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The Last Oracle (The Chronicles of Lumineia: The White Mage Saga #1)

by Ben Hale

Forced into hiding, the mages of Lumineia have been forgotten. In their absence the world has become known by another name . . . Earth. Both have flourished with time, but remain divided. Marking the last of her bloodline, a young woman is destined to unite them. At her touch magic will be unbound, and known again as truth.

She is the Last Oracle.

But an ancient war harbors a deadly secret. Draeken, the Lord of Chaos, had a second apprentice, one who became trapped with the defeated fiends. Fueled by revenge and dark magic, the apprentice has mastered a power that Draeken himself could not. And the time is fast approaching for it to be unleashed.


The Dark is waiting . . .


by Karen Hancock

A Repackaged Award Winner From Karen Hancock

Callie Hayes is living a life of fear and disillusionment when she volunteers for a psychology experiment that promises to turn her life around. As her orientation proceeds, Callie becomes frightened by the secrecy and evasion she encounters. When she demands to be released from the program, she is suddenly dropped into a terrifying alien world and into a perilous battle between good and evil. With limited resources and only a few cryptic words to guide her, Callie embarks on a life-changing journey. Will she decipher the plans the Benefactor has established for her escape, or will she succumb to the deception of the Arena?

Blood Harvest (The Hidden Amongst Us)

by Michael Louis Weinberger


(Finalist: Regional Fiction)

Steve Jacobs isn’t a Vampireâ?¦not reallyâ?¦then againâ?¦

It doesn’t really matter what he is or was anymore because Steve abandoned the darkness of his former life over a decade ago when he left the only people he ever considered to be family and ran to California. There he joined the Los Angeles Police Department, graduated first in his class at the Academy and now works as a Detective in the Homicide division. Respected by his fellow officers and enjoying a special bond with his Captain, whom he considers to be his mentor, Steve feels that he has finally found a place where the world makes sense and he can leave his dark past behind. So when his Captain calls in the middle of the night and instructs him to come to a highly unusual crime scene, Steve does so without question.

Arriving on the scene Steve discovers that the entire staff and patronage of nearly one thousand people at a popular and hedonistic Los Angeles nightclub have suddenly and mysteriously collapsed where they stood and appear to be dead. Rumors of a biological or chemical terrorist attack are doubted by the large number of LAPD and emergency personnel on the scene, but there seems to be no other explanation for the unnerving occurrence.

Then, before Steve can even fully begin his investigation, the case goes from unusual to absolutely bizarre with the appearance of an exotically beautiful and seductive woman in the company of a large, incredibly powerful white haired man. Both individuals are people that Steve thought he had left behind over a decade ago, but he now finds his past and his present are interwoven together in a mystery that threatens to destroy everything that he holds dear. Steve quickly learns that what happened at the nightclub was only the tip of the iceberg in a much larger conspiracy of greed that, if he is unable to stop, will enslave an entire society of people, the existence of whom the rest of the world isn’t even aware, and are the people that Steve used to call his family.

Chosen by the Vampire book 3 Finale (Paranormal,Fantasy,Midnight)

by Kelly London

Amy Beckett and Carter Dennis can’t seem to keep their hands off each other, which led to Lisa finding out about their impromptu union. A new player is in town, somebody that knows Carter from a long time ago when he was a different person. They have a long-lasting connection, and a promise that they will always come back to each other when the time was right. Now Vladimir has seen his best friend turned to a human for physical comfort, and is now taking matters into his own hands. If he wanted to lay with dogs, then he was going to have to suffer the consequences for his actions. Amy and Carter is now going to find themselves going against an old order of vampires, with the leader wanting nothing more than to burn down everything they hold dear including each other…

The Witches’ Sleep (The Witches’ Sleep Trilogy)

by Kaitlyn Deann

At only seventeen, Ella Barnes is shot and killed for an unknown reason. She is shocked when she wakes up in a different world, a world of witches. Ella has to learn to adapt to a new body, new life and new world, surrounded by new people. As Ella gets to know Raena, the world of the witches and its people, she realizes they aren’t the perfect creatures they believe themselves to be, and she’s not the type of person to stand around and twiddle her thumbs. Will Ella succeed in changing the mindset of the people? Or will she be doomed to die another cold and tragic death because of her rebellion?


