mark V Williams, USA

“A masterpiece that is breathtaking in its scope …” Orian J. Harman, US.

“Absolutely Beautiful and Delightful Story.” NancyofUtah.

“The use of language is beautiful beyond anything I’ve read in a very long time.” J G Hughes, USA.

“…words flow like the River Cluny, languid and deep, sparkling with insight.” Ellis Vidler, (USA).

“… a small literary masterpiece … It was easy to become mesmerized by this beautifully descriptive novel. It is truly a book to be savored. A work of art … “ R. Nicholson, CA, Vine Voice, Top 1000 Reviewer.

“Literary perfection…. I’ve not encountered another writer who uses such beautiful wording … I highly recommend it & hand it a 5 of 5 stars rating for spellbinding descriptions, marvelous plot, & originality.” Liz Terek, United States.

” … so enchantingly and poetically told that the prose sings like the owls, larks, and rooks (and cuckoos).” Leila Smith for Kindle Review.

“Such beautiful poetry wrapped in the soft cashmere prose of a terrific story-teller of an author… You should even read this to infants because the cadence and beauty of the words are good entries into the world of literature … It will go into the history of literature as one of the classics. Give yourself a gift and read THE CUCKOOS OF BATCH MAGNA.” Joymarie, US.

The Cuckoos of Batch Magna
When Sir Humphrey Strange, 8th baronet and squire of Batch Magna departs this world for the Upper House (as he vaguely thought of it, where God no doubt presides in ermine over a Heaven as reassuringly familiar as White’s or Boodle’s), what’s left of his estate passes, through the ancient law of entailment, to distant relative Humph, an amiable, overweight short-order cook from the Bronx.

Sir Humphrey Franklin T Strange, 9th baronet and squire of Batch Magna, as Humph now most remarkably finds himself to be, is persuaded by his Uncle Frank, a small time Wall Street broker, to make a killing by turning the sleepy backwater into a theme-park image of rural England, a playground for the world’s rich.

But while the village pub and shop put out the Stars and Stripes in welcome, the tenants of the estate’s dilapidated houseboats tear up their notices to quit, and led by randy pulp-crime writer Phineas Cook and the one-eyed Lt-Commander James Cunningham, they run up the Union Jack and prepare to engage …

The Sacred Marriage

by Flick Merauld

As she has done since childhood, Sophie spends the summer with family friend Rory Ballantyne in his old stone longhouse in the heart of Celtic Brittany – a ravishingly beautiful region filled with ancient customs and steeped in the mystery and romance of Arthurian legend. But this year things are changed: her family are involved with their own lives, so she stays there without them. At first she is troubled by tension and quarrels between Rory and his wife, but she is soon distracted by the arrival of gorgeous artist Jason Ryder. Sophie becomes increasingly drawn to Jason but she also realises that Rory is not the older brother figure she had thought him, but a fascinating and attractive man. Then a series of strange dreams opens her to the energies of the land there, forces that seem to want something from her. At eighteen, Sophie is no longer a child, and she sees the local area and people through different eyes. Gradually she realises that the energies she senses, along with her dreams, emanate from a holy spring dedicated to Sainte Nicole, a Christianisation of a Celtic deity whom locals refer to as the Lady. The spirit of the land is reaching out and Sophie’s quest to fathom its message brings her, through love and loss, to an understanding of herself that helps her cross the threshold into maturity and gives her the strength to follow her own truth.

A Lust For Life

by Mobi D’Ark

â??A Lust for Life’ is the story of Toby Stark, a saga of 210,000 words, spanning five decades, and five continents, with most of the action taking place in South East Asia, primarily in Thailand.

It is the tale of a troubled, hard drinking Englishman who was born to an abusive father in post war, economically depressed London, and whose considerable escapades take him to America, Canada, Africa, The Middle East and Indonesia, before arriving in Thailand where he decides to spend the remainder of his life.

