Free romance Kindle books for 22 Dec 13

Loving Protector

by Sally Quilford

En route to London for the Season, Calista Haywood and her family are saved from a highwayman by the dashing Brook Windebank. Later, when he valiantly steps in to prevent an unpleasant earl from claiming Calista as his wife, she fears that Brook is only being chivalrous and will never love her as she loves him. When there is a threat to Brook’s life, she is forced to pit her wits against his mercurial father, The Duke of Midchester.

A Kiss for Midwinter (The Brothers Sinister, Book 1.5)

by Courtney Milan

Miss Lydia Charingford is always cheerful, and never more so than at Christmas time. But no matter how hard she smiles, she can’t forget the youthful mistake that could have ruined her reputation. Even though the worst of her indiscretion was kept secret, one other person knows the truth of those dark days: the sarcastic Doctor Jonas Grantham. She wants nothing to do with him…or the butterflies that take flight in her stomach every time he looks her way.

Jonas Grantham has a secret, too: He’s been in love with Lydia for more than a year. This winter, he’s determined to conquer her dislike and win her for his own. And he has a plan to do it.
If only his plans didn’t so often go awry…
The books in the Brothers Sinister series:
½. The Governess Affair (prequel novella)
1. The Duchess War
1½. A Kiss for Midwinter (a companion novella to The Duchess War)
2. The Heiress Effect

Coming soon:
3. The Countess Conspiracy
4. The Mistress Rebellion

Imitation of Love (Sally Quilford Pocket Novels)

by Sally Quilford

When Catherine Willoughby’s brother is killed, leaving Catherine and her younger sister, Alyssa, penniless and without a home, she wonders how they will survive.

Jimmy had been working with the dashing ‘Captain’ helping French aristocrats escape the guillotine, but it is the shallow dandy Xander Oakley who steps in to help the girls. As Catherine spends more time with him, she realises there is more to Oakley than meets the eye. But will he still want to help Catherine and Alyssa when he finds out the truth about a letter he received from Jimmy Willoughby?

As Catherine begins to fall for Oakley, everything is at stake and she finds herself pitched headlong into danger.

Mr Right for the Night (Irish Romantic Comedy)

by Marisa Mackle

‘Anna is looking for Mr Right. For just one night. Her dreaded high school reunion is looming and she’s determined to have the perfect partner to show off. She has three months to find this charming, intelligent, handsome man and is convinced he is just around the corner. But which corner?’

Daily Mirror ‘Marisa is Ireland’s queen of romance!’
Daily Record ‘Highly entertaining!’

Mr Right for the Night reached no.1 in the Irish book charts, no. 2 on Amazon Kindle UK and no. 1 on Amazon USA Kindle humor. The author has sold over one million books and is translated into a dozen languages.

Ronda and Richard: The Novel – A young woman’s pursuit of happiness

by J.Z. Pinder


Ronda is a fascinating and lovely woman in her mid twenties, working as a diner waitress in the tiny town of Deer Creek in central Pennsylvania. She is swept off her feet by Richard, the tall, handsome, and wealthy Philadelphian. Their love has an immediacy rarely experienced, the bewitching emotion of love at first sight. You, the reader will be led on a fascinating trip into a world of love, sex and wealth. This entertaining historical romance is set in the 1970’s.

Richard was intoxicated by the strong scent of perfume, and the overall blondness of the lovely young woman. For a second they made eye contact, and she wondered if something magical was happening to her. A sense of warmth and comfort came over her, unlike anything she had ever experienced.


He wants to hold her close to him, to possess her. It isn’t all about sex. That is a part of it, but mostly it is just about having her near him. Somehow he senses that fate has brought them to each other. During their first dinner date, he professes his love for her.

“I have to see you next week,” Richard said.
“Let’s enjoy the evening. I remember my mother saying tomorrow will always take care of itself.”
“You don’t understand,” he said.
“Tell me.”
“You’re not like anyone I’ve ever met in my life.” He paused while searching for the next words, never taking his eyes off her. “I don’t just like you, I truly love you, Ronda. That’s what you must understand.”
For a seemingly long period of time, there was complete silence between them.
“How can you know? It’s been such a short time since you met me. You can’t be sure of something like that so soon.”
“I just know. I was taken by you within mnutes after I met you. I tossed and turned until four in the morning last night, thinking of you. You are always in my thoughts during my business meetings. Your precious face is always in front of me. I’ve never felt anything before like my feelings for you.”


