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Grey Wolf (Grey Wolf Series)

by Austen Brennan

World War III has begun, and the United States is invaded by an alliance of four countries determined to destroy everything and everyone in it. Three 15-year-old boys are thrust into battle after they rescue a team of U.S. Army Rangers known as “Grey Wolf.” Soon they learn that in every shadow lurks a traitor, and that every ally might just as easily plant a knife in their backs. While the three young friends are determined to defend their country at all costs, none of them could possibly have imagined the horrors they will experience, the deception they will uncover, or the prices they will pay.

Maggie Mouse Gets Lost (Maggie Mouse Picture Books for Children)

by Haley Moonspur

‘Maggie Mouse Gets Lost’ is a sweet rhyming picture book ideal for kids 0-3 years of age.  It talks about a young girl mouse that gets lost in the prairie.  Maggie Mouse sets a great example to young kids as she remembers the safety lesson ‘Momma’ taught her about what to do when she is lost.

The story in this short children’s book is beautifully told through rhymes and cute illustrations.  
‘Maggie Mouse Gets Lost’ is a perfect gift for new parents, parents with young kids, or for early readers.

  • “…fun read for your little ones”
  • “my kids […] want me to read it again and again”
  • “fun and whimsical story…Children will love it”

Lionel’s Grand Adventure (Lionel and the Golden Rule)

by Paul R. Hewlett

Praise for Lionel’s Grand Adventure: Lionel and the Golden Rule:

“I really enjoyed this book…I totally think Lionel’s Grand Adventure is a perfect book for reluctant readers or young advanced readers.”

-“This Kid” Erik

This Kid Reviews Books

“This is a great children’s story… It is a wonderful book that teaches children as well as adults a lesson we all should live by.”

-Jeannie Walker

Award Winning Author

Fighting the Devil

Lionel is sick of his brother picking on him and of his mother yelling at him. One day, while cleaning the closet his mother has been after him about, he discovers not only boxes and old clothes, but a lucky charm with more magic than he bargained for. After an unusual encounter with his brother, Lionel knows things are about to change for the better.

Together, Lionel and his lucky charm are able to stand up to his big brother as well as make Carrieâ??the cutest girl in his classâ??notice him. While learning the quirks of his magical charm, Lionel ends up at a casino in Las Vegas, escapes an evil dog, becoming a hero to the other kids, and finds himself playing in the Great Series with his favorite professional baseball team. Will Lionel master the trickster, over-the-top magic, or will it mess things up beyond repair?

More Praise For Lionel’s Grand Adventure: Lionel and the Golden Rule:

“It’s a charming story that is bound to capture little hearts! (& some not so little ones-like me!)… Best of all, it also teaches a lesson in guise of a story!”

-Debdatta Dasgupta Sahay

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“Children will laugh at the comical adventure Lionel undertakes… Lionel discovers the Golden Rule of treating others how you want to be treated. A valuable lesson that is often forgotten.”

-Stacie Theis


Santa’s Claws

by Lesley Williams

Santa’s naughty little kitten stows away on Santa’s sleigh and helps him deliver presents to children everywhere.

Maggie Mouse Can’t Sleep (Maggie Mouse Picture Books for Children)

by Haley Moonspur

‘Maggie Mouse Can’t Sleep’ is a sweet rhyming short picture book about a young girl mouse that can’t fall asleep because she is afraid of monsters. ‘Momma’ tries every trick in the book to help Maggie get some rest, but nothing works… until she remembers just the thing that does the trick.

‘Maggie Mouse Can’t Sleep’ was written for children 0-3 years old, but early readers love it too!  Children’s active imagination can really turn trivial things, such as shadows or noises, into very scary events. ‘Maggie Mouse Can’t Sleep’ will help address those worries in a fun-entertaining short story.

The story in this short children’s book is beautifully told through rhymes and cute illustrations.
‘Maggie Mouse Can’t Sleep’ is a perfect gift for new parents, parents with young kids, and for early readers.