Along the way Toby lurches from poverty, to wealth, and back to poverty again; is subjected to spells in many of the world’s jails; wins and loses countless women – including five wives, four of whom are Thai – and develops an unhealthy addiction to alcohol.

In later life he becomes inextricably involved with two beautiful women from rural Thailand.

The first is â??Ying’, born in impoverished circumstances in Eastern Thailand, and at the age of eight witnessed her gangland father being shot down in front of her. Ying’s eventful life takes her to Bangkok at the age of twelve to work as an indentured servant, and later to the south of Thailand where she suffers constant abuse by the father of her child. She eventually escapes and moves back to Bangkok where she becomes a popular hostess at one of Bangkok’s nightspots.

The second is â??Na’ was also born into incredibly poverty in the North East of Thailand, and moves to the resort City of Pattaya at a very young age. Despite her appalling suffering at the hands of paedophiles and other criminal elements, she survives to become a highly sought after â??working girl’ in one of Pattaya’s premier red light districts.

The two women meet by chance and reluctantly join forces to try and save Toby from almost certain death in a Pattaya jail, after he is arrested for causing a fatal road accident.

Their efforts to rescue him and their subsequent adventures are an exciting, roller-coaster of a ride, which exposes the sordid underbelly of Pattaya’s criminally controlled, lawless, sex industry where death, human trafficking and unspeakable depravity are the order of the day. The thrilling and shocking climax of the saga is both uplifting and distressing.

A Lust for Life’ leads the reader deep into the dark side of Thailand’s corrupt and morally bankrupt society. It explores the fatal culture clashes that are experienced by thousands of eager westerners who flock to Thailand, only to learn that their dreams of happiness in a tropical paradise are largely an illusion.

It also delves into the causes and the punishing effects of alcoholism in both eastern and western civilizations.

At its heart, â??A Lust for Life’ is a novel of abuse and its long lasting effects, of desire, of love, of greed, of adventure, of heartbreak and shocking violence – the bread and butter of daily life in the exotic â??Land Of Smiles.’

My Popular Life (The Popular Life)

by S. B. Robinson

Elia Richards is beautiful, smart, and more importantly – popular. But so many things are changing in Elia’s life. Her best friend Noelle is moving, her boyfriend Blake is becoming a bigger jerk by the day, and she has a secret well worth keeping. WIll she ever survive popularity in her final year of middle school? Not if Kara Stephens has anything to do with it. Kara will go out of her way to sabotage Elia’s name and take away her popularity. Will Kara be successful?
My Popular Life is the introductory novella for the 3 part series.

Blackbird: A Boy Meets The Devil For the First Time

by Will Bevis

ANNOUNCING the Third Annual – and possibly final – Will Bevis Christmas Giveaway – Beginning Saturday December 21st 2013 and lasting through Christmas Day – As many as possible of ALL 100 of Will Bevis’ Kindle Stories – including the new full length novel “Boogie: A Life With the Devil – are FREE for Kindle. Be sure to download “Boogie: A Life With The Devil and ALL others that you want during those five days – and read them at your leisure the coming year! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! (Note: The most stories are available on Dec. 21 and 22nd. For a list of ALL Will Bevis stories email [email protected])

About the Author:

Will Bevis is a prolific writer of short, sometimes very controversial “Slice of life” stories, articles, essays and memoirs that make you feel you are right there, experiencing the story as it it happens. His best known story is the Top One Hundred Free for Kindle story, “The Killing of Train-Man Brown.” He has written over one hundred short stories including, “Then Her Wig Fell Off,” “Let the Dog Drive,” “Blackbird,” “Supply and Demand,” “Daddy’s Playing Dead,” and many, many others. Many are also available as audio books.

About “Boogie: A Life With The Devil.”

This full length novel grew out of the Five Star short story, “Blackbird: A Young Boy Meets the Devil For the First Time.”

It follows the little boy from that first meeting with the devil, all the way through his life… until the surprise end.

