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Mind Control Man: Chronicles of The Sex Vigilante (Chronicles of a Sex Vigilante)

by M.R. Webb

**Warning: This eBook contains language, M/F relationships and graphic scenes of content for adults age 18 or over. This title contains almost 18,000 words. **

Peter Cox used to be a police detective, but when too much red tape gets in the way of an investigation, a kidnapping victim loses her life.

He is now working on his own, doing his own thing and living by his own rules.

There is no political agenda or any type of maneuvering that will get in the way of him getting the job done: Catching the violent and evil criminals that prey on the average man and woman. Those people who cannot defend themselves and need the help of someone special.

Peter has been ambushed by a vicious criminal predator and ends up in the hospital riddled with bullets. He recovers, but he has changed. He finds that he can control the minds of others! Mind control is the stuff of Science Fiction, but Peter has found that it works. Emotions seem to be the key and sexual emotions are the locks he opens to solve his cases and feed his new found starving libido.

**Warning: This eBook contains language, M/F relationships and graphic scenes of content for adults age 18 or over. This title contains almost 18,000 words. **

**Warning: Contains sexual mind control, anal play & sex, oral sex, bondage, sex slave, public sex and dubcon. **

The Amazing Stories of Tom in Thailand. Why I left America for Thailand, and how an erotic adventure changed an ordinary man forever.

by Thomas Tanner

Get Rid of Your Sex, Relationship and Money Problems Once and for All

I am a middle-aged American – I was in a long and agonizing marriage where my wife and I sometimes wouldn’t have sex for an entire year. I was a successful businessman, but the slow economy made it almost impossible to pay my mortgage and other bills. I was quickly headed towards bankruptcy. To compound the problem, I realized my country was headed in the wrong direction.

I couldn’t sleep at night. My life seemed to be going nowhere, until an acquaintance mentioned Thailand to me in passing. He said his life changed for the better when he moved there five years ago. He planted a seed in my head that germinated and grew. Two months later, my bags were packed and I was headed to mysterious Thailand.

What I found during my stay was unimaginable. In my book I reveal in a first-person point-of-view what no one has dared to reveal before.

In the first half of “The Amazing Stories of Tom in Thailand”, you’ll discover my romance and sexual escapades with young, beautiful ladies. In fact, I was “Hugh Hefner” and a “Rock Star” all rolled into one; sleeping with many different ladies, sometimes several in the same day. I was in an enviable situation â?¦ Thailand was my oyster.

You’ll begin to discover a transformation takes place…

…in the latter half of my journal. So much so that you might think you’re reading a fantasy novel like Jekyll and Hyde. Actually, more like Hyde and Jekyll, because I came to Thailand a scattered and unconnected man, and I returned home a completely different person who finally knew what he wanted out of life. My three-month journey to Thailand and the subsequent move that followed is something that could be straight out of a Hollywood movie.

This book is written for:

People, particularly men, who are fed-up with their relationships, as it’s a brief glimpse into one man’s pursuit of sex, love and companionship that’s certain to arouse the imagination. I reveal where you can find the most stunning ladies that most common tourists don’t know about, and I will help you avoid some common traps that Thailand newbies fall prey to.

It’s written for the person who’s in bad financial situation. Thailand is one-third the cost of living compared to the U.S., the U.K. or Europe and the comforts are equal or even better. And the healthcare is one-fifth the cost…

If retirement is on your radar, I make a compelling case as to why I think Thailand is paradise and is worth your consideration as a place to live, or at the very least, something to experience, briefly. I’ll share tricks to save you money and provide crucial contacts to make it easy to stay here.

And if you want to indulge in a good travel yarn, this is a real page-turner, with an ending that might surprise you.

Join me on my surprising journey to Thailand. And then come to Thailand and experience it for yourself. Write me after reading my journal, and I will provide you with the tips and contacts you need to make your own equally incredible journey. And, like me, maybe even find love and a new life, too.

Scroll up, click the Buy button, and let the adventure unfold.


If you don’t find enormous value in my book, or if it doesn’t make you want to drop everything you’re doing and come to Thailand right away, you can get a full refund from Amazon within seven days.


Thailand is cheap, warm and luxurious; it’s peaceful and exciting. The people are friendly and the women are beautiful. If you DON’T discover Thailand while you still can, you’ll HATE yourself later. My book lets you experience this remarkable country as if you’re already here. To see the sexy side of Thailand, click the “Look Inside!” feature. Remember, there’s much more to amazing Thailand than just sex, which you’ll discover later on in the book.