by Andrew Pate

He had long ago forgotten his real name; or maybe he just didn’t want to remember it. If he remembered his name, then he would have to admit to himself that he was once somebody. That, he was sure, would snap any resemblance of sanity he had left. The only thing that kept him from throwing himself off the Golden Gate Bridge were the voices. They soothed him, and kept him company. Through the pain of years of begging, stealing, and beating people for what he needed, only the voices gave him a constant sense of comfort and direction. They never judged, but they encouraged him to do what he needed to do to survive. They understood what it took to survive in an ugly and pretentious world.


“This book had me hooked from the beginning. I am (as we British say) Gobsmacked! Its brilliant. I enjoy your excellent story-telling and I just wanted you to know this book is definitely a best seller. I can feel it in my bones. This is the type of book I yearn for in Barnes and Noble on a rainy day with a hot cup of coffee.”
CMT Stibble, “Chasing Pharaohs”

“Rise of the Saints should be introduced to the military academys of Sandhurst or West Point because the scale of the battle that unfolds, is truly the ultimate battle. Standard military textbooks are usually non- fiction; an exception should be made with Rise of the Saints. The deployment of the forces of evil, the use of field commanders, the intrinsic brutal use of punishment and discipline to get your army of demons to fight could become standard military education. Or would the deployment of the forces of good be better: elite, sophisticated, and highly motivated on a righteous cause.”
Daniel Manning, “No Combatibility”

“A very well-paced, compelling, and addictive read. Excellent structure with strong writing and characterization.”
L. Anne Carrington, “The Cruiserweight”

Fire & Clay (Book One)

by Kaaronica Evans-Ware

Banished from her clan for being a Muslim, a 400 year-old jinn named Zamar is hiding from her past. But an ancient evil is about to surface, unearthing her secrets and carrying painful reminders of the life she once lived. Ages ago, Zamar had lived in solitary exile along the banks of the Senegal River. Then a lone man entered her world, altering it forever.

Spanning several centuries, book one of Fire & Clay, pulls you into the unseen world of mankind’s distant cousins, the jinn. Like humans, these beings were given the gift of free will. And like us there are a few that choose the way of good, some that choose the way of evil, and many that live their lives torn between the two.

But what happens when the lives of creatures cast from smokeless fire, and those shaped from the clay of the Earth become intertwined?

The story told here takes readers on a journey of mystery, imagination, and magic to search for the answers. It plunges into the depths of jealousy, fear, and greed-as well as violence, sorrow, and loss. But it also scales the heights of love and faith, hope and deliverance. This story may be fictional, but it is true. Its truths are about what it means to be human, what it means to have the power to choose.

Fire & Clay is no mere fairytale. What we can see, touch, and taste is only a narrow sliver of reality. There is a war being fought all around us, even within us. And sooner than we might think, our final battle is coming.

Freya’s Tale (A Short Story)

by M.H. Lee

Freya first felt “it” the summer she turned fifteen. She couldn’t explain exactly what “it” was, just that she no longer felt in control of herself when she was around people.

At first she thought it was harmless. But she was wrong. Very wrong.

CAUTION: This story may be triggering for readers sensitive to issues of sexual control or exploitation, although there is no explicit sexual content.

(Approx. 5,600 words)

NOTE: This story is also available as part of a collection of short stories and essays called, A World Dark and Cold.

Titanic of The Dead: How I Survived the Titanic Zombie Apocalypse


The 100th anniversary of the RMS Titanic sinking. Titanic of the Dead – by Stephen A. Dymarcik II is the recently “DECLASSIFIED”, retelling of TITANIC survivor Lawrence Beesley’s “Loss of the Titanic” from 1912. Written just two short months after the sinking of the TITANIC, this hauntingly immediate account opens with Lawrence Beesley’s story of arriving in New York and telling his tale.

