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The Healing Spring (The Inner Seas Kingdoms Series)

by Jeffrey Quyle

Kestrel is a resident and guard in the Elven nation of the Eastern Forest, typical in every way except that his partial human heritage makes him the victim of discrimination by those of pure Elven ancestry. And when the elves face war with the humans of the neighboring nations, Kestrel is distrusted and removed from combat duty. But the gods of both races see a roll for Kestrel to play in a greater, and more sinister battle that will consume humans and elves alike, and they shower him with favors that press him into a new service as an elven spy. Only his superiors never expected Kestrel to find the life of the humans to be so appealing or his adventures to spin so far beyond expectations.

Shadows of the Keeper

by Karey Brown

Hidden in shadows, he protects her from ancient assassins . . . and himself.

Present Day — Secure the sale of Castle MacLarrin. Heal your heart in the Highlands. Pfff! Emily knows better. What her boss really wants is to appease guilt over his butthead son having married another. Well, fine. He’s paid for her ticket, the least she can do is find this castle. Then, swear off love forever, and enjoy Inverness. And stick to what she knows: coffee, historical romance books–where the men don’t bail–and isolation.

Alba 1210 A.D. — Thirty-six hundred years is a long time to suffer the punishment of immortality–even longer for Broc MacLarrin to endure memories of the exiled princess whose uncanny powers could have saved them all. And now, a nearly dead modern has been brought through the ‘door’ . . . this Emily none other than the bane of his existence–for, if she’s returned, so too will those who killed her before–the Lumynari.

City of Balkore, Leagues below Castle MacLarrin — Three life-cycles, he’s loved her–and tenderly carried her soul to his father, Hades. Prince Dezenial of the Lumynari vows there won’t be a fourth time. Remaining in shadows, he keeps her safe from his mother, the vile goddess Shadow–and his heart. But now, she’s in the keeping of the Forest Lords, the fools no match for what hunts her . . .

The Spirits of Christmas

by Sarah Wynde

Akira’s plans are simple: write wedding invitations, bake Christmas cookies, and eat red meat. (The last surprises her, too.) But when Rose, the ghost who haunts her house, asks for a favor, Akira can’t say no. Although she’s faced danger before, even death, a toddler who doesn’t like peanut-butter-and-jelly might be her worst nightmare.

Author’s note:The Spirits of Christmas is a short story (14,000 words) that takes place in the little window of time after the conclusion of A Gift of Thought but before the epilogue. I wrote it as a Christmas present for the readers whose encouragement was brightening my days, but it’s not a stand-alone story. If you haven’t read A Gift of Ghosts, you shouldn’t start here.

Spiritdell Book 1: Zan and Austin

by Dalya Moon

“With a satisfying blend of humor and horror, Zan and Austin is a must-read for Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans.” Zan West has a strange power that only works on girls. He doesn’t know why he has this so-called “gift,” but it’s killing his chances of ever getting a girlfriend. Then he meets an older girl named Austin, and she’s strangely immune to his power. Zan can’t see her secrets, but he can’t see her future, either. There’s something she isn’t telling him, and it’s driving him mad. Zan consults a powerful witch who offers him peace of mind in exchange for his power. What he doesn’t know is this peace of mind comes with a big, bad heaping of death. The permanent kind. Genre: YA Urban Fantasy Series Order:Spiritdell Book 1: Zan and AustinSpiritdell Book 2: The Power of the Swarm 

Discern (Discern Saga, Book #1)

by Samantha Shakespeare

February 20 2012 – REVISED and RE-EDITED

Twenty-year-old college student, Haley Helms is compelled to return home to Boulder, Colorado, after her heart is shattered by love’s betrayal. After a chance meeting with an alluring passenger on the plane ride home, her life will never be the same.

Thrust into a once-believed mythical world, she finds out the stranger on the plane–now her college professor–is no ordinary man. Andrew Alexander, an immortal called a Parevite, has spent many centuries, along with the others of his kind, altering much of mankind’s beliefs.

