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The Dead Room

by Robert Ellis

A young woman is found, brutally murdered and left on
gruesome display in the “safety” of her own home. The atrocity kicks off
an investigation into a bizarre string of increasingly disturbing
murders, all believed to be perpetrated by someone of unprecedented
savagery and cunning. As the city’s panic rises, civil attorney Teddy Mack is thrown headlong
into the grisly homicide case–and into a world of dirty politics and
corrupt justice, where deceptions are as deadly as the killer’s twisted
secrets. Now, another woman is about to meet the same horrific fate as
the others. To end a madman’s reign, Teddy must enter his maze–a place
of unimaginable terror and shocking revelations.

With his second thriller, L.A. TIMES bestselling author, Robert Ellis, delivers an
explosive read with full-blown characters caught in a world stacked with
twists and turns and an emotional intensity that burns white-hot.

THE DEAD ROOM serves as the introduction to CITY OF FIRE, and remains a truly one of a kind find.

The Abigail Affair

by Timothy Frost

The fast-paced, zany thriller from British author Timothy Frost that’s sold over 30,000 Kindle copies worldwide.

Toby Robinson, twenty-two and broke, lands a job as deckhand on a Russian billionaire’s yacht. On his first night aboard he is framed for the murder of a guest. And that’s just the start of his problems. His attractive crewmate Julia seems to be the only one on his side – but can he trust her? With his mobile phone confiscated, armed only with a winning smile and a flair for mixing cocktails, can Toby foil the sinister international conspiracy that threatens to entangle him? It’s New Year’s Eve and something terrible will happen at midnight. Time is running out, and so are Toby’s options …

The Shoot

by Timothy Frost

The latest thriller from best-selling British author Timothy Frost crackles with action, suspense and intrigue in exotic locations.

Kate Robinson, twenty-two and cheerfully single, lands a dream assignment: production assistant for a film shoot on the Caribbean hideaway of St. Saviour’s. With her eye for detail and flair for organizing everyone, Kate’s in her element. But the beautiful star of the shoot, Jasmine, takes an instant dislike to her … dark forces are at work on the island … and a storm is brewing in the Atlantic. When members of her crew start to die, and she is implicated, Kate discovers that filming a TV commercial in the Tropics can actually be murder.

Gangsters of Shanghai – An International Mystery Thriller

by Gerry O’Sullivan

The severed head in the bamboo birdcage swayed above the teeming marketplace. It told Constable Mike Gallagher everything he needed to know about Shanghai.

It’s 1927. The son of a rural Irish cop, Gallagher joins the Shanghai Municipal Police. to escape an Ireland crippled by its recent bitter independence fight, and to trace the aristocratic woman whose memory still haunts him. They would venture together to China, Fiona once promised. Then the IRA torched her family estate. Everybody believes she died there. Everybody but Mike Gallagher.

Shanghai. Pearl of the East or Whore of the Orient? Depends on who you ask. It’s a cesspool of poverty, thronged with refugees, gripped by civil war. But for some it’s still a fever dream: jazz clubs and opium dens, celebrities and spies, easy money and easier women. Gallagher encounters the city’s biggest philanthropist, a man called Big Ears Lu – who is also its creepiest racketeer. He falls for a hooker who gives him sex he never imagined. But does his collusion with Lu keep her trapped in the House of Multiple Joys? Shanghai in 1927 is a city where after dark anything seems possible. A city where anyone can be crushed, and anyone corrupted. Even an innocent Irish cop.

From the wreckage of guerrilla war in Ireland to the dawn of world war in Asia, the international mystery thriller Gangsters of Shanghai seethes with 20th Century turbulence and temptation. Can Mike Gallagher escape the imploding city with his life, his self-respect – and the answer to Fiona’s fate?

About The Author Of Gangsters Of Shanghai, The International Mystery Thriller.

Gerry O’Sullivan was born in Limerick, Ireland in 1961, where he indulged his taste for historical fiction, intelligent action thrillers and men’s adventure books. A graduate of the University of Limerick, he moved to Australia in 1986 and worked in the international education sector.

Gerry was inspired to write this action mystery by his granduncle, a Detective Inspector in the Shanghai Municipal Police during the 1920’s. Spellbound by old photographs and family lore, Gerry resolved to write an action adventure thriller with the accuracy of historical fiction. Gerry travelled to Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Brandeis University, Boston where the top-secret files of the Shanghai Municipal Police Special Branch are kept on microfilm (they were smuggled out of Shanghai by the CIA in 1949).

