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Life and Death at Hoover Dam

by Jerry Borrowman

HISTORICAL FICTION: It’s 1931 and men are desperate for jobs. A lucky few will get to work in the searing heat of the Nevada desert on the massive Hoover Dam, the single largest public works project in history. Their goal is to tame the mighty Colorado River with a dam that towers sixty stories high from the base of the canyon to the crest of the dam. In doing so they will create the largest man-made lake in the world. Nothing like it has ever been built.
Life and Death at Hoover Dam tells the story of a handful of these men and the sacrifices they endured. From choking on gasoline fumes in 120-degree heat inside the five-stories-tall diversion tunnels to dangling by slender cables from the thousand-foot walls of Black Canyon, they will put their lives at risk. In the end, these men and the 20,000 others who worked on the dam will build a monument that makes possible the palm trees of Los Angeles and the desert oasis of Phoenix. This is the story of their livesâ??the men who built the matchless Hoover Dam.

A Captive Heart

by Patricia Scott

June, 1646.

England is torn in half by a violent Civil War.

Two young lovers are caught on either side of the conflict.

Tamsin Trevenian is the daughter of an eminent royalist. Adam Carey has betrayed his family to become an important Roundhead spy for Cromwell.

When Adam is injured on the Isle of Tresco during a violent skirmish between the Royalist land-owners and the Parliamentarian invaders, Tamsin unwittingly comes to his rescue.

She soon realises they are sworn enemies, and yet she cannot bring herself to let him die.

As they start to spend time together they quickly discover they cannot bear to be apartâ?¦

Will they risk everything to be together?

Or will Tamsin manage to keep a close reign on her Captive Heart?

â??A Captive Heart’ is an thrilling love story set during a tumultuous period of English history. It is perfect for fans of Philippa Gregory, Anne O’Brien and Georgette Heyer.

“Be prepared to be immediately drawn into a country divided and torn by mystery and intrigue, and fall in love with historical romance all over again.” Emily Murdoch, author of ‘Conquests’.

‘A Captive Heart weaves a beautiful romance into a background of historical fiction, resulting in a satisfying journey to the latter part of the English Civil Wars. The main characters are very likeable, and I loved the twist in the plot, which brought a smile to my face. It’s lovely to see more historical fiction set in the often-overlooked Seventeenth Century.’ Andrea Zuvich, author of ‘His Last Mistress’.

Patricia Scott is a writer romantic suspense-thrillers and historical fiction. She lives in Bristol.

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Fountain Pen Anthology

by Ron L. Dutcher

This is a collection of my previously published magazine articles on fountain pens. If you are a serious pen collector or a die-hard history buff then these will be of interest to you. Articles include topics such as Waterman, Paul Wirt, the origins of maki-e fountain pens as well as many other pen related topics. Some of the articles are deeply researched pieces while others are personal in nature. All of the articles were popular when they first came out in print, and are now available in one place for your kindle or kindle app device.

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