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Eat Well Now: Try Six Bestsellers to Find Your Perfect Diet: The Virgin Diet\The Beauty Detox Solution\Your Best Body Now\Quick & Easy Paleo Comfort Foods\The … Diabetes with Picture Perfect Weight Loss

by JJ Virgin

Discover the wellness program that’s right for you!

With so many choices out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. So we’ve compiled excerpts of some of our bestselling health and diet books for you to try on for size. Whether your goal is to lose weight, get fit or make more wholesome meals, you’ll find something here that’s right for you:

The Virgin Diet: Avoid high-allergy foods to reduce inflammation and lose that stubborn weight.

The Beauty Detox Solution: Cut beauty-stealing foods from your diet and discover radiant skin, shinier hair and stronger nails.

Your Best Body Now: Live an Eat-Clean lifestyle and feel fabulous at any age.

Quick & Easy Paleo Comfort Foods: More than 100 delicious gluten-free recipes from bestselling authors Charles and Julie Mayfield.

The New Lean for Life: The doctor-created, scientifically proven program that has helped more than 750,000 people lose more than 15 million pounds.

Eat and Beat Diabetes: The most delicious way you can imagine to lose weight and fight diabetes.

How to Paint and Decorate Your Home – 121 Great Home Painting and Decorating Ideas

by Judith Brown

You can’t wait to get started on your home painting project, but taking a few minutes beforehand can save you time, money, and aggravation down the road. Looking to freshen up your home paint? read this book to get dozens of great home painting and decorating ideas, easy to implement tips, and inspirations.

The book covers the following areas:

* General Painting Tips

* Outdoor Painting

* Cleanup and Storage

* Wallpaper and Wall Coverings

* Other Wall Coverings

* Wall Repairs and Ceramic Tile

* Hanging Pictures and Mirrors

Here’s just a small sample of the tips included:

Don’t wipe your paintbrush against the lip ofthe paint can. The lip will soon fill up with paint which will run down the side and drip off. Use a coffee can to hold the paint instead.

Wrinkling occurs when too much paint is applied or when the paint is too thick. You can correct wrinkling easily by sanding the surface and brushing on paint of a lighter consistency.

If you want to be able to use a previous coat of exterior paint as a base for a new coat, the old paint should be no more than 5 years old. If you wait longer than that you’ll have a major job of scraping, sanding, and spackling.

Artificial light darkens color, so your paint will look lighter in the daylight. Ifin doubt when at the paint store, take the container outside to examine the color.

All paint dries to a lighter shade than the one you see when it’s first applied to the surface you’re painting.

Color can saturate your eyes. When mixing paint, look away at a white surface for several minutes to allow your eyes to adjust so that you can judge the color accurately.

To get the correct “feel” for spray painting and to determine the correct spray distance from the object to be painted, first experiment with a sheet of cardboard as the target area.

Make a paint holder from a coat hanger to keep your hands free when painting. Open the hanger and bend it in half; then bend it into an “S” to hook over the ladder and hold your paint can.

To avoid painting a window shut, gently slide the sash up and down as the paint hardens but before it forms a seal.

If you are working on a ladder in front of a closed door, lock the door so that no one can inadvertently swing the door open and send you sprawling.

Record how much paint is required to cover each room by writing the amount on the back of a light-switch plate. When you remove the switch plate before repainting, you’ll be reminded of how much fresh paint you need.

Do tiny spots need a paint touch-up? If you use cotton swabs instead of a brush, you won’t waste paint and you won’t have to clean a brush.

When positioning a ladder against a house or tree, it is safest to position it so that the distance from the base of the ladder to the house or tree is one quarter of the ladder’s extended length.

Otherwise the ladder may fall forward or tip backward.

Spring is the ideal time to paint the exterior of a house. Do it as soon as the weather turns warm enough, but before the tempera ture gets too hot. In very hot weather paint dries too quickly and leaves marks where strokes were overlapped.