Maggie Mouse Learns to Share (Maggie Mouse Picture Books for Children)

by Haley Moonspur

‘Maggie Mouse Learns to Share’ is a sweet rhyming short picture book about a young girl mouse that learns how fun sharing can be. ‘Grandma’ shows Maggie Mouse how important sharing is after Maggie Mouse has a breakdown because her sister â??Baby Sue’ touched one of her toys.

‘Maggie Mouse Learns to Share’ was written for children 0-3 years old, but early readers love it too! Young children are developing a sense of individuality and can sometimes struggle with sharing and living in a community. ‘Maggie Mouse Learns to Share’ will help show the young ones at home how important it is to share, and how fun it can be, too!

The story in this short children’s book is beautifully told through rhymes and cute illustrations.

‘Maggie Mouse Learns to Share’ is a perfect gift for new parents, parents with young kids, and for early readers.

A Dragon’s Work Is Never Done (Children’s Picture Book) (The Alfie’s Sandwich Series)

by Stephanie Barrett

An Ordinary Lunch Turns Into A Magic Dragon Adventure!
Alfie is just an ordinary little boy–that is, until he bites into a ham and cheese sandwich with mustard so spicy that it turns him into a fire-breathing dragon!
Soon, he befriends another dragon named Marty, who shows him that dragons lead incredibly busy lives. For starters, they terrorize princesses, battle knights, and guard treasure, but did you know that they are also excellent pizza chefs? Or that they rescue rocket ships stranded in outer space? Or that they are responsible for every warm bath that’s ever been taken before bedtime? And all they ask in return is a few fluffy marshmallows–for there’s nothing in the whole wide world that a dragon loves better than marshmallows.
So, if you’ve ever wondered what a day in the life of a dragon is like, spend some time with Marty and Alfie and find out why a dragon’s work is never done!
A Fun Project Brings Alfie And Marty To Life!
What if you could sit down and write a real letter to your favorite children’s book character? Well, at the end of A Dragon’s Work Is Never Done, you can do just that … you might even get something in return! This is a great project to do with your child or grandchild … and imagine their delight when they actually hear back from Alfie and Marty! After all, it’s not every day you get mail from a dragon …
About The Author
When Stephanie Barrett was a child she didn’t walk around with a security blanket or a stuffed animal; instead she walked around with a copy of Richard Scarry’s Best Storybook Ever. It might not have been as warm and fuzzy, but it more than made up for it with wonderful stories and beautiful illustrations.
Before long she began to scribble stories of her very own onto construction paper and legal pads. Her love affair with children’s books has continued ever since, and she absolutely loves being able to share her books with children of all ages. She lives in central Florida with her husband, dog, and cat.

Jack Cleans Up His Mess (Jack’s Picture Books for Children)

by Haley Moonspur

â??Jack Cleans Up His Mess’ is the perfect story for young kids who have trouble keeping their toys organized.

In this cute picture book for children, Jack learns that the cleanup job becomes much easier if it is done while playing, rather than waiting to clean up everything at the end. After reading this book to your children, they will have a crystal-clear example of how to keep their room clean when friends come over.

The picture book â??Jack Cleans Up His Mess’ is told through very colorful illustrations and short rhymes that are sure to keep your kids entertained.

Insects? (A Children’s Book Containing Insect Pictures, Insect Facts PLUS Memory Challenge on Kindle)

by Matthew Harper

Hi and a very warm welcome to “Insects?

I’m one of those people who loves to hear about extraordinary facts or trivia about anything. They seem to be one of the few things my memory can actually recall. I’m not sure if it’s to do with the shock or the “WoW” factor but for some reason my brain seems to store at least some of it for a later date.

I’ve always been a great believer in that whatever the subject, if a good teacher can inspire you and hold your attention, then you’ll learn! Now I’m not a teacher but the system I’ve used in previous publications on Kindle seems to work well, particularly with children.