Fairy Tail (Hardcore Hookups)

by Jennifer Key

**Intended For Mature Audiences. Over 18 only

Fairy Tail

A woman’s dreams place her in a fantasy world where dwarf-like men and women freely fuck and live in the nude daily. However, in order for the woman to return back to reality and be free from future fairyland dreams, she must have sex with at least one man in Fairy Land.

Mercy’s Fate *The Submission of Melody* (Marcus & Melody)

by M. M. Napolitano

This is a novel of explicit erotica focusing mainly on the sensual submission of a woman to the affections of a Dominant man. It is based on the true life experiences of a REAL couple as they began to explore the D/s Lifestyle. This work includes graphic depictions of extreme sexual contact, domestic discipline, and corporal punishment. All sexual scenarios contained within represent the interactions of adults, and are consensual in nature.


Melody is a pretty housewife, a little on the chubby side, whose husband of twenty years has forgotten that she exists. He has had several affairs in the last few years, treating his wife more like a housekeeper than a soul mate. Melody works with a man named Marcus, and has been having some intense sexual fantasies about him ever since they met.

Marcus is a sexual Dominant who enjoys teasing and shocking his female co-workers with tales of his exploits with “submissive” women. What he doesn’t know is that Melody, the shy quiet woman who works next to him, has been longing for him to make her one of those submissive women! One day Melody accidentally expresses her desire for him out loud. Marcus responds by sweeping her up in a whirlwind of sex, spanking, and submission. As the story progresses, Marcus and Melody become more romantically involved as their attraction to each other grows beyond the physical.


Midnight Melodies: A Collection of Erotic Tales

by Elizabeth LaRou

Midnight Melodies is an assortment of stories that explores sensuality from the sweetly romantic to the jabenero hot. Get lost in yearning for heat in the wide open spaces around a Texas ranch or in sizzling sexual tension in a coporate boardroom as you read the accounts of men and women who find themselves ensnared in an inevitable dance of needy passion and primal hunger.

Also, check out the new novella from Elizabeth LaRou available exclusively on Amazon titled Open Roads.

“It’s a long stretch of highway from Cheyenne, Wyoming to Wichita, Ks. Thrown together by chance, it doesn’t take Kate and Dean long to figure out that there’s something between them; something that sparks and just might be worth exploring. After the night, after the fire and the heat and the passion…will they have what it takes to find out the difference between destiny and luck?”

Open Roads

by Elizabeth LaRou

It’s a long stretch of highway from Cheyenne, Wyoming to Wichita, Ks. Thrown together by chance, it doesn’t take Kate and Dean long to figure out that there’s something between them; something that sparks and just might be worth exploring. After the night, after the fire and the heat and the passion…will they have what it takes to find out the difference between destiny and luck?

Open Roads is a novella containing adult material.

Banging Her Bridesmaid

by Winter Gemissant

Lark is all ready to marry her fiance Marcus, but things take an interesting turn when her best friend and bridesmaid Robyn shows up with other things in mind for the morning before the wedding! But it turns out that Lark has been experiencing some confusion about her feelings for Robyn too, but will she succumb to Robyn’s wild plans, or save herself for Marcus?


Now, standing in the real bridal suite in the real beach house on the real day of her wedding, it was something she hadn’t thought about until this very moment. So much else had happened since that day when she wasn’t sure when the joking about Robyn’s body had ended and when the truth of what the two of them thought of her body — her perfect, slightly freckled, tanned, curvy-hipped body — had lingered. It had struck her as a little odd, but now, thinking over the day again in her mind, Lark suddenly felt a pang of…what was it? Desire? Regret? Lust? She had never thought about her best friend that way before now. She was attracted to men! She was marrying a man! She couldn’t possibly be attracted to Robyn!

The fact that she would feel any of these things on her wedding day and they would not be related to Marcus shocked her, made blood rush to her face in sudden shame. This had to be wedding jitters, that was all. She was overthinking her relationship and the exchange with Robyn because her frantic little over-stressed mind was trying to escape to someplace else, when really all she absolutely wanted was to be married to Marcus by the end of the day. She was just getting cold feet!

But when the knock sounded on the beach house suite’s blonde-wood door, Lark’s heart sped up a little, beating faster.

“Yes?” she asked. “It better not be Marcus, Marcus if that’s you we aren’t supposed to see each other until the ceremony, it’s bad luck!” she cried out, hoping she didn’t voice any of her inner anxiety.

