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Tapestries of Faith: SGLBT African American Stories of Faith, Love & Family

by Azaan Kamau

Glover Lane Press Releases Groundbreaking Anthology, Tapestries of Faith: Black SGLBT Stories of Triumph, Family, Love & Healing

Glover Lane Press is proud to announce Tapestries of Faith: Black SGLBT Stories of Triumph, Family, Love & Healing, an anthology about the lives and stories of Black same gender loving bisexual and trans people.

Co-Editor of Tapestries of Faith, Ifalade Ta’Shia Asanti, says, “This will be one of the most important anthologies in the history of SGLBT. Jeffrey King gave us the vision for this book during a community gathering and charged me with the task of birthing this book into the world. I am honored to be among the gatekeepers for this project.”

Azaan Kamau, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of Glover Lane Press says, “This book is an important contribution to African-American history. Glover Lane Press is honored to be the publishing house to bring these stories to the world.”

Tapestries of Faith speaks to the often invisible contributions of African-American same gender loving bisexual and trans people to the Black power movement and the Black community at large and the richness of their cultural experiences and presence as a whole. A transformative tool for academic study and educational presentations, Tapestries of Faith will have four sections rarely explored in mainstream “gay” life.

Tapestries of Faith is filled with poetry, essays and prose that intends to sooth the heart and reawaken the spirit. Anthology contributors represent a wide range of artists ranging from journalists, photographers, performance artists, playwrights and more. Among them are the distinguished C. Jerome Woods, DRED, Claudia Moss, Queen Hollins, KAUTION, Ennis Jackson, Katrina Arango, Bey Celeste and many others.

Tapestries of Faith: Black SGLBT Stories of Triumph, Family, Love & Healing (Edited by Jeffrey King, Ifalade Ta’Shia Asanti, Azaan Kamau) Glover Lane Press will be released by August 11, 2011. It is available through Glover Lane Press web site and on and through the co-editor’s web sites. Please visit for more information.

Media Inquiries:

For a review copy of Tapestries of Faith: Black SGLBT Stories of Triumph, Family, Love & Healing or to request an interview or signing with the contributors, please contact Glover Lane Press, 1-424-703-3277 [email protected]

Tapestries of Faith: Black SGLBT Stories of Triumph, Family, Love & Healing

The Missing Symphony

by Nivedita Patnaik

The missing symphony is a collection of poems depicting life, human relations and reflections of soul in man at the crossroads in 21st century. Here the poet explores the hidden but universal fountains of human heart craving, languishing and striving hard at breathing the truth beyond diabolical and masked countenance of his pseudo-self. Beyond doubt, every soul in isolation will find the poems to be a mirror of every individual self.

Loving the Cowboy

by Carol Bellhouse

Poems from the heart–sexy, raw and unvarnished. Knock-your-socks-off sensuality lights it up, following the arc of a relationship that is hot, intense and crazy. “This is some bare-knuckled stuff.”

Never More Beautiful

by Carol Bellhouse

Richly-textured poems reflecting torrid love and loss. Written by a hot-blooded mountain woman, each piece is beautifully written and deeply felt. “Packed with sensuous longing.”

Between the Tracks

by Carol Bellhouse

Lush and passionate, these are haunting images of high peaks, ardor and heartache. Poems from the mountains of Colorado written in the summer of 2013, with photographs by the author.

“I was seduced by the lavishness…”

“Another sexy collection from Carol Bellhouse.”

“This is great stuff: Snowmelt washing winter’s dust through icy ravines, you tangle my hair in your fist and kiss me full on the mouth.”

Technicolor Dreams – Circumnavigate to Yourself

by Andrew Kaikai

A Collection of Poetry and Haiku on a wide range of topics.
The Collection is divided into three parts and includes pieces about Nightmares and Daydreams, The Beauty of the World, and Love and Philosophy.

Au Petit Matin

by James E. Preston

A light and inspiring poem about finding ourselves in the innocence of our youth.

Lets Go There 3

by Johnny Goldsmith

After The Farewell, Poems
Life, love, travel, situations and opinions.
Canadian and American Topics.
Become involved, informed and stay interested!

Life, Love, Relationships, Religion, Politics, Family, Travel

The Roast Beef Apocalypse

by Michael Prihoda

This is Michael Prihoda’s first collection of poems (spanning 2011-2013). Covering such themes as death, grief, depression, and suicide, the work is constantly tinged with humanity. Written by a mind trying to make sense of suffering and sorrow, the collection also features thoughtful poems about literature, life’s banalities, and relationships. Ranging from theme to theme the writing always contains Prihoda’s natural style, both heartily emotional and sympathetic. He is fearless in his plumbing of the mind’s recesses.


by Suzanne Gunter McClendon

This book of poetry is a compilation of works done mostly over the last twenty years. From the depths of depression and grief, to the joy brought only by the love of my Heavenly Father, it covers a wide range of emotions.

cardboard asteroids

by Adam Betley

“cardboard asteroids” is a book of modern poetry. The author takes what he loves about any poet, style or genre he’s come across, mixes it up and spits it onto the computer screen (because no, he doesn’t write on paper). This book shows that poems don’t have to carry an important message or change lives. They may just as well portray a certain feeling or simply capture that one exact moment or emotion – and nothing else. And whether it was eating fries or maybe wondering what would he write about was he a squid, it’s all poetry. At least to the author. That is me. I am the author. Hi. You look mighty fine today, if you don’t mind me saying.

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