Meet “Bill the Blackbird” and “Boogie McCain” and a host of other interesting characters…

As the devil never gives up in trying to get Boogie to sign away his soul… in return for fame and fortune…

and a few other things as well!

One reviewer called “Blackbird…” A must-read treasure, December 24, 2012

By Henrietta Lala “herbalwiz” (St. Martinville, LA) – See all my reviews

Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

This review is from: Blackbird: A Boy Meets The Devil For the First Time (Kindle Edition)

I’ve been reading about 70 years and Blackbird is one of those rare nuggets of pure gold in a whole mountain of clay . It plays out like the blues, full of riffs and bass and gravel that spin themselves into a mirror of soul not ashamed to get down and dirty and come up dragging us into a light we refused to open our eyes to before. Don’t let the stomp and shuffle and guffaws fool you into thinking it’s not about you, you ain’t gonna get off that easy. I was in Gadsden Alabama for about three months in 1958, and he’s not telling any lies. It was my first experience with deep southern segregationist views. A great morality tale told by a masterful and powerful writer about a very unique character.

About this book:

This is the original short story… that became the full length novel “Boogie: A Life With The Devil.”

Having been written as a short story, it has a different ending than the novel.”

If you are interested in how the story originally ended, this is where to read.

The original description of the short story is as follows:

When a young boy meets the devil for the first time, and the devil makes a play for his soul, only one can win. Who will it be?

The Blackbird knows.

The Well of Cha’kura (The Creators of Aerhellion)

by Robert Barton

Death is a shadow that follows all mortal souls, waiting to carry a person’s single life away into darkness. Most tremble to think of meeting that shadow only once, but what of those who must face it again and again? For The Creators of Aerhellion, death lurks in every breath, and every moment. In their world, to be immortal is to know countless, endless death.

What would you do if death wasn’t the end? What if every death brought life again. What would you fight for? What would you give your life for?

When Hiro discovers that he is destined to be a Creator of Aerhellion, he must answer these questions for himself, and discover how his fate ties into a world of conflict, mystery, and magic.

Fire Drifter 2: Trails

by Carol Bellhouse

She’s a mountain girl on a high-speed runâ??racing time, racing cars, finding love in the historic Opera House, following her heart. After losing herself in the arms of her lover, a man she knows she must let go, Maddie begins her journey to herself.

“In Fire Drifter 2: Trails, Carol Bellhouse takes us on a captivating journey of discovery and challenge through the eyes and insatiable spirit of Madelyn Tremaine. From all-consuming love to the realization of a dream, Trails leads us through an unforgettable summer and leaves us longing to experience Maddie’s next adventures with her.”

In the Same Boat

by Darren Baker

Told in the third-person format, In the Same Boat is the story of two brothers, one woman, and one submarine. Loughton Stairs joins the Navy to see the world. Left behind, his girlfriend Lisa eventually marries his brother Demain, a gourmet cook more interested in family than adventure. A change in fortunes leads Demain into uniform and to assignment aboard the same boat as Loughton, who’s still got Lisa on his mind. Their ups and downs are played out against the backdrop of the USS Portsmouth, a fast attack submarine they take from its maiden voyage in the Atlantic to a long tour around the Pacific Rim.

PagPag – A True Story

by Andrew Quin

This book was created especially for the Kindle Singles programand has been submitted.

Compelling idea:

Is it ok for us to complain about the quality of our food while othershave to eat leftover food from fast food restaurants scavenged fromgarbage sites to merely survive?

This short book deals with a very real issue that is going on right now.

Read about the journey of a little girl who grows up in one of thepoorest districts of Manila (Philippines) and finds herself in a morethan dangerous situation. Will the food that she needs to eat tosurvive put an end to her life?
I go deeper into this important issue on my blog:

Four Ghostly Tales

by Duncan Wood

Enjoy these four great English ghost stories: an Earl’s decision to build a theme park around his family mausoleum leads to a shocking discovery; a cheating academic, who can’t choose between his wife and lover, is haunted by grief; a landlady’s decision to invent a ghost for her pub sparks off a disastrous chain of events; and a young couple’s ardour for social advancement puts their son in supernatural danger.