When painting the outside of your house, fold newspapers over the tops of doors and then close them. You won’t paint the doors shut.

Don’t use a flame to soften alligatored paint. The flame can shoot into a crack and ignite the sheathing.

Paint will not bond on a surface wet from morning dewar on a prime coat not thoroughly dry. And without proper bonding, paint will peel.

Be sure to wait for dew to dry before painting.

If using an oil-based paint on an area that has suffered mildew, add a mildew inhibitor to the paint. (This isn’t necessary with water-based paints, which don’t contain the oil that fungus feeds on.)

Positivity: The Secret To Happiness – Learn How To Attract More Money, Better Relationships & Less Stress (The Road To Happiness)

by Matt Morris

Do You Want To Learn The Secret To Positivity?

Do You Want To Attract More Money & Better Relationships?

Many people do not know that happiness is a choice. They also don’t know that positivity and optimism are some of the easiest ways to find happiness. There is so much power behind positive thinking.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

– The Secret To Being Happier & Less Stressed

– Tips For Building Your Confidence

– New Perspectives For Challenging Situations

– How To End Negativity

– Strategies To Be Happy For The Rest Of Your Life

– How To Attract More of What You Want Into Your Life

Read on your Kindle , Laptop, PC, Mac, iPhone, Smart Phone, or Tablet

Download Your Copy Today And Give Yourself A Fresh Start!

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How To Text Your Ex Back? The Ultimate Guide To Texting Your Ex Back.

by Mike Fittest

How To Text Your Ex Back? The Ultimate Guide To Texting Your Ex Back.

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Do you sometimes miss your ex? And secretly hope to get him or her back into your life?

Well, then you sure came to the right place…

You’re about to discover a proven strategy on How To Text Your Ex Back. Millions of people around the world are really desperate to getting their ex’s back, but are never really able to workout how to get in touch with their ex’s again, let alone getting back together with them.

The truth is if you aren’t able to get your ex back, it’s because you are lacking an effective strategy. This book goes into a step-by-step proven strategy that will help you get your ex back, the easy way, through texting. So stop the embarrassing stalking today (I know, I have been their), and learn to text your ex back.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Why to text your ex back and not to meet her in real life, yet.
  • Identify what you really want from your ex… (Important)
  • How to send a great a first text, and start up a conversation.
  • How to get your ex back, through simple text messages.
  • A lot of things to avoid
  • Much, much more!

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Basic Knitting: All the Skills and Tools You Need to Get Started (How To Basics)

  • Fully illustrated descriptions introduce knitting needles, yarn, and accessories
  • Detailed, step-by-step sequences illustrate basic stitches and skills
  • In-depth skill workshops teach techniques needed to complete 10 attractive projects

    Knitting is presently enjoying a renaissance. Around the world, people young and old are discovering–or rediscovering–the joy of working with needles and yarn. Basic Knitting serves as a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental skills you will need to master in order to become a knitter. The focus of the first half of the book is on detailed, step-by-step text and photo sequences that will teach you how to execute the basic stitches and techniques of knitting. The second half of the book teaches you how to apply these basic skills when completing actual projects.

    How to Organize Your Home in 30 Days: Cleaning and Organizing Your House into a Home

    by Sheila Stanford

    Find Out The Most Effective Methods Your Household Should Utilize to Cope With Home Clutter! Learn to organize your home and acquire practical household habits in 30 days! Your family will surely find its endless benefits!

    Today only, get this Kindle book for just $0.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

    Having organization skills is not something that develops overnight. It will take a lot of practice, patience, consistency, and discipline to become an organized person. There are a lot of people who wants to learn how to get organized to simplify their life. After all, an organized person gives off that aura of being calm, collected, and most of all, neat.