Titanic of the Dead represents Beesley’s attempt to expose the conspiracy of events that led to the sinking of the Titanic and set the record straight. In so doing, he fully knows his words of the true tragedy of this legendary voyage will not be revealed until a century later for fear of worldwide panic and civil unrest. Illustrated with never before seen artwork detailing the events and written with a hair-raising clarity, Titanic of the Dead is an altogether spellbinding tale of that frightful night.

Is this account historical fact or historical fiction? In the Style of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith, Titanic of the Dead, is a must have for Titanic buffs and Zombie lovers with a hidden central theme that brings them together wonderfully.

Starchild’s Birth (Saga of the Starbirds)

by Adam McLain

The beginning of an epic saga of short stories, Starchild’s Birth introduces us to a cast of characters that are about to change the universe. Join Nathan Hale, a scientist, as the two most important events of his life happen and Starchild, a creation with the power of a god, is born.


by Stacia Sanders

A foundling child raised by an elderly scribe, Sylvie has always seemed odd to the villagers of Branlier. As she grows into a young woman, new challenges arise to test her mettle. She will discover family she has never known and struggle to learn about her own hidden talents. Influential political forces threaten, as King Nevan and High Priest Mech continue to purge all who follow the old faith of Innis from the cities. The Fae–withdrawn from the human realm for decades–extend their aid, but Sylvie must draw upon her own unexpected power to survive and to ensure the safety of those she loves as they journey across the country in search of allies.


by C.M. BARR

1589 ROANOKE ISLAND: Colonists disappear never to be heard from again. Among them is Thomas, who, before becoming one of the greatest mysteries of all time, becomes subject to a hidden, ancient prophecyâ?¦

2010 CHEBOYGAN, MICHIGAN: Tatum is in love with Ashley big-boobs, Dairy Queen won’t open until the Spring, there’s nothing to do but, like, go to Wal-Mart, and Mr. Johnson keeps creating these history exams from hell; for Avani Wordsworth, everything about junior year sucks. But then, things start happeningâ??things other than cow tipping or cruising town. Things bigger than high school, Tatum, Ashley, or her hair. Lights at night in the woods. A New Kid in townâ?¦things that echo what happened 400 years ago to a colony at the edge of the wildernessâ?¦

Little does Avani know that everything about her is tied to that colony and a prophecy that has begun to unfoldâ?¦

Book of Quests The Warlock’s Scepter

by Ryan Steele

It isn’t just one of “those” days. It is the worst day Jacob Gunnarson ever experienced. Moving from sunny California to the other side of the country is only the beginning of his problems. His first day of school is an absolute nightmare, and dreads going backâ??until he makes friends with his odd next-door neighbor, an eccentric bus driver, and a treasure-hunting janitor. After learning his school is full of secret passages, Jacob and his new friend, Cory, set out to find the school’s hidden treasure. But instead, the boys find themselves fighting for their lives on a quest to save a kingdom, while trying to steal a magical scepter from a dangerous warlock. If they fail, they’ll be trapped, or worse, killed.

The Traveler (The Book of Iden)

by Brendan Lyons

A wanderer with no memory is lost in a strange world and everyone he meets has their own idea of his purpose. He emerges from grey, desolate expanses only to find a land as forlorn as the waste he left. The Traveler is launched into the heart of an ancient and rising conflict. In the Monastery of Sherushae, the ultimate burden is laid upon his unsteady shoulders and he must set himself against a dark power bent on the destruction of all things.

Part Two is set for release in July of 2013

Cover by Kelly Readinger

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95,000 words

Endeca (The Escapism Series)

by Maria Dee

Xenia, in her freshman year, finds out she is a Diplozoe. Although she looks human, she really isn’t. She wishes she could shout it off a roof top but no one can know, aside from others like her and the evil Elite Society Of Mortals, not even her two best friends. She quickly learns the perks of being an evolved being. For one, your off-fragment can help with papers and studying. Your mind is liberated in ways unimaginable to humans, with access to the Offline world. There really are two sides to everyone, but only Diplozoes can physically access both. Somehow Xenia’s awakening summons Endeca, to which she’s destined to be a member of except for one small thing standing in her wayâ??her being mortal. Not fond of forfeiting her humanity to be one of the immorta, the portal stays open and Xenia must choose between a personal sacrifice so that her world stands a chance or embrace an inconceivable, global fateâ??extinction of the humans.

