Free poetry Kindle books for 22 Dec 13

Stone Poetry

by Riiva Williams

Stone Poetry is a collection of Poems that I have created and performed over the years


by Jesse Abundis

Maladjusted digs deep into the moments of a broken heart, an angry soul, when love comes into life, the lies, a soul fighting to make it through this life, a soul that thinks the darkest thoughts when alone.

Humour (An Anthology of Poetry)

by Tom Benson

A collection of 30 humorous poems. They can be viewed as an introduction for anyone who believes poetry is ‘stuffy’ and not for general consumption – or as a light-hearted read by those who already enjoy poetry.

The Day I learned to say I Love you

by Tudor Dusmanu

“The Day I learned to say I Love you” shines brightly with poems of love and sorrow. Poems delight the soul and manage to free the heart from stress and bitterness. The book is an adventure of rhymes and a subtle reminder of inner beauty. We are all poets when love appears, in all her glory and brings about the joy of life.
“I love you” means the beginning of true companionship and of shared freedom. With three simple words two become one, a revelation of peace worth nurturing day after day. I promise you to read a beating heart and a warm embrace of love, at least how I felt it, with all it’s beautiful moments but also with its decaying rapture.

Lets Go There 2

by Johnny Goldsmith

‘After The Farewell’ Poems
Life, love, travel, situations and opinions.
Canadian and American Topics.
Become involved, informed and stay interested!

Once Or Twice

by Johnny Goldsmith

Once Or Twice Contemporary Poems

Life, love, travel, situations and opinions.

Canadian and American Topics.

Become involved, informed and stay interested!

This Is Me Now

by Lindsay Brant-Brumwell

Revealing her first ever published poetry book, Lindsay Brant-Brumwell publicizes personal collaborated life events by placing truth and honesty in the hands of her readers. Discussing her upbringing within the Mohawk culture and vivid memories of the affects of alcohol abuse, Lindsay opens up the well-hidden doors of her past – emotionally displaying strength and integrity throughout each poem. Every line expresses another thought that led to the independent, mentoring woman she is today. Lindsay’s humility and vulnerability helps readers unveil their own past times and, as a result, sparks an awareness for improvement and change in one’s everyday life. By dissecting her own heartaches and discussing her courage to overcome pain, Lindsay hopes to ignite a lost flame in her readers so they, too, can proudly say, “This is Me Now.”

~ Description written by Corey Demaline

Rainy Days and Flowers

by Wendy Miller

Rainy Days and Flowers is a volume of poetry about love lost and found, and life in general. Whether you’re looking for something to make you feel romantic, sensual, loved, lonely, or happy, you’ll find at least one poem that will fit that mood.

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