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The Librarian (Book One: Little Boy Lost)

by Eric Hobbs

READERS: Embark on a brand new adventure into the most beloved storybook lands of all time…

Wesley Bates thinks his life pretty much sucks. He’s landed at the bottom of his school’s popularity ladder, and bully Randy Stanford seems to be waiting around every corner.

The troubled teen thinks he’s found a way to escape his real-world problems when he stumbles upon strange doorways in Astoria’s local library that seem to lead into the extraordinary worlds from all his favorite books. Oz, Neverland, Wonderland — they’re all a reality with Wesley’s new discovery. Wesley teams with best friend Taylor Williams to embark on a great adventure, both ready to leave the drama of middle school behind.

But the two kids quickly find themselves embroiled in a centuries-old battle for the library and the magic hiding within. Now, fighting alongside the eccentric old man who’s vowed to protect the building’s power, the pair must help ward off an attack by a shadowy group with a strange tie to Wesley’s nemesis, forcing Wesley to face the fears he’s been dodging… and one of the most terrifying bullies of all time!

PARENTS, TEACHERS and LIBRARIANS: Get your kids excited about the classics today!

Exclusive to Amazon’s Kindle, The Librarian is a thrilling new series that provides kids an opportunity to experience the world’s most beloved fantasy novels in a brand new way – through the eyes of children just like them. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Designed to inspire children to seek out these classic fantasy novels, Book One comes with a direct link to L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz so that your kids can immediately take an adventure of their own into the storybook land of Oz!

The Librarian (Book Two: Unhappily Ever After)

by Eric Hobbs

READERS: Embark on a brand new adventure into the most beloved storybook lands of all time…

Yesterday, Taylor and Wes turned a boring field trip to their local library into a grand adventure when they found a mysterious portal leading into the fabled Land of Oz.

But that was yesterday.

Today they’ve learned their actions have had grave consequences. Not only did they alter the Oz mythos, but their deeds may have had unexplained repercussions in the real world as well. Taylor’s returned home to find she’s living a life that isn’t her own. Nothing’s as she left it. Her normally warm father has become cold and distant. Her grades have fallen overnight. Teachers who once saw her as their favorite student, now consider her their most problematic pupil. Only Wesley remembers Taylor as she truly is, and together, he and Tay return to Oz hoping they can undo the damage and restore both worlds to the way they were.

But the children quickly find they’re in way over their heads. Not only has the Wicked Witch taken control of Oz, but Douglas Stanford has stayed behind to build a small army of storybook villains to help him obtain the magic hidden within Astoria’s library. The librarian’s returned to stop him, but the old man may need the children’s help as the fate of every known world hangs in the balance.

PARENTS, TEACHERS and LIBRARIANS: Get your kids excited about the classics today!

Exclusive to Amazon’s Kindle, The Librarian is a thrilling new series that provides kids an opportunity to experience the world’s most beloved fantasy novels in a brand new way – through the eyes of children just like them. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Designed to inspire children to seek out these classic fantasy novels, Book Two comes with a direct link to Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland so that your kids can prepare for the next volume by taking an adventure of their own.

Robby Readhead (The Too children’s book collection)

by Tali Mautner

In this story, Robby, a three-year-old boy with lots of red hair, comes to accept his uniqueness with pride. Robby Redhead is one of the “Too” children’s book collection, in which kids learn to deal with those little things that make us unique, but sometimes also challenge our self-esteem.

We all feel we are “too something”: too short, too tall, too dark, or any of the other “toos” people tend to own.

Children, especially, with their straightforward approach, tend to bluntly point out the differences they see in their friends. As parents, we have all faced heart-wrenching moments when our precious little ones are hurt by insults about things they have no control over.

Motivated by his desire to find a hat to hide his red hair, Robby takes readers on a fun and humorous search for the savior hat, while introducing them to a variety of beautifully designed types and styles.

By the end of his journey, Robby decides that he has nothing to hide. He doesn’t want to cover his head. He is so glad his hair is red. He wants nothing else instead.

When Robby went back to his friends, none of them laughed at him anymore.

They recognized and appreciated his pride in his uniqueness.

The beautiful illustrations combine wonderfully with the charming rhymed text.

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Robby doesn’t like that the kids at school make fun of his red hair, so he decides to find a hat to cover his head. Follow Robby as he searches for the perfect one.

Will it be Dad’s hat or Granny’s? Maybe a Halloween hat or a sombrero? Mom has a few that might do.

Robby tries on these hats and several more. But nothing feels quite right: the shape, the color, the size. Read the picture book to discover what Robby finally chooses.

In the “Too” collection, children learn to accept their uniqueness with pride.

More in the “Too” children’s book collection:


What do you do when your toes are too big?

Tammy-Toes (The Too children’s book collection)

by Tali Mautner

In this story, Tammy, a little girl with big toes, comes to accept her uniqueness with pride.

Tammy-Toes is one of the “Too” children’s book collection, in which kids learn to deal with those little things that make us unique but sometimes also challenge our self-esteem.

We all feel we are “too something”: too short, too tall, too dark, or any of the other “toos” people tend to own.

Children especially, with their straightforward approach, tend to bluntly point out the differences they see in their friends.

As parents, we have all faced heart-wrenching moments when our precious little ones are hurt by insults about things they have no control over.

Motivated by her desire to find shoes in which to hide her big toes, Tammy takes readers on a fun and humorous search for the perfect shoes.

What are the perfect shoes?

By the end of her journey, Tammy decides that she has nothing to hide, and what is best for her is what makes her feel good.

The beautiful illustrations combine wonderfully with the charming rhymed text.

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Tammy doesn’t like that the kids in kindergarten make fun of her big toes, so she decides to find a pair of shoes to hide them in. Follow Tammy as she searches for the perfect pair.

