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by Charlotte L R Kane

Have you ever wondered what happens when two brothers – brought together by their love of trickery – are pulled apart when one is given an opportunity and the other isn’t? What happens when one brother becomes a star whilst the other brother struggles to make enough money to keep his family? Can these brothers forgive and come together before it’s too late, or will jealousy and resentment keep them apart?

Tripped Up Christmas (The New Ever After Series)

by Julie Farley

This short story is a prequel to The New Ever After Series.

Heather Meadows is facing her first Christmas after her 38-year-old husband died leaving her to care for their three children on her own. For readers who fell in love with Heather in Tripped Up Love and The New Ever After, you will enjoy getting to know Heather and her cast of characters a little bit better. If you haven’t read any of The New Ever After Series, this short story will help you begin to fall in love with Heather and her family.

Broken Resolutions

by Cheryl Shireman

From the author who created the Life is But a Dream series and the Cooper Moon series!

Six long-time friends gather for their annual New Year’s Eve party. They are meeting at Craig and Hannah’s spectacular home in the country. Hannah is a best-selling romance novelist. Craig is her adoring husband. All seems perfect.

Except nothing is. No one knows that Craig left Hannah several months ago and is living across town with another woman. Tonight, Craig and Hannah will play the part one more time. Because tomorrow will be soon enough for broken dreams and reality. Tonight, they just have to get through the party.

But they didn’t plan on the snowstorm. A snowstorm that will keep them all snowed in together for the next three days – including two ex-spouses who have both brought dates! Anyone can “play nice” for a short time, but three days is plenty of time for secrets to be discovered, for illusions to be shattered, and for resolutions to be broken.

So, dab a little perfume behind your ear, put your party dress on, and slip into your favorite heels. You’re invited to the party!

The Non-Adventures of Ricky and Amy

by Olivia Bergin

Ricky and Amy are best friends. Probably because everyone else is a little bit afraid of them.

Spend some time with Ricky and Amy in these five short stories which may actually be appropriate for some children. I’m not sure. You decide.*

*May contain doll dismemberment, death, shrunken heads, rampant prescription drug use, alcoholism, and cross-dressing. May also have come in contact with wheat, soy, and peanuts.

GUILTY OF LOVE-crime of the heart (Seductive Storms)

by Kerra Pridgen

Sin, Pleasure & Passion Series brought you Seductive Storms and now brings you Guilty of Love- crime of the heart; this is part two so if you read Seductive Storms you are in for a treat you find out what happens now with the seductive characters.


“You all are at the Hunts County Co-ed Correctional Institute and for the ones that don’t understand what co-ed means; as you can see we hold here women and men, but don’t be excited because you won’t be able to be close to each other. There will only be certain times while you’re here that both will come in contact.”

While the warden continues to speak Davon is hysterically searching with his eyes, looking through pass everyone trying to find Terri in the line-up. Then it happened he locked eyes with her and he didn’t move. He wasn’t going to lose sight of her. The officer was rambling on and on but Davon heard nothing but the end, when he said he would give them a few minutes for the ones who came there with someone else.

With eyes still locked in on one another, they moved through the crowd and quickly into their arms and Davon hugged her so tightly, he could feel Terri shaking; which he may have been as well. “Are you ok?” Davon asked. Terri was silent looking off away towards the distance like she was looking for a way out, then turned back looking at him and with her soft voice; sounding like a very scared little girl. “Do you see how dark and dirty it is here? I can’t even tell if its day or night, how did we even get here?” Terri asked.

Davon had no clue and couldn’t really remember anything and what was he going to say to her to bring her comfort. He didn’t know himself what was going on. All he could think is he told his self that he would never end up back in prison and here he is but to have his woman here with him, he would do life if it meant she could go free.