    ” Your home should be your sanctuary, your buffer against the world. It is torture if you’re living in chaos.” ~ Regina Leeds

    Clutter, oftentimes, puts a drain on our external and internal resources. In psychology, a person who is unable to learn how to get organized is seen as having a chaotic life. A family with a messy home or space can be an indicative of underlying psychological issues. You wouldn’t want other people to have that impression on you, right? So, in order to get your organizational ideas going, take a moment to start with having a clean home.

    Organizing your home is one way to practice your organization skills. You can make this as a project with your family in order to encourage everyone to be more organized. But of course, some people find it difficult to clean a home. How to organize your house starts with home cleaning techniques that will make organizing home easier.

    You learn the following in this book:

    • Cleaning and Organizing the Whole House
    • Cleaning and Organizing the Master’s Bedroom
    • Cleaning and Organizing Your Child’s Room
    • Cleaning and Organizing Your Bathroom
    • Cleaning and Organizing Your Kitchen
    • Cleaning and Organizing Your Dining Room
    • Cleaning and Organizing the Living Room
    • Cleaning and Organizing the Attic
    • Cleaning and Organizing the Basement
    • Cleaning and Organizing the Garage

    With this book, you will acquire fresh, new ideas on how to organize your home using effective home cleaning tips and reliable organizational techniques. Most home cleaning books offer using expensive home cleaning solutions and devices. With this book, you will learn economical organizing tips that are manageable and practical. Utilizing these house cleaning tips, you will learn how to declutter your home fast without spending on pricey home cleaning services or hiring a professional organizer to achieve this. This book will encourage the entire family to develop organization skills so that everything in your house are placed in order, not in a cluttered, very untidy manner. Plus, this manual will help your family to streamline everyone’s household habits.

    Being an organized person reflects a clean home. Organized and clean home invites positivity and good vibrations. People will feel at ease and comfortable when you keep everything in control and well-organized. This book will surely help you make your house into a home with your organization skills.

    With a strong desire and commitment, you will surely establish an unshakeable foundation for a well-organized, effective and healthy life.


    Take action today! Organized your home now as quickly and as effectively within 30 Days! Grab a copy of this book for a limited time discount of $0.99!

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    The Introvert Guide – How To Succeed As An Introvert In All Social Situations NOW (Introvert power, Introvert love)

    by John Murray

    “The Introvert Advantage Guide”: If you’re an Introvert, this is The Proven Way to Better Your Life NOW

    Today only, get this Kindle book for just $0.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

    Tired of feeling you don’t belong? Of feeling you have what to say but can’t seem to find the platform to share it? Feeling that you are lost as an Introvert in an Extrovert ruled world? IF YOU GET “THE INTROVERT ADVANTAGE GUIDE” THAT IS ALL ABOUT TO END!

    This book contains proven steps and strategies not only on how to succeed in all social situations as an introvert but also on how to take advantage of being an introvert instead of letting it pull you back in life.


    All you need to do is to learn how to use it to your advantage.

    Apply this eBook as your personal study guide in achieving a fulfilled and successful life.

    If you are an introvert, it’s no big deal! Just learn the art of living your life to the fullest. With this guide you will learn how to Embrace your life, and I guarantee you’ll love it!

    When buying this book you will learn how to overcome and succeed as an introvert in the workplace, with attracting new friends, with developing leadership skills using the advantages of introversion and even with getting a fulfilling love life.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • Understanding Introversion
    • The Signs Of An Introverted Person
    • How To Gain Friends
    • Getting An Amazing Love life
    • Succeeding As An Introvert In The Business Arena
    • Becoming A Leader
    • Much, much more!

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    Weight Loss Made Quick and Easy with the Dukan Diet. A Healthy Eating Plan to Lose Weight Naturally. (Successful Weight Loss: Losing Weight in a Healthy Way, Losing Weight with the Dukan Diet)

    by James Adler

    Weight Loss For Lifetime Success! Do You Want To Lose Weight in a Healthy Way? Are You Tired of Fad Diets and Are Looking for a Healthy Method To Shed Off Unwanted Pounds? The Dukan Diet Can Help You Achieve Long-Term Weight Loss Success the Way You Deserve!