Dad has some nice big shoes. What about Mom’s high heels? Both sister and brother have some cool boots. Or maybe some ballet slippers?

Tammy tries on many shoes, but nothing feels quite right. Read the picture book to discover what Tammy finally chooses.

In the “Too” collection, children learn to accept their uniqueness with pride.

More in the “Too” children’s book collection:

Robby Redhead

What do you do when your hair’s too red?

Abigail and Her Pet Zombie

by Marie F Crow

Award-winning, internationally published, author of “The Risen” series, Marie F Crow, introduces her children’s series.


Abigail isn’t a normal five-year-old girl. She doesn’t have normal five-year-old pets. Abigail has a Pet Zombie. This is their story…

This is the first book of the Abigail and Her Pet Zombie series from author Marie F Crow. It is a humorous story of a little girl and her comical pet. This is a 21 page, illustrated, lighthearted, fun short story for ages 3 to 8.

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Children’s Books: The Wild Animals of Africa (The Wild Life Photo Books Series)

by S.A. Yarden

Do your kids love big animals? Great! We love them also.

Do your kids love bedtime stories? Of course! Which child doesn’t like these fun short stories.

This children photo book will enrich your child’s vocabulary by using words associated with beautiful images of wild animals from Africa.

Awesome learning book!!!

Fennec Foxes: Wily Desert Hunters (the My Favorite Animals series)

by Claire Johnston

Meet the Desert’s Cutest Hunters

Fennec foxes are known for their big ears, their playful natures, and their ability to dig, dig, dig: a single fennec fox can burrow twenty feet down into the ground in just one night.

Learn where they live, what they eat, how they raise their babies, and more!

Perfect for reading aloud to your child. Or let your early reader practice sounding out words on their own.

Contains lots of full-color photos of fennec foxes. Recommended for ages 3-6.

Buy the paperback and get the kindle version free!

Red Team

by J. S. Abilene

Ava Rowan is a nerdy high school senior who dreams of becoming a successful journalist. After interviewing the popular captain of the school’s football team, she passes out and wakes up to find herself on a deserted island with him and a number of other equally confused 18-year old males and females from all around the globe. Ava soon discovers that life as she knows it is a lie and that she had been trapped in a deadly competition with terrifying implications for world peace and order. She must battle her opponents, her teammates, and her own fears to save them all and challenge the otherworldly organization that threatens Earth itself.

Caution: This book contains some sexually suggestive content.

Children’s Book: One day I jumped into the sky (I like to jump)

by C. Shifaw

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I like to jump.
I like to jump high.
One day I jumped into the sky.

One day I jumped into the sky is a beautifully illustrated children’s book.
It follows one little boy who loves to jump and the fun adventures he encounters.

Children will love the fun, silly rhymes and the bright, colorful illustrations.

This fun story will soon become one of your child’s favorite adventures!
Pick it up Today!

A wonderful Bedtime Story for children ages 3-5!

The Bindings of Fate (Book One of The Child of the Stars Trilogy)

by Michael DeAngelo

Heroes Will Rise. Cities Will Fall.
The realm of Tellest is filled with bloodlust, greed and violence. Long has the world been thrust into turmoil, driven by the insatiable urge of man’s conquest, and whatever rewards can be earned from the end of a blade.
But so, too, are the lands a place of courage, valor and sacrifice. Brave men and women across the world will stand up to the tyranny of the power-hungry kings, or be swept away by it.
Kaos Kreegan is a man haunted by memories of the past. To survive in the harsh world that evolves around him, he needs to rely on his wits and his friends to bring evil to justice, and avenge the wrongs that have been done to him. Along the way, he will discover that Tellest carries many surprises – and so does he.

The Wrong-Coloured Dragon: a book for children age 9/10/11/12/13 (childrens books)

by Lynne Reid Banks

Ferocity P. Bychahedoff is born to normal dragon parents, but he is red – not a dragon colour, which sets him apart. Dragonkind have defeated their age-old enemies, the Uprights, following a planetary catastrophe, sending them into exile on scattered islands while dragons take over the mainland.

The world is now a more peaceful place. But there are difficulties. Without the advantage of hands, dragons find they cannot build, or mine the coal they need for their chestfire-boxes. So Ferocity’s ‘dag’ is sent on a mission to find some Uprights and perhaps make common cause with them.

Ferocity meets and befriends a young female Upright and together they all travel to the Uprights’ island exile, where a hostile welcome awaits the dragons…

Tales of Pig Isle (The McAloons)

by Joyce Swann

A Pig Isle Adventure

The Pigmeister’s best friend needs help. Rance Hogg is one of the best friends a farm animal can have. But hard times are causing him to lose the family farm for taxes! Now, with Joy McAloon’s help, the Pigmeister will get back into training to help his friend with a Pay-Per-View sporting event to raise the tax money and save the farm.

Meanwhile, two-year-old Andy will get to be the Mayor of Pig Isle for an entire week. Andy is overjoyed at the chance to be in charge, and he starts his administration by giving free candy and ice cream to all the children. But during his week as mayor, Andy learns some valuable lessons about leadership, responsibility and good citizenship.

A Pig Isle Christmas

The Pigmeister wants this year to be the best Christmas that Pig Isle has ever seen. He has made fat snowmen with carrot noses and silk top hats, and he has wrapped tinsel ropes around all of the lamp posts. The shops are filled with Christmas dolls in satin dresses and real cowboy hats and every sort of toy you can imagine. The scent of sweet Christmas cakes and warm figgy puddings is everywhere. But, there is no Christmas spirit on Pig Isle.

