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’59 (’59 The epic science fiction adventure to discover the fate of the 1st mission to the stars.)

by Anthony Sunderland

What happens when the first mission to the stars goes horribly wrong?

January 24th, 2059: We stood on the brink of a new dawn, ready to explore the stars. The exploration vessels Intrepid and Valiant set sail for Proxima Centauri. Soon we would set foot on alien worlds in a distant solar system, make exciting new discoveries, and pave the way for the conquest of space. Finally, everything seemed possible.

Captain Donald Lewis, commander of the Icarus mission, promised his daughter, Janine, that he would return from the nineteen month mission in plenty of time for her 21st birthday.

He never came home.

Janine hates her elder brother Sean, a former astronaut, and blames him for the accident that left Admiral David Stirling, her beloved â??Uncle,’ and commandant of the space academy in a wheelchair.

Sean has his own demons to deal with, having suddenly quit the space fleet several years ago, and is now living among the natives and great apes of south-eastern Asia.

Shortly after the tumultuous joy of receiving the first broadcasts from Centauri and witnessing the epoch making first steps on an alien moon, Janine had a dreadful vision of impending disaster

Despite reassuring her that everything will be fine, Stirling knows something that few other people possibly could. And he is seriously worried.

This is the first installment in Janine’s epic quest to discover her father’s fate. A pursuit that will test her to the limits of human endurance, pit her against massive obstacles, natural disasters, and worst of all; duplicity, greed, and cowardice.

Ultimately we will depend on her if we are to fulfill our destiny. Belligerent, pig-headed, and obnoxious at times; some of her worst traits could hold the key to our future.

Dare you come along for the white knuckle ride of the century?

A Draught of Thorns: More Brief Tales

by Dennis B. Boyer

Do you have an unnatural thirst?

Craving something dark, strange, or unusual?

Allow A Draught of Thorns to quench your desires.

In this collection Dennis B. Boyer presents seven very short stories, or works of ‘flash fiction’. These tales may be brief, but they are also startlingly potent. These thoughtful, poignant works will stay with the reader long after the last word is read.

Praise for Dennis Boyer’s previous collection, A Tasting of Thistles:

“Formidable flash fiction… I’m impressed that the author has managed to get so much in with so few words.” ( review)

“Well-written engaging stories in bite-sized format… a satisfying dose of good fiction in a short amount of time.” ( review)

So satiate yourself with a healthy drink. Just be careful when swallowing, as this cup holds A Draught of Thorns.

Approximately 7300 words or 29 standard pages.


by Daniel Cotton

An old fable tells us of the ants and grasshopper; the ants pass the summer toiling in preparation for the winter, while the grasshopper sings and plays with little thought to what is to come. In the story, the grasshopper is turned away when he comes begging for food, in some versions he is forced to play music to earn it. What would really happen once winter arrived, would the grasshopper truly let himself go hungry?

The world as we know it has died, but as they say â??life finds a way’. It is now a world of tremendous abominations, an existence of ants and grasshoppers. Young Gillian Parker is alone in this world, on a mission, taking a leap of faith in search of something that may or may not be there. Whatever the outcome, she is willing to do anything to see her quest to completion; she has nothing left to lose. 34,000 words

’59 Part 2 – Valiant (’59 the epic science fiction adventure to discover the fate of the first mission to the stars.)

by Anthony Sunderland

Things are about to get a lot worse for Janine Lewis.

All contact with the Icarus mission has been lost. The Dauntless arrives in the Centauri system, to find debris scattered across a massive area, but no sign of either ship.

Stirling and Admiral Adams, head of the Icarus mission, conspire to keep a vital secret from the Head of the Deep Space Exploration Agency (DeepSEA), vowing that the knowledge will go to their graves with them.

Six months later, Valiant returned to our solar system; badly damaged and in danger of disintegrating at any moment. The last surviving crew member died in the arms of the rescue party before she could tell them what had happened.

Janine accuses Sean of “being too gutless” to search for their father, so she vows to join the space academy against her mother, Cindy’s, wishes. There she faces envy from other cadets, as well as hostility and jealousy from lecturers and officers envious of her father’s reputation and fame.

She becomes embroiled in a vicious fight with another cadet, the sister of one of the dead crew, and the continuing hostility between them threatens to have both women thrown out of the academy in disgrace.

All hope seems to vanish when the lead ship in the search mission explodes on reaching light speed, showering the second ship with a deadly sea of debris.

Cindy makes Sean and Stirling vow to keep the terrible secret from Janine.

Meanwhile, all the pressure and disappointment, is piling on Janine. Her impulsive nature gets the better of her and she makes a rash, monumental decision.

Is Janine’s quest about to end before it has even begun?

Depths: Days Gone By

by Richard Gregory

Seven look to the new colonies for a future.

Departing their old lives, they seek a place to call their own.

The Exile.
The Healer.
The Brother.
The Father.
The Son.
The Child.
The Sister.

Each has a story.

A prequel to the novel Depths, offering a glimpse of a future where the New Frontier is just opening up. Some are running to a new beginning; others are fleeing from a past they’d rather forget.

Schlock! Webzine Vol 5, Issue 20

by Omar ZahZah

Welcome to Schlock! Webzine’s bumper Christmas edition.

We have Omar ZahZah’s Christmas story of Krampus, featuring that Teutonic anti-Santa, ho ho ho! while Gary Murphy’s treating us all to a Yuletide Feast, with the man in red and white taking centre stage. Joseph Patchen, meanwhile, wants to tell us about The Thing in the Floor while Rich Strouse’s Margie meets the Elf of Joy.

In The Days of Mr Thomas, Mr Thomas is dressed as Father Christmas. In The Thousand and One Nights, the Caliph is angry. In Cut, Betty gives good interview. In The Caves of Mars Grae-don and the Empress’ army prepare to march on the Golden City. In The Airlords of Han, Rogers escapes. In Out of Time’s Abyss, Bradley encounters the Wieroos. In Oh Whistle and I’ll Come to You, My Lad, M. R. James tells of whistles and Templars’ preceptories in an all-time classic ghost story. And in The History of Niclaus, Niclaus meets his shadow-self.

-Gavin Chappell

PS: And this week sees the publication of Schlock Bi-Monthly Issue 2, containing just a few of the best stories to feature in Schlock!


ï?? John Brown by Jason Osmond

ï?? In The Gate of the Inner City by Damir Salkovic

ï?? The House of Skulls by Gavin Chappell

ï?? The Caves of Mars: Part Two by Gregory KH Bryant

ï?? Uncle Tickle # 2 by Ken L. Jones and Kevin L. Jones, pencils and inks by Jag Lall, lettering by Tom Luth, and additional material by David Todd Ocvirk.

Love on the Run

by Stephen Cote

The war is over. Only the battlefield remains.

The last shots left the corporal in a pool of blood, following the creep of death’s shadow. Memories of his wife and daughter beckon him to their comfort. Meanwhile, cut off from communication, and with the last copy of the encryption keys buried in the corporal’s brain, his squad resuscitates him using spare body parts and enemy technology.

Guided by fleeting specters of his family, the corporal leads the squad across the silent battlefield. Between the ruins and his waiting wife and daughter looms a dread that no one will ever be the same again.

This is a short science fiction and military story.

Too Connected…

by Gustavo S. Volmar Gil

Sometimes a great leap in fortune is a tragedy in disguise. Some dreams translate into nightmares when coming true.

A distinguished mechanical engineer gets his dream job at the most prestigious technology company of its time. An unexpected sighting throws him into a whirlwind of mystery, conspiracy and shocking revelation.

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