Her best friend, Gail Perkins, wonders if Ronda isn’t rushing too quickly into this blazing, sudden romance. Within a few weeks, Ronda moves to Philadelphia into Richard’s magnificent penthouse condominium. Meanwhile, Richard is kept busy with the purchase of a company which will quadruple the size of Perillo Foods, his family food processing business.


Pamela Von Hildebrand, Richard’s one-time fiance, whom he left, is still trying to win him back. One morning she makes a surprise visit to his office:
Pamela kicked off both of her heels, revealing her bare feet. She wiggled her toes. She knew Richard had a liking for a woman’s bare feet. Hiking her skirt a good foot above her knees, she turned toward him and brazenly attempted to seduce him.


Readers of this new novel will find Ronda colorful, lovable and enchanting. As the novel progresses, she meets a beautiful older woman, Kay Turner, who will play an important role in her future. Will the lovely Ronda, from a small town in Pennsylvania, find lasting happiness with Richard, the dynamic and demanding young heir to a fast-growing business empire?

J.Z. Pinder has written a full length romance novel, featuring an interesting and memorable couple. The captivating love story of Ronda and Richard will keep you constantly in suspense wondering what will happen on the pages ahead.

Shamelessly Taken: A Den of Sin Vignette

by Mel Blue

When the Beaudelaire Hotel turns into a Den of Sin for the New Year’s weekend, any and every fantasy can become a reality…
Layla Gunn booked a single night in the infamous hotel for a chance to remember what it’s like to be wanted and wanton. The last thing she expects is to come face to face with an old friend from college. Can she still live out her fantasy?
Christopher Trevino is ready to move past his grief, but he can’t seem to find comfort in just anyone’s arms. So when he walks into the hotel room and sees his former classmate, he can’t help but feel this meeting was destined.
One night turns into the next morning. Can they walk away or will they find more than a night filled with passion?***
Other Den of Sin titles:Out Now: Shamelessly Taken A Den of Sin Vignette by Mel BlueOut Now: Two Strikes: A Den of Sin Vignette by Holley TrentOut Now: Ménage à Troys: Book 2 by Holley TrentRelease Dec. 20th: Wicked Surrender: Book 3 by Ambrielle KirkRelease Dec. 27th: Redeeming The Amazon: Book 4 by LV Lewis

Fat Chances

by J.S. Wilsoncroft

Annie Powers is eighteen and overweight. When her twin sister, Molly talks her into going to a Zumba class, all Annie expected was a lot of sweat and sore muscles. But when she laid eyes on the very handsome and muscular Zumba instructor, Cory Shields, not only did he leave her gasping for breath from the exercises, but also from their kiss.

Dazed and confused, Annie struggles to understand why someone like Cory would be attracted to her. At the same time, Cory tries to make her understand that she is just as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside.

Annie knows she needs to learn to love herself before she can let Cory into her life. But can she?

“Fat Chances” will warm your heart and reminds us all that it’s what’s in the heart, not in the body, that counts.

A Christmas Date

by L.C. Zingera

A Christmas Date

A short, sensual and sweet contemporary Christmas love story of approximately 9,200 words

When tall aloof business executive Lucas Hart and small voluptuous florist Angelina Makepeace are thrown together on a surprise blind date by their crazy matchmaking friends, they are both equally horrified. They have absolutely nothing in common.
But when wintry weather and circumstances beyond their control repeatedly place them in each other’s path during the holiday season, they begin to realize that their friends might not be quite so crazy after all.

The Hammer of Thor (A Phoenix Quest Adventure #1)

by K.T. Tomb

In the first novel of a new treasure-hunting series, Phoe, an amateur archaeologist and collectibles shop owner, is hired by her wealthy client to seek and retrieve the legendary Hammer of Thor. She doesn’t know if the artifact even exists, but, like her movie idol, Indiana Jones, she can’t resist going on the quest for this compelling artifact.