On Christmas Eve, he brings Joy and Andy McAloon back to the Isle to help him host a Christmas Pageant. With the help of the Pigmeister’s magical Christmas tree, Joy and Andy are able to show the children of Pig Isle the story of the first Christmas and introduce them to God’s best gift to the world–His Son.

“The Christmas Spirit Can Only Be Found in a Manger”

Samantha’s Christmas Diamond

by Burton Smith

Growing up in the small mining town of Bisbee was frustrating for Samantha. She wondered what she was missing by not living in a bigger city. Through interactions with her Uncle Jack, she learns to appreciate the benefits of her small town, the sacrifices her parents have made, and is reminded of the true meaning of Christmas.

Seasons & Holidays (Early eBooks)

by Something Else Publishing

Toddlers and pre-schoolers will occupy themselves with the beautiful, full-color, photographic illustrations that capture children enjoying seasonal moments from building a snowman in January to picking flowers in the April to an ice cream cone in August and a pile of pumpkins in October.

SEASONS and HOLIDAYS teaches the months of the year in six languages, plus the seasons and many holidays, allowing children to grasp the concept of the passage of time. It has been formatted for landscape viewing on the Kindle Fire and Kindle apps for phones, tablets and computers.

Be sure to look for three other Early eBooks from Something Else Publishing including SPORTS ABCs, OPPOSITES, and COLORS.

Joaquin Stick: Insect Detective, Case #1: Alien Ghosts

by Breighlynn King

Something buggin’ ya? You’ve come to the right place — Joaquin Stick Detective Agency!

Joaquin Stick, former lounge entertainer and owner of the Joaquin Stick Detective Agency, is one lucky bug. While his competitors work their tails and stingers off in the field, he sits in an amenity-filled office, farming out most of his work to his loyal assistant, Morse, a dyslexic lightning bug.

The insect detective has seen it all — or so he thinks — until a group of citizens from the far reaches of Edplo come to his office with a fantastic story. They say alien ghosts are stealing their food and destroying their homes. The really scary part: the alien ghosts are only one day’s journey away! Who are these alien ghosts? Where are they hiding? And how can they be stopped?

This might be Joaquin’s one and only chance to be a hero … if he can find the nerve to leave his office.

Scroll up and grab a copy today!

All Sheep Love to Sing! (A Children’s Picture Book for ages 3-7)

by Paula McBride

*Now formatted for all Kindle platforms, including Kindle Fire and Kindle HD*

A charming and loveable story of a shy young lamb who feels he is very different from all his talented and musical relatives.
Follow along as ‘The Great Anwen Sheep Singing Contest’ gets underway and young Emlyn discovers his own true strengths and abilities.
Full of wonderfully likeable characters, that are beautifully illustrated by the author especially for e-books.
This lovely little picture book story makes an ideal experience for sharing with your little ones.

Pennies from Heaven

by James E. Preston

A short-story about a small child in the 1950’s who encounters a “preacher in the snow” and learns the value of the world, and, more importantly, the value of a small child’s innocence.

Lilly’s Surprise – A bilingual Russian book for children

by Madhumita Mocharla

This is a Russian bilingual book for children.

Lilly is a wonderful friend and loves the ocean.

She has a special secret …

On Lilly’s birthday, her friends plan a surprise party for her. But then, they end up surprised when they come to know their friend’s secret …

What could it be? Read this book in Russian to find out!

Beautiful illustrations, cheerful simple text in Russian along with the adorable dolphin will make for many re-reads.

This book is all about friendship, sharing and caring.

Newbie readers can practice their reading skills in Russian too.

About the Author

Madhumita M likes reading, doodling and rollerblading.

While she is not reading (which is most of the time), she makes up stories and fun games to play.

About the Illustrator

Sujatha Lalgudi has authored and illustrated many ebooks for children on Amazon.

The Stolen Crystal (Beneath The Forest Floor)

by F.J Watson

Ten year old twins, Pip and Jack, visit their Gran in Scotland where they meet Mel and Danny. While taking Gran’s little dog for a walk through the forest behind Gran’s cottage, they discover something amazing which leads them to a whole other world beneath the forest floor. And so begins their adventure with magical creatures, a spooky castle and a stolen crystal…

A City of the Wild

by Alexandra M Proca

This illustrated book for young children poetically describes a corner of the author’s neighborhood; the author and her friends often visit this magical, peaceful place where nature and time are supreme masters. Using good versification and vivid imagery, the young writer depicts the rainbow of colors and the varied magical faces of nature, as they are displayed throughout the year, so far away, and yet so close, to the city.

Five Classic Fairy Tales

by Darren Baker

This book of five classic fairy tales follows an earlier edition based mostly on works by the Brothers Grimm. The tribute here is to Hans Christian Andersen and three of his most popular stories, including the search for a genuine princess, an emperor who is foolish as well as ridiculous, and a duckling that discovers there’s more than meets the eye in the real world. They are joined by a little girl who takes advantage of three bears, first put into print by Robert Southey in 1837, and the tale of a mysterious piper which has seen many variations, Robert Browning’s in particular, on the events of June 26, 1284, when the children of a small hamlet suddenly disappeared.

The ABCs of Nutrition: Learning the Alphabet the Healthy Way

by Robert Orchanian

The ABCs of Nutrition is the fun, healthy way to learn the alphabet. Open white space and generous (letter) counters give a warm, inviting feeling as your child begins to make sense of letters and words. Vedge’ Kids (Vigourous EDucated and Good Eaters) introduce each letter. Playfully illustrated with bright, bold colors and simple clean lines, Vedge’ Kids provide a powerful link between your child’s imagination and education. For children aged 2 to 5.