    You are about to discover the simple rules of the Dukan Diet to improve your health, to increase your energy levels and to lose weight in a healthy way. Many people get skeptical when they hear the word â??diet’ as they assume that going on a diet will be a very painful sacrifice but it doesn’t have to be a sacrifice at all!

    This book will change your mindset about dieting and will give you all the motivation and information you need to get started on the Dukan Diet.

    The Dukan Diet is not one of those fancy fad diets or celebrity diets but it is a method that has been developed by a French doctor and nutritionist Pierre Dukan. Its effectiveness has been proven scientifically and it has been known for years. It has helped thousands of people all over the world and it can also help you. All you need to do is to learn how to change your dietary habits to take care of your body and metabolism to stimulate massive weight loss.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn From â??’Weight Loss Made Quick And Easy With The Dukan Diet”:

    • Introduction To The Dukan Diet
    • Motivation For â??’Going Dukan”
    • Weight Loss Foods
    • Weight Loss Enemies
    • Weight Loss Phases in the Dukan Diet
    • Dukan Menus for Weight Loss
    • How To Carefully Follow The Dukan Diet
    • How To Achieve Long-Term Weight Loss Success

      James Alder says:

      ”I’m not saying that the Dukan Diet is the only diet there is to lose weight and to be healthy, in fact I am also a strong follower and supporter of the Alkaline Diet and the Paleo Diet and I like the oriental approach that Ayurveda or TCM offer as well.

      I always recommend a healthy lifestyle through balanced nutrition and personally I like mixing different nutritional approaches. However, the Dukan Diet worked really well for me and totally met my demands: I lost weight and I transformed my body. For me, this amazing success really changed my life and I began to feel really confident in my new, slim body. Imagine someone who has always been overweight and after more than thirty years finally found a solution- that person was me and the Dukan Diet helped to get the body I had always wanted. The physical change was only the beginning of my success. I then managed to transform other aspects of my life and decided to help other people lose weight too.

      There is no better feeling than bumping into your old friends who don’t even recognize you! They start asking questions like: â??’What did you do to lose so much weight?’ and pay you nice complements like: â??You look really fit’, â??You must be a very determined and strong-willed person’ .

      Make it your very own weight loss experience!

      Try The Dukan Diet: The Only Thing You Have To Lose Is Your Weight And You Can Gain Your Dream Body And Improved Health Fast! Say ‘No’ To Extra Pounds And Go ‘Dukan’!

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    How to Get Rid of Acne: The Ultimate Cure Guide for How to Overcome Your Acne Forever (Acne Cure, Acne Treatment, Acne No More, Acne Diet, How to Get Rid of Pimples, Back Acne)

    by Caesar Lincoln

    Discover What You Need To Know And How To Overcome Your Acne For Life!!

    Today only, get this Kindle book for just $0.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

    You’re about to discover a proven strategy on how to understand and overcome your acne problems for the rest of your life. Millions of people suffer from acne problems and throw away their personal and professional success because of there own skin issues and the self-consciousness that comes with it. Most people realize how much of a problem this is, but are unable to change their situation, simply because it’s been a part of their mindset for so long.

    The truth is, if you are suffering from acne issues and haven’t been able to change, it’s because you are lacking an effective strategy and understanding of where the skin issues are coming from and what steps you need to take. This book goes into where acne originates, what goes on in your pores, health, diet, and fitness techniques, and a step-by-step strategy that will help you free yourself from acne issues and help you take control of your life.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • How Does Acne Form?
    • Causes Of Acne And How It Occurs
    • Health, Fitness, And Exercise Techniques That Work
    • How to Stay Acne Free for Life

    Take action right away to overcome your acne issues by downloading this book, “How to Get Rid of Acne: The Ultimate Cure Guide for How to Overcome Your Acne Forever”, for a limited time discount of only $0.99!