Haley’s soul calls to Andrew and he is hell-bent on winning her heart, no matter the cost. But will his dark side and catastrophic secret destroy any chance?

DISCERN, the first in the series by Samantha Shakespeare.

DISCORD, the second book in the series is due out March 2012.


“A week ago, I would have never dreamt up such a fantastic story. My heart and head were pulling me in two different directions. My head warned of the danger of being near such a powerful, deadly creature, but my heart longed to be near him no matter the sacrifice–even if it meant my soul. It was difficult to discern which one would prevail, but my heart was winning this tug of war…for now.”

~~~ This book is suggested for ages 17+ ~~~

The Miracle of Myrtle: Saint Gone Wild (Laugh Out Loud Fiction)

by Donna Ison

Did you know the Virgin Mary had an evil twin? Neither did the colorful residents of Steadfast, Kentucky until she showed up, declared herself Myrtle, and set about sabotaging their annual Ham Happeningâ??a three-day celebration of all things pork. The fate of the town is left to young festival president Tancy Sloane, a rebel in her own right, who must decide whether to stop the renegade saint…or join her. Unfortunately, those closest to Tancy are too busy drowning in their own drama to be of any help. Her best friend Miss Rosalind, the outrageous, three hundred pound owner of Miss R’s Charm School and Psychic Emporium, is struggling to turn six gangly girls into women worthy of winning the title of Miss Ham Honey. Tancy’s favorite niece, Mary Sue Ann, is plotting to use her herd of performing pigs to capture the crown and end the barbaric festival forever. Her egomaniacal husband is completely consumed with creating the world’s best barbecue, while possibly having an affair. And, a sinister socialite is bent on deadly revenge. Throw in the topics of same sex marriage, veganism, big hair, genetic engineering, and the cult of celebrity, and you have it.

THE MIRACLE OF MYRTLE: SAINT GONE WILD is sweet tea with a big shot of bourbon and a healthy splash of the supernatural. Settle in with this Laugh Out Loud Southern Fiction and prepare for a party on every page.

Darkroot (Rhyme of the Willow, Book 2)

by The Sullivan Brothers


Law One
Do not leave a Lighthaven without permission. The Garden is full of unsafe plants. Slashweeds can cut deep enough to sever muscle and render limbs useless. Sparkbushes can cause temporary blindness. 

Law Two
Stay away from any plant that could be dangerous. A Darkroot infestation has been reported in Fire Grove. Stay in well-lit areas to avoid death or mutilation. Bloodblossoms may look pretty, but they will puncture the flesh and leave a human shriveled and dry. 

Law Three
Report anyone with plants growing on their bodies. The Raven was slain in human form, so be on the lookout for Crows in disguise. As always, avoid the Green Witch. She makes deals with the desperate, but her only intention is to make their lives worse.

Amnesia: Naked in the Winter Wind, I (The Fairies Saga)

by Dani Haviland

Plump and perky Ms. Madigan visits North Carolina on Halloween 2012, meets the mysterious Master Simon, and then wakes up in the 18th century, in a youthful, perfect body, but without a memory. Lost in the woods, she braves a drunken mob to rescue a mountain man. The man, Ian, claims her as his wife, calls her Evie, and then the excitement begins. Kidnappings, caves, and cougars prove to be a challenge for the tough old lady living in a teenager’s foxy body. She escapes her predicaments using nothing but her wit and tenacity – give or take a knife or two.

This is the first of three installments of NAKED IN THE WINTER WIND, the first book in THE FAIRIES SAGA.

DANCES NAKED and THE GREAT BIG FAIRY, available now in print or e-book, are the further adventures of Evie and her friends and family in the 18th and 21st centuries, some of whom are the ‘fictional’ characters of the ‘Lost’ historic romance series.

A Christmas Gift

by Jill Rowan

A short story sequel to The Legacy which gives readers an update on the characters and their lives, with a Christmas Day theme. 4,500 words.

This story is not likely to appeal to anyone who has not read The Legacy as it presumes knowledge of the original and as such contains spoilers.

The Secrets of Heaven: Volume 1 The Book of Raphael (Deceit Series)

by Michael Barber