Spot the Difference: Pirates and Treasure Chests (1)

by Sophie Wells

“Spot the Difference” puzzles to test your powers of observation. 10 different puzzles to entertain children of all ages. There are 8 differences to find in each scene. Some easy, some not so easy. The solutions to the puzzles are included throughout the book.

Requires Kindle Fire for best results

Christmas Bug

by Dusty Partridge

“Christmas Bug” is a sweet little short story that will delight whether it is being read as a bedtime story to young children or by an adult who would like to get in the Spirit. It will be enjoyed by all who read it.

The Vanishing Bancroft Shoes (The Lost Detective Agency)

by Natalie Reid

When something is lost, missing, or stolen in the city of Lockett, the people turn to The Window’s Lost Detective Agencyâ??or at least they would if anyone knew they existed. Made up of two cousins, one overly energetic and way too fond of dressing up as detectives from his favorite movies, and the other suffering from a disorder that makes him afraid to even open his front door, this Detective Agency is about as lost as its name seems to suggest. So, when a rich and prestigious young man shows up at their apartment one evening, offering them a job to find a stolen pair of shoes that has been in his family for over a hundred and fifty years, they jump at the opportunity to prove themselves. However, what they don’t realize is that the circumstances surrounding this case are so peculiar that it seems as if the shoes have simply vanished into thin air. And they will find that solving this mystery will take a fair bit of cunning, sneaking around, and even some light salesman impersonating.

As the case begins to grow more and more complicated, the Window cousins must bravely stumble through clues, suspects, grand estates, and public speaking. With their detective careers on the line, they must work hard to crack a seemingly unsolvable riddle.


by Randy Eberle

Six-year-old Evalynn Chambers has only one friend: an old stuffed teddy bear named Toby that once belonged to her recently deceased mother.

But Toby isn’t your ordinary teddy bear. Toby knows things. Dark secrets that he is all too willing to share with his new owner…

If the Moon was a Heart

by Andrea Wolfe

IF THE MOON WAS A HEART asks the question: What is the power of Love? The inspiring story and colourful images encourage conversation and the sharing of thoughts, ideas and hope.

Cody Goes To Camp (Cody The Dog Detective)

by Tara Grace

Cody the Basenji terror, can’t stop wrecking havoc in his new home. K.K. tries to get him to be a good dog but she can’t control him. Wallace her dad wants to get rid of him. K.K. sends him to boot camp.

My Little Bear (The Storybook Bear)

by Steven R. McCain

My Little Bear follows the character of Ryanne from The Awakening and My Keeper of Dreams.
Ryanne is now grown, married, and has a son. As her son has grown older, he has watched his mother talk to the “Big Old Bear” and now wants a bear of his own to talk to, play with, and confide in….

The Fish That Thought He Was A Man The biggest fish story ever told

by Marjorie Simmons

A great children’s book about the desire of a fish and his dream of becoming a man. Come alone and join the adventures of Mr. Catfish!

Lost and Found (Bindle’s Adventures)

by Deborah Farish-Bujnak

When Bindle is separated from his family after a tornado strikes, the resourceful little dog sets out to find them. This delightful children’s story follows Bindle on his adventures, entertaining young readers while it teaches the importance of emergency preparedness for pets.

Reiner’s Tales – Evacuated

by Elke Hojer

Boys will be boys!

A boys adventure story taking place the year before the end of WW2 in Germany. Four boys form a close bond and get up to lots of mischief. Reiner, his friends Wolfgang, Alfred, and his younger brother Manfred, find themselves having fun, learning about life and friendship, even in a world turned upside down.

Agony of Amos (Astral Warriors of God)

by Hamburger Fry

This is an action/astral combat novella with a word count of 31140 words. On my writing PC it comes up to 86 pages.

There is no swearing or sexual scenes in this story. It’s intended to be partly serious but partly tongue-in-cheek.

I do use the word, Hell, in this story but it’s intended to reference a place and not used as a swear word.


Meet agent Amos Castillo, a young man who is also an astral warrior for God. One of his favorite musicians is a man called Jack Mustard. He finds Jack’s music to be inspiring and empowering.

Stationed in the mid-western town of Concordia Kansas on Middle Earth, Amos does his part to keep it safe.

As of recently, he saved the son of a powerful knight from a confused and deluded demon.

Normally, he wouldn’t have to call into his headquarters located somewhere between here and heaven to report just any demon. In this instance, it was a fragment of a demon of annihilation. A nasty beast that’s several times more powerful than any ordinary demon.

Not being all that big on calling into the agency, he kicks himself after being denied any reinforcements.

Still having one option left, he calls an old friend.

While waiting for his reinforcements to show up, the young agent has time to ruminate over things in his life. Such as the woman who holds his heart, Connie.

On the day he arrived in Concordia Kansas, things went wildly off-kilter in his world. His life hasnâ??t been the same since.

What’s an agent to do when he’s low on power while being chased by a horde of demons through the town of Concordia?

One thing’s for certain, the life of an agent sure is a crazy one.

Loren’s Giant Sea Shale

by Marjorie Simmons

Loren is an ten year old little girl,
who dreams of big, sandy, beaches and
splashing in the warm water with her dog
Fee Fee. Dreams can come true if you
believe hard enough! Come alone with
Loren and her Giant Sea Shale, on her
great adventure to the big, blue ocean.

Lilly’s Surprise – A bilingual Turkish book for children

by Madhumita Mocharla

This is a Turkish bilingual book for children.

Lilly is a wonderful friend and loves the ocean.

She has a special secret …

On Lilly’s birthday, her friends plan a surprise party for her. But then, they end up surprised when they come to know their friend’s secret …

What could it be? Read this book in Turkish to find out!

Beautiful illustrations, cheerful simple text in Turkish along with the adorable dolphin will make for many re-reads.

