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Autism – A Practical Guide for Parents

by Alan Yau

Autism – A Practical Guide for Parents. 

Theory is great, but as a busy parent of a young child with autism, what you would really like is a practical guide: with ideas, tips and strategies that you can use right away. 

Oh, and you want a book that is concise and easy to understand, right? 

This book is what you’re looking for. 

Think of this book as a collection of sparks. Real sparks ignite fires. The sparks in this book will ignite ideas in your head about how to teach your child with autism. 

Here’s an overview of what you will learn in this book: 

  • How children with autism are wired differently, and how that affects the way they learn.
  • Why Intensive Play is so important to everything else.
  • Why it’s so hard to get your child’s attention, and what you can do about it.
  • How visual tools can help your child, and how you can use them easily.
  • Why focusing on well-being is so important, and some simple steps you can take to ensure you do.
  • What general strategies will help you teach your child.
  • Why behavior difficulties happen, and some ways you can help.
  • Why today’s technology is making it easier for children with autism to communicate, learn and much more besides.

This book will give you ideas and strategies that you can use immediately with your child. Many of the strategies are made clearer by the inclusion of examples from the author’s own experience. You will see echoes of your own child in some of the examples, and they are sure to provide lots of light bulb moments for you.

Children’s book: The Pompon Socks

by Naomi Margolin

Give a child a gift of emotional intelligence and thinking!

What do your socks think about YOU?

Where are Jackie’s favorite socks?

They are HIDING!

They are sick and tired of getting wet and dirty every day. Jackie will have to learn to pay attention to the needs of those around him.

Through this real life story given from a new and fresh viewpoint, your child will learn emotional intelligence, life skills and good habits.

This story is the perfect combination of education, mystery, and problem solution.

You and your children will have fun together, following the Pompon Socks through their adventures in this excellent story.

Read it and time: for bed time, afternoon together time, or in the classroom – if you are a teacher!


by Tarsha Johnson

How to improve your relationship, using 10 tips to better communicate. If you’re a newlywed, engaged, married, or dating this book can help. Use these simple tips and see immediate improvement in how you communicate in your relationship. A 27 year relationship has proven these tried and true communication skills actually work. Apply the principles and see a better relationship develop.

Christmas Book: A Dragon’s Christmas

by Geryn Childress

Dragons can have Christmas during the holidays too. Your children will love ths Christmas story about a family of dragons and their attempt to have a wonderful Christmas as they await for Santa Claus . Christmas is such a special time for children now they can enjoy a Christmas story that’s sure to make their little faces light up…..Merry Christmas!

Home for the Holidays (‘Tis Herself Short Story Collection #12)

by Valerie Allen

A family rediscovers the true meaning of Christmas each year during a meal prepared by volunteers at a homeless shelter. Each family member listens to the holiday music, but creates a different meaning within their own heart for those they love.

Creative Ideas to Make Family Christmas Treasures

by Jessica Thompson

Christmas is a special time of year, a time of year to rejoice in today and to remembering the past. Memories of Christmas past fill the season. But in order to have great memories you have to have great beginnings. This book will help you build great memories through great beginnings. You’ll see ways to make this special both for today and for years to come. There are ideas for family Christmas adventures, as well as ways to make family treasures that will be great fun now, and even greater fun when remembering tomorrow. Enjoy and Happy Holidays.

Children’s Book: Bobby and the case of the missing tooth (Hebrew) (Hebrew Edition)

by Dr. Richard Shine

Bobby is Now in the Hebrew Edition!

Where is Bobby’s baby tooth? Will Bobby recieve the gift?

Bobby will soon have a new tooth. Will he feel pain? When will the new tooth grow in?

In this adorable book, education, mystery, and values are all wrapped up in one.

Parents want to be ready for their child’s first baby tooth falling out. They want to know if it will hurt. How will their child react?

Dental education is the cure to these fears. Meet the “Bobby” series, giving you the whole story backed up by medical and educational advisers.

This is a once in a life time journey you will be taking with your child. Your child will appreciate your understanding compassion and knowledge, as you take him or her, step by step, through the wonders of life, going on right in their little mouth!

And don’t forget!

This is your chance to give your child good hygiene habits, he or she will carry with them their entire life.

This is a precious gift, that can save your child tremendous misery of un necessary painful and expensive dental treatments in the future!

Make the most of it, and don’t forget your gift at the end of your book:

“Bobby” coloring book pages!

Print, color, and have fun! The Kids LOVE them!

Borderline Personality Disorder: Riveting Stories, Suggested Strategies from 5 Women Diagnosed with BPD

by Julia White

Do you or someone you care about have the mental affliction known as Borderline Personality Disorder? Do you have questions that only someone who actually suffers from BPD can really answer?

This combined anthology of authors gives you a fascinating fly-on-the-wall look at FIVE real life BPD sufferers, narrating their own BPD journeys (although one actually questions her diagnosis, and tells you why in Chapter 3). They describe in sometimes graphic detail such things as the physical and emotional pain that they have inflicted on themselves as well as those closest to them, the bottomless pit of depression that they often fell into (sometimes to the brink of suicide), and even some devastating examples of losing their children due to being seen as unstable or unfit to take care of the children, in other people’s eyes.

With the pain, however, each author also puts forth hope. They each have found ways to cope, and in a couple of cases, even heal their constant emotional torment, and they share those strategies with the reader.

Though they live different lives, you will notice various similarities in their stories, bound by the threads of common BPD symptoms. If you are a BPD sufferer, or think you might be, you will at the very least discover that you are not alone.

Some of the questions that our BPD authors will answer for you (among many others) are:

– What is Borderline Personality Disorder?

– What happens to you when you have it?

– Is it possible to be misdiagnosed as having BPD, when you really don’t? (see Chapter 3)

– What’s it like trying to maintain relationships (family, romantic, friendships) when you have BPD?

– Is BPD curable and how long does it last?

– Can BPD sufferers actually become a danger to themselves and others?

– Is there a “cause” that brings about BPD in people?

– Were there differences between the BPD authors and other children when they were growing up?

– What strategies and treatments work best when trying to cure/control BPD (see especially Chapter 5 – Julia’s story)

People with Borderline Personality are basically like everyone else when their emotions are in check. It’s when their emotions erupt that all hell can break loose and/or poor decisions are made. Find out what happens to our five authors and what (if anything) they each have done to help themselves get out of their own personal hell.

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