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20 Beautiful Christmas Stories for Kids 2-6

by Lily Lexington

Let you children explore the magic of Christmas with this beautiful set of 20 children’s stories from bestselling children’s author, Lily Lexington.

From a magic box that grants its owner any present they want to monsters that munch on Christmas gifts your children will have hours of bedtime fun with over 165 illustrations included.

The collection includes the following stories:

The Magic Feather : Christmas Land

The Great Santa Rescue

Geezer the Goblin

Go to Sleep Michael

Munch the Monster

Piku The Christmas Penguin

The Christmas Kitten

The Christmas Thief

The Christmas Wish Box

Elf on the Shelf

The Forgotten Bears

The Naughtiest Princess and Santa Claus

The Night The Lights Went Out

The Sad Snowman

The Sporty Elf

Too Small to Fall

Bingo The Blue Nosed Reindeer

Pippa’s Cookies

Bobby’s Big Day Out

The Christmas Tree

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Saving Aliens and the Molemen (Ross Justice Fantastic Adventures, Book 2) Ages 7-12

by J.W. Patterson

Do your children love fantasy and adventure stories? “Saving Aliens and the Molemen” is a heroic journey that your kids will love!

Young Ross Justice saves an alien’s sister, a distant planet and a people called the molemen in 3 fast paced, entertaining stories.

Would you like to talk to others with your thoughts? How about hearing others thoughts? What about becoming invisible for a while?

Ross Justice uses all of these powers to travel to distant places and become a hero also. Amazingly he still makes it home for dinner.

In story 1, Ross becomes friends with an alien and travels in his new friend’s saucer to a secret desert location. He is there to save the alien’s sister. Can a boy overcome an army?

In story 2, Ross travels to the planet of Blackrock. He meets Wyatt Burp and Wild Bob. These two men need a lot of help saving their planet from invaders coming from a distant planet.

In the last story, Ross Justice must help the Molepeople. These underground folk have more trouble than they realize. Can Ross save them from destruction?

Readers Love Ross Justice Fantastic Adventures

Big Hit!

This is a great book for the 7-11 year old category. The story is engaging and the illustrations complete the picture. I will recommend it for boys and girls.

Love This Book To Pieces

My son is actually pretty young (almost 5 ) but he enjoyed this story as much as I did. It’s fast paced and a quick read. The art within the book allowed me to let me son see the images and use them to connect with the story. I hope this book continues my son loved the main character as did I. Highly recommended.

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My Bus Driver Is A Polar Bear (The Polar Bear Adventures)

by David Jacks

There’s ‘something fishy’ happening in Winckley. But what is the village secret? Three friends, Emily, Joey and Dominic aim to find out. But will Nasty Nat and the Nettle twins discover the truth first. White fur, a bus driver and a ‘wise aunt’ hold the key to the adventure.


by William Scanlan

WHAT DOES A PIRATE DO ON VACATION? is a humorous rhyming children’s story (illustrated) about pirates and the mischief they get into while on vacation. The story ends with the pirates making good choices resulting in a great vacation.

Children will have fun listening to this story and looking at all the funny pictures depicting goofy pirates and the trouble they create for themselves.

Fish Tank – The Dawning of the Age of Aquariums

by Carl Ray

“The storylines careen from near-disaster to nearer-disaster as Ted [(a super-genius goldfish)], Angelo (a narcissist angelfish) and Hoover (a bottom-feeder â?? and proud of it â?? out for himself) start out with what seems like an ordinary situation and quickly find all rationality going out the window.” – Gary Tyrrell,

“It’s fun.” – Delos Woodruff,

Ted is a super-genius goldfish with lots of ideas, inventions and a thirst for adventure, usually with disastrous consequences.

Angelo is a self-absorbed angelfish and Ted’s sometimes reluctant sidekick.

Hoover is the bottom-feeding algae-eating plecostamus who wants nothing more than to be left out of Ted’s ideas and given some peace.

Fish Tank – The Dawning of the Age of Aquariums is the first volume in a series that chronicles their outrageous exploits (originally a web comic from 2006 to 2008).

In the first story, The Remote, Ted has built a TV remote that the tank mates can use to watch television while the people are away, but nothing goes as planned.