This book is all about friendship, sharing and caring.

Newbie readers can practice their reading skills in Turkish too.

About the Author

Madhumita M likes reading, doodling and rollerblading.

While she is not reading (which is most of the time), she makes up stories and fun games to play.

About the Illustrator

Sujatha Lalgudi has authored many ebooks for children on Amazon.

The Knight of No Repute

by Ivy Main

Headed to summer camp, fourteen-year-old fencer Laura Turner instead finds herself the victim of a magic spell gone astray, drawn into a chaotic world ruled by warring lords. Getting home again means first helping handsome, hapless Lord Jonathan regain his birthright from his evil uncle Nyfenback.

Part King Arthur, part Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, The Knight of No Repute combines adventure and fantasy with freewheeling humor to create a new American classic.

Mother, Whats Wrong With Grandpa?

by Marjorie Simmons

Prather loves his Grandpa so very much. Prather counts on his Grandpa for everything, but lately, Grandpa has been acting funny. Prather needs to find out what’s wrong with Grandpa, so he can fix it. After all, Grandpa has always been there for Prather. Come along with Prather to find out what’s wrong with Grandpa!

12 Christmas Facts for Kids or Twelve Facts about Christmas

by KidsPlay

Christmas secrets revealed!

This kids book with illustrations tells the most interesting facts about Christmas holidays.

AMAZING GOLDEN RETRIEVERS DOGS: A Children’s Book About Golden Retrievers Dogs and their 12 Amazing Facts, Figures, Pictures and Photos (Golden Retriever Dogs For Kids)

by Anita Williams


Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, tablet or Kindle device.

– Golden Retriever dogs are very friendly. They are nice to people. They love people!

– People love them too! They are so charming and cheerful. And they are quite nice-looking.

– They are easy to train. They know how to follow commands. They are very trainable animals.

Golden Retrievers are admired for their cheerful temperament and their lovely golden fur. They are very sociable animals who love human attention, and are popular as pets, working dogs, or dog shows.

Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only $2.99

The Circle – Portuguese for beginners

by Kate Phipps

A circle has the potential to become a great many things… and so do you.

This book is for anyone who has ever been tingled by the thought of becoming bilingual. Learning a new language should be wildly exciting, with stories, and pictures, and fun! As a child you didn’t start learning English by reading textbooks and studying grammar, it doesn’t have to be that way for your new language either.

O círculo is a short bilingual story about a circle. The book is made up of simple sentences, the main text being in Portuguese with English translation underneath. This encourages you to try and work out the sentence yourself before reading it in English.

If you are able to view this book in colour on your kindle device, you’ll also notice that some words are colour coded. This is so you can match a Portuguese word with its corresponding word in the English translation.

Elephants Story: Charlie and the Circus

by Sarah Willie

Elephants Story: Charlie and the Circus is a Children’s Books About elephant. Reading doesn’t have to be a boring task for kids – story about Charlie small as an elephant with his adventure. He often dreamed his favorite place in the whole word, the circus! Charlie wished for a place where he didn’t have to do choresâ??a place where he didn’t have homework every day. He wanted a place where he could be the star of the show. The sights, the sounds, the performances, and the peanuts were more than Charlie ever imagined. He knew one day he would join the circus and never look back. That was Charlie’s dream, and he was sure he could make it come true. But did the circus really look like fun? Or Was it actually a lot of hard work and practice?

Look Inside the Children’s Elephant Book now to see how much your kids will love this beautiful, cute, and sweet story about elephant. Enjoy!

The Elf In My Backpack

by S. T. Sinclaire

A boy meets a grouchy but charismatic elf in the woods who talks him into bringing him home. Then mayhem ensues!

This is a fun ride into uncharted territory with unexpected twists and turns that happen when the Old World meets New. No lessons – just fun!

Halloween in Phantasma (Phantasma Stories)

by Narrator

Far, far away in a much different time there is a place called Phantasma. It is a place where you may find witches’ spells, wizards’ magic or goblins’ shenanigans. It is a place where you may see unicorns, dragons or other mysterious creatures. This tale of Halloween in Phantasma involves Kuppie, a citizen, who is kidnapped by the witch, Veronica. His servitude and antics are told as well as the frantic rescue by his friend. And just for good measure are some goblin shenanigans.

The Little Mermaid: The Secret of Deep Dark Sea

by Sarah Willie

This marine life stories is obviously not one of Andersen’s fairy tales, The Little Mermaid. But little mermaid Misty’s adventure with her best friend, the little cute dolphin, Sammy. Misty begged Sammy to go for a quick swim in that deep, dark sea. What really happened in the Dark Sea? There were also some very angry looking sharks surrounded Misty and Sammy, and there were a lot of shark ready to attacks. The water suddenly looked even darker, and the other sharks were getting much closer. Now the quiet seemed too quiet. It was creepy and very scary. Nothing was peaceful or fun anymore! Were Misty and Sammy survive?

This mermaid children’s books and mermaid tales delivers a marine life adventure kids can dream about.

The Littlest Reindeer (Phantasma Stories)

by Narrator

The littlest reindeer lives at the North Pole. He dreams of drawing Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve, delivering toys to all the children. But he is much too small. That is, until Santa forgets a special toy.

Mama and the Snake

by Nathan Dorrell

A Comical book to help kids laugh as Mama is afraid of a snake. But the snake doesn’t give up when she gets away…Mama winds up running away as fast as she can and leaves a little too much behind!

A book to talk with your kids about fears, embarrassing moments and your faith. Your kids will request this story again and again! There is a discussion page at the end of the book to help facilitate a good discussion with your kids.