Gerry then moved to Singapore to immerse himself in the atmosphere of a fast paced English-speaking Asian city, as Shanghai was in the 1920’s and 1930’s. To achieve the pulse-quickening features of an action mystery with the demandingly accurate details of historical fiction, Gerry blended his granduncle’s stories about his Shanghai police work, years of scholarly research, and his own experiences of the city.

Comments by industry professionals

“There is such a wealth of excellent, precise detail that it has tremendous authenticity â?¦ I am overawed by Gerry O’Sullivan’s ability to reconstruct an era and setting so vividly that it is hard to believe he didn’t experience it personally.”

Jim Parsons – Author, Editor, Creative Writing Teacher, Brisbane, Australia

“I think is quite an extraordinary effort for an established author, let alone a “first timer”. Gerry O’Sullivan’s novel â??Gangsters of Shanghai’ is a remarkable story, told in vivid detail and rich in colour. It is a racy story underpinned by incredible research that makes the storyline and characters incredibly believable.”

Nic Karandonis – Director, The Writer’s Factory, Sydney, Australia

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Kissing Dirt

by Nik Boston

When a family camping trip descends into hostage hell, one woman must find the inner strength to try to save the ones she loves.

For Anne McCarthy, accompanied by her teenage son, sister and niece, the camping trip to a remote north Queensland national park is the ideal place to clear her head and recover from her husband’s recent infidelity. ‘Sisters doing it for themselves’ she tells Debbie. ‘We can swim in water holes, chase wallabies and toast marshmallows on the fire’.

But when an old beaten up truck arrives at the camp ground with two men and a young girl, Anne feels uneasy. Something about the small man, Keith, unsettles her.

Late at night, from their tent, Anne and Debbie hear disturbing sounds from the adjacent campsite. The beat-up truck is obstructing their way out of the park. There is no mobile phone reception.

And so the nightmare begins.

The men take the small group of women and children hostage on a trip deep into the Daintree Rainforest and Anne must find ways to survive the physical and emotional abuse amidst fears of what will happen when she and her family are no longer of use to the men. Their own shallow graves are constantly on her mind. Escape seems out of their reach.

When all hope seems lost, Anne summons the strength to try to save her son, her sister and her little niece. But she must do things she did not think she was capable of to achieve her goal. Terrible, unthinkable things. In the cool and decaying tomb carved into the forest, Anne finds an inner strength that she did not know she possessed.

This thrilling page turner will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

Thelma and Louise meets Deliverance.

Psychic: a story about a story

by Nan Coleman

When the editor of a paranormal magazine asks Nick Young for a story yesterday, the part-time writer is determined to give him one. Featuring high school students Adam and Kysa, who are telepathic twins, Psychic seems to write itself. As words flow, a plot reveals that a terrorist blows up a building, and describes how the brother, sister, and their mother, an ER nurse, must work together in order to save the survivors trapped inside.

Just for fun, Nick has based the main characters on his friends and people that interested him, but when his tale suddenly begins to come true, fiction turns into real-life horror. Far from being a figment of his imagination, the demon that appears in Psychic turns out to be a reality. In the past, Kysa, a ghost-hunter, had robbed the evil creature by releasing souls to heaven, and now it wants payback. As the story plays out, the only things left standing between death and devastation for hundreds of people are the clues that lay hidden in the pages of Nick’s story.

Is Psychic is more of a prediction than a fictional tale of horror? Nick, Kysa, Adam, and Elaine must decipher the clues to keep a demon from stealing innocent lives, and any one of them could fall victim to the evil. Filled with terror and suspense, this story within a story is guaranteed to keep readers on the edge of their seats to the very last page.

Takedown Twenty : A Stephanie Plum Novel – Book Review and Study Guide

by J.T. Salrich

Takedown Twenty is finally here!

Janet Evanovich fans will be glad to know that Stephanie Plum is at it again. Takedown Twenty: A Stephanie Plum Novel picks up right where Notorious Nineteen left off. If you’d like to enhance your experience while reading Takedown Twenty then this book review and study guide is perfect for you!

With Takedown Twenty we again find everyone’s favorite female bounty hunter running around Trenton, New Jersey. Stephanie Plum is busy splitting her time between chasing criminals, trying to decide between two lovers, and solving the mystery of why a full grown giraffe is running around loose in the city. Yesâ?¦ a full grown giraffe.