Unfortunately, she needs to drag the client’s inept son, Jonathan, on the adventure. Also joined by her childhood nemesis, Peter, the quest for the Hammer of Thor takes them to several countries and deep into underground danger, danger that will force her to rely on everything she knows about ancient history and Norse mythology, in order to follow the clues. However, there’s a group of modern villains who would also love to get their hands on the hammer. And they are hot on her tail.

It’s an exciting race into Phoe’s most challenging treasure quest, complete with hand-to-hand combat with the bad guys and feats of insane bravery.

And this is just the beginning…

Night Angels (Beast & Beauty)

by Jessie M

~ Werewolf Erotic Romance ~

Kyle, the twin without…

Until a chance meeting in a wood sets off a chain of events that throw him out of his comfort zone.

The easy rhythm of his titled life is lost forever as he discovers a new world and a very new him.

An animal version. It shocks and arouses him in equal measure.

And her… the one who did this to him… he is drawn inexplicably…

He will be tested and pushed to his limits and beyond…

Beware! Passionate werewolves and strong biker language… Adult material 18+

I Need You (Learning to Let Go)

by Hazel St James

“I Need You” is the continuation of Sara’s story from my first book, “Just One Night,” and also from “Let Me Fly.”
Sara Lonneman is home in Wisconsin and finds herself falling for Darrin, the protective, strong, ex-military man that has been her salvation for the last desolate year of her life. Sara and Darrin have a pseudo relationship at best that leaves her realizing that Darrin might have more demons inside him then she can handle.
Chris Lake, the dominant, head-strong, underground boxer, has come to find her in Wisconsin, after they only spent one night together in college, exploring a Dominant/submissive relationship. He has changed a lot in the last year or so, making Sara question her sanity for participating in their passionate night in Colorado.
Sara finds herself torn between the two men. Ultimately, she has to choose between what is right for her, and what is right for her heart.

Warrior of the Ages (Warriors of the Ages)

by S. R. Karfelt

In a small town in Ohio an ancient immortal warrior is the local police chief. It’s Kahtar’s duty to make sure that anyone who wanders into Willowyth doesn’t stay long, and the entire police force is in on it. No one would ever guess that a veiled world hides nearby, and it is Kahtar’s job to make sure they never do.

Beth White is drawn to the idyllic little village, thrilled to find a place to call home and run her business. She barely pays attention to the lies of the quirky locals, and when they try to force her out of town, she stubbornly refuses to go.

On the night crazed intruders break into her shop everything changes. Suddenly Beth is thrown into a world of clans and cults, where the police carry swords and heal gunshot wounds with a prayer, and she wants nothing more than to escape.

Kahtar’s inability to keep Beth from the secrets of his people is neither his first failure, nor his worst. Though he regrets it, it is just another in millennia of failure. Not long after taking Beth White away from everything she has ever known, Kahtar realizes it is more than the secrets of his clan that are in danger. Beth has a secret of her own and it just might trump his. 

Burning Eden

by Kelly Fisher

Eden has a normal life. She is married with two children and a dog, just the average American family. Her world gets turned upside when a disease turns people into raging maniacs. As her family struggles to survive the diseased world secrets and lies Eden has been keeping from them come to light. Will her family be able to be put back together or will they fall apart like the devastated world around them?

Daring To Trust (Indigo Girls)

by Trisha Wilson

Julia Turner, a second grade teacher, hasn’t seen or heard from her husband in four years. When he suddenly shows up, how can she trust him not to leave again?

Mark has always been at the back of Julia’s mind and the center of her heart, no matter how hard she tried to forget him. After seeing him again, she has to decide whether to give him another chance as her heart wants her to do…or let him go once and for all.

Mark Turner, an undercover cop, would always regret leaving Julia the way he had. After a near-death experience, he realized life wasn’t worth living without her in it. He just hoped he wasn’t too late. Would he be able to get her to open herself up to him again? He had to try to win his wife back. Would she ever dare trust him again? Or will an enemy from Mark’s work separate them for good?

(This is Book 1 of the series: Indigo Girls. Will Julia, Ellen, Jae and Abby find love? Join them as they face obstacles and frustrations, laughter and celebrations. Will their bond grow stronger…or will a secret from the past destroy the friendships they hold dear?)


by Rhea Harmsen

A strange menagerie in an unlikely setting. Jack Wolinski, a young white architect with a crazy scheme and some maxed-out credit cards. Fiona Reed, a young woman with the brass of a CEO and the innocence of a nun. Otis Reed, a Denzel-like construction foreman with a penchant for poetry. And Towana Jackson, a desperate single mother with too many pounds and too many kids.