Moo and Baa story Easter Hunt no:8 (Moo and Baa story compilation)

by Peter John King

This is the eighth in the compilation of the Moo and Baa stories. Like all good Easter egg hunts it all starts well, but not for Moo who keeps on and only gets one egg. Oink being a pig is ill after eating so many eggs.

Mosquito Facts, What Kids Should Know About Mosquitoes (The Essential Knowledge Series for Inquisitive Young Minds)

by Megan Z Collins

As parents it is our responsibility to teach our children about things that can harm them. The purpose of this book and others in this series is to entertain and educate, with an emphasis on educating children about the dangers around us, in this case mosquitoes. The book is presented in a format that is suitable for young children as well as older children. This also makes it easy for parents to adapt the information in the book to suit the age and education level of their child while they are reading to the child

peter john king Moo and Baaa stories Beach no;4 (Moo& Baa stories Beach)

by Peter John King

Beach is the forth in the compilation of Moo & Baa stories. we see all the animal head off for a day at the beach. With fun and games and the Author playing with the story, things go down hill fast. From photos to ice cream all find their way into this beach story with disastrous events but all in good fun.

The Real Santa Claus

by Justin Robertson

A Greek Mythological look at Santa Claus, the real St. Nick, Bishop Nicholas of Myra, and a cute story about his reindeer finding their true loves. Great short for kids!

Santa Claus: EXPOSED (Only Read This if You Want to Know the Truth!)

by Guy Incognito


(Don’t Read This Unless You Want to Know the Truth!)

The entire world has been lying to Josh, ever since he decided to uncover the truth about Santa Claus. For a year he’s been obsessed with the question: Does Santa REALLY exist? Every adult seems to be lying. Hollis Dawson; the world is conspiring against him. Hollis Dawson, the only other kid who seems to be looking for the truth, is doing so for an entirely different reason.

Will Josh discover the truth, and can you keep it a secret once you find out what it is?


Santa Farts:Twas the Fart before Christmas (Ben and Cat (Volume 3))

by Bianca Ku

Santa Farts is the third adventure in the Ben and Cat series. It was Christmas Eve and Santa was delivering gifts to kids all over the world. Some evil minds had a different plan all together; and a happy Christmas for kids was not part of it. Read on as Santa, Isaiah (a.k.a eyes higher), Rudolph and the rest of the Reindeer’s tackle the evil duo.

The Sugary-Sherburts and The Stone Witch

by Heather Ellis

A cruel witch and a desperate discovery. Kit and Kat, Sugary-Sherburt, find themselves on the run from a dastardly witch who is trying to destroy their town called Thornton. Kit and Kat must join forces to defeat the wicked witch and get home in time for dinner. The journey takes them to a secret snow castle. They are in terrible danger; will they manage to save the town, their friend and families in time? The Sugary Sherburts and The Stone Witch is part two of the Sugary-Sherburts series by Heather Ellis.

Witch’s Brew (Chloe Monster Hunter)

by TL Frost

An action packed, humorous story about the young Monster Hunter Chloe and her assistant Dodger. Trained by her uncle and wielding an impressive array of gadgets, she fearlessly hunts monsters and criminals.

With Obama In Camp David: Humorous Memories Of My Days With Barack, Michelle, Malia And Sasha (White House Comedy Volume 2)

by Dan Santana


Barack, the stubborn Head of State; Michelle, the devoted wife and mother; Malia, the fourteen-year-old teenager; and Shasha, the eleven-year-old brat, are the main characters of this funny and revealing book about the Obamas and their private life in Camp David. A friend of Barack, Michelle, Malia and Sasha, Dan Santana wrote this great comedy book for those who have a fine sense of humor, packed with jokes and humorous situations!

Read it now, discover a new and comical face of the Presidential family, and have a laugh!
And don´t forget to check out the rest of the series!
White House Comedy Series
Volume 1: Living With Obama
Volume 2: With Obama in Camp David
Volume 3: Nutty Times With Obama (Coming Soon)

AMAZING YORKSHIRE TERRIERS DOGS: A Children’s Book About Yorkshire Terriers Dogs and their 12 Amazing Facts, Figures, Pictures and Photos (Yorkshire Terriers Dogs For Kids)

by Anita Williams


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– Yorkshire Terriers are small and fluffy. People love them. They make nice pets.

– Yorkies are full of life. They are known to be quite feisty.

– They have long, silky fur. They are quite fancy!

Yorkshire Terriers are famed for their small stature and long, luxurious hair. They’re among the most popular toy dogs; they’re excellent show dogs and commonly chosen as pets. People are easily enthralled by their cuteness, so it’s easy to ignore certain issues that concern this breed. For instance, they are widely treated as an accessory. In addition, they are continuously bred to be smaller, so unscrupulous breeding has resulted in various risks.

Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only $2.99

Before You Go (Twinventures)

by Marie Delta

Princesses Tracy and Terra are expecting to go out on their first assignments as warriors. Instead they find themselves fighting right at home to help their father keep the throne.

Children’s Books: A Path of Clouds (Baby Books Nursery Rhymes)

by Paza Marcus

The Turtle and the Rat

The turtle and the rat

They had a little chat,

Under a flower bud they sat,

And spoke of this and that.

“Do you think it will rain?

Or did I in vain

Put on my house again?”

That’s what the turtle said.

And to this, his old friend

Replied: “Just look ahead,

The summer’s bound to end,

Perhaps today, perhaps tomorrow.”


Paza Marcus, poet, mother, and grandmother tells us in this collection of rhymes for children – and their parents – of sweet childhood moments. Moments that warm your heart and make you smile.

Deep Snow – Narrow Path

by Yumiko Ichihara

“My named mean ‘Deep Snow’,” Miyuki-chan said shyly in a high-pitched helium-squeak of a voice, still minding the ship with an expert’s cool appraisal. She was wheezing badly for air, and had to breathe deeply several times before adding between gasps, “Dis aâ??good ships! Just like myâ??Papa-san oneâ??only dis oneâ??bigger, ne!”

