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by Kieron Dowling

10,000 years in the past, an abduction occurs in remote Australia. In the present day, a record of the event is discovered by teenagers, which cracks open a mystery when astronauts on a routine shuttle mission encounter an alien presence.
Transmitted a bizarre device, the shuttle crew return to earth to solve the puzzle. Soon, the race is on to discover what an alien craft is demanding, and to prevent a catastrophic event in sleepy outback town Useless Loop, where NASA’s downed space shuttle waits for rescue.


by A.B. James

Kane Pierson works for the TCA, an American agency of time travelers that alters the past for the good of the country. In his fourth year as an agent, Kane makes discoveries that point to corruption within the agency. Between a terrifying plot that comes from the top of the agency and a family member that may be lost forever in time, Kane has his hands full.


by Olsen J. Nelson

A jaded journalist abandons his profession in search of the truth and a means to disrupt the world system.

When Ikaros realises that there’s no future for him in his profession and that the safety of his urban enclave provides no genuine protection at all, he decides to take drastic action and dedicates himself to proceeding on his own terms, facing danger and resistance head on.

After fleeing the country with a vague plan, a raw desire for change and a lot to learn, Ikaros travels around the hostile, corrupt and deceitful world discovering the harshness of reality for himself and developing the desire to undermine the mounting antisocial ambitions of the elites.

The knowledge, resolve and opportunities he gains from his experiences propel him and his growing number of allies down a perilous path with the steadfast determination to disrupt the course of the future on a massive scale.

Approx. 66K

[SF context: DAY ZERO is near-future, high-tech, R&D, revolutionary, world system, dystopian radical speculative fiction with a very limited space presence.]

A Far Cry from Living

by Luke Prochnow

“In one sentence, I loved this novella and heartily recommend it…The world Prochnow has created is dark and real and outside the normal realm you see in PA fiction,” Kyle West, author of The Wasteland Chronicles.

Gregory wanders through a post-apocalyptic landscape with only one friend he truly trusts – his last link to a former life that he barely remembers. What will the future hold for him in this strange, amoral world?

No Way Home (a Sci-fi Short Story)

by Justine Allen

Ken manages the last shift before Christmas Day at an Amazon distribution depot. Amazon is ahead of the game, using the new instant matter transport (I.M.T.) technology to reduce distribution costs. With such amazing technology, what could possibly go wrong?

Latest changes 1st December 2013: Extended short story to 2700 words and added a note that my prologue for Chronovisor is included at the end. Changes based on reviewer feedback – many thanks.

Namboya, Hunt For The Old World

by Dominic Deveau

A battled hardened corporate elite trooper will stop at nothing to find the key to the hidden old world, Earth, before his home planet’s sun dies. However, the key, a synthesized nambianoid, named Namboya, may have other plans. He must either choose to save his planet’s beings, the Nambians and thus enslave Earth, or to allow the Nambians to die and find his long lost past safely on Earth.

Set in the distant future, the novel features a new home for humans, Nambia. Earth has re-written history and remains hidden within a cloak field, for fear of being enslaved by the galactic rulers of Nambia. However, Nambia’s sun is dying, and time is running out to transport Nambians safely and quickly to Earth. As Namboya’s past comes to him in his dreams, he starts to realize his purpose, and so his AI mind gets stirred up into chaos.

Namboya must face the elite Nambian cronon trooper, Marau Hausan, obsessed with finding Earth. These two characters, who have more in common than they first suspect, are caught up in a conflict which involves other, greater powers, as they strive to control a gateway to the old world. It is in this context that Namboya must resolve his ultimate dilemma, to choose between the earth’s continued freedom and the survival of the Nambians.

Black Book: Book 1

by Dylan Jones

1862. The Old West. The man they call Sheriff Jack is actually an undercover soldier from the future. His mission is simple: Protect at all costs a simple ledger known only as the black book. Jack suddenly finds himself calling on all of his warrior’s training as he comes face to face with a terrible evil that means to stand in his way.

2308. An undisclosed military installation. A faint distress signal from the Old West is the only contact the base has received in over a year from their missing soldier. Jack’s old comrade, the President himself, arrives to personally oversee the retraction.

The President and his security team walk into an elaborate ambush and a ruthless mercenary is sent in to eliminate Jack.