The door creaked open. “It’s just me,” Robyn said, and she peeked her head into the room, letting sunlight stream in from the large picture window that flooded the stairway from the top of the high ceiling outside the door. Closing the door behind her, Robyn was at Lark’s side in several quick steps, dropping her bag to the floor by a chair, and then she proceeded to assess Lark in the mirror just as Lark had done alone moments before.

“First of all, you have got to lose this…what is that you’re wearing, exactly?” Robyn looked at Larkin in the mirror from behind her, raising an eyebrow and lifting one strap of the blue chemise from Lark’s shoulder.

“It’s a silk chemise,” Lark said defensively.

“Since when do you wear anything other than a t-shirt to sleep in? Who are you?” Robyn asked.

“Since when do you watch me when I’m sleeping?” countered Lark.

“Since college when you’d pass out in my dorm in nothing but that old Millenium Falcon t-shirt all the time, remember?”

Lark remembered.

“Now, I think you should really lose this,” she said with a flick to the chemise, her tone all businesslike. “We’ve got to get you ready for Marcus. We want his jaw on the floor when you walk down that aisle, and if it isn’t, I’ll consider my job a failure. So, off with it.” Her fingers tapped at Lark’s shoulder, then played with the strap, flipping it down so that the chemise barely held onto Lark’s body at all.

Obediently, Lark let the remaining strap fall over her shoulder, letting the chemise fall to her waist, where she slipped out of it. Instinctively she covered her breasts — not that she hadn’t been seen naked a million times in college (who hadn’t?) but because it suddenly felt odd to have Robyn staring at her from behind in the mirror where they both looked.

But if Robyn felt uncomfortable, she certainly didn’t show it. She was still on a sole mission. “The necklace too. Off.”


This erotic story contains adult material, including straight/lesbian, f/f, cheating, toys, and general sexual content.

Her Angela & Protection – Book One: In The Beginning (Her Angela & Protection Series)

by Ray Sostre

When Angela Critelli lets Vivienne Perkins move in to her place, she’d never expect the woman of her dreams. Vivienne’s a wonderful cook and home-maker, a perfect companion, and her best friend since high school; the only problem is her sexuality. Angela knew Vivienne was married to an ungrateful husband that never appreciated her, but she also discovered something questionable about her sexuality. Vivienne’s affection may be leading her on, but does she want to be with her?


by Kinzie Rose

If you were approached to play toy between a man and his pet, would you?

Fulfilling Lily (Erotica for the Thinking Man (and Woman))

by Mary Cameron

A romantic short story of about 15 – 8 x 10 pages.

This story is included in Erotica for the Thinking Man (or Woman) 1 which includes 11 other stories, making it a real bargain.
This is a sensual story of self-discovery, whereby Lily, a young Scottish school teacher on summer holiday in the Aegean, finds herself in the company of a mature, handsome Hellene. The island, its hot, dry surroundings, the villa and Stavros, all tempt her with a life she couldn’t have anywhere else. The decision is her’s, but will she choose what her heart knows she must?

Desire of the Phoenix

by Lacy Lancaster

An erotic short story at about 11K words. (M/F, light bondage, assorted kink)

Jealousy. Anger. Resentment. Combine those with a beautiful woman and things could get explosive.

Everything goes haywire as the apple of John’s eye seems to have affections for his younger, studlier co-worker, Drake. Ripping at the seams, John is no match for Drake, and his emotions boil over in a powerful and suspenseful climax.

Love Out Of Lust – Part Three (Love Out Of Lust Series)

by Ray Sostre

A weekend of happiness and content between Daryl and Marisol was promising, but they’re not out of the woods yet. Marisol keeps getting harassed by her ex-boyfriend Jose, and Daryl is now caught in the middle of it. When a confrontation between Daryl and Jose rises, things get ugly.

One Day Naked

by The Mrs.

On the one day he decides not to wear clothes, everything happens.

Professed in Lust (Professed Series)

by Gypsy LaRue

Skylla is your typical college student, and like many college students has a crush on a professor. Combining her crush on the professor and her love of history she brings day dreaming to a whole new steamy level. Don’t forget to read the next book in the series Professed in Passion and find out what happens when fantasies become reality.

Sara and Jack (Sara’s Summer Abroad)

by C. E. Todd

Hi, I’m Sara. On the plane trip over to Oxford for the summer, I met this rich lawyer-type, who wasn’t bad looking, either. His name was Jack. Well, he was in control of everything, which was kind of appealing at first, so I decided to “broaden my horizons”, like my Mom told me to. One night is one thing, but now this Jack guy calls and wants to spend a weekend together. I’m just not sure I’m ready for that. And even if I was, I’m not sure Jack is the guy I’d want to spend it with.