Yes, in Takedown Twenty: A Stephanie Plum Novel, Janet Evanovich once again takes us on an action packed roller coaster ride that you’re sure to enjoy.

In this book Stephanie is chasing the local “Godfather” while bumbling and stumbling her way through a hilarious series of misadventures. Will she end up with Ranger or Joe? Will she “get her man” without getting killed along the way? And why is there a giraffe running around Trenton that nobody but Stephanie and Lula ever see?

When you read Takedown Twenty : A Stephanie Plum Novel – Book Review And Study Guide you will get a deeper understanding of the characters and plot found in Takedown Twenty as well as the themes and symbolism included in the novel. You also get a detailed chapter by chapter breakdown and analysis of the events as they unfold along with a glossary of the important characters and terms used in the original book. Just in case that’s not enough for you I’ve also included a list of possible study questions (book club discussions topics) and quotes from the book that I found interesting.

Wrapping it all up is a discussion of the critical reviews for Takedown Twenty as well as my overall opinion of the book. Plus much more!

Whether you’re reading this for a book club, school report, or just want to catch up with your favorite characters and find out what happens before diving into the full length book, you can use this book review and study guide to get most out of your experience reading Takedown Twenty by Janet Evanovich.

The Isle of Devils

by Craig Janacek

Before Fame

and the Friendship of a Lifetime,

there was…


November, 1880. An aimless, freshly-wounded twenty-eight year-old discharged British Army surgeon finds himself washed ashore on the lush Atlantic island of Bermuda. He has few prospects, and seems content roaming the back streets of the ancient town of St. George’s, reading mystery novels, and wagering on games of chance. Slowly, it begins to dawn on him that his residence, the Globe Hotel, is filled to the brim with a series of enigmatic globetrotters. Why have the hurried English naturalist, the suave Portuguese traveler-in-wines, the gigantic Australian rugby-player, the languid Italian painter, the rough Greek pugilist, the fastidious Turkish engineer, the ireful Bohemian physician, the frail Spanish Marquesa, and the acerbic French solicitor with his stunning new American bride all gathered in this sleepy town in the farthest reaches of the British Empire? All of these idle ponderings are dashed from his brain when a terrible hurricane descends upon the isle and threatens to destroy the town. But when he awakens to find a dead man in the room next door, shot seven times and his corpse defaced with lurid symbols, everything and everyone begin to take on a sinister light. Asked to assist the outclassed local constable in his efforts to unravel the plethora of suspects and clues, he magnificently rises to the task. But what he discovers upon the Isle of Devils will change his life forevermore and set him upon the path to his destiny.

Told with a deep affection for the land and customs of Bermuda, The Isle of Devils seems at once fresh and yet wistfully familiar. Herein lies the long-lost earliest adventure – before he became the loyal friend and companion to the world’s first consulting detective – of one of the greatest writers to ever set ink upon a page.

The Inferno Corporation (James Wright’s quest for justice)

by SD Robb

The book is in English and is over 65,000 words.

Hell has invaded New York city. FBI agent James Wright is the only person who stands in it’s way. A killer has been terrorizing the streets of the big city. James Wright is in a race against time to stop this mad man before it is too late.

SD Robb takes the reader on an action filled adventure through the streets of New York. There is something for every type of reader in The Inferno Corporation. There is a love story, car chase, and colorful characters. It is full of mystery and intrigue sure to delight readers.

The Secrets He Kept

by Wendy Miller

Meadow’s marriage to Sander Hanson wasn’t the stuff of fairy tales, but she didn’t think it was all that horrible. It’s only after his death that she finds out that he was keeping secrets. It starts with unexplained credit card charges, and women’s names in a little black book. Then there’s the secret bank account.

Stetson Christensen had been in business with Sander for many years, but he’d stopped liking the man personally a very long time ago. So when Meadow approaches him and asks for help, he has no problem doing what she asked.

Time spent in close proximity brings their long hidden desire for each other to the surface. Stetson doesn’t want a relationship, and Meadow knows it’s not the right time for one. But they can’t keep ignoring their attraction, and they can’t get away from each other.

Uncovering the dead man’s secrets shows them a depravity that neither of them had realized existed. The more they learn, the more they begin to realize they could be in serious danger. They have to find all of Sander’s secrets in order to protect themselves, and the only ones they can trust are each other.

