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Mary On The Run

by Mary MacRay

Mary On The Run is a 396,000-word epic which takes place in China, and is based on the story of would-be assassin Mary, who plotted to kill the Chinese Premier Wen in 2011. This novel is a nostalgic story of loss and revenge, and also the bewilderment of this Chinese generation.

The novel is set in six different Chinese cities (Beijing mainly) between the late 2000s to early 2010s, and is told in non-chronological order, partly through flashbacks of Mary, an innocent and naive yet extremely cruel Korean-born Chinese who struggles to find love and freedom but rather gets the opposite. Mary’s ironic experiences happen to reflect a panorama of modern Chinese society.

Mary went to the Middle East looking for the US Army and happened to be caught in the riots of Urumqi. One year later, Mary continues to study English in Beijing in order to join the US Army. What makes a Chinese so desperate to join the US Army? And what happened back there?

As the story unfolds, Mary encounters a group of people in Beijing: a funny yet pessimistic Pekingese tour guide; an American teacher who travels around the world teaching English; an ambitious anti-American politician; and a charming young woman who serves the Chinese Premier…

Opsta mesta

by Dusan Gojkov

Ovo nije poezija.

Ovo nije drama.

Ovo nije zbirka pripovedaka.

Ovo nije roman.

Ovo nije esej.

Ovo je knjiga Dušana Gojkova.

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