Third in series. Approx. 10,000 words.

Teaching Tobi: Taken in the Basement

by Kendra Claire

Back by popular demand, Kendra Claire continues to deliver the steamiest erotica for your discreet enjoyment! This story is for adults only!

“You look so goddamned sexy, trussed up and laid out like you’re my personal toy for the night,” he whispered in her ear…

Eighteen-year-old Tobi has had a crush on Michael ever since she first saw him lifting weights shirtless in the basement, and her desires grow stronger and more irresistible with each passing day. He may be twice her age, but he has the body of a Greek god and drives her absolutely wild.

She thinks she’s going to blow Michael’s mind, but little does she know that he has a few tricks of his own to teach her. He’s far more experienced than she is, and there isn’t much point having second thoughts when you’re tied to the bed and blindfolded, now is there? She’s going to learn the ropes in more ways than she expected tonight, and he’s going to leave her a little gift to remember him by!

This 5,000 word short story is for adults only.

The Fat Guy Diaries (MMF, Curvy Girls, Big Guys, Sploshing, Sitophilia)

by Jennifer Hughes

I want to eat chicken wings out of her pussy.

These are the journal entries of a chubby guy detailing how he met and pursued a beautiful curvy waitress and the wild sexual journey she took him on. Learn the shocking food fetish the young man develops and how he implements it with the lovely waitress.

WARNING: This story contains graphic language, a vivacious and incredible curvaceous BBW girl, mind blowing oral sex, slight BDSM, rough sex, and explicit descriptions of mind numbing sexual activity between a curvy plus sized girl and an overweight unemployed young man. Intended for MATURE AUDIENCES 18+ only!

Lizzie & the Limp Banana

by Tamara Winkley

A young woman helps her husband overcome his problem by teaching him to “take ownership of the banana.”

Our Fertile Foreign Exchange Student

by Tiffany Madison

“Honey, are you sure you want some stranger living with us?”

My wife and daughter had decided that it would be a good idea to let a foreign exchange student come and live with us. Trading my daughter for some other girl for six months? It sounded like a crazy idea to me, too.

Things get even crazier than I imagine, though, when Veronica actually shows up at our doorstep. She’s 18 and gorgeous and comes all the way from Spain. From the moment we interact, I notice just how flirty she is.

However, her flirtation turns to manipulation when Veronica starts to threaten me if I don’t show her a good time. She asks me to have my way with her hard and without protection and tells me that if I don’t, then she’ll lie and tell my wife that I had been a very naughty man who tried to sleep with her.

How far will I go to keep Veronica quiet? Will I give her what she wants in order to keep my marriage intact?

This 7500 word story features a beautiful 18 year old Spanish girl seducing a handsome and muscular man. It finishes off with a very surprising turn of events.

Rajun Cajun

by Petit Morte

In this naughty wife cuckold story a beautiful rich bitch named Lily goes slumming in the dirtiest cajun biker bar she can find to pick up one big, sexy leather clad biker. They ride his Harley back to the motel where her husband secretly waits in the cabin next door. The husband watches as the big biker takes Lily for a hard ride and a good spanking. The minute her lover leaves, Lily’s husband comes in the back door – in more ways than one! Over 4000 words of good, hard sex positive erotica with cuckolding, a naughty wife, and a little anal tossed in for fun.

Rough and Reluctant Erotica: Five Rough Sex Erotica Stories

by Alice Drake

Call it what you will, but for twenty-five years it’s been the number one fantasy of women in national surveys and studies. Let’s leave it to the psychologists and social commentators to figure out why. As for us, we’ll just enjoy this scorching collection of rough sex and limited options! It’s just a click away.

1. If You Want to Pass, You’ll Do Me and My Wife Together: A Teacher/Student Sex Short

Professor Pernod has made the situation clear. If Manda wants to pass Advanced Sociology, this lovely lady will have to join her teacher and his wife for a threesome. She doesn’t want to do it! She’s never been with a woman and never even given a blowjob! Before long, though, she’ll feel a woman’s mouth on her, a woman’s hand on her, and a cock in her throatâ?¦and she’ll learn what it’s like to swallow a load of semen!