Xenia finds love with Nicholas, a part-dead Diplozoe later turned immorta after she restored his lost fragment. There’s a twisted love triangle and the twisted part is Orion, a double-dead immorta. Only after he’s spied, lied, and even tricked her does she realize Nicholas was rightâ??she has feelings for Orion, and not the logical kind.


by Patrick Roberts

Being a thief was easy for Peter Robertson, but turning to true crime was something he never had the stomach or heart for. He figured this out when someone close lured him into a life of true crime, but after helping defeat and kill his friend, he turned to the side of good and became a spy.

Now an old acquaintance is back and asking for help with much needed heroics but can Pete own up to his past?

On a journey to forgive himself and right his wrongs, he must confront the superhero inside himself by using all his skill to escape an evil, shadowy organization and save the world from yet another threat. Not only has he got his enemies to contend with, but his allies also.

Harahpin (The Torian Tri-Point)

by Sequoia the Storyteller

Reach deep inside yourself for the archetypal concept of heaven and hell. Now discard the idea of them being purely ethereal planes and instead embody them in the very solid, tangible form of planetsâ?¦ two rocky bodies orbiting a star far, far from here. What you see will likely resemble the two twin planets Pairetoria and Untoria. This is where this story takes place.

It begins with a small creature named Eyrco. She is a native of the heavenly world Pairetoria, though she can’t stay there forever. Destiny has manifested itself for Eyrco in the form of a vivid nightly dream which seems to call her away (not only deprive her of sleep). And to where is she called? None other than the yang to Pairetoria’s yinâ?¦ the hellish planet called Untoria. Eyrco, accompanied by her two winged friends, Euron and Saphillin, must answer the call from the dark half of the balance.

But why? What is so urgent that creatures of paradise must be thrust out into hazardous horrors beyond their nightmares? Just because of a mysterious dream? Or is there more to this picture? Could Untoria be more than it seems? Could there be lost beings who deserve paradise but are trapped in hell? Could there be countless deprived souls dependent on three small, seemingly insignificant creatures for salvation? And lastly, could there be an epic legend on a head-on crash course with the three little heroes’ destinies?

All of the above not only could beâ?¦ but are.


by Cleve Sylcox

Imagine a mountain where Angels go to rest.

It is in another dimension hidden from human eyes, accessible only by divine guidance. Now, imagine demons fighting demons, fallen angels seeking to regain their former glory by returning to God, but stopped by demonic forces beyond their control. Add in the human element of curiosity, greed, and lust for power and you have, Nicboth – The Journey Begins.

Four humans stumble upon an old chest in an abandoned ammo dump. In it rest the secrets of the past, forsaken, but not forgotten. Two more humans, half way around the world, seek to unravel a mystery to a mountain where angels dwell. Their paths interlock as they strike out against a demon – General Que, whose strength is only matched by his desire to destroy all human life.

Lifeline: Book One: The STARLING Connection (The STARLING Series)