Christmas Stories Volume 1

by Noble Thomas

A collection of ten stories that range from the sweetly sentimental to the bitingly cynical, from the blatantly outrageous to the solemnly poignant. Two troubled men stranded in an airport during a blizzard, a son trying to make sense of his father’s recent passing, an artist seeking inspiration on a lonely Christmas Eve, a bum hoping to just make it through another day, an old lighthouse keeper struggling to find a purpose, a doubting songwriter in need of a little love, a memorable Christmas Eve in old Medicine Park, a nephew contemplating the legacy of his famous (or infamous?) relative, a man looking back on a memory from his youth, and an elf on a mission to occupy your sweet ass – they all seem to be seeking the light or suggesting rather strongly that the reader seek it for themselves.

Table of Contents:


Merry Christmas

Two Hills And A Mountain

Here We Come!

A Solitary Lighthouse

An Atheist Christmas

Christmas Eve Medicine Park 1907


Frank Hagney


Once Upon a Storytime at Christmas – Christmas Craving

by Audrey Lee

Once Upon A Storytime at Christmas – Christmas Craving

Jimmie, not only has a problem with his Dad (not unusual with any teen) , he has an obsession with his Dad’s old skateboard that hangs on the wall.

Don’t miss out on reading Christmas Craving to find out Jimmies’ ingenious solution to his battle with Dad about the skateboard!

African Duel

by Mark J Cotterell

In the run-up to a national election in Zimbabwe, several families, both black and white, are actively trying to prevent the subversion of the process. An unscrupulous candidate is trying to steal the election through using a new scientific discovery mediated by the U.S. Mafia. Chaos and violence contribute to the uncertainty of the outcome and the dangers of organising counter-measures. A romance between members of two culturally-different families adds complications when there is an assassination.

Mark Cotterell has travelled extensively in the course of his career, and he and his family have lived in several countries, where they have sought to identify with the local cultures wherever possible. They are fascinated by the languages, history and politics of the places where they have been. Mark’s leisure interests include sailing and hiking. He may be contacted at [email protected]

Never Mind the Redcoats: A Butlins Novel

by Paul Wojnicki

Ich bin ein Butliner!

Join Whisky, one star section leader at Butlins Skegness as he attempts to make it to the end of the 1997 season without being sacked. Not as easy as it sounds when you are busy plundering your venue’s safe, fraternising with villains and smuggling large amounts of class A narcotics onto camp; not to mention making enemies with psychotic security guard, Knuckles, and the very real risk of contracting a highly infectious skin disease. Will he make it to the holy grail of the Butlins season, the club 18-30’s reunion? Or will he fall victim to Knuckles, scabies, impetigo or the Skegness police?

A Christmas Lament

by A. J’Aurelia

This tale is an homage to Charles Dickens and his classic story of greed and redemption during the holiday season. However, in a a world where money counts more than morality, is redemption still relevant?

The Eighth Square

by Clive Hindle

Jack Lauder, a man of simple pleasures, was a successful lawyer who enjoyed nothing more than climbing in the mountains and a good old competitive game of Chess. But he is about to be dragged into a deadly world of deception, where truth and fiction become inseparable, and the life he knew will be changed forever. The battle for his sanity begins when his wife, Rachel dies after a tragic climbing accident during a snowstorm. He found it hard to mourn her loss because her body was never recovered. Now, the question of her existence taunts him as she continues to appear before him. His sense of reality is on the verge of collapse, but right now that’s the least of his worries… Somebody has a very personal vendetta against Jack and he must put all the pieces of the puzzle together to figure out why he is being framed. He finds himself caught up in a web of drug-smuggling and murder. In a haze of confusion, Jack will have to think several moves ahead to survive this hostile game against an opponent who will stop at nothing until Jack is annihilated.

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