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Is It Christmas Yet?

by Debra Salonen

Judy Banger has a secret. She’s no fan of Christmas. She’s suffered through fifty-four of them and, too late, she discovers she’s married to Wiley “Santa Claus” Canby. In four short months of marriage, Judy and Wiley have crossed off more items on their bucket list than most people do in four years. But, now it’s December, and Wiley wants to throw a big, blow-out holiday party to show off his new wife. Unfortunately, Judy’s never hosted a gala party in her life–especially not one that includes a cross-section of friends and family that makes Modern Family look like the Waltons.

What could possibly go wrong?



After a stray bullet killed her husband, she was forced to get a job in the sex industry…………………………..

Keisha was young, beautiful, ambitious, and a loving housewife, but things all changed when a gangsters bullet took her husbands life.

Forced to let their home go into foreclosure and with life insurance running out, Keisha moves into a cramped, project apartment. As the months pass she is faced with either getting the money in limited time or being homeless.

Through the advice of a high school friend, Keisha begins stripping under the name Lollipop, an alter ego she created to cope with the stress of the inner city environment. Keisha is a strong woman just trying to raise her child. Lollipop is a super freak, who dances naked, and simulates sex for frat boys and perverts.

As time goes on Keisha (Lollipop) becomes sucked in by a life of fast men, fast money, and fast times. Whereas before her life was filled with holding down a home, raising a son, and going to classes to better herself, today her life is filled with money hungry strippers, backstabbing men, and quick money. Keisha doesn’t know where Lollipop ends and her true self begins……………….UNTIL ONE DAY IT ALL CHANGES.

Lollipop is the latest series from upcoming author Obama Christ and his best to date. Lollipop is only available on KINDLE.

The Giving Season

by KT Wagner

In Ridge Falls, no good deed goes unpunished.

The holidays are not a merry or happy season for Charity Madison. First, she was sentenced to community service after trying to protect a younger student. Now, mysterious blue lights decorate the boulevard trees in her town. Beneath their cold glow a dark presence lurks, and she seems to be the only one who cares.

The Giving Season is a haunting short story that will slide under your skin and burrow deep…


by Lee A. Cummings

The Stronghomes are admired by few, loved by fewer, and despised by many. Their properties make their wealth and position visible to all, but none outside the family know exactly how they managed to attain so much while so many around them have so little. And while they are clearly different from their peers in some way, exactly how they are different remains a mystery.

But Little is a Stronghome, and has been raised in the family tradition – with the heavy, constant knowledge that his African ancestors never lived in the bondage for which they had been brought to the The New World. Instead the tribe escaped, and settled in a cold, hidden region, where they thrived not only in isolation, but after slavery had been abolished. And with survival achieved, they charged themselves and their offspring with a great purpose – to aid the other African descendants in the nation they were forced to adopt.

The family mission always felt noble to Little, but his father’s disappointment after sharing their secret legacy with a skeptical long-time associate gives way to a philosophical shift. The goals become less manageable, and the objectives more aggressive, even as their already-scorned reputation falls further, and Little becomes a more visible object of hate. But there is more than one path to be followed, and things unforeseen will guide Little as he takes hold of his own beliefs about family, culture, purpose, and what it really means to be a Stronghome.

Naughty and Nice

by James Austen

Has Santa’s slip up put Christmas in peril? Timmy Burns, now grown up and working in Toys R Us, is listed as nice but should he really be on the naughty list? There’s one drunken Sprite who would love to find out. Meet the real Santa but be careful what you wish for.

Present Tense: A Christmas Tale

by Steven Luna

All she wants for Christmas is a purse: a candy cane Creegan and Cole. All he wants is to find one for her. Nothing so simple has ever been quite this impossible.

Diary of a Chicken Named Josephine: The Great Escape

by J. Newton

A chicken named Josephine decides there is no future for her on the farm so she heads for the city. City life is not what she expected. Read about her adventures on the farm and in the city. Fun and entertaining reading for kids and adults.

A Gitmo Nation Christmas Carol (A No Agenda Novel)

by Scott McKenzie

It is Christmas Eve. After eight years in office, President Ebenezer Scrooge is preparing for his last Christmas Day address to the nation before leaving the White House forever. Having rescued the economy from near-bankruptcy, he plans to spend his retirement enjoying the fruits of his questionable economic policies.

But he is visited by the ghost of Jacob Marley, his first Vice President who died in mysterious circumstances seven years ago. Marley tells him the error of his ways and warns him that he wil be visited by three more spirits…

A Gitmo Nation Christmas Carol is inspired by Charles Dickens’ classic tale and the topics discussed on the No Agenda show hosted by Adam Curry and John C Dvorak.

Legend Destiny

by Nance Bulow-Morgan

Legend Foretold Her Arrival;
Now, She Has to Survive Long
Enough to Save Her People

An oppressive cloud hangs ominously over the port city of Mareese. In a dark tower high above the people lives

the Overlord, who for two decades has severed citizens’ freedom as he ruthlessly consolidated control-viciously

murdering those who dared to speak up. And so it appeared things would continue in this way-that is, until Diony

showed up.
An ordinary girl who suddenly discovers she has extraordinary powers, Diony is an apprentice at the Academy of

Sages, a consortium of scholars and mystics. But when her remarkable abilities show themselves, those around

her realize she is one key in a legend outlining how the tyranny can finally be broken. There’s just one person

who’s determined not to let that happen: the Overlord, who has branded Diony a murderer and initiated an all-out

search to find her-and destroy the girl.
Now, Diony and her diverse band of compatriots will engage in a harrowing journey to survive and overthrow their

enslavers. In the process, she must learn to control her extraordinary developing powers or she will put their

entire mission-and herself-at risk. And all of it culminates in a shocking battle that tests the strengths of good

and evil once and for all.
Fast-paced and richly detailed, Legend Destiny is a sprawling and gorgeously imagined fantasy that will keep

you hooked until the very end.

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