Will they find everything they need to know in time? Or will Meadow and her children pay for Sander’s sins?


by Diana Hockley

Frisbee, Fiona’s pet rat is loyal and as loving as he knows how, but can he put aside his greed long enough to track down an evil-doer?

Make a cup of delicious coffee and perhaps a hot scone with jam and cream slathered all over it, put your feet up and relax for ten minutes with a kooky Australian story!!

Last Supper

by J.R. Richardson

A man ridiculed daily contemplates his life while making one last meal for him and his wife.

A Horror/Thriller short story by first time author, J.R. Richardson.

Excerpt: I was sitting on the couch when I saw her car coming up over the hill. It had been a peaceful eight hours but that was all about to change once she walked through the door.
When we were first married things were great. We both had great jobs, the bills were paid and we did want we wanted.
As the years went by she seemed to change and not for the better. I was sure it wasn’t my fault but by the way she acted and the things she said you’d think I was Satan himself. Red skin, horns, even the pointed tail.

Coming Soon: Bugged (A Short Story)

BIRDWOMAN: Can the past come back to haunt you? (Psychological Mysteries – 1)

by Jan MacLeod

1946: far out in the Atlantic a boatload of men returning from war are shipwrecked within sight of their homes on the remote Scottish island of Kulah – and the wailing of the women could be heard across the sea on neighbouring Battersay. But the women are also hiding a shameful secretâ?¦

Present Day: When journalist Ally Niven escapes to the remote Scottish island of Battersay after a failed love affair, all she is looking for is a quiet life and a catering job for the summer. But from the outset someone is trying to scare her off and Ally soon discovers that the beautiful surroundings mask tensions among the people who are harbouring ‘Birdwoman’ – a feral young woman found on rocky Kulah. Ally is increasingly attracted to reclusive artist, John Balmain, who has also taken refuge on Battersay but is elusive about his past. When a body washes up on the tide, she begins to doubt whether she can trust him. Increasingly isolated and intimidated by bizarre attacks on her house, Ally sets out to discover the truth behind the Kulah story, Birdwoman and the secrets John is determined to keep from her; as the two stories converge in a shocking climax.

Previously published as THE HAUNTING OF KULAH.

Readers’ Reviews

â??Completely gripping and I couldn’t wait to finish it to see how all the complicated strands would eventually come together. The shift in time between 1946 and the present adds to the sense of suspense and tension which pervades the book.’

â??A gripping book straight from the beginning, I could not put it down and read it in two evenings which is unusual for me.’

â??Fantastic book. Keeps you in suspense from start to finish.’

â??Keeps you guessing till the end.’

â??Most captivating read for some time! Powerful, breath-taking and intriguing.’

True Fans (Scout Galley #1)

by Jerry Hart

When three young filmmakers decide to make a movie based on a recent murder, they find through increasingly violent encounters with a masked man, that telling this story may end up killing them.

The Hunt for Sunan

by Brian Paul Davis

A 1967 refinery explosion outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, plants the seed for a covert plan that threatens the town of La Salle, Louisiana, a small farming town north of Baton Rouge.

Forty years later, a late night phone call sends Arizona civil engineer Daniel Hartwick on a business trip to La Salle. Vandalism and sabotage threaten to flood La Salle, which sits in the shadow of the massive Mississippi River levee. There he joins up with two colleagues from Kansas City, his friend Yanus Fautonov, originally from the Ukraine, and Nadine Russo who was called away from her husband and two teenagers.

Obsessed with UFO’s and internet reports of alien sightings, Yanus’s theories were never taken seriously by Daniel and Nadine. But soon after their arrival in La Salle, Yanus disappears from his hotel room. Daniel and Nadine are drawn into a manhunt for their missing colleague. A family crisis distracts Nadine, but she continues with the search until she can fly home.

Yanus may not be who he says he is, and appears to have a unique connection to his kidnappers. Daniel and Nadine stumble into a buried past hidden in La Salle and an underlying conspiracy. They soon become targets themselves. In the process of searching for Yanus, battling personal challenges, and running for their lives, Daniel and Nadine are drawn together.

A Girl’s Best Friend

by Louise Marley

Are diamonds really a girl’s best friend? Danielle van der Straaten certainly thinks so. Her boyfriends cheat on her, her sister drives her mad and her father only wants to see her married with children – despite all the work she’s put into the family jewellery business. Diamonds are the only thing she can rely on.