by Theodore Webb

Does friendship exist in the year 2045? Fifteen year old “hacker” Simon Laramie is trying to survive high school and a world where supercomputer-controlled Drones patrol the skies, where massive Reconditioning Centers rule the land, and PATRIOT SECURITY constantly watches everyone. As one of the “invisible kids” left out of everything at Briarwood Public High School, Simon faces life-threatening bullying. At a critical moment in his life that seems without hope, Simon crosses paths with Jaya Ceyes (“Keys”), a rebellious, hard-charging senior with a mysterious burn scar on her face. Despite the deeper wounds crossing her spirit, Jaya has survived determined to place her life on the line for what she believes in. Fed up with the injustice at their school, Jaya, Simon and their friends hack into SUPERNET (the future World Wide Web). The students go far beyond their required National I.D. social media profiles and the official “news.” Breaking all the rules, the teenagers create their own independent outlet for expression, STARLING. For the first time in three generations, students at Briarwood High reach for their greatest gift; the true life and death meaning behind what their parents and grandparents foolishly surrendered in the name of security, comfort, abundance, technology and “progress.” These young friends are marching into the fight of their lives: the battle for their freedom of thought, privacy and speech. Writing for teenagers, young adults and adults, Theodore A. Webb’s “Lifeline,” the first book of “The STARLING Series,” introduces a dystopia in which the courageous, uncorrupted heart of youth is our only hope. Series is recommended for ages 15 and up. NOTE: “Lifeline” is the beginning (six chapters, the dedication and the poem, “STAR BUS”) of “The STARLING Connection.” These digital editions are designed for speed/ease of reading to accommodate folks who are busy and/or traveling.

The Whisper of Promise

by Claire Lamont

This is about a man’s search for True Love

Awakening The Warrior (Post Industrial Short Story)

by R. John Bambrey

After the horror has subsided and the battles have been fought, what is there left for the warrior? The land is empty, there is no one to fight. This short story accompanies just such a warrior, whose companions no longer need his protection, on a journey to find his new role. To attain this new way of being he must fight the last great battle, the one with himself.

the Gifted

by Daniel Cotton

They are always standing by to answer the call to action, those bestowed with powers beyond mortal comprehension, the Gifted. This twisted tale is set in a world where superheroes are not only real, some have attained A-list status. Among the heroes, none are more renowned than the Judge and Jury. The dynamic pair are credited for foiling more crimes than any of the other champions. The Judge is estimated to be the most powerful man on the planet, god-level. The two have secrets hidden behind their masks that run deeper than just secret identities.

Bonus material includes two short stories: the low-tech, sci-fi dark comedy, Loop, and a yarn about possessed stuffed animals, Stitches.

36,000 words

Vampire Therapy: Chronicles of The Cat’s Ass Boutique. A Cat’s Ass Valentine

by Shebat Legion

It is time for another party at “The Cat’s Ass Boutique” and the staff is hungry! The problem is, the food isn’t ready to die yet! Whatever shall they do? Find out in this, the latest Chronicle of “Vampire Therapy”.


by C. Dennis Moore

Horror author C. Dennis Moore (author of REVELATIONS and THE MAN IN THE WINDOW) takes you to the streets of Camdigan, a town literally in the middle of nowhere, the place where the dead come to live

David has wound up there by accident, but a chance encounter with a little girl brings him face to face with the wife he lost years ago. Now he’ll do anything to get out of Camdigan, and Camdigan will do anything to keep David there.

“A somber story that treads new ground. Strangely riveting!”
–The Eternal Night Chronicle

“C. Dennis Moore’s writing is clean and clear. He doesn’t unnecessarily clutter up his sentences with fat metaphors and graphic descriptions that don’t advance the story.”
–Michael T. Huyck, Jr, FEOAMANTE.COM

“I’ve followed Mr. Moore’s career, and he’s a young man who’s going to make a bit of a mark in the genre. He’s found a real voice here…”
–Steve Vernon, author of Long Horn, Big Shaggy and Do-Overs and Detours

Jingle In The Jungle – Adventures of Macro The Monkey and Other Bed Time Stories

by Jack Thomson

This story book is written for children of age 4 to 8 years to entertain them , teach them good things and make them have a good sleep with nice dreams. this story book is written in simple and easy English for easy understanding, The stories are about various animals and creatures living happily together in the jungle and their adventures in the jungle.

This would be a nice book for children to listen to or read before they go to sleep.

Born of Magic (Channeler Series)

by B. McMurray

Jasminis lived a meager life growing up on the streets. Then one day a mysterious man hires her to follow someone. While completing the task, she witnesses an unusual murder. Fleeing the scene, Jasminis finds herself in Etherea, a parallel world from which mages get their magic.