â??Chapter One

Davon would just kiss Terri’s forehead and whisper in her ear everything will be alright and I love you. He would always do that at night, in the morning and before leaving out. Hearing him say that always made her feel better and she knew she would be alrightâ?¦

Terri began waking up, with a smile on her face anxious to open her eyes and see her sexy man lying next to her. She rolled over to find he wasn’t there. Sitting up she sees a letter on the pillow; it readsâ?¦

Good morning beautiful, I didn’t want to wake you; you were sleeping so peacefully. I’m just going to have a conversation with this guy and discuss some cost about an opportunity he has for me, okay. Don’t worry and I will be back soon. I want you to stay your pretty self in bed and rest and when I get back I will rub your feet while you eat a bowl of ice cream. Love you baby

Terri giggled at the letter and couldn’t think of anything to do so she figured she would stay in bed for a while. Turning on the television, it was on the local news channel. She didn’t like watching the news so much because it was so damn depressing all the time, someone died, got shot, something or another. She watched and listened for a few and they were talking about an accident that happened about an hour ago. When Terri heard the type of vehicle that was in the accident she turned it up and she knew it couldn’t beâ?¦ after hearing it was the same model car as Davon drives she froze and waited. They said no name nor if anyone got hurt, not even if it was a man or woman driving. Terri told herself she was not going to worry and she would think the positive for the time being. She decided to turn off the television and close her eyes. About thirty minutes later she began feeling a discomfort in her side, it was painful. Terri reached over and grabbed her phone to call Davon. The phone rung and rung then went to voicemail. She left a message-¬¬- Hi, babe I was just seeing if you will be here soon, because I’m in a lot of pain and you know I will not have this baby without you. Love you, see you soon.

Terri was now eight months pregnant…



It was 1883. Lorrie McDonald packed up what little she had left and threw it in the back of her buggy. Why won’t they leave me alone? She thought back to when she was only twelve years old and her parents were murdered. That was 1865, so long ago. Why do they hate me? Hardened by her past, there were no tears in her eyes as she gathered her belongings. Men from town had paid her and Ghost Badger a visit late at night. They burned her house to the ground, but Lorrie escaped, which sent the men who did it running for their lives.
The Scorpion Lady was on the loose, setting out to track down each one of them and make them pay for what they’d done.
As she drives her buggy away from the ashes of her home, all she has left is the clothes on her back, Ghost Badger’s knife, her pa’s old pistol, the rifle she took from the man who killed her paarents and, most of all, her prized possession: A jar full of really mad scorpions.

Assassin’s Fury (The Cold War Series)

by Jade Berry

Myra Rose Nightingale has been running as long as she can remember.

she’ll always be running. for as long as she lives.

Kissing Clarisse: a young adult short story

by Katie Hayoz

Clarisse Davies is by far the hottest girl in Scott’s 1957 high-school class. No one but the school stud, Jay, seems to even have a chance with her. Yet when Scott’s friends realize he can perfectly imitate Jay’s voice, they come up with a plan that will give him the opportunity to kiss Clarisse. But at what price?

The Ocean in Bits (a short story)

by Thea Atkinson

Simone watched her lover of forty years chew a piece of meat too big for his mouth, and too tough for his gums and realized that she wished he’d choke.

Winter Tales

by Christopher Kahler

This pre-release Kindle version of ‘Winter Tales’ contains 5 stories for review purposes that leads towards the printed volume containing more stories in a similar style.

An Alexandria Winter story collection 2012

by D Kai Wilson-Viola

From zombies to Gods, nanobots to guitars, spirits and honoring holidays, and a missing mind or two, the 2012 Alexandria Publishing Group Anthology has a bit of everything.
Join us for an Alexandria Publishing Group Winter celebration!


by McDroll

Ten plate-steel short stories with a beating heart. A great mixture of noir, crime, humour and slice-of-life dramas.

McDroll’s crime fiction has a nip of noir and a splattering of Scottish humour and can be found floating around in the digital world, most notably in Shotgun Honey, All Due Respect and Near To The Knuckle. Other stories can be found in the anthologies Off the Record, The Lost Children, Burning Bridges and True Brit Grit.
McDroll is the author of the crime novella The Wrong Delivery and the short story collections Kick It Together and Kick It With Conviction.

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