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Christmas Shopping

by Angel Gelique

A tale of Christmas mayhem…

All Jilly Carson wanted to do was get a little Christmas shopping done with her best friend, Peyton. But when Peyton can’t meet her at the mall, Jilly finds herself feeling anxious and alone as her mother’s cautionary words echo in her head:

“Don’t talk to strangers. Don’t put yourself in that position again. You remember what happened last time….”

When a tall, blonde-haired stranger begins to stalk her, Jilly does everything she can to avoid him.

Feeling scared and vulnerable, she finally decides to leave the mall. But the blonde-haired man won’t let her flee quite so easilyâ?¦.

Glimpses: The Best Short Stories of Rick Hautala

by Rick Hautala

This illustrated ebook edition includes all 8 interior illustrations from artist Glenn Chadbourne.

One of 2012’s HWA Lifetime Achievement Award Winners, Rick Hautala has a writing career that spans more than three decades. From Moondeath, his first novel published in 1980, to the republication of his best-selling novel The White Room (DRP, 2012) and his forthcoming “Little Brothers” novella Indian Summer (CD Publications, 2012), his novels and short stories have entertained millions of readers around the world.

Now comes Glimpses, a career-spanning “best of” collection that brings together twenty-four stories, including eight from each of Rick’s critically-acclaimed collections Bedbugs and Occasional Demons, and eight previously uncollected stories.

And Glimpses delivers what it promisesâ??quick glimpses into the deepest shadows of our lives, around unfamiliar corners of streets we think we know, and down the darkest alleys of strange cities where readers will have to face their worst fears and their most unnerving nightmares.

Of course, Glimpses wouldn’t be a Rick Hautala collection if it didn’t included gorgeous original artworkâ??a wraparound cover and eight new illustrationsâ??from award-winning artist Glenn Chadbourne.

So whether it’s in a haunted schoolhouse or an abandoned lighthouse, an iron bridge that spans a fast-moving river or a World War I battlefield, prepare yourself because you never know what you may catch a glimpse of â?¦ and by then, it may already be too late.

“Rick Hautala’s writing shines with dedication, hard-earned craft, and devotion.”

â??Peter Straub

“Rick Hautala is a modern master of horror. He breathtakingly captures the things we fear, and love. With love, humanity, and a chilling eye, Hautala makes our hearts race.”

â??Matthew J. Costello, author of Vacation and Home

“Rick Hautala proves each time out that he understands and respects the inner workings of the traditional horror novel as well or better than anyone writing. He brings his own brand of ice and fire and blood to his work and he never forgets to entertain the reader.”

â??Joe R. Lansdale, author of the Hap and Leonard books and Edge of Dark Water

The Rotting Road

by Matthew Rea

Jim Novumund, a small town police officer thinks he is going to live every American’s dream of a family life with his loving wife, Mary, and his optimistic yet naïve twelve-year-old son, Robbie. After another seemingly boring nightshift at the station, Jim finally gets the call that will change his life forever. He assists the Mayor and his commanding officer, General Ridley, in opening an unidentifiable box that would make his dream of family life vanish before his eyes. The crate unleashes an airborne disease that raises the recently deceased to walk again and yearn for the flesh of the living.
With a thin hope and a flimsy suitcase, the companions leave their home just outside of Columbus, Ohio on a journey halfway across the country to the claimed safe haven of New York City. Jim and Robbie will find that the undead are not the only dangers that they may face in the months to come. From helpful guides, to psychopathic trained killers, the two family members will find that they are far from the last humans left alive in the United States of America. The two survivors who left Columbus would never be the same again after the horrors they must face in this post-apocalyptic nightmare.

Cloudy With a Chance of Zombies

by Daniel Cotton

Today’s weather map has been brought to you by Zombies, they’re everywhere you wanna be.

“Hello America, it is raining men out there, in the literal sense. It truly is the End of Days, I have done the count, seven trumpets are in fact blowing. The storm extends from coast to coast and even across the pond. We aren’t going to be seeing another sunrise as the population drops, and the dead come up beneath us. This is affecting all walks of life; the young and the old, the rich and the poor, it’s even dashing summer time fun for folks at amusement parks. Those trying to seek shelter at malls and other shopping centers are having no luck, there is no escaping this, and there is no end in sight. My suggestion is to stay inside, curl up with a good book, and hope for the best. Now, let’s take look at what’s happening in your neck of the woods.”