Their lives intersect at the juncture of Drexel Boulevard and 47th Street. It’s a wild bid to turn a corner of the ghetto into paradise. Starting with boarded up, urine-smelling, condemned properties. Aiming for yuppie south side “revitalization,” and urban gardens. A mad venture that sucks them into a vortex of hard work, laughter, and near-bankruptcy. Hoping to find dignity, love and healing. But what the heart longs for and the eyes crave, you must not touch.

It’s the truth about race in America. Complicated and perilous. You can lose your heart, yeah, you can lose your soul, amen, you could even lose your life. It’s the most challenging issue sabotaging the American dream. It can only be conquered by “The Most Great Law.”


Fiona walked into the dark office and put her keys back in her purse. She was about to switch on the lights when a voice out of the darkness said, “Hello.”

She nearly jumped out of her skin. “Jesus!”

A lamp switched on and it illumined the figure of Jack reclining on the little black leather couch near the front window.

“Jack! You scared me to death!” she scolded, even as she took in the fact that he had on a suit and a loosened tie, a combination that made him long, lanky and devastating.

“I’m so sorry. I thought I’d warn you I was here.”

“What are you doing here in the dark?”

“Meditating,” he said. Then he recapitulated and told the truth. “No, I came in to work on the architectural designs and I never got started.” He smiled. “What are you doing here, isn’t it kind of late?” He looked at his watch.

She felt self-conscious. Sure, this was his office, and she was his office administrator, but the fact that it was eleven at night, and that they were alone in it somehow changed its flavor. “Thought I’d work a little. Couldn’t go to sleep yet.”

“Something on your mind?” he asked.

The same thing that was always on her mind, whether sleeping or waking, and that made it hard to sleep sometimes. She looked at his clothes. Where did he go off to every time he dressed like that? She felt tortured by a strange mixture of anger and anxiety. To be more accurate, of fury and despair.

“Where did you go? You’re all dressed up,” she asked.

“I went to feast.”

A feast sounded worse than a date. Why pour salt on the wound? “What is a feast?” she asked.

He sat up straight. “A feast is a community gathering, sort of a devotional meeting.”

She should have known it was something wholesome like that. Jack was a damn eunuch. Couldn’t see a woman if she were dangled in front of him. Exceptâ?¦maybe there was someone at these “devotional meetings.” Some skinny ass white girl with lanky blond hair and a valley girl voice. Again the fury mixed with despair, like ink coloring water. She was going crazy.

“Do youâ?¦do you have a girlfriend there?” Now she had done it. Now she couldn’t retreat anymore. She leaned her body up against the door jamb leading to Jack’s office. They had been talking like that, from a distance. Him in one corner of the room, her in another.

Jack got up from the couch now, and moved to where she was. He leaned on the other doorjamb and said, “No.”

That was all he said. But his eyes were trying to say something more. Or maybe it was that she wanted them to. She wouldn’t look away, she could only wait. Not breathe and wait.

Despite his outward calm, a million thoughts whizzed through Jack’s mind. Inside him there was a war, between his ethics and his desires, his upright character and his obsession. He was aching to taste those carmine lips so close to his; kiss those eyes, luminous and misty, that bore into him w

Eve ver. 2.0

by Doyle MacBrayne

What would Eve do if given a second chance? Would she share all knowledge this time? Sara Waters finds herself in that very position after working on a way to encrypt data she finds herself writing the perfect program for hacking in anywhere, anytime, completely undetected. Can she use it for good or should she destroy it?

To Love a Man

by Rontora Nolan

Desiree Holloway prided herself on being a single mother. After her high school sweetheart left her with nothing more than the clothes she slept in and divorce papers she vowed to protect her and her son’s heart at all cost. So when she comes across sexy super star Ramón Norris she figured there was no harm in flirting. But when a secret crush turns into an amazing love affair is she ready to go the distance? Or will fear and hurt poison her against the love of her life.