Not only does she learn that she is a mage, but she is a channeler, a rare type of mage that hasn’t existed for hundreds of years. Her abilities make her invaluable to other mages, as she has the ability to change the flow of magic. Now both sides of an upcoming war take an interest in her.

Jasminis is thrust into an amazing new world, but it comes at a price. As two factions pursue her favor for their cause, she will be lied to, controlled, manipulated, and even imprisoned along the way. This little girl will have to make difficult decisions as she grows into her new role in life.

Martyr – Episode 1 – The Genesis (Martyr Episode)

by Emmanuel Thompson

After years of homelessness, drug and alcohol abuse, breaking the law to survive, Thomas Scott decided to end his life. In the moment before his suicide, while subdued by grief, he said a prayer in his heart and he was met by God’s Grace. He was given a choice between life in Death or life in Love. He humbly accepted Love and his desire for self-destruction ceased. Instantly, Thomas’ heart transformed and he began to desire to help people through rough and difficult times by sharing his story and leading people to God through Love. He joined a church, became a group leader and even decided to get married. Soon he was a father to a beautiful baby boy but something was missing. He still wanted to help people find their way to God but in a greater way. His desire was turning into burning aspiration. Seeking much wisdom from the people closest to him, him and his wife became missionaries and moved to the other side of the world. All was going well but after being there for three years, a small army of soldiers who despised what he believed massacred the entire village, including Thomas and his family. But his life’s journey still was not over. God meets him again in the midst of death to give him a Gift.

Alfie’s Place

by Michael. G. Franks

Imagine a catastrophic event in your life, one so emotionally traumatic that to escape the pain of it you descend into a deep coma. What if in that state you enter a strange dreamlike existence and can journey into different worlds, which appear to be every bit as real as your conscious world.

This is a thought provoking story about a young man’s battle against cruelty and his fight for survival. He initially finds peace, beauty and an escape from his living nightmare only to be confronted in his dreamworld by violence and corruption. As the tale unfolds he and those who are sent to help him find love and friendship.

Michael G Franks

Another Side of Destiny (Tales from the Lands)

by Harper Peace

Another Side of Destiny.

Emily has a secret she dare not tell her husband, one she won’t even confide to the shades of her parents. For Emily desires a gift more precious than charms, and more valuable than silver. But to make it hers, Emily must challenge fate.

A short-story length tale of fate and destiny from the Lands of the Sweet Waters.

The Tales from the Lands can currently be read in any order without spoilers.

PG â?? Some Material May Be Inappropriate For Children.


by E.M. Chapman

David Bell, an art curator, is on the verge of becoming part owner in the gallery where he works. His life seems perfect until Dr. Sinclair enters the gallery and turns his life upside-down. Now David must investigate the disappearance of his grandfather and decide for himself what is most important. Follow David on his adventure as he discovers an ancient civilization, true friendship and a life he never thought possible.

Betwixt the Page – Second Sheaf

by Chris Ward

Having tracked through endless seas of mud, Ben at last reaches a safe harbor. Meanwhile, the Athelings treat with a Goddess, and have their own problems to deal with.

This is the second part of an ongoing e-publishing serial, new material available every Sunday.

The China Clones

by Robert Woliver

What does Oliver Wind, the book’s main character, value more than life itself? When his daughter disappears during a modeling assignment in China, he battles his own demons, a faithless wife, and a profession which accused him of inappropriate conduct with a patient, to rescue the one thing worth saving. An ordinary man battles extraordinary enemies– a general, a software baron, and a beautiful but lethal Wudan warrior–to honor the call for help.

Almost daily we are reminded in the news about our economic woes and troublesâ??unemployment, default, real estate distress. Just as often is mentioned China’s remarkable economic growth and boom. These stories usually do not call attention that China is a police state with enormous social problems and tension.

This book, a harbinger of future threats, is not afraid to face a fuller picture of China and its social problems. I started writing this book before Dolly was cloned, before Pakistan exploded a nuclear bomb, and before the Chinese downed our surveillance plane and held our crew captive. The cover story on the Asian Newsweek, April 2, 2001, edition describes the crime wave of the kidnapping of women as a result of the gender imbalance in China. Much of what was fiction when I started this book has become fact.