This “Insects” edition includes a selection of those “WoW” facts combined with some pretty awesome pictures, if I say so myself! At the end there is a short “True or False” quiz to check memory recall and to help cement some of the information included in the book. Don’t worry though, it’s a bit of fun but at the same time, it helps to check your understanding.

Please note that if you’re an expert on insects then you may not find anything new here. If however you enjoy hearing sensational and extraordinary trivia and you like looking at some great pictures then I think you’ll love it.

Let me know what you think using the review page section. I hope you enjoy the show!


Maggie Mouse Tells the Truth (Maggie Mouse Picture Books for Children)

by Haley Moonspur

‘Maggie Mouse Tells the Truth’ is a sweet rhyming short picture book about a young girl mouse that learns the hard way how hurtful lying can be. While playing hide-and-go-seek Maggie breaks a picture frame and in an effort to avoid facing the consequences she accuses her younger sister, Baby Sue.

‘Maggie Mouse Tells the Truth’ was written for children 0-3 years old, but early readers love it too! Young children can sometimes bend the truth a little in order to avoid reprimands, but it is very important for them to learn at a very young age that even the smallest of lies can affect those around them.

The story in this short children’s book is beautifully told through rhymes and cute illustrations.
‘Maggie Mouse Tells the Truth’ is a perfect gift for new parents, parents with young kids, and for early readers.

Snakes for Kids: Facts, Pictures and Great Information for Kids to Learn About Snakes (Reptiles)

by Betty Olsen

Discover all their is to know about snakes. A great book for kids to learn about snakes

Today only, get this Kindle book for just $0.99. Regularly priced

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You’re about to discover the amazing creature that is the snake. Snakes are one of the most interesting creatures on the planet. They are deadly, scary and fascinating and this book will help kids learn more about this incredible animal.

There are many different types of snakes and this book goes into detail about how they move, what they eat, the difference between venomous and non venomous snakes, how they use different senses to hunt and more.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Snakes and their cousins
  • Snake anatomy
  • Snake senses
  • Snake food
  • Snake movement
  • Popular snakes
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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Belstarr The Lost Toymaker

by David Jacks

A rhyming Christmas story about a lost toymaker called ‘Belstarr’ who holds the key to Christmas in her heart. Will she find ‘belief’ before Drake Hausen takes over Christmas forever? A magical sleigh ride for all Christmas believers. Ideal for reading on Christmas Eve to start the festive season.

The Peanut Butter Princess (A Funny Picture Book for Young Readers Learning about Family Life and New Experiences) (The Purpley-Pink House Series)

by MK Grassi

“In a purpley-pink house not too far from here

(the exact location is a bit unclear),

there lives a funny little girl named Camille,

who wants peanut butter with every meal.”

And so begins this delightfully silly picture book by award winning artist/author MK Grassi.

Follow Camille and her faithful little friend, Ruffian on their funny peanut butter adventures.

If your children like stories by Dr. Seuss, Richard Scarry, Mercer Mayer or Barbara Miller then they will love this enchanting book, which features:

* a warmhearted, humorous story with a surprising “feel good” twist near the end

* beautiful color illustrations that will captivate your children

* a spunky, fearless (but a bit stubborn) little girl

* simple flowing text that will engage your children and sustain their interest

* a gentle moral message

The Peanut Butter Princess is written for kids aged 3 – 10, but older and younger ones will enjoy it too!

Your children will giggle and want to see, hear and read this story over and over.

Download your copy now. Press the Buy button at the top of the page

… and get the “The Peanut Butter Princess” audiobook for FREE (start laughing right now!).

101 Facts… Reindeer & Deer! Reindeer Books for Kids.

by IP Factly

IP Factly presents… “101 Factsâ?¦ Deer & Reindeer!”

Amazing facts and photos of some of the world’s most graceful animals.

Deer & Reindeer books for kids – a fun and fascinating way for young readers to find out more some of the world’s most beautiful creatures.