2. Restrained at the Airport: A First Anal Sex Erotica Story with Bondage

For a businesswoman who spends so much of her time traveling, she’s really tired of airport personal who can’t tell the difference between a terrorist and a professional in a pencil skirt. So, she’s aggravated when the Transportation Authority guard decides she needs to be searched more thoroughly. She’s about to discover he wants a whole lot more than that, however, because before she knows it she’s right in the midst of her first bondage experience, an experience that includes bondage, humiliation, and scorching first anal sex.

3. Kelly Does More than Dance: A First Anal Sex Erotica Story

Kelly is a born performer, so it’s only natural that she supplements her income working for the singing telegram firm. Whenever something sexy is requested, it’s a sure bet Kelly’s boss will choose her for the job. That’s how she ends up dancing in lingerie for the handsome lawyer Michael on his birthday. He definitely gets his money worth, but he wants more, and before long Kelly is right in the midst of a scorching sex encounter, and Michael wants her untouched little ass.

4. White Christmas Domination: A Very Rough Erotica Story

With the snow falling outside, it looks like this Christmas is going to be the best in years. Of course, it’s a whole lot easier to enjoy Christmas when the holiday meal is done correctly, and when Dana carelessly burns the turkey and all the rest, she knows she’s ruined things, and her husband isn’t going to let her forget her mistake. It’s a punishment experience complete with spanking, domination, and very, very rough sex. The weather outside is frightful, but this story is so, so much more than delightfulâ?¦

5. The Bride’s Rough Double Team: An MFM Rough Sex Erotica Story

It’s the day before Marilyn’s wedding, and she’s having a tough time with pre-wedding jitters. She’s overwhelmed and not sure if she’s doing the right thing. The stress is overwhelming, and she just drives aimlessly around town until she ends up at the caterer’s place. There, she not only gets a chance to see the handsome caterer, but she also sees his god-like partner. These men know exactly how to take care of her stressâ??a red-hot threesome complete with bondage, rough sex and double penetration.

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various rough sex encounters. It includes teacher/student sex, call girl sex, stranger sex, first anal sex, group sex, bondage, double penetration, and more. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

TAKEN IN THE SHOWER BY THE PHANTOM: A First Anal Sex Paranormal Erotica Short Story

by Cordelia Montgomery

Natasha and Jason love their new home. It’s a beautiful old house, almost a mansion really, and she enjoys the way it’s all coming together. Sure it needs work, and sure there are strange creaks and noises; but she’s never been happier. Strange things are afoot, however, and there is a being in the house. She’ll meet him in the shower when he pushes into her hard and fast; but that’s not all. This ghost won’t be satisfied until he’s bent her against the tiles and pushed into the tiny untouched opening of her ass to give her the very first anal sex experience she’s ever had!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during a paranormal sex encounter. It includes oral sex, deep throat, rough sex, shower sex, ghost sex, and first anal sex. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

Here is a preview:

The stairs creaked with every step they took and there was a round window at the end. Natasha peeked out of it and saw the backyard. A huge willow tree leaned towards the window and blocked her view. She followed Jason to a room which had a wall of glass overlooking the garage. It was spacious with a closet and attached bath.

“And this, Darling, is our room.” Jason ran towards Natasha, picked her up, and swirled her around while they both laughed.

A week later, the house looked far better; the wallpaper was taken down and the walls painted with bright colors. The old rusty furniture was tossed out and new furniture placed everywhere. The house was cleaned thoroughly and Natasha started unpacking.

She turned on the radio and opened every box labeled â??living room’. Jason had gone to work and she wanted to finish at least one room before he got back for dinner.

As she swayed slowly with the music, she dug out books and candelabras from a box and set them one by one on the shelves. She rummaged through the boxes and found old toy cars of Jason’s from his collection. Where do I put these? At last, she found a spot in the corner shelf and went over to it with her hands full of the tiny cars.

The level was a little higher so she tiptoed and set each one decoratively, humming with the music. She felt hands on her waist and giggled. Suddenly, she realized Jason wasn’t home and turned around gasping, dropping the miniatures on the floor. But no one was there.

She could’ve sworn someone touched her but she thought she was just missing Jason after spending the whole week with him. She gathered the cars off the floor and started setting them on the shelf again.

The Personal Assistant (Book 3)(Erotic Romance Stories)

by D.C. Peck

***Content warning: For adults only!***

Two months after accepting Travis proposition, Lori has no regrets.

Lori is confused because she starts having feelings for her boss and hopes that Travis will see her not only as a … but also as his girlfriend. Things become more complicated when Landon Bruger, Lori’s attractive laboratory partner in the university, shows interest in her.

Can Lori and Travis take their relationship to the next level or will Landon win Lori’s heart?

Click to buy to find out more…

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