Her sister, Isabel, doesn’t care about diamonds, provided she has something sparkly to wear to a party and a gorgeous man to dance with. Life is for living and having fun. And if their money disappeared tomorrow? She’d be in serious trouble.

Jemma Stortford can no longer afford diamonds and finds it hard seeing Danielle and Isabel living the life that should have been hers. But when she wakes up one morning to find the handsome Nico Morales in her bed, it appears her luck has finally changed.

But is Nico who he claims to be? And why is he so interested in the van der Straatens?

As the three women are about to find out, sometimes diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend at all!

The Runner

by Chance Nix

You wake up to find yourself at the bottom of a very steep embankment. Your legs are broken along with your ribs. Your body is covered in road rash and there is a piece of a window shield sticking out of your left shoulder blade.

What do you do?

Wes Prefontaine woke up to this very scenario. With the sun beating down on his badly broken body, he knew that he had to make a decision; either lay there and die or crawl his way to salvation. Battling not only his mind but also a ferocious creature, Wes must race against time and the elements of nature if he wants to survive.

Will Wes make it through to see his beautiful wife Olive or will his culprits, Greg and Andy, find him first to finish off the job they started with their 1959 El Camino?

Atlas Down

by Scott Alexander Baker

An ordinary man, Dan Lepsky, an awkward extrovert with high hopes but not much to offer, winds up on a wild adventure.
Dan faces advanced science, nature, and worst of all, a vendetta which he can’t quite wrap his mind around. Atlas Down tells the story of the Atlas Research Institute’s over reaching policies and violent cover-ups, all the while explaining the involvement of Dan Lepsky, a truly unlucky and unlikely hero.
A twisting, jarring tale that is packed with great plot twists and a journey to the United Kingdom that a fool hardy American like Dan would never have imagined possible.
Unlike Scott’s previous works, series like the Everlasting Night and Enchanted Lands of Bisclona, Atlas Down is a stand-alone adventure.

Cheap Thrills (6 Thrilling reads)

by Luis Samways

What do you get when you cross an unstable detective, a Christmas phantom who leaves people’s remains in gift boxes around the city, an alternate universe based after WW2, a post-apocalyptic saga set in New York City, a bunch of murderous spiders & a group of teens playing Russian roulette with a revolver? You get one hell of a read at an extremely low price!

0.99 cents to be precise! Save a whopping 80% with this monster boxset!

Well now you can make do with 6 of the most thrilling reads you will find, all for a smashing price of nearly nothing!

In this collection you will find everything you need to wrap up warm under the covers and be thrilled beyond belief! (Cheeky, I didn’t mean it like that!)

Here’s what you get:

Beacon Of Light season one:

They will find youâ?¦

And that’s exactly what they did when they found the people of New York.

When people in New York City start to combust into thin air, people start asking questions. What’s causing these people to self-combust? Whatever it is, it’s got its grip on the city and it won’t let go

Das Death:

The first instalment in the Amazon best-selling series!

The Germans are coming….and they want blood!

The year is 2013. It’s been sixty eight years since the end of World War two, or how it is known now, as the day the German’s came.

To this day, the German’s rule the world. They are the only superpower that remains. Blonde hair and blues eyes are the only people that matter. For the non-Germans, change is needed. But how can they change the world in such small numbers? And can they succeed?

25th of Dismember:

A machete wielding killer on the loose:

With the city of Boston gripped by a Christmas Phantom, it’s the jobs of the Boston PD and its front line Detectives to bring the Machete Man to justice.

Can Frank McKenzie fight his daemons and stop Boston’s worst nightmare? Or will the voices in his head triumph? It’s sure to be a cracker either way!

The Casual Killer:

Frank McKenzie is a no-nonsense Homicide detective. He doesn’t care about much, but solving the case, by any means necessary.

He doesn’t care about his drinking problem. He doesn’t care about his psychotic tendencies. He doesn’t care about the piles of bodies he lays in wake of his work.

All he cares about is finding the killer. Saving the day, and jacking up on more pills.

When the city of Boston is terrorized by a mass murdering psychopath who is leading a militia of men into a war on citizens’ rights to privacy, it’s up to the fabled, yet broken Detective, Frank McKenzie to bring them to justice.


Meet Andy and Melisa, a couple in Michigan that have a spider infestation in their house. They try to get rid of it but fail. Things turn dangerous when the house is nearly overrun by the eight legged Arachnids. Is nature just being cruel, or is something more sinister happening?