Ramón Norris was at the top of his game. Being one of the highest paid and ranked basketball players to date he had it all. Except a wife for him and mother for his growing daughter. Finally tired with the random women in his life he sets out to find the “One”. Little did he know she would be a smart mouthed intriguing woman who no matter how hard he tried he can’t get her off his mind. With love knocking at his door will he answer or revert back to what he knows.

Follow Desiree and Ramón as they take you back to where it all started. The first meeting, first kiss, and read as they navigate through all the bull to get to the heart of the matter.

VALERIE’S CHOICE The Sheridan Series Two


When Valerie Smart and Mason Baker rekindle their friendship during a class reunion in Sheridan, Montana. They enjoy the weekend sharing a romantic interlude frolicking in the weeds on Masonâ??s soon to be home site. Leaving Valerie to wonder if Paul, her fiancé in Los Angeles is the right choice.

Despite her feelings for Mason, Valerie returns to Los Angeles and marry’s Paul even though her heart tells her she’s in love with another man.

Sex, Life, & Hannah: Volume 1, Winter Season

by Dorota Skrzypek

Writer’s Digest calls this book, “An honest, sensitive, and intelligent investigation of the human heart.”
If you enjoy Sophie Kinsella books and Red Dress Ink books, you’ll want to put this one on the shelf next to them. The Sex, Life, & Hannah chick lit series is available as a Kindle book and for a limited time at a special discount price of only $2.99. 
Hannah suffers a devastating blow when her long standing boyfriend breaks up with her, but will playing a game of musical beds get her any closer to getting married?  
I need us to make it. I’m twenty-eight and I don’t want to be single.
Big slut-hair, ferocious red lips, and thigh-highs–Hannah is set for her steamiest New Year’s Eve seduction ever in the inaugural volume of the Sex, Life, and Hannah chick lit series. But instead, her boyfriend of five and a half years breaks up with her.
“Hannah…I’m never going to marry you.”
Forced back into the revolving door of the Los Angeles romance scene, Hannah finds herself agonizing over The Ex, trying to comfort herself in the hot young neighbor’s bed, and falling in love with…a famous Hollywood writer? 
“He’s probably not the marrying type.”
This funny romance book is a sexy shotgun blast of cocktails, cockteases, and revelations. Surrounded by her slightly insane friends, Hannah treads the infamous waters of heartbreak.
From the pros and cons of rebound sex, to navigating manic Ex-induced mood swings, and exploring whether a leather harness and latex can really help you move on, will Hannah ever find The One? Strap in and hang on, this ride is going to hurt.
Get your copy today before the sales price goes up!

She Likes It Rough

by GVR Corcillo

Can daring adventures with an outdoor extremist give a daydreaming pushover the courage she needs in order to make her life count for something?

After that humiliating freak fast-food accident, discombobulated scaredy-cat Lisa Flyte finally gets fed up with letting life walk all over her. Time to get a backbone and really start living life! But how is a shrinking violet like Lisa supposed to get tough all of a sudden after a lifetime of watching from the couch?

Jack Hawkins, that’s how. When Lisa finds out that the adrenaline junkie from her MBA classes needs a clueless urbanite to test his top-secret line of beginner adventure gear, she gets the most daring idea of her life: she will be his undercover test dummy if he helps her to become brave on their adventures in the wild.

They strike a deal. But can Lisa use her outdoor moxie in the real world? Will she be bold enough to pursue a career she really wants or stand up to her bullying family?

And will she get gutsy enough to go after Jack? He’s a man who’s not afraid of anything…except maybe of falling for Lisa.

Bewildered By Love

by Jeanne Dellinger

When thirty five year old Abby Richardson’s husband Steve unexpectedly and mysteriously disappears in the Middle East, she is suddenly confronted with one dangerous situation after another. Turning to the two brothers from Brazil who live next door to help protect herself and her two young children, she soon finds herself caught in a triangle of love and jealousy. In “Bewildered by Love,” a fast paced romantic thriller, the answers Abby finds only raise more questions. Who is her husband really? And how will her journey into love and danger end?

Gold Coast Summer

by Kaye Dennan

A romance suspense novel that captures the hearts of the modern women who likes to be in business but also have a fulfilling life outside of the business.

A broken  marriage and now a new beginning is what Cindi is looking for.