In the second story, Save the Salmon, Ted and Hoover embark on a mission to Alaska to save migrating salmon from being eaten by bears. But unforeseen circumstances put their own lives in peril and only Ted’s quick thinking can get them out of danger.

Join this cartoon trio in their aquatic antics and have a few laughs along the way. You’ll never look at your Fish Tank the same way again!

Animal Sounds Flash Cards (Amazing Flash Cards)

by Dr. Hooelz

The Cow moos and the Cat mews. What about the Tiger and Elephant?

Young children are always curious to learn these trivia. Dr. Hooelz has come out with a collection of 22 Animal and bird Sound names. These cards are very attractively designed to appeal to the young learner with awesome photography.

The list of Animals and Birds covered in this book are:


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Fish Tank – A Tale of Mothic Proportions

by Carl Ray

“The storylines careen from near-disaster to nearer-disaster as Ted [(a super-genius goldfish)], Angelo (a narcissist angelfish) and Hoover (a bottom-feeder â?? and proud of it â?? out for himself) start out with what seems like an ordinary situation and quickly find all rationality going out the window.” – Gary Tyrrell,

“It’s fun.” – Delos Woodruff,

Fish Tank follows the exploits of three aquarium fish who are not only tank mates but close friends (although some of them may not admit it).

Ted is a super-genius goldfish with lots of ideas, inventions and a thirst for adventure, usually with disastrous consequences.

Angelo is a self-absorbed angelfish and Ted’s sometimes reluctant sidekick.

Hoover is the bottom-feeding algae-eating plecostomus who wants nothing more than to be left out of Ted’s ideas and given some peace.

Fish Tank – A Tale of Mothic Proportions is the third volume in a series that chronicles their outrageous exploits (originally a web comic from 2006 to 2008).

In this story, a strange light is shining into the tank at night, a light so bright that Ted, Angelo and Hoover can’t even sleep. In the end, it turns out that a group of creatures with paranormal, telepathic abilities has nefarious plans for our trio.

How do you defeat an enemy that can read your thoughts? Ted must find the answer if they are to survive!

Dog Behavior: A Basic Dog Behavior Kids Book Explained – Talk Dog Language and Bond with Your Dog

by Helen Young

Children’s author Helen Young presents: “Dog Behavior: A Basic Dog Behavior Kids Book Explained – Talk Dog Language and Bond with Your Dog”

This is an educational children’s book to help children learn and understand why dogs do things and what they are trying to say so your children can better connect and bond with them.

Can dogs “talk”? Yes they can. Dogs express themselves through their body. In this book, your children will discover lots of new and fascinating information such as:-

Are dogs colored blind?

Why do dogs howl?

Which dog specie was bred to hunt lions?

How to tell a dog’s feeling by its tail?

Why do dogs yawn?

How does a dog position its ear when it is afraid or worried?

Why do dogs pee so many times?

Why do dogs like to stink?

and many moreâ?¦

The beautiful vivid pictures within this book will capture children’s imagination and carefully written small block text will encourage them to learn with ease.

This book is suitable for children age 5 and older. On the other hand, younger children can enjoy the pictures while the parent read to them.

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I saw God in a crazy dead toothed Hispanic kid

by Julius St. Clair

There’s a lot of things Nicolas can’t stand. One of them is church, the other is the dead toothed Hispanic kid that haunts him a couple pews in front of him. But when the kid is suddenly thrust into Nicolas’ care, he realizes that he still has a lot to learn about kids, life, church, and God.

Legend Of The Dingwall Dragons

by Martin Wiseman

Do the legendary dragons of Dingwall in Scotland really exist?

Or are they just myth? Just mere stories passed down through the centuries, like the Lock Ness Monster?

All Young Robert McBride knows, is his old Grandmother insists they are real.

When one day Robert comes face to face with one though, it gives him the fright of his life!

Eventually helping the lost young dragon though, it rewards him with the magic gift of ‘second sight’.

The young dragon tells Robert that if anything should ever endanger him or any of his family, he will know about it in advance.

Then, when Robert dreams a huge disaster would strike right in the middle of their Christmas Eve Nativity play he knows he has to convince the villagers to cancel it!

But can he convince anyone to believe him?