“Cool!” Kyle-kun enthused. “Pleased ta meetcha. My name means ‘Narrow Path’. My mom told me once. Wowie-kazowie. Looks like you’ve got this ship all figured out.”

He stood with hands on hips, feeling unusually cocksure of himself even though it was the girl who had done everything.

She tilted her face downwards in momentary self-deprecation, and said, “Ee-eh! No, Kyle-kun. Almost wreck ship.”

Two children, a ten year old American boy and a ten year old Japanese girl, are kidnapped from a campground in the California Rocky Mountains after the deaths of the boy’s father and both of the girl’s parents, and escape from their captors in the South Pacific.

“You take that pretty little geisha doll and git on out of here before they come and grab you both!”


“I said go! Now! Run!! Take the girl and find the Moon Rise, and sail her, boy!”

Motivated by the dying words of Richard, their former captor, when he realizes his life is about to end, the two children seek out and commandeer Richard’s modern two-masted forty-three meter schooner, and set sail on a solo 4,500 mile voyage -almost 8,000 kilometers- fraught with danger in an attempt to traverse the South Pacific from Fiji Island to Japan.

Kyle-kun leaned forward and stared into the hopeless mass of broken wires. He reached for a single strand, and pinched it between thumb and forefinger.

“I can’t fix this! See? It’s broken!”

Miyuki-chan regarded him a moment. Then she hunkered down and sat on her haunches directly in front of him as close as she could without touching knees, with her head tilted back, peering up into his face as she regarded him steadily. Her bruised face was looking directly up into his face with a frank, forthright expression, and her deep dark eyes were staring directly into his blue ones in a way that brooked no possible evasion.

“Still can try, Kyle-kun,” Miyuki-chan persisted gently. “Onegai? No give up, prease? Try fix. One wire to one wire, ones wires at a time, ka? Gambare!”

“She said I have, um, it was; ‘ahâ??cute’,” Miyuki-chan paused, remembering carefully. “‘Ahâ??cute looâ??keeâ??meeâ??ah’.”

“Ahâ??cuteâ??looâ??keeâ??meeâ??ah,” Kyle-kun repeated equally slowly, frowning in confusion. “Soâ??what’s so ‘cute’ about being sick? Wait. That sounds like; ‘acute leukemia’. Woah! I heard of that before!”

“Eh?” Miyuki-chan touched her upper lip and the septum of her nose gently to see if she had finally stopped bleeding -which she had- and blinked in puzzlement. “What dat?”

“I’m not sure. I think it’s some kind of sickness. Like a cancer. A very powerful, very deadly kind of cancer.”

Kyle-kun suddenly stopped speaking, realizing the scariness of his own words, but it was too late. Miyuki-chan was staring at him in momentary horror.

“I not look sick, ne. Just feel tire. I wonder what it mean, ka?”

“Hmm. I’m not so sure,” Kyle-kun replied. “Kids who get it always go bald. They lose all their hair. But you’re not going bald.”

Miyuki-chan reached up and felt her hair, to see if it was coming out. It wasn’t. Not by so much as a single strand.

“Ee-eh,” she remarked negatively. “Not bald, ne.”

“Then maybe they were wrong, huh?” Kyle-kun said.


The Dog Who Found Christmas (a short story)

by Lynn Thomas

Old Samuel Fletcher likes to fish alongside his dog, seated at the river bank near his home in North Carolina. But, the weather’s turning colder. What’s an old man and his dog to do till spring?

Meanwhile, young Connor has moved to North Carolina from Jacksonville with his parents, leaving behind his dog. He wants to see his dog again, but his parents say it’s just not possible. Will he ever get over missing him?

A heartwarming short story about our love of dogs and their devotion to us.

Fufar the Christmas Monster

by A. J. Cosmo

There’s a monster that hides under Santa’s sleigh who eats presents and causes dismay and if he visits your house, you’ll wish he’d had just stayed away!

A short, fanciful, and mischievous Christmas poem by A. J. Cosmo.

10 pages, 9 full color illustrations, for 2nd grade and below

Little One

by Lisa Flynn

“Close your lovely eyes, and rest your tired brow. Shhh my dearest one, sleep is coming now.” An enchanting journey through one little boy’s night time routine

Minecraft Comic Book: Steve Vs. Enderdragon

by Minecraft Stories


The Battle for the Minecraft World. Steve Vs. Enderdragon. In an Epic Minecraft Comic!

Over 20 Fully Illustrated Comic Pages!

Follow Steve’s Epic Journey as he tries to stop the Enderdragon… once and for all!

Minecraft Kids Storybook: Doomsday Creeper Apocalypse

by Minecraft Stories

Will You Survive the Minecraft Apocalypse?

The Mob Invasion is here. Steve and his friends must act now… before it is too late.

Follow Steve’s Adventure as he tries to Save Minecraft in This Epic Storybook!

Over 30 Photos of Real Minecraft Gameplay!

Rise of the Judge

by J. S. Abilene

The fall of the Amereisian Empire heralded a dark age for the people of the Isles. The evil Black Seeker disappeared but the Imperial Family was destroyed. The new nations that emerged out of the rubble of the empire forged uneasily alliances that often devolved into war. When a royal hunting party discovers a peasant boy with unique powers, however, the balance of power is forever changed. The boy becomes a pawn in an epic struggle for thrones. He must ultimately sit in judgment of all and decide whether to fulfill his prophesy or throw the entire world into chaos.