Death Roulette:

Life can be a gamble….Death can be a cash-in!

Toby French and his friends enjoy a night out on the town. They party hard and fall out fast; soon finding themselves at each other’s throats as booze and alcohol take a hold of their night.

As the night nears an end, they decide to walk home together to try and hash out their problems. They stumble across a revolver on a busy highway. Was it used in a crime? Will it be used again? Should they just walk on by?

So what are you waiting for? In front of you lies 765 pages of thrilling reads, six stories that will leave you feeling breathlessâ?¦.Fancy some Cheap Thrills?

Contains strong language, violence, sex and adult themes. ADULTS ONLY!!!

The Darkness

by P.J. Horton

A page turning mystery thriller with supernatural overtones. Can one man make a difference, when all around him has fallen apart? Randall Stevens must find the true meaning of “The Darkness” and his own destiny.

Suppose your daughter disappears. Your marriage is over. You’ve just lost your job. You’ve spent three months in a coma following a car crash. Now you find that you received far more than cuts and bruises. Cryptic messages and a local Psychic, draw Randall Stevens into a deadly game of life and death. Nothing will ever be the same again, as he tries to find the true meaning of “The Darkness”.

When all light has gone “The Darkness” takes control.

I Spy With My Cyber Eye

by Erik Henriksen

Jane was a no nonsense, hard working business woman who used cutting edge technology to advance her career. But a serious problem is about to take her day from bad to worse. Is she just paranoid or is someone or something messing with her?

The Royal Visit, A Christmas Story (DON DARIO)

by Roberto Bruno

An accident puts Don Dario in hospital for a few days. Following his discharge, as he is begins to recuperate, his wife, Maria Elena, becomes concerned about her husband’s increasingly erratic behaviour. Fearing he might be suffering from some form of brain trauma injury, she tells him to rest. When Don Dario makes an official announcement in the press that Bellatona is to receive a royal visit, an announcement that is followed by a series of bizarre events in various parts of Umbria, she is convinced he has taken leave of his senses altogether. The Provincial Government of Perugia and the police decide to intervene but Don Dario presses on regardless until, predictably, he ends up back in hospital again. So, will they come or won’t they, the royal visitors?

The Second Exodus: Reviving The Dead Knowledge of Jesus of Nazareth

by Stephen Fisher

Another member left the synagogue, converting to the rapidly budding messianic religion. How could they be so foolish? How could they so easily be deceived? There was no doubt in Saul’s mind Jesus was a false prophet, a heretic who had the uncanny ability to manipulate others into believing he was the Messiah the Old Testament prophets saw in their visions; the Messiah the prophets said would some day arrive. The zealous Pharisee had seen enough. He took it upon himself to destroy this new religion called the Way. He transformed himself into a hunter of men, a hunter who sought the blood of anyone associated with the teachings of the Nazarene.

One day during Saul’s travels, something happened that would forever change him. A mysterious knowledge was revealed to him; a mysterious revelation from Jesus himself. The impact from this revelation caused Saul to suddenly and unexpectedly convert to the very religion he had previously outright despised. The once zealous Pharisee, who had hunted Christians, had now become one of them. From that point on, the former Pharisee would no longer be known as Saul. His new name would be Paul the apostle, a follower of the Way.

What was this revelation that made Paul convert to Christianity and ultimately become the most prolific writer within the New Testament? What was this revelation which caused the most zealous of Judaic teachers to become a follower of the man named Jesus of Nazareth? The answer resides in the paradoxical, central theme of Paul’s writings. It is within this central theme that Paul is attempting to reveal to humanity what was revealed to him. The biblical texts contain a veil, a barrier that is hiding a mysterious message; a message that no one on earth can currently see because no one fully understands why Christ was the Messiah. This is the dawning of a new day. This is the beginning of the Second Exodus.


by Grant Jolly


Meet Frank Denver, a lonely writerâ?¦who can no longer write. His first book was a success, but that was a lifetime ago. Now, Frank can hardly string a sentence togetherâ?¦until he has an eerie encounter with a strange man who happens to be in the business of â??helping people’.

The stranger offers Frank the solution for his problems, though he wants something in return.

Little does Frank know – his life is about to change forever, as he embarks on an unforgettable journey into the darkness.

Rancid is the first part of a dark, gritty trilogy which will leave you wanting more.

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