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    Guide To Overcome Depression – How to Overcome Depression and Start Seeing Hope for Your Life Today (Depression And Anxiety, Depression And Christianity)

    by G. Leblanc

    Discover How To Overcome Depression Today

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    at $2.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

    You’re about to discover simple steps and ways on how to overcome depression and start seeing hope for your life today. Depression

    is an overused yet often misunderstood word. Far too often, you hear people say that they are “depressed” when what they are feeling, in fact, is sadness or hopelessness. Both of these emotions are symptoms of depression; they are not equivalent to it. And even with most individuals who are aware of what depression is, the specifics are vague.

    Hence, before going through the methods that will help you overcome depression, it is important to first give you the basics. The information in this book will help you better understand what it is you’re going through, which will make it easier for you to deal with it.

    Researching about depression can also help you help those around youâ??especially your partner, family members, and friendsâ??to understand your condition better. This is crucial because you will need their love, acceptance, understanding, and support while you are trying to overcome depression.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • Understanding Depression
    • Being Aware of the Symptoms and Treatments
    • Being Kind to Yourself
    • Realizing the Need for Other People
    • Other Small Steps You Can Take to Overcome Depression
    • Tips to Avoid Depression Relapse
    • Much, much more!

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    Anxiety Disorders: True Stories of Survival

    by Joslyn Corvis

    Anxiety and hope rarely go together, in words or emotions. People suffering from an anxiety disorder think constantly about the next attack, or future situations which might cause them discomfort. They wonder how they can escape certain situations if the need arose. Exits are monitored, certain activities are avoided, and friends slowly fall to the side.
    An overwhelming sense of “Why?” takes hold. For them worry about the future is their present. The light at the end of the tunnel diminishes, and thoughts of hopelessness seep in.
    Anxiety is defined as a state of unease or apprehension. Sufferers, even short term, know how uncomfortable those feelings can be. This simple definition doesn’t come close to encompassing the spectrum of symptoms.
    Hope is defined as an expectation that will be fulfilled, or to have confidence in, or trust something will work out or be okay.
    This collection of essays not only pairs anxiety and hope together, but proves they are concepts that can work well with one another.
    Each contributor shares their experience with anxiety, how they made their way through the darkness and stigma of mental illness, and found hope lighting the end of the tunnel.

    Minimalist Living: Decluttering for Joy, Health, and Creativity

    by Genevieve Parker Hill

    From Reader’s Choice Award-winning author Genevieve Parker Hill comes a fresh new minimalism guide for everyone. If your garage, attic, closets, and surfaces are filled with clutter, all that extra stuff can get in the way of a full experience of life as it was meant to be lived. Minimalist Living covers not only techniques for decluttering, but how to fill your newfound space with meaningful activities that add joy to your life and support your goals.

    This guide to simplifying for health, joy, and creativity teaches:

    – Why you should define your own sense of minimalism

    – How to create your “Minimalist Mission Statement”

    – How to use the techniques of “blazing” and “gazing” to declutter

    – Why decluttering now can lead to a happier, healthier, and more creative life

    – How to deal with sentimental items without losing their meaning

    – The amazing connection between minimalism and living your soul’s deepest purpose

    And much more…

    14 Day Diet

    by Marissa White

    “You’ll be amazed how much can happen in 14 days!” Over the past year, I’ve been tweaking my BRAND NEW 14 Day Diet that promises the greatest amount of SAFE weight loss your body is capable of in only 14 days. This will bring on a massive drop of 10 lbs or more in only 14 days. With the most intelligent dieting strategy available today, it turns you into a rapid and sustainable fat loss machine. Using the 14 Day Diet you will… 

    • Maintain or increase your energy levels 
    • Get a healthy balanced diet, eating foods you love 
    • Increase lean muscle for faster long term calorie burning 
    • Optimize your calories and exercise safely 
    • Shed 10 lbs of fat off in only 14 days 

    Change your life with this unique diet and exercise plan. Tons of information, tips, and tricks to get you in the best shape of your life. This diet was designed for YOU to succeed. This is the perfect holiday or new years diet. 