Before he can find a way to warn his old friend, the President must fight for his own survival, with a gun in his hand and his back against the wall.

Now alone and on the run, Jack must escape those that seek to eliminate him, without losing sight of his prey. Humankind’s final mission may depend on the Black Book, but Jack’s personal quarrel lies with the Devil himself.

The Beast

by Andrew Scorah

            A group of strangers come together to work at Camp Hero in Montauk.

 They uncover a plot that has its genesis back in the mists of time. A plot that would lead to the decimation of a large part of the world’s population and the control of time itself. They have to face their own fears and darkness within to deal a blow against the controllers of the past and masters of a dystopian future.

                  THE BEAST

            A Science Fiction horror, loosely based on actual alleged events.

Songs of the Savants The First Movement: Altars of Earth

by Dale Colson

In the distant future, The alien Savants seek to exterminate the human race for crimes committed against a ravaged Earth. Only a few human Enclaves remain in hiding, but one by one, the alien’s agents, the Myrmidon, have hunted down and destroyed them.
Only one hope remains, that is for John Eerie, an esteemed “Walker”, to find a legendary spaceship that can transport the remants of the human race to safe new world.
The aliens are not who they seem to be, and the Myrmidon have turned gainst their makers. John Eerie must decide if he can trust on the help of one of the alien Savants, but time is running out in a desparate race. The wrong choice may doom them all.

AnnA; a ghost’s story

by Paul Gallagher

When eleven-year-old Anna Richardson goes missing, journalist Robert MacLennan is hired to investigate. It seems her ghost had been haunting her parents for several weeks before her disappearance. Though this makes little sense, there is more. For her father has captured video footage of her appearances and from this Robert discovers a truth far stranger than anyone could have guessed. Yet he finds that he is not alone in wanting to discover what has happened to Anna, and suddenly he finds himself pursued across Europe in a race to uncover a series of clues before they fall into the hands of unscrupulous arm’s manufacturers who see a potential in Anna’s apparent ability to vanish at will.

– A ghost story unlike any other.

– A compelling adventure through the quirky labyrinth of time paradoxes, Anna’s adventures present a view of the world fr0m a unique and bizarre perspective.

Egg Ships Launch (Egg Ship trilogy)

by J Itchen

There is a practical way to colonise planets in distant star systems. However it is reptiles who are doing it. What does that mean for us and have they already been here? Is this really where we all came from? Or is it our future? Or both.

This is the story of the birth of something new, eternal and historic. Nothing is sacred.

Brown Rabbit

by Mark Barlow

Joey Garden stared at the box in their storage bay wondering what it was. It looked odd, such a small box in the very large and totally empty storage bay. What was odder was the idea of someone hiring a ship the size of hers to simply transport a box.

Just what was in it?

This is a short story.

The Emissary (Horse Women of the Zombie Apocalypse)

by K. A. Jordan

It’s just three years since the Zombie Apocalypse. The McLeod and Davidson’s clans survive in a world where the muerto viviente – walking dead – infest the cities and towns.

Alexis McLeod is a healer, eager to prove herself. She volunteers to travel to Fort Chatten, the home of the Davidson clan. Her younger sister Bethany is determined to get her there. Led by Bethany, the four sisters risk their lives to help Clan Davidson.

Armed to the teeth, the sisters are horse archers, light cavalry, quick enough to avoid the muerto.

Militia, marauders and mad-men abound, the stinking dead walk the land, eating everything in their path.

But what will they find if they get to Fort Chatten?

Where the Horses Run, Book II, Sacred Hills

by Judith Victoria Douglas

A science fiction/fantasy extravaganza – vanished horses, Aurora Borealis over Texas, a mysterious mountain appearing in the forest of tall pines – Elle and her circle have a lot to figure out.  The series continues as these mysteries mount with each clue that sends Elle and her companions on repeated adventures. Their searches reveal the source of the horse calls and a connection is made too ancient to understand.
Jamie disappears along with their mysterious mountain. A search takes them to the Black Hills after Elle’s reaction witnessing her deepest dread.
Tommy leads his rescuers into the hills to find a place familiar from their experience and his dreams. He hopes his cousin is there and not lost forever in a Time Loop.
Elle experiences her most revealing dream-vision. It takes her to Tommy at the moment of his greatest peril. She saves him from within her vision as something reaches out to touch his heart.

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