IP Factly’s 101 Facts series has been designed to encourage and bolster independent reading.

Our books for kindle are particularly aimed at the 9-12 preteen age group.

Fascinating Facts Include…

Deer can be found on every continent except Antarctica.

The eyes of a deer have plenty of rod cells but few cone cells. This means they can see better at night than during the day.

Deer have scent glands in front of their eyes which they use to mark their territory. They rub their faces against brushes or trees, leaving their scent to inform other deer of their presence in the area.

Antlers are the fast growing bones in the world.

Some bucks do not shed their antlers due to a genetic defect or a health problem. New bone and new velvet are grown each year and as a result, the antlers look like a cactus, giving these bucks the name â??cactus bucks’.

Scroll up and Buy this book now – your child will love going back to it again and again.

The Adventures of Starlight and Sunny, Book 6, Santa is Coming! How to Make the Holidays bigger than you, with positive conscious morals. (Santa is Coming !)

by Ashley Sage-Taylor Armstrong

Book six, in The Adventures of Starlight and Sunny Series, “Santa is Coming!” How to Make the Holidays bigger than you, with positive conscious morals. Picture Book for baby to 3 and ages 4-8

Come join Starlight and Sunny, a pair of happy, adventurous sisters who go wherever their imagination takes them. Whether under their bed, in their back yard or far from home, these darling girls always follow imagination’s lead.

You may find them wriggling into a fancy costume, playing heroes, petting a puppy, or searching for buried treasure. One things for sure; wherever you find Starlight and Sunny, adventure will not be far behind.

Come along as we see what adventures and lessons the girls will discover today and like Starlight and Sunny, you will find happiness, in its truest way.

You can begin the Adventure with:

Book one, The “Princess Path”, How to do good deeds.

Book two, “The secret Valley”, How to be happy.

Book three, “I am me! Who are you?”, How to pick quality friends and stand up to bullies.

Book Four, “Princesses Don’t Need a Job !” How to be an independent Entrepreneur.

Book Five, “Building a Dream”, How to make your dreams come to life.

What lesson is your favorite?

To find out more about Starlight and Sunny, you can follow them on Facebook or go to

A few wonderful reviews:

” This book is for every mom and dad who wants their child to start their lives by sharing from an enlightened, self-empowered perspective.”

Julia Hidy 2013, Book 2

“It was wonderful to see the lesson that they got from the story as well as their ability to relate to the story. I love children’s books that teach lessons and this one does it better than any other children’s story that I have read!”

Kim 2013, Book 3

“I found myself instantly lost and captivated in the story : such an incredible inspiration and gift for any child and family! Ashley Sage-Taylor has done it again.. A wonderful tool for all families and i am sure many hours of special bonding as families come together to collaborate and soak up the benefits! Children and Grand-children alike are going to be given the greatest gift to cherish and enjoy and grow with so much positive vibes and lessons for a grounded life with every potential there is….. Way to go!!!! ”

Clickchick Dec, 5th, 2013

Teddy to the Rescue

by A. J. Cosmo

If monsters came for you in the middle of the night, would your teddy bear protect you?

When his little girl gets kidnapped by monsters, it’s up to Franky the teddy bear to venture into closet world and rescue her!

3.5k words, 10 color illustrations, recommended for ages 5 and up!

About the Author

A.J. Cosmo’s stories are crafted to help parents teach their children
simple everyday lessons in an easy to understand manner. By artfully
marrying beautiful illustrations and language, children are challenged to
explore his magical worlds. Written for the transitional reader, A.J.’s
stories allow your child to develop and master a new level of reading.

Tough Love (Book 1)

by Hazel Henry

The story of Dana is based on the personal life events of the author. Dana is a 13 year old girl who struggles with being bullied by a popular boys’ group in school, whilst continuing to harbour strong affections for the leader of this clan. In her attempts to get Terence to admit his feelings for her, she has some unfortunate and comical incidences that fuels her determination to oust the leader in full glory. Would a sudden twist of events help Dana to remove her rose tinted glasses to see Terence for what he really is – a first class bully?