    • No magic pills! 
    • No going to the gym! 
    • No dangerous weight loss surgery! 
    • No starving yourself! 
    • No miracle berry! 
    • No exotic diet! 
    • No personal trainers! 

    In today’s world of having a camera on every device, you need to look your best at all times.

    • Look HOT in photos! 
    • Feel confident and sexy at the beach or pool. 

    This is NOT a quick fix diet where you’ll lose a bunch of weight and then gain double the amount back. Be ready to transform your body for the rest of your life. 

    • Sleep better 
    • Maintain or increase energy 
    • Eat more than 3 times per day 

    If you’re serious about becoming healthy for the rest of your life in just 14 days, then this is the system you’ve been searching for. -Every journey begins by taking that first step…so if you never take that first step then you’ll never get a more attractive body.
    Commit to finally having the body you have the right to by adding this book to your cart. You deserve it!

    Make Women Want You Insider Tips on Attracting Women Like a Magnet (Dating Advice, Relationship Advice, Self-Help)

    by Basha Presley

    Make Women Want YOU

    Today only, get this ebook for just $4.99. Regularly priced

    at $7.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

    You’re about to discover how to beat the competition when it comes to getting hot women. You don’t have to look like Ryan Gosling to make women want you. It’s all about knowing how the female mind works and using it to your advantage. Learn how to make just slight changes in your approach to attract women like a magnet.

    Make Women Want You will teach you exactly what to do to attract women. By making minor adjustments to your posture it will make you more powerful in the eyes of women. And slightly changing your rate of speech will make you sexier. Make Women Want You will give you the tools to attract women NOW! Read it and start applying the tips and your dating life will transform for the better.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn in Make Women Want You…

    * How to make women want you by being yourself

    * How to approach a woman when she’s with her friends

    * How to start a conversation, includes examples

    * How to keep a conversation going, includes examples

    * How to make a woman feel special without getting run over

    * How to stay in control of the situation

    * How to use body language to attract women

    * How to have confidence with women and much, much more!

    Download your copy today!

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    How to Make Friends and Meet People: Tips and ideas showing ways to meet new people and making new friends

    by Kathrine Furlow

    No man, or woman is an island. Have you heard that phrase?
    As Human Beings we need friends to share our thoughts and feelings with. If you have no friends who can you share your happy times with, or turn to when maybe you need a sympathetic ear?

    How to Make Friends and Meet People gives you the answers you have been looking for, written in an easy to understand word form. Discover how to create and improve your relationship skills. Overcome your fears of uncertainty and loneliness. Put aside your fears and start establishing lifelong friends. You don’t need to feel lost and alone any longer. Inside my book you’ll learn the secrets of finding lifelong friends with whom you can share all your ups and downs.


    First Step in the Journey
    Converse with Strangers
    Be Approachable
    Improve Your Listening Skills
    Be a Dependable Friend
    The Essence of Trust
    Are You a Fair-Weather Friend?
    How to Fix a Broken Friendship
    Learn to Accept Compliments
    Be a Conversation Enthusiast
    Don’t be a Left-Over
    How to Make Friends at School
    How to Make Friends at the Workplace
    How to Make Friends Online

    Sugar Detox: Overcome Sugar Addiction NOW and Improve Your Health for Life!

    by Kim Dewalt

    Are you addicted to sugar? Are you tired of feeling tired, overweight, and stressed? If so, a sugar detox may be able to help you curb your sugar addiction and take control of your life!