An unimaginable series of events have been taking place all over Europe. From north to south, divine beings are revealing their existence to humanity to deliver a message that shakes the foundations of mankind: we are your gods. The terrifying occurrences that take place after the revelation, push Arkadia and others to question the authenticity of the gods. Are these really their gods? Are they being manipulated by evil? Overwhelmed by the recent loss of his family during the events, Arkadia leans on the only thing that he has left in this world, his love for Sotiria. Will their love for each other help them survive the fall, or will it be the very emotion that destroys them as they try to inhale this new found way? Find out as the Archangel Raphael, gives his witness and testimony to Almighty God of the bloodshed, during Genesis chapter 6; what ultimately became known as the mythologies of the world. The mythologies that knew the beast of Revelations.
Volume 1 of Secrets of Heaven. Volume 2 to be released later this year.

The Secrets of Heaven: The book of Gabriel (Deceit Series)

by Michael Barber

Not even the angelic hosts of Heaven, could have imagined, the chaos that now consumed, the planet earth. The angels argued their case against mankind and now have become their gods. Arkadia, the son of a slave, is faced with the biggest decision, of his life. Shall he Choose to stand by Sotiria and confront death, face to face? Or shall he choose the way of the gods and face his fears in terror? Listen to the archangel Gabriel, give his witness to the Living God as he describes who the tree of Christmas represents. Listen to him as he describes why people show triangles with the all seeing eye. Listen to his witness, why our Presidents face the Washington Monument, during the inauguration. Read the second installment of the Deceit Series, and you will look at the world, in a whole new way.

God-Kissed: Book 1 (The Apprentices), 2nd Ed

by Clark Bolton

… When one of the godly take special note of you, you become God-Kissed, an unstoppable force despite the odds, or at least one likely to survive them. The mages have their God-Kissed protector, who can slash arrows in flight and seems to fear nothing, but is that enough!

Finding one’s mage talent is greater than one’s family is bound to create conflict, so when the feudal nobility ask Autbek to train to do things he already could do, he said no thanks … until the Earl insisted. Now they let him train with intensity the two chosen males and then the three young ladies.

There are seven fields of magic in which to specialize, and the males have taken two; An illusionist to fool the world, and an Energist to burn it.

… But now come the ladies; one a healer, another to learn the scrolls, and the third to teach the covens as ships come to take it all.

With a bard to guide him, Autbek, the master apprentice and soon to be full mage, takes on the monumental task of mentoring no less than five specially chosen young apprentices. With a tower to train in and dwarves to travel with Autbek unwittingly builds a menagerie, including gnomes, elves, monks, halflings, and a crippled mage from eons past. All this to please his liege the Earl who prepares to face an unknown calamity that the soothsayers insist is coming.

A Touch of Darkness (An Abigail St. Michael Novel)

by BC Brown

Abigail St. Michael, a former cop, has joined the recently growing ranks of metaphysicals, individuals with abilities outside that of normal human nature. When a murderer stalks her town killing children, Abbey uses her ability of touch clairvoyance to hunt him down. Her only roadblock is that her murderer seems to have his own unique talent, the ability to ‘wipe’ his victims and their surroundings of any metaphysical energy. With little physical evidence and no supernatural evidence, Abbey is forced to rely on instinct and luck to solve the case. However both Abbey’s luck and instinct seem to have taken a permanent vacation as the victims keep piling up with the killer’s escalating blood lust.

The Bwy Hir Complete Trilogy

by Lowri Thomas

The complete trilogy to download in one exclusive collection. 1246 Pages including all three books: Triskele, R’hela and Mirror Men plus Author’s notes.

All hell is let loose when a Triskele oath is brokenâ?¦

Mixing Welsh folklore with modern foci, the debut trilogy tells the gripping story of love, betrayal, rivalry and murder.