Yes, there may be monsters in Lock Ness, but most of them are in the caves beneath Dingwall, Scotland!

An olde Scottish tale to warm your blood and especially at Christmastime.

A children’s book with colour illustrations.

Part of the Little Planet Originals series of children’s books.

When We Fell

by Adrian Sauvageot

A fictional suicide note left by a high born when he is captured trying to escape from a city that has fallen into chaos after a revolution.

Trahzle Fizzlefahzle and the Walking Pawalapadoo

by Mason Grace

A Children’s book ages 4-10 based on friendship and teamwork. A fictional story that is both entertaining and interactive. You’ll find that every other page is blank allowing your children to draw in their storybook. This not a sequel however it is the same Author and Illustrator as Happy Hoppy Toad ! It has been much anticipated and we hope you have as much enjoyment reading and drawing in it as we have had creating this book. You and your children will cherish this book for years to come. Also you may go to Fizzlefahzle and the Walking Pawalapadoo. Enjoy.

AMAZING GERMAN SHEPHERD DOGS: A Children’s Book About German Sheperd Dogs and their 12 Amazing Facts, Figures, Pictures and Photos (German Shepherd Dogs Books For Kids)

by Anita Williams


They love to work. They do great in all kinds of jobs for dogs.

As one of the most recognizable and adored breeds, the German Shepherd Dog is bound to catch your child’s interest. It’s a large dog with an aloof manner, so it may seem intimidating, even unfriendly. Nonetheless, it’s a top pick for a pet or work dog because of its loyalty and trainability. It’s very intelligent, even-tempered, and suited for most types of work.

Baby Animals: Picture Book

by Pierce Foreman

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If you love animals you will love this picture book of baby animals. Baby animals are so cute and this is a great learning resource for teaching your children about baby animals. The 30+ adorable pictures will be enjoyable each time your scroll through. Add this book to your ebook collection today!!

The Fear Crystal (The Mysterious Worlds of George Body: Part 1)

by Benjamin D Osborne

George Silures Body feels like he doesn’t belong at home or at school when he unearths a powerful secret that unlocks a gateway to worlds far more exciting and dangerous than his own.

Gateway Cottage (Temple of the Moon)

by K J Smith

‘How do I begin?’ Lacey thought. ‘I want to ask you all sorts of personal questions, Mrs Fotheringay – oh yes, I know you were once married because I saw you and your husband in a photo in an old book… except it can’t be you in the photo can it, because it was taken a hundred years ago?’

Several years after the death of her mother, fifteen year-old Lacey Campbell, moves to the small country town of Denborough with her father and brother Kieran. There she meets the enigmatic Mrs Elspeth Fotheringay, owner of Gateway Cottage, whose photograph she discovers in a book – an image taken almost a hundred years earlier. However, when Lacey is invited to visit Gateway Cottage, she discovers that Mrs Fotheringay’s home has a very special secret of its own.

A Grenville Christmas

by Martin Wiseman

Christmases in Grenville used to be famous, but in more recent years another event has taken over and it is the competition to have the best Christmas lights in Grenville and everyone in the village takes part. Well, everyone accept one that is, as one old man refuses to take part. So not one Christmas bulb, illuminated Santa and even small adorns this one man’s house, much to annoyance of all the other residence. To make matters worse his house just happens to be the largest housing in Grenville, so to have just one large house with no Christmas lights at all spoilt the whole affect to their minds. But the old man stubbornly refuses to take pat in any Christmas Lights competition so just one house remains unlit. It seems now In Grenville that the greed to win the Christmas Lights competition overshadows all else. But when the villagers all gather on Christmas Eve for the lighting of their Main Street Christmas tree, a sudden catastrophe occurs to remind them all of the true meaning of Christmas. A short Christmas tale and ideal stocking filler for all the family.

Isabelle, The Dancing Dragon (Illustrated Ballerina Book)

by Hannah Jennings

Have you ever seen a dancing dragon?
Can you imagine what a sight that would be?
What do YOU want to be?
In ISABELLE THE DANCING DRAGAON, we meet Isabelle, a large blue dragon who loved to watch the fairies dance.
She wanted to dance like them.
But when she tried to dance, she destroyed the town because of her size and the town people laughed at her.
“Dragons don’t dance,” they said.
Wanting to dance more than anything, Isabelle went to Russia to join the ballet. She decided that she would dance no matter what.
Will Isabelle learn to dance? Will her biggest dream come true?