Maggie Mouse Goes to Daycare (Maggie Mouse Picture Books for Children)

by Haley Moonspur

Going to daycare can be quite intimidating for a young kid, mainly because of the natural fear of the unknown. In â??Maggie Mouse Goes to Daycare’ Maggie faces the same fears and excitement most young kids have their first day of school, daycare or play group.

â??Maggie Mouse Goes to Daycare’ sets expectations for young kids about to face this situation and teaches them that the short time away from their parents will be filled with fun activities, new experiences and great friends.

Lousy Thinking: a book for children age 8/9/10/11/12 (Childrens Books)

by Mike Davies

One energetic playtime, something amazing happens to Jake Mills: a head louse accidentally bites into a nerve that gives him a hotline to the boy’s thoughts and memories! Amazed by what he finds, including vast areas of under-used brain, Brad the head louse encourages Jake to make the most of what he has between his ears!

“Hilarious! Such an imaginative book…” – The Guardian

Journey to the Ruby Sky: a book for children age 8/9/10/11/12 (childrens books)

by Susan Scott

After jumping through a magical picture, youngsters Jenny, Penny and Ben find themselves at the foot of a glittering staircase.

They soon learn that it’s grandeur is not without significance, as it leads to the Great Ruby Sky; a most magnificent jewelled Kingdom, filled with Creatures of every colour and description.

However, rumour at the bottom of the staircase has it that an evil emperor is planning to invade the Kingdom and take it all for himself – a prospect that upsets these most conscientious of kids.

So, the lines have been drawn and the stage is set for another Picture Gallery Adventure. The three children begin climbing; unaware and so unafraid of the dangers that may await.

But can they make it to the top in time to stop the emperor? And just how would they defeat such a powerful enemy anyway? All is revealed within the Journey to the Ruby Sky…

children’s books:Honey the Bunny and the Coveted Carrot Cup (childrens books series:Honey the Bunny)

by Odeya E

Honey and Willie practiced for a long time prior to the annual Couples Jump Race competition at the Spring Festival.

They trained very hard to win the contest.

But on race day something happened that no one expected . . .

What happened?

Read Honey the Bunny and the Coveted Carrot Cup to find out

Brittle’s Rhymes for Kids’ Bedtimes

by D. J. Brittle

funny silly rhymes about animals and holidays to delight children of all ages. New and revised!

Duke The Mail Carrier (Duke’s Picture Books for Children)

by Haley Moonspur

Sending and receiving letters can bring such joy and is a wonderful way to keep in touch with those important to us. Mail carriers work hard to ensure that each and every letter and package is delivered safely and on time.
In this sweet story, Duke the dog spends the day helping Gus the mailman with his daily route and learns what a big, important job it is. When a package goes missing Duke saves the day and with Duke’s help, everything gets delivered right on time!
A perfect story for young readers to share at any story time with great information about how the postal system works.

Book of Monsters – Ancient Greece

by Antony Briggs

Learn all about Greek monsters and ancient magical beings in this fun fact-file.

If you are already a monster fan, or you are studying the Ancient Greeks at school, then this is the book for you.

Learn about Medusa the snake haired gorgon, Echidna the mother of monsters, and Cerberus the three headed hell hound and many more.

Packed full of interesting facts and fun illustrations, you will be a master of Ancient Greek monstrology in no time.

The Book of Monsters series has been designed to educate, frighten and entertain a generation of readers. With a tongue in cheek humor that both adults and children will appreciate.

Each book is a cartoon study of creatures from fairy tales, literature, folklore, legend and myth. Featuring famous and not so famous monsters as you have never seen them before.

Every page features a large monster illustration with a brief, informative description directly underneath.