The story begins when the three branches of the Triskele – The Bwy Hir, an ancient race of giants, referred to in the bible as Nephilim, the Druids and the Chosen are gathered at a sacred meeting place for the Harvest of Blood Ceremony at Winter Solstice.

Unbeknown to the Triskele, a young woman, a daughter of one of the Chosen, Anwen Morgan has fallen in love with one of the young male Nephilim named Taliesin and their indiscretions will shake the very foundations of the ancient

But the Triskele is in grave danger of unravelling as treachery and misdeeds flow through its ranks. An Elder Druid and Councillor to the King of Winter, commits the foulest of murders, and a female Bwy Hir, banished for breaking covenants and practicing the dark arts, between them, feed flesh and blood to evil spirits brooding in the Netherworld.

Led by the horned demi-god, Arawn, these spirits, bitter, angry and powerful, return to the land of the living to reclaim the Bwy Hir realm.

Anwen Morgan, pregnant daughter of one of the Chosen, must be found, as only she can save the Kingdom from the deadly foe.


by A. R. Jarvis

In this traditional-feeling gay fairy tale, two twin brothers part ways in search of adventures which will ultimately involve a dragon, a prince, a witch, a magic wand, and some stoned people.


by Robert Hunt

Having learned that she is suffering from terminal cancer, Kathryn convinces her younger brother Todd to take her for one last visit to a favorite childhood vacation spot high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Their visit is interrupted by an unseasonal blizzard that forces them to take shelter in the side of the mountain, where an unexpected encounter radically changes their lives.

Harry’s Story… A Harry Chandler Mystery… (Harry Chandler Mysteries)

by John Whelan-Curtin

The new novelette from twice Nova Short Story Award winning author; John Whelan-Curtin

My name is Harry Chandler. I’m a private investigator, of sorts. I really do have all the skills and methods that are required for a man in my line of work, but I find I often ignore them. My success has always come from following a strange sort of intuition, a niggling urge that almost always proves to have been a worthy hunch.
This is just a story about a private investigator following a case. The only real differences here are that the investigator has an uncanny ability to make the right calls when presented with little or no information and that the case itself would come to affect the lives of billions.

Darkest Shadows

by Amber C. Carlyle

What lies in the darkest shadows of your heart? The darkest recess of your mind? The darkest corner of your soul? What would the priest find, or perhaps a queen? What of a knight of the realm? Are they truly the pious, regal, and brave? Is any temptation too great? Is any sin forbidden? What happens when the flesh is stripped back and the rest laid bare? Explore these dark, twisted tales, and see what unfolds.

Slow Burn (An Azar Nazemi Novel)

by Madeline Young

Azar Nazemi is a firefighter with an ancient secret; she can control the raging infernos she attends because she is Ifrit. A species of Djinn, or Genies as the Westerners refer to them, the Ifrit have the ability to read a fire and mold it to their will.

When a series of arson’s appear to have been lit by one of her own kind, Azar knows it is up to her to track down the rogue Ifrit and stop him before he kills more people. There was only one problem; she’d spent a lifetime avoiding other Djinn and ensuring that the Djinn Ruling Council had no knowledge of her existence. A cold and brutal regime, the Djinn Council want to put her into slavery for one hundred years.

As she pursues the Rogue, Azar will break the ancient laws of her people and enlist the help of Arson Detective Keenan Reilly. A chauvinist to the core, Detective Reilly has always rubbed Azar up the wrong way, but if she is to save her friends and the millions of people who call New York City home, then she is going to have to make a few sacrifices and bend a few rules.

Graduation Day

by Avis Yarbrough

After years of study, Chamber create can finally travel with her husband. She is married to twelve men, but she is told differently. To make things even worse a death run is issued on her. How will she survive? Graduation Day is an action romance story set in world like ours but different.

Little Love Stories

by Manos Tsemperlis