Cloudy With a Chance of Zombies is a collection of six short tales of the living dead; Fanboy, Storybook Land of the Dead, Zombies in the Mist, Eat the Rich, Deadbeat, and Sherlock Holmes and the Walking Dead.

34,000 words total

The Animal Within (Otherworldly Prophecies)

by Natasha Wetzel

The never ending vacation of a powerful but lazy shifter, Convel, is put on hold when unwanted responsibility is forced into his lap instead of the women he is accustomed to. Laws are being broken that threaten the entire community and it is up to him to end it before his people are ended instead. What starts as an annoying chore will grow into an adventure that will test him to his very core. And in the end it may just be a decision in one single moment that awakens the animal within.

Skeletal Songs Decomposed by Stefan Duncan

by Stefan Duncan

Warning: these are a collection of poems in the horror genre that may create opposite emotions at the same time. You may feel the urge to laugh and scream simultaneously on some of the poems. While there are a few dark humored poems, the majority seek to capture the emotions and psyche of a normal person in supernatural situations. Some are haunting tales such as “Tale of Waccamaw Lake. Some of the poetry is about lost love, fear of our inner natures, turning vampire, and becoming werewolves. Many of these reflect our society today such as “A Howl, A Howl, Howl”.

The poems were written from various locations such as from a room in the Stanley Hotel that inspired Stephen King to write the Shining. Several were written at the Waldorf Hotel in New York during the Horror Writers of American gathering of the greatest horror writers of our generation. Tale of Waccamaw Lake was written from the shores of Lake Waccamaw. Each have been published and for the first time gathered into one collection by Stefan Duncan who is publishing horror and fantasy books.

Its been Stefan’s dream to create memorable poems, tales of horror, and fantasy. Stefan is the author of “Swordslinger” and “Raven’s Light.” His next novel “Crematory” will be published 2014 that is also in preproduction for a movie.

Bloody Remains (Scars of Regrets)

by Donovan Gwinn

Logan Transile was the typical CIA Special Ops agent, but one experimental virus that he injected into another human began the days of the end of the human race. His past is full of rage and regret, but when he meets a young girl named Elizabeth, he feels a change inside of him. As the days go by he feels that he might be able to give her a chance he never had.

Christmas Prescence

by Dorian Warren

A Christmas gost story.


by Francis Burger

This isn’t a normal excavation for the Repatriation Team, but they could have never imagined the pure abomination that awaits them on this day.

The Lark Mirror

by Adrian J Smith

It’s no small thing to be cursed – so says David Chambers at the outset of his tale and so proves to be the case in this splendidly screwball, action-packed, supernatural comedy. It’s the long, hot summer of 1976. Wild fires break out over the Western Moors, the trout streams have dried to a trickle and magic and mischief are afoot. When David falls victim to an old crone’s curse his shadow morphs into a living, breathing and very much darker version of himself – a gentleman blessed with a powerful thirst and an appetite for mayhem. Follow David’s adventures as he embarks on a quest to rid himself of the curse, a quest which forces him into battle with monsters of the deep, sees him hounded by the monkey-dog – a ferocious and chimerical creature of the night – and a quest during which he is obliged to help fellow victims of the old crone’s various bizarre and outrageous curses, all the while having to contend with the debauched antics of his shadow. A quest, by-the-by, which also plunges him into one of the strangest love affairs in fiction.

By turns creepy and hilarious, The Lark Mirror tears off at a ripping pace, with action galore and crackling dialogue. This is a must-read for those who like their horror laced with a healthy dose of humour. Holidays in Devon will never seem quite the same again.

The Mating Season 2 – A Christmas Special- Abel’s Mate ( Lycan Romance )

by M L Briers

*** This book will be free to download for five days over Christmas***

As a special thank you to everyone who has purchased one of my books, I have bowed to pressure and wrote a sequel to The Mating Season, not so cleverly titled The Mating Season 2: A shorter than normal book that will be going free for five days over Christmas. ( Amazon willing. )

So wait for it to be free and then grab it and growl, and enjoy catching up with the gang as those wicked witches decide it’s time to call Abel’s mate.

Faith, Hope and Fay are on pack land and Christmas is approaching. Fay is at the end of her pregnancy, and Abel’s about to get his just desserts when the three Fae decide to call his mate to him, and she’s certainly not happy.

Snowed in with nowhere to go, can Abel survive his mate’s anger issues?

Can Adam, Abel, Joshua and Jake survive Fay’s pregnancy?

And are they really going to celebrate Christmas?

Adult Content.

Warm Wishes

by Tony Gilbert

A short Christmas horror

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