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Minnie: A Horse Too Small to See

by Linda Thomas

This is a story about a little girl named Taralyn. She desires to have a horse of her own. Her parents will not let her have a horse. She asks God to change their minds. Taralyn’s parents are so preoccupied with their own day-to-day lives that they cannot see a very real horse.

This story reveals in an interesting way how God answers Taralyn’s prayers. It shows the power of childlike faith. It also reveals the lack of faith most adults have as Taralyn’s parents cannot see God’s answer at first.

This is a great book to read as a bedtime story. It will capture both the young reader’s and adult’s attention.

Moo and Baa stories Moos Friends no:10 (Moos Friends no:10)

by Peter John King

This is the tenth in the compilation of Moo and Baa stories. In Moos Friends, Baa makes an escape into the fields away from Mr Farmer as sheep dip is the order of the day. This plays into the hands of Moo, As they sit in the old cow shed, with Mrs Farmer drinking tea and eating cake. While Baa and the other sheep are in the fields with the rain pouring down.

A Trip to the Zoo

by Miriam Troxler

A children’s picture book about a vist to the zoo.

Ty and Jude’s Tulsa Adventure!

by Samantha Woodruff

This Tulsa-centric story is for fans of fun days adventures through Tulsa, Oklahoma. There’s a lot to see! Ty and Jude and visit the the park, the iconic Golden Driller, the funny joggers down by the riverside, museums, the zoo and some fluffy friends,and even take a car ride to the “praying hands” of ORU and the Blue Whale on Route 66! Each lovingly illustrated page is brimming with color and joy for the 918 and lovers of T-Town, children and adults alike! Even hipsters. Parents and teachers wanting to show some of the best family-friendly Oklahoma landmarks will love reading this book to children.

If you like awesome adventures, you’ll love Ty and Jude’s Tulsa Adventure.

An Unexpected Adventure – A Minecraft Short Story

by Daniel Archer

An Unexpected Adventure – A Minecraft Short Story

An Unexpected Adventure is a short and thrilling minecraft story with many pictures added.

Matthew, a minecraft fan, all of a sudden finds himself in the world of Minecraft. It all seems familiar yet so new and so… different. He must use all of his skills and knowledge about minecraft to build a shelter as fast as he can to survive the first night. Will he make it?

Scroll up, grab your copy and find out!

The 5 Inch Man

by Christian Jones

The 5 Inch Man is the first short story written by Christian W. Jones. The book was written when he was age 7 in 2013 as part of a school assignment. This book has sparked a deep love of all literature and respect to authors and illustrators. Christian undoubtedly will be writing another book soon.

Dune Buggy: Pictures and Fun Facts

by Sharon Holt

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Dune buggies are made to to drive on sand dunes.

If you are looking for an exciting hobby the dune buggy is perfect for you, whether you are interested in building one or would prefer driving it. Off-roading on sand dunes can be an amazing amount of fun. If you want to learn more, and see some great pictures download this ebook today!

Huzi: The True Story of a Boy Artist Growing Up in the Communist Army (Going to battle for the first time, with no gun)

by Lanjing Zhou

This series provides a collection of short stories in English, all true, about Cao Zhenfeng (1926-2006), nicknamed Huzi, who was an authority on Chinese folk art and a Deputy Director of China’s National Art Museum. They are taken from our book, which tells the story of his life up to 1953.

Born into poverty, Huzi liked to draw. When twelve, he joined the Chinese communist Eighth Route Army, and then served as a pictorial-journalist at the front lines of three wars – the Anti-Japanese War, the Liberation War, and the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea.

Each of these Kindle volumes contains a subset of the book’s chapters. The later ones include Huzi’s wartime drawings and excerpts from his journals – his illustrated reports were widely distributed to educate and encourage the troops and civilians, most of whom were illiterate. Some local politics and history of the times are also explained.