Does a new love life get in the way of Cindi fulfilling her life long dreams?

After moving to the Gold Coast from Sydney, Australian Italian born Cindi is relishing her freedom but being so attractive men want to tie her down. Will she fall for all the attention or will she pursue her dreams.

The journey she takes to find her answer follows the path of various tourist spots around Queensland and to Italy.

Legacy Part One Children of the Isle

by C.C. Barnes

â??This trip was more exhilarating than my normal life already and I’d only just arrived.’

Connie didn’t think that there would be any escape from her hum drum life or from the negative events that seemed to be plaguing her familyâ?¦ until that is she took a trip south and experienced a very different reality.

When Connie arrives in Glastonbury she realises that there’s much more to her extended family than meets the eye and encounters Rees, a guy who makes incredible supernatural claims that she finds hard to believe.

Will she rise to these fresh challenges and come to terms with the new path in life that she’s destined to follow?

â??Courage and faith would only carry them so far…’


by Oliver Anderson

ROMANTIC SUSPENSE : DEATH WHISPERED SOFTLY is a thrilling and intriguing suspense filled adventure that deals with a young man’s journey as death’s destiny is at his heels; is he a victim or a hardened criminal? A child dealt a bad hand that forces him into the system and the peril that follows. Escape with him as he deals with the turmoil that follows; desperation, desires, greed and then a whisper of love and romance.

Entombed by the unforgiving streets and the people that controls them, confused lost and vulnerable. A battle raging inside, right, wrong he knows the way but the path is murky and blurred. Steve is introduced to an escape; that would free him from his personal hell and takes him eastward to the streets of New York and the thug that holds the attractive deal to his desires.

Bound and determined to be set free, he seals a deal with the likes of a devil, a notorious crime boss that offers what he needs, but it comes with a price! Deathâ?¦

An innocent life in exchange for the money that he desperately needs to set him free and become powerful and successful. The day had come it was in his reach and then a twist of fate changed his life.


by Amberly Woodruff



When Tamsin Smith falls asleep in calm weather just off the Cornish coast, she hasn’t bargained for the sudden storm that sweeps her out to sea. She is washed up on the shore of a remote island between Cornwall and the Scillies, where she is rescued by gorgeous but enigmatic naturalist Jed Baker. Tamsin finds herself falling for Jed, but she is on the run from a controlling man and Jed has a broken relationship in his past and isn’t in a hurry to get involved again. But the island is a special place, filled with ancient remains and mysterious forces and, bit by bit, Tamsin and Jed are drawn together. Passion flares between them as they yield to the magic around them. But Jed’s fears are deep rooted. Can she win his heart, or will she lose him forever once she leaves the island?


Waiting for you (Part 1)

by Kelli Lawler

Cammy Hudson, young and beautiful, happy and working for the family music store, in love with Hayden Brock, the hot boy from school who set her heart on fire. Cammy accepts Hayden’s promises of forever, and they set out for a journey of love and marriage, “until the ends of the earth”, just as Hayden said. Life takes a turn and Cammy soon finds out that Hayden is not who she thought he was. Enter Liam Griffin, rock star, sexy, older, controlled and wanting Cammy for his. Liam promises her that she will be his in time, and Cammy resists until after a night of losing control, Hayden’s secrets come to light and Cammy finds her self in Liam’s bed, and Hayden in another. Feeling torn between the two men, betrayed by one and worshipped by another, Cammy must decide who she truly loves and wants. Who will be the one that will be waiting for her?

12 Days of Waiting

by Lucy Kix

Rory Masters hasn’t seen her family for more than a year. She’s going home for Christmas over winter break though, and she’s anxious to get there. When a snowstorm grounds her plane, she runs into Roman Yates, who she immediately connects with. After a memorable night at the airport, they agree to go their separate ways, and leave the rest up to fate. When fate intervenes in unexpected ways, Rory tries to endure 12 Days of Waiting.

A STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND – a Christmas story (Short stories – Social Issues)

by Audrey Austin

Little did she know when she tripped over his big, bare feet on her way to work on Christmas Eve morning that she was meeting her future happiness.  A Stranger In a Strange Land is a short story about homelessness, angels, strangers, the Holy Bible, music, love, faith and perseverance.

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