    In this sugar detox guide, you’ll learn:

    • Symptoms of Sugar Addiction 
    • How to Get Started with a Sugar Detox 
    • Acceptable and Unacceptable Foods for a Sugar Detox 
    • Sample 3-Day Sugar Detox Plan 
    • Sugar Detox Recipes 

    …and much more! Plus there’s a FREE BONUS at the beginning of the book!

    Take the first step towards improving your health with a sugar detox by clicking the “buy now” button above!

    Gluten Free Could Help!

    by Anna Davidson

    Why are more and more people Gluten Free? What does it mean? What has happened to our food chain? Yes, gluten is everywhere. For some it is the root of all evils. For others, it is a means to an end for relieving the vast symptoms that plague our bodies.

    This is my story. I have backed it up with medical research that has come out only in the last few years. My family and I have 8 years of experience. Grains have changed but our bodies haven’t. Learn how a gluten free diet can make a difference in your life.

    I have entitled chapter 10 ‘A Simple Menu Plan’ . As there are many recipe books on the market, I have taken a different approach, “Natural Eating is the Best Way to Start”. It is also cheaper.

    This is a document that you can consult with the 300+ symptoms of gluten intolerance. I have 8 years of gluten free living and have followed the research to back it up.

    Follow my personal story of how I was able to overcome difficult health problems by cutting gluten out of my diet. You will have access to a recognized clinical psychologist who has given her experience with a gluten free life in both her personal and professional life. if you’re looking for an answer to better your health, then this is the book in which to find it.

    Learning a little bit of how wheat become toxic will explain why our bodies no longer tolerate the multitudes of genetic changes of the gluten protein within the wheat grain. Imagine Feeling Better. It is a challenge worth taking.

    After reading this book, you will be so motivated to change your nutritional habits. You will be armed with so many new arguments that have never been used before. Let one person say it is a fad, you will respond with at least 5 other arguments to the contrary. The next time a person ask you why you have gone gluten free, you will give him an earful.

    Eliminating gluten from your body might not be able to cure your health problems but it will enable you to loose weight, improve on the overall symptoms and generally make you feel better. Gluten free is a fad diet for those who do not know any better. For those of us who have experienced the benefits, we know otherwise. I personally do not have a “wheat belly” . I am not obese and I never go to the doctors. My boys are healthy and made it through adolescence with clean skin. A GLUTEN FREE DIET can be healthy eating without breaking the bank. We all have the right to feel better.

    Read,learn and doubt no more.

    Please leave a review, letting us know your own experiences.

    Dealing with the Loss of a Pet: A Guide to Healing Pet Grief and Losing Your Best Friend (Grief, Pet Loss)

    by Love Your Life Series

    Dealing with the Loss of a Pet:

    A Guide to Healing Pet Grief and Losing Your Best Friend

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    Herbs That Cure – Sexually Transmitted Infections

    by Prayank

    Time-tested herbal remedies for Sexually transmitted infections (STI), also referred to as sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and venereal diseases (VD). Inexpensive treatment with no side-effects, these methods of herbal remedies are designed for optimum beneficial use and tested innumerable times in actual practice.

    The Ultimate Unification of Diet, Health and Disease

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    Discover the key dietary secrets that will enable you to kick-start your metabolism, live longer, look great and lose weight.

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    Leave No Girl Behind: How to Help Girls Become the Change in Our World

    by Haseena Patel

    Leave No Girl Behind: How to Help Girls Become the Change in Our World is for all girls, women, and men everywhere, with contributors from around the world sharing words of wisdom, hope and courage. It is tailored to help girls and young women recognize their worth and help parents inspire their daughters to live up to their true potential. It is also designed to help men empower the girls in their lives. This book serves as a guide to help women on their path of empowerment and answers the questions: What is empowerment? How can I become empowered? Where do I start?

    It also has a message for every citizen of the world who wants to make a difference, starting with the fact that girls’ empowerment concerns all of us and the future we want to create for ourselves and our loved ones.

