Free computers and the internet Kindle books for 22 Dec 13

How To Create A Website

by A E

This guide is showing you how you can create a website which ranks high on search engine results. We keep steps short and only present you with the most crucial information to get going, leaving out the usual non-sense descriptions or space fillers. This way you can start immediately and not waste too much time reading and thinking about how it is done.

The author is an experienced Online Marketer who holds a BSc (Honours) in Marketing and a MSc in Web Development and Social Media.

The Social Nature Of Cryptocurrencies Or: What Would Marx Say About Bitcoin?

by Samuel Velasco and Leandro Medina

This essay aims to dissect the multiple aspects of the cryptocurrencies commodities through the lenses of Karl Marx thought, deriving most of its hypothesis, prognostics and theoretical developments from Capital – A Critique of Political Economy. Eschewing the typical myths versus truth approach, we attempt to mark an stand in the ongoing cryptocurrency revolution through an inherently combative text that is not intended to be unbiased. A phenomenon cannot be sustained by its technological implications only, hence, firm philosophical bases for establishing the cryptocurrency and advocating for its legal and moral aspect are as important as refining the inner workings of the cryptography itself.

Our aim is to provide interested readers with theoretical material to take precautionary action against the vicissitudes of an establishing, young market and to alleviate uncertainty in the whole cryptocommunity — investors, merchants, miners and the like. To the reader interested in contributing to the debate and proposing bold hypotheses, interlocution is encouraged. Keep in mind that this is an ongoing investigation and therefore the contents of this essay might be updated and expanded at any given moment.

Recommended for those readers with a basic understanding of cryptocurrencies.

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