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True Crime: 4 True American Crime Stories – Vol 1 (From police files of the 1920s to the 1950s)

by Guy Hadleigh

Do you like true crime stories?

You should love these tales then

Originally authentic police files, True American Crime Stories are from the 1920s through to the 1950s – the era of gangster, molls and prohibition. Almost (but not quite), lost in the mists of time, these tales romp along with plenty of action and recreate the atmosphere of this exciting and dangerous era using the vernacular of the times.

You may not have heard much about some of these bad guys, but they were real, ruthless hoodlums and all had their “15 minutes of fame”, leaving trails of death and mayhem behind them.  Most did not live to an old age, and those that did were probably in jail.

Their escapades were daring and reckless and many paid the ultimate price in the end.

Volume 1 contains

*    The Jekyll and Hyde Mob
After a rash of robberies, lawmen of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s office had killed off or jailed every gang of bank robbers in the county. However, three suave gentlemen continued to loot the banks in daring fashion, leaving the lawmen completely clueless.

*    The Whispering Bride
Death cast its long, silent shadow over a sleepy New England town as Mrs.Wegner, a widow, waved good-bye to the last of the summer boarders. Little did she realize that she was waving good-bye forever, that death would soon claim her as its victim in the strange case of THE WHISPERING BRIDE.

*    The Red Bandit
The desperation of a hunted man gave Oklahoma its greatest reign of terror when a youth, vowing never to serve a 75 year rap for robbery, set off a series of events that gave the authorities a veritable nightmare as they pursued their quest down the bloody trail of crime.

*    The Master Forgers
Counterfeit checks – hundreds of them – were flooding Milwaukee in 1937 and 1938 until science scored a victory for the law!

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Harvest of Hope: Living Victoriously Through Adversity

by Dana Arcuri

Are you facing unexpected opposition that’s weighing you down? Do you need hope and sustaining faith in the midst of overwhelm? In her inspirational memoir, Dana Arcuri shares her harrowing journey facing one unrelenting trial after another. Date rape, a marriage crisis, and ADHD. All of it real, up close, and personal.

Following a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, she’s slammed with toxic prescription interactions, which begins a wild roller coaster ride spinning her life out of control. Hanging onto a thread of hope, Dana walks you through her battle as she leans on faith to overcome the darkest moments. Her captivating message is one of perseverance, hope, and rising above adversity.



The story of the Abduction of Holly Bobo from her Tennessee home by a strange in camouflage.

For the Love of Albion

by Paul White

At the dawn of the new Millennium Sir Ian Anthony Mornay, former Secret Agent, prisoner of war, communist hunter and owner of the finest cheekbones in the whole of Fitzrovia retires from public life and sets down his memoirs.

It is a story that takes him to India in the dying days of Empire, McCarthy era America, swinging London and Luxembourg as Britain’s judge in the Eurovision Song Contest of 1973 (whereby he was able to settle some old scores with the French.)

Rumours that he started the Cuban Missile Crisis after berating Che Guevara over his poor dress sense have never been conclusively proved or denied, as have the accusations of German ancestry and a fondness for Scrabble.

Of course a life as magnificent as this must have its downside and indeed Mornay has suffered in love as much as the next man. Always a prisoner to a shapely calf and a well turned out bosom he has loved and lost in equal measure, sometimes within the same day. He is however nothing if not a trier.

Does the final twist reveal the real truth to his story or is it simply ‘fanciful nonsense’ as he likes to call it; that is for you to decide and to judge.

Rachel McAdams Unauthorized & Uncensored (All Ages Deluxe Edition with Videos)

by R.B. Grimm

*** Deluxe Edition with Videos ***

People Love Reading Rachel McAdams Unauthorized & Uncensored

“I never pass up a good movie with her in it! She’s a great actress and so is this book!” – Ysabelle Huntington

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Take a journey with us as we bring you closer than ever to Rachel McAdams.

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