Victoria and Elizabeth – A Play

by Sarah Dee Wise

An engaging fictional play about two very impressive women, Queen Victoria and Elizabeth Barrett-Browning, whose unlikely friendship changed the world. Written in stage-format and 43 printed pages in length, this play is funny, touching, and inspirational all in one.

The Wildemen Conspiracy (The Drauso Chronicles)

by ML Kolb-Norris

“In this Medieval Fantasy, our heroine flees her collapsing kingdom in search of aid. During this perilous trek, she encounters assassins and lurid creatures.”

Old King Gondemar of Aquileia has always known that his brother’s wife, the Grand Duchess Adelaide, was a ruthless, ambitious woman. She had raised her son, Quarles, with the erroneous attitude that the throne of Aquileia should have been his and he chafed at the injustice.

In the past, Adelaide had made attempts to overthrow the king, but to no avail. Once again, the Grand Duchess and her son began brewing a darker plan, quietly ushering in Wildemen and mercenaries. The king had been keeping a watchful eye on the pair; of late, disquieting rumors came to Gondemar’s ears that armies were amassing in Etham.

Aware that he was aging and his beloved daughter, Princess Alianor, was yet unmarried, Gondemar encouraged her to seek out a suitable husband. To his approval, Alianor chose the quiet, young king, William of Coramer, of whom the old king had been mentoring for the past two years. Gondemar decided to announce their betrothal at the Michaelmas Tournament.

The first day of the tourney had dawned so fair, little could any foresee the dark consequences that soon would plunge the kingdom into chaos.

The Witch’s Darkness (The Strangers)

by Patrick Roberts

In a sequel to “The Strangers”, we find our favorite witch months after the final showdown trying to adjust to normal life. But nothing is what it seems and everything starts to unravel rather quickly.

Peyton is back and dealing with his own set of demons as he contends with witches that seek to revive the First Witch for seemingly evil deeds. Add in the immortal enemy of his mentor, a gypsy, a hunk of a demon and two vampires from his past and you get a story packed with action.

Everything has changed and Peyton is the only one who can do the impossible, but can he do it without turning to the dark side of his nature?

The Arrow & Staff (Gemstone Series, Epic Swords & Sorcery Fantasy, Book 4.1)

by J Gordon Smith

The wounded man’s voice sounded over the rim of rock, “- Run Sylanna! Leave me. They ready a spell to kill you!”

Maurius and Dorran are weary from their perilous trek through the frozen Northern lands of the Snowy Elves. Before they arrive to their home city of Dekvor they hear a patrol of the Shadow Wizard’s korlak embroiled in capturing the thief Sylanna. Maurius and Sylanna fight against their common enemy, but when the blades stop ringing they are cautious. Both have survived treachery, betrayal, and the unending attacks by the Rubied Assassins that hunt the Children of Aleron. Can they trust each other enough to agree to complete the riddles left at the end of the Old War a thousand years ago?

Deceased Dora (The Demon Diaries)

by Claire Chilton


When Dora Carridine wakes up in her coffin, the first thing she plans to do is find out what happened to her friends since they were also exiled from Hell. But Dora didn’t come back entirely human, and everyone keeps trying to kill her.

If she manages to avoid being bitten by an over-amorous, Victorian vampire, being captured by the Vatican and being roasted alive by her neighbours, then hopefully she can find Kieron and find out what she really is.

But first, she has to put an end to an ancient war amongst the paranormal beings on Earth. How hard can that be, right?


by J.C. Bell

Many have tried, but none have been able to fully destroy the mighty Dead God, Sevron the Servant of Death. For him, there exists only madness and pain, a belief he wishes to share with the entire universe by turning it into hell.

Freed from his prison in the heart of a cold, dead world, Sevron once more unleashes chaos in the universe – this time on the elven home-world, Ki’minsyllessil.

He has already faced his greatest foes, and they have failed to see him dead, now with the power of an entire world under his control he truly is unstoppable.

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