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San Juan Unanchor Travel Guide – Old San Juan, Puerto Rico 2-Day Walking Itinerary

by Renee Hundt

Whether you’ve been in the heart of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico before or this is your first visit, you’ll want to check out this itinerary that will walk you through one of the most amazing historic U.S. Territories on earth. Young couples, newlyweds, families of all sizes, retired, or cruisers that frequent Old San Juan’s port, this “Island of Enchantment” will leave you with a wealth of history and an expanse of intriguing sites and scenes to explore and discover.

Old San Juan is the oldest settlement within Puerto Rico and is a small, narrow island united to the mainland of Puerto Rico by three (3) bridges. The island is 100 miles by 35 miles and is home to its 4 million residents. The local culture shines through the vibrant colors, cobblestone streets, marvelous balconies, and incredible restaurants and delis with authentic Puerto Rican cuisines.

Old San Juan is a walking community so you can avoid the trolley (a free option to getting around) wait by packing good walking shoes and bottled water before heading out. You will be hiking some hilly, narrow, blue cobblestone streets while viewing the many flat-roofed brick and stone buildings with amazing balconies and front doors. You’ll see some of the “usual” attractions that are outlined in the typical guidebook, but my itinerary will also take you to some of the more uncommon sites to see while experiencing the culture first hand.

This itinerary will assist you in keeping busy for two (2) days in Old San Juan and is perfect for the cruising community that decides to spend a couple of nights in San Juan before or after their southern Caribbean cruise.

FACT: Population is approximately 421,326 and the port is one of the busiest in the Caribbean.

NOTE: The times outlined for the next two days are just recommendations, you can adjust as much as you’d like to take in other factors of enjoying Puerto Rico, i.e. all the fun little shops up and down the streets.


by Leo Schulz

This is a deeply unusual book. It deals with an ugly, difficult subject – sex tourism. But there is no easy moralising. The two protagonists, two white, middle-aged London males are funny, clever and charming, just the companions anyone would want on a trip around South East Asia. Their mission is a journey turning on liquor, drugs, great breakfasts and gorgeous girls. It all promises to be a wonderful jaunt, a string of adventures – Bangkok, Chenai, Hanoi, Saigon, Phnom Penh. The girls, fetched from brothels or off the street, start as alluring sex toys but soon turn into real women, with stories of hope, pain, despair, confusion, families, sickness… and touches of joy.

The last part of the journey, in Phnom Penh, is completely shocking. It centres on a young woman who has been sold by her family and trafficked to a village of brothels where every form of female is for sale. Her story is as sad as it is simple. Her innocence and lack of self-pity, her beauty and intelligence reveal to the narrator the extent of his own hypocrisy, but also of his own powerlessness. There is nothing he can offer that will do her any good.

Barcelona for Couples (Travel Guide)

by Federica Garuti

So you’ve made the decision to travel to Barcelona with your significant other. Well done! Awesome decision!

Barcelona is a fantastic destination for a romantic holiday. It’s the city that best combines Mediterranean flavour with European style, a cosmopolitan and lively city with endless things to do, under the warm sun of southern Europe, all overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

The guide is written specifically for couples. I will highlight the most romantic activities to pursue and explain how to enjoy some must-see places in a romantic way. Want an example? I suggest you visit two of Gaudí’s most famous monuments while watching a jazz concert with a drink, rather than just visiting the landmark. A tempting idea, isn’t it? And as Barcelona is a very open and tolerant city, gay couples looking for a romantic trip are made very welcome.

Here’s what you’ll find in this travel guide:

– The must-sees of Barcelona and how to combine them with more unusual activities.

– Detailed information about where to taste the best tapas, the star of the local gastronomy, in every neighbourhood of the city.

– Where to do the best shopping according to different tastes: from big chains to small independent stores. There’s also a list of vintage street markets.

– The highlights of each and every neighbourhood that you don’t want to miss.

– The most cozy, modern, and utterly romantic restaurants and bars (with some useful tips about great jazz bars).

– A complete list of Web Resources, with all you need to plan your trip, including the best fashion and lifestyle blogs.

The guide is designed to be read as an e-book on any of your devices. This means that you can carry it with you while browsing around Barcelona, on your smartphone or tablet. Feel free to wander around, with all the information you need about Barcelona right in your pocket and ready to use.

Don’t forget to subscribe to to immediately receive in your inbox the FREE Barcelona Agenda with the complete list of events and festivals all year round. It’s a great resource that will help you decide when travelling to Barcelona.

Complete Collected Comics (English Teacher X)

by English Teacher X

Since 1994, English Teacher X has worked as a teacher of English in numerous countries, and since 2003, he has kept a website chronicling some of his more interesting and horrific adventures.

Here is a collected edition of all the comics English Teacher X has created in the last ten years, detailing his misadventures in teaching, as well as his encounters and conversations with eccentric and degenerate colleagues, cheerfully goofy secretaries, English groupies, and blithely amoral businessmen.

Collected here are famous English Teacher X cartoons such as:

Doofus and Valiant

Disgusting Bar Conversations

Typical Teacher Types

The Thanksgiving Porno Story

and many more. The book also includes an interview with English Teacher X which was rejected from an up-and-coming TEFL website as being too “pessimistic and pervasive.”

Note: Many of these cartoons have been previously published in the collections DOOFUS AND VALIANT, DISGUSTING BAR CONVERSATIONS, CHRISTMAS IN BANGKOK, and ETX GUIDE TO TEACHING ABROAD (2013 EDITION.)

Montreal from A to Z: An Alphabetical Guide (Alphabet City Guides)

by Laura Roberts

Tired of the same old guidebooks telling you what to do and where to go? This alphabetical city guide looks at Montreal – and tourism – from a whole new angle, letting readers browse the city at their own pace. Learn about local favorites, tourist attractions, and cultural oddities through the eyes of a long-time resident, and enjoy unique trivia you just won’t get from the other guys!

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a life-long resident, Montreal from A to Z will surprise and delight you with plenty of facts, figures and personal experiences from author Laura Roberts. Explore the French concept of “joie de vivre” as you tour the Paris of North America, starting at Atwater Market and ending with French phrases that begin with the letter Z.

Inside you’ll find 69 pages packed with commentary on Montreal landmarks, eateries, bars, museums, bookstores, neighborhoods, cultural oddities and much more.

A must-have for the discerning traveler or seasoned flâneur.

Taj Mahal: Guide and Pictures

by Brian May

Taj Mahal is one of the most fascinating historical sites in the world. This book describes the history of this amazing place. Within this book you will find information on visiting the Taj Mahal, how to get there, and the costs associated with visiting. This is the perfect book if you are planning a trip to India to visit this amazing site!

Myra: Guide and Pictures

by Brian May

Myra is one of the most fascinating historical sites in the world. This book describes the history of this amazing place. Within this book you will find information on visiting Myra, how to get there, and the costs associated with visiting. This is the perfect book if you are planning a trip to Turkey to visit this amazing site!

Tikal: Guide and Pictures

by Brian May

Tikal is one of the most fascinating historical sites in the world. This book describes the history of this amazing place. Within this book you will find information on visiting Tikal, how to get there, and the costs associated with visiting. This is the perfect book if you are planning a trip to Guatemala to visit this amazing site!

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