These stories are being provided now by popular demand. English speaking children of Chinese parents living in the west especially like the ones about Huzi’s adventures and narrow escapes. Western scholars and students of modern China find a fresh, first-hand, eyewitness account of some very important events in China’s recent history. (And just about everyone interested in today’s China will find something new here – especially those still engaged in the old debate, “Who lost China?”, or its present corollary, “China: Friend or Foe?”)

The present volume covers the period just after Huzi joined the army.

Pilot: A Career As A Pilot

by Martin Bradshaw

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if your little one loves airplanes or is thinking about becoming a pilot someday this is the perfect book to share with them. It includes some pictures and some great information about becoming a pilot. It will help our child learn what is required, and what the job is like. This is a fun educational tool for children. Add this book to your ebook collection today.

A plan for the day

by Elissa Skinner

A plan for

the day

written by:

Elissa Skinner

This e-book is dedicated to:

Annabella Freya Gregson and Dominic Rafe Gregson

Please be advised that this is a personalised versed children’s e-book won as a prize. It has not been professionally edited or illustrated. I reserve the right to develop this book for future publishing.

This is a story about siblings Dominic and Annabella who are planning their ultimate fun day. Things soon go wrong when they realise that sometimes plans must change. Read along as their grandparents help them plan a fun filled day together. Ages 0-7 years – approx. 8 minute read

The Tale of Smart Kids with Farm Animals : Fun Games & Puzzles. Raise your Child IQ, EQ – For Children 3 – 9 Years Old. Volume 3 (ILLUSTRATED) (Farm Animals Series)

by Happy Kids Press

Raise your Child IQ & EQ with this book.

This book is filled with wonderfully illustrated color pictures.

If your child loves fun games and puzzles, your child will fall in love with this children’s smart games collection.

A child’s brain growth comes from experience and the exercise the brain receives. Think, sight, sound, touch, taste and smell stimulate the brain’s cell connections (called synapses) and create trillions more. The more complex these interconnections, the smarter your child will be. When you provide your child with early stimulation and a wide range of experiences, you can accelerate his brain development.

This book is a great collection of cool puzzle games and brain games for kids and parents to play that are both fun and educational. These clever games & puzzles to stretch your child mind and tease their brain. Teachers, parents and kids will all enjoy the games that are school-safe.

When your child plays games, they are creating the foundation for their intellectual and emotional skills. More importantly, the child learns these while they play. Learning and having fun at the same time is the best way for your child to learn.

This book will develop both sides of their brain (the left side functions for reasoning, logic and language, while the right side features creativity and the arts.)

Enjoying these absorbing games will help your child to develop the IQ (Intelligence Quotient), EQ (Emotional Intelligence), confidence and stamina.

The Winter Witch and the Krampus: A Christmas Tale

by J.P. Reedman

A YA fantasy novella, which can be enjoyed by adults as well, loosely based on the folklore of the Alpine regions, where the Krampus, a demonic being, goes amongst girls and boys with his switch, seeking the naughty on one terrifying night. In The Winter Witch and the Krampus, Hildefrith the Witch loses control over the wintry weather when the evil town Mayor sends her a cuckoo clock that contains…a Krampus, who, with his sinister companion Nickor, steals her Book of Spells and began to unravel winter, melting the customary snow and ice. With the aid of the strange silver child known as Argent and the enchanted Erl-King from Everlode in the far North, can Hildefrith restore the town to its peaceful winter state? Or will the snow melt on the mountains and wash the entire town of Joyous Noel into deep Diamond Lake?

Michael & The Sandman (The Fairy Tale Series)

by Karen MItcham

The Sandman. Everyone knows the classic story of the little fellow with the magic dust who every night brings pleasant dreams to the children around the globe. Butâ?¦what happens if the formula for the “Eye-winker sand” was suddenly stolen? What would the Sandman do to get it back?

This is the story of a little boy named Michael. His mommy told him the story and he secretly always wanted to meet the Sandman. When the Sandman realized what had happened he decided to ask Michael for help in recovering his “Eye-winker sand” formula. See how they devise a plan together to defeat Meanie Murphy the Sandman’s biggest enemy,

Find out who the “Binkerton” detectives are and how they figure into this delightful tale. Will the Sandman get his secret formula book back? Find out immediately by clicking on the buy now button. It is a whimsical story with a colorful cast of “characters” that will delight your children at bedtime.

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