The Tale of Smart Kids with Dinosaurs : Fun Games & Puzzles. Raise your Child IQ, EQ – For Children 3 – 9 Years Old. (ILLUSTRATED) (Dinosaur Series)

by Happy Kids Press

Raise your Child IQ & EQ with this book.

This book is filled with wonderfully illustrated color pictures.

If your child loves fun games and puzzles, your child will fall in love with this children’s smart games collection.

A child’s brain growth comes from experience and the exercise the brain receives. Think, sight, sound, touch, taste and smell stimulate the brain’s cell connections (called synapses) and create trillions more. The more complex these interconnections, the smarter your child will be. When you provide your child with early stimulation and a wide range of experiences, you can accelerate his brain development.

This book is a great collection of cool puzzle games and brain games for kids and parents to play that are both fun and educational. These clever games & puzzles to stretch your child mind and tease their brain. Teachers, parents and kids will all enjoy the games that are school-safe.

When your child plays games, they are creating the foundation for their intellectual and emotional skills. More importantly, the child learns these while they play. Learning and having fun at the same time is the best way for your child to learn.

This book will develop both sides of their brain (the left side functions for reasoning, logic and language, while the right side features creativity and the arts.)

Enjoying these absorbing games will help your child to develop the IQ (Intelligence Quotient), EQ (Emotional Intelligence), confidence and stamina.

Winter’s Bride

by James Dwyer

In a village where winter never comes, young Frieda dreams of adventure and escape. When the warning bells ring in the village, the true price of the eternal summer is discovered. A sacrifice has to be made to winter himself – Jack Frost. Frieda has been chosen. Can she escape from the fate bestowed upon her or will she end up just another victim to the cold heart of winter?

From the Dark Christmas Tales anthology.

The Woods in Winter (Tales from the Forest Picture Books)

by Tom Gallagher

For the hedgehog and the squirrel it started out like any other snowy day; however that changed when a host of brightly wrapped presents fell to the ground around them.

It now falls to this adventurous pair to deliver the presents in time for Christmas day…

The Ant Who Held Down a Mountain

by Sam Knight

A Sparrow, a Crow, and an Owl all have a good laugh at the Ant, who claims he is holding down a mountain, until they finally understand how he is doing it…

Chunky Monkey Pupu

by Sam Knight

Two stories in one! Chunky Monkey Pupu thinks he is just like you, but is he really? He also thinks he looks just like you. What do you think?

Pretty Little Rumors (a friend of Kelsey Riddle)

by S.D. Brown

Sixteen-year-old Jen Wallace leads a double life at Springdale High. In secret she’s the wildly popular advice columnist known as ASK AMY. But to the world she’s just boring old Jen. Which wouldn’t matter if Marc Adams didn’t exist. Determined to make him notice her, she accepts a challenge to win a spot on the cheerleading squad. But how can she learn all the right moves when her ASK AMY identity is under attack? Someone is raiding the locked ASK AMY mailbox. They’re blackmailing students who’ve written in for advice. As Jen closes in on the blackmailer, she learns it’s a lot easier to dispense advice than to take it. Worse, Jen knows she’s being set up for a fall. It’s only a matter of time before her secret identity is exposed and her reputation is ruined. It will not only be goodbye to Mark, but to everyone and everything she cares about.

Katie Carter Mystery Series Collection Volume 3

by P. Katie Barkley

For the first time, see Katie’s ninth through twelfth mysteries together in one volume! First, in the Case of the Missing Dinosaur Bones, Katie is called in to help track down a thief who’s making off with an entire dinosaur piece-by-piece. Then, in the Three Lights Point Mystery, Katie and her siblings hunt down the truth about a series of UFO sightings in the town of Three Lights. In the Mystery of Altburg Castle, Katie’s mother inherits a castle in Germany, but it seems to be haunted by a werewolf. Finally, in the Scavenger Hunt Mystery, Katie attends a dinner party to celebrate her birthday, but the guests start disappearing, and the hostess is acting very strangely. And last but not least, in this volume, you’ll find a special short mystery story from the perspective of Carol Carter, Katie’s sister – Carol and the Disappearing Dog Mystery!

Eldon, The Spectacular Elf (Eldon, The Elf Saga)

by Annette Bailey Williamson

Big and bumbling, young Eldon is no ordinary elf. Other elves tease him for his clumsiness. An overworked Grandfather Christmas suggests that Eldon go out and find his Life’s Work.

In a snowstorm Eldon rescues eight young reindeer, lost and separated from their herd. He protects them from the Dogs of Winter, saves them from freezing and starvation, then searches unsuccessfully for their family.

Living among them a year and furnishing their needs, Eldon becomes a woodcarver. What does he do with this talent? How will it affect his new friends, the now growing reindeer? Has Eldon forgotten the search for his Life’s Work? Has he forgotten the family he left behind?

And the weary Grandfather Christmasâ?? What lies ahead for him?

The answers, thanks to what Eldon has learned from the reindeer, are trulyâ??wellâ??spectacular.

This is the first book of the Eldon series.

Otherworld Tales: Demon Invasion

by Charles Markee

Voices from nowhere, an impossible accident and mysterious footprints in the snow disrupt a snowboarding trip and send Irish, Streak and Frost, in search of their missing friend, Huff. Their quest takes them to an Otherworld Kingdom inside Mt. Shasta.

Attacked by the deadly demon, Belial, the Prince of Trickery, they discover they have Otherworld magical powers. When they learn that Abadddon, the King of Demons, plans to invade Earth, their search for Huff becomes a fight for survival. But why was Huff kidnapped? He doesn’t know anything. And how does Irish resist Abaddon’s insidious temptations and use his mind-merge to save mankind?

Join the three companions on their exciting quest to rescue Huff, survive evil and save Earth from a devastating invasion.

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