    Finally, the reader’s question: “How can I help?” is answered with a simple, but powerful empowerment system which anyone, anywhere, can do right now!

    The Distracted Yogi: How I Reclaimed My BLISS After Brain-Injury & Trauma

    by M. G. Desgagne

    What is Trauma? How do you define Recovery? This amazing true story of heartbreak & loss and ultimately-true healing will give you another perspective with which to ponder & possibly even answer these two compelling questions.

    Michelle Desgagne is The Distracted Yogi. She didn’t start out in life this way but a cycling accident changed all that when the resulting Traumatic Brain Injury created within her a void of personality, character & connection to herself & to everyone else. It was ultimately to become, in her mind, an opportunity, to live an authentic life in congruence with her greater life-purpose.

    Join Michelle on her raw & real journey of Trauma-to-Drama-to-Transformation. Even if you are not Brain Injured you will get something of value out of her story-perhaps first understanding then ultimately learning to love yourself in the process.

    Sex Addiction: The Ultimate Guide for How to Overcome This Destructive Addiction For Life (Recovery, Treatment, 101, Anonymous, Freedom, Women, Men, Therapy, Workbook)

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    The truth is, if you are suffering from limitations because of your own sex addiction and haven’t been able to change, it’s because you are lacking an effective strategy and understanding of where this addiction comes from and why it has developed. This short, concise book goes into where sex addictions originate, complexities of a sex addiction, the impact it can have on a marriage, and a step-by-step strategy that will help you free yourself from your sex addiction and help you take control of your life.

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    Snowflakes (Christmas Crochet)

    by Vicki Becker

    Quick and easy thread ornaments for your Christmas tree or to use as package toppers. The patterns use a size 5 crochet thread and D crochet hook so you can make them in a hurry! There are 8 designs for snowflakes.
    I have included a link to download a paper pattern for blocking as well as detailed instructions for washing and blocking your snowflakes.

    Stress-Free Degree: How to succeed without really trying!

    by Dean Green

    This book has been produced for college students who are facing stress related problems in the way of attaining their degree. This effort has been made to guide them properly to handle this trouble and find their way to great success. This book will help the students to overcome the issue and give their best what they have ever dreamed for. Here we will discuss causes, major aspects, remedies and the tips which can turn the life of a stressed student upside down. It will teach them how to face negativities of life and change them into achievements while staying with the realities of life.

    Stressor identification is really important for stress management, as, to cut the cause is the sustainable solution to the problem. Most of the people know the source of their stress and need actionable solutions, which vary from person to person. The book, “Stress-Free Degree: How to Succeed without Really Trying” has been conceptualized to provide them with a guideline, on how to choose remedies to attain a stress free degree, without making hard, conscious efforts. This will turn the educational life into an enjoyable period of life which will always remain memorable. 

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    Illustrated instructions guide you through yoga poses for revitalizing yoga breaks while cooking or anytime to:
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    Overeating: Steps To Help You Stop Dieting, Binge Eating and Overcome Food Addiction Once and For All

    by Robbie Griffin

    Food is in every aspect of our lives, sometimes it feels like we cannot escape it. If you’re an over-eater, it can feel like you’re constantly being tempted by the savory, the sweet and everything in between. You may have wondered why there are times when you can’t stop thinking about that ice cream sundae or those freshly baked donuts. The author will explain why your body craves certain foods and what foods you can eat that you won’t feel guilty about afterward. Also in this book, you will learn about diets, why they don’t work and what side effects could occur if you diet for too long. The author will also discuss ways to curb your cravings. At the end of this book, the author has included 3 days’ worth of recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, some healthier options to some popular dining establishments (both fast food and sit down), and 30 interesting (and maybe alarming) facts about the food you eat. After you read this book, you should have a better insight on why you over eat and you’ll be able to make steps to change your life. Food doesn’t have to rule over you. Now is the time to take back control!

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