Little Love Stories is a small collection of short stories about love. In today’s world of isolation and cynicism, what matters for the writer is love – a place for romantic seekers and daring travelers. Nonetheless, love is rare and conquering it is even more difficult, often leaving a trail of tears on the cheek. The experience and memory of love is what the author explores in this book.

Phaeton. The Dawn

by Daniel Dream

A long time ago, between Mars and Jupiter, there was one more planet – Phaeton, that rotated around the Sun. It was smaller than the Earth and almost three times further from the Sun. On the Phaeton there lived intelligent beings, who possessed telepathic abilities. Due to this gift and their sensitive solicitude for all living, their civilization developed in harmony with the world around. But once this thin balance was broken. Tempted by the fallen angel, Pandora goes to the Heavens and asks the Creator the most secret question – what for did He create the Universe? The following events had resulted not only into the planet’s destruction, but also in a loss of beliefs. Beliefs in Good and a miracle.
But this was in the end and in the beginning â?¦

Prince of Avalon

by Robert Larrison

From the time mankind first set foot on Earth, he has always believed in magic. Whether its power derived from the gods or from nature itself, mankind strived to understand the unknown and conquer the forces that control him. Earth, wind, fire and water, these four elements ruled their lives, and those who knew their secrets, controlled the power in them. Merlin of old knew, he who was among the greatest of wizards used his power for the benefit of mankind, and those who sought after power and riches suffered his wrath. Arthur Pendragon, King of Camelot trusted and valued him as a close confidant and companion until the day he disappeared battling the Druid witch, Morgana le Fey. Camelot mourned his passing, and the kingdom lost its grandeur, never to recover that golden age of chivalry.

“Prince of Avalon” is a contemporary adaptation of the original legend and features many characters from that time period. A novella of 35,000 words, this tale introduces us to the world of Avalon before it transitions to modern times. The Avalon adventures continue in “Ghosts of Avalon,” “Queen of Avalon and “Oberon Minor.”

Tales Of Lola The Black

by A.J. Martinez

Lola is a magus who travels throughout Alexandria with her black wolf, Dougal. Fiends have been following her for many years. She has yet to find out why. As she travels the country she learns more about her dark magic and searches for a way to break the curse of her black wolf who was once someone very dear to her. These are the tales of Lola The Black.

Reclaiming the old. Lola and Dougal return to their master who trained them in the arts of fire. Her old master has been keeping something very important from Lola and she wont leave till she gets it. However her old friends and fellow apprentices are not very happy to see her.

Theft and grimoire. Lola pays a visit to the Alexandria castle. When she enters the castle uninvited the Alexandria knights hunt her down. “Is there such a thing as stealing from a thief. I am simply taking something that does not belong to them.” She refuses to leave the castle without the shadow grimoire.

A piece of necros. Lola and Dougal enter Necrovania the dark realm. Lola finds more than just an item to break Dougal’s curse.

The Precious Present (Tales Time)

by Danish Mir

Epic Tales from the Heaven itself…Kashmir. A living Heaven on earth. Take a dip into the culture of Kashmir and feel it.

Ghostrealm: The Orb of Crossing

by S J Worthington-Jones

In a universe not our own, in a Realm beyond our imagination, a war is set to rage.

Agatha, a Protector of Ghostrealm, is summoned to an urgent meeting of The Council of Twelve. The Brothers of Prophecy have come under attack, jeopardising their anticipated arrival into Ghostrealm. Agatha is dispatched to Earthrealm with given orders to protect the Brothers at all costs. She must convince the Brothers to accept their destiny, by crossing over to Ghostrealm through the Orb of Crossing – an Orb hidden for centuries in the Black Tower. Should she fail, every Realm could be in danger.

The Brothers will discover a Realm of wonder, learn abilities only fabled in Earthrealm and discover the secret that will change their lives forever.

Prepare to enter a world of magic and wonder, prepare to enter Ghostrealm.

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