Some of the Monsters you will all ready know about, others will be new to you, but by time you have finished with the series, you will be a certified monster expert.

There will be a test at the end, so make sure you are paying attention.

The Southwold Adventure: a book for girls age 6, 7, 8 and 9! (girls books)

by Angela Taylor

9-year-old Poppy and her 13-year-old sister Lily (both of “Guardian of the Key” fame) are back, by popular demand, in this second offering by Suffolk-based author Angela Taylor.

After demonstrating some flair for drama at school, their teacher uses a personal connection to get them both a part in a movie; being filmed on location that summer, at the nearby Southwold fairground.

Naturally, the girls jump at the chance and upon arrival on set, are instantly enthralled by the spectacle of it all. As if a fairground in itself wasn’t exciting enough for children, they find themselves surrounded by lights, cameras, and all kinds of action. The leading lady even has a glittering necklace, featuring a diamond the size of an egg!

However, it wouldn’t be “The Southwold Adventure” if something didn’t go wrong. And just when their parents were banking on a lazy summer, the film-set is thrown into disarray, when the leading lady’s necklace mysteriously disappears. The police are called in and duly begin their investigations, but there are, of course, some mysteries that only a couple of free-spirited young girls can solveâ?¦

FINCH: a book for children age 7/8/9/10/11 (childrens books)

by Angela Taylor

11-year-old “Finch” has only ever known life on military bases.

The son of a US airman, he has long been accustomed to starting a new (humdrum) life every six months.

However, when his dad receives a posting to a base in Suffolk, England, he begins to think that things may be a little different this time, as soon after arriving, there is a break-in at the base.

Suspicion and paranoia run rife amongst the adults, but Finch, with the help of some new-found friends, decides to make his own investigations, and before long, the intrepid youngster finds himself on an adventure like nothing he’s ever experienced beforeâ?¦

Sean T. Close

by C.O. Manahan

Sean Timothy Close is a young boy living in Ireland many years ago.
He has a very special father, however. His Da, Nick travels all around the world at Xmas bringing presents to little children.
A naughty boy tries to sabotage Nick’s Christmas run and poor old Nick gets sick.
Sean has to save Christmas and his father’s reputation, but he has to travel to the North Pole to learn how to get round the world by sleigh in just one night!
How will he manage since he has never driven a sleigh before?

The Star of Christmas

by Bruce A. Sarte

On the third day of creation, God said, “Let there be lights in the heavens.” And according to His Word, the sun, moon and all the stars were created in the sky. God loved each star and would often invite them into His presence and listen to all that they had done. And then one day, He sent out a proclamation commanding all the stars to appear before Him. He would then select one for a very important purpose.

For God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son… but how did He choose the star to announce the birth of the Savior?

Through this moving story of humility and service to something bigger than ones self a holiday tradition is born!

This fully illustrated story of God’s servant is sure to become a staple in your holidays for years to come!

The Legends and the Inca Crystals: a book for children age 8/9/10/11/12 (childrens books)

by Lia Ginno

As with the lives of most 13-year-old girls, Katelin Tresan’s is not without its fair share of drama. However, the problems faced by this young half-Peruvian girl are perhaps a little more complex than usualâ?¦

You see, when she goes to visit her half-brother, Calum (who lives with their father in the rugged, wind-swept land of Cornwall, England) she brings with her some Inca Crystals taken from the Sun Temple near her hometown in Peru.

Calum takes a great interest the crystals, and after some experimenting, he discovers that they are in fact no ordinary gemstones; rather, they are supernaturally-charged crystalline-dynamite, with the ability to actually teleport people when plugged into a laptop!

The two young siblings embark on a whirlwind of adventure as they enjoy playing their new device. I mean, what else would you expect from a couple of kids with magic, quite literally, at their fingertips?

But unfortunately for them, a rather sinister wizard also comes to hear about the crystals, and will stop at nothing to get his hands on them, for use in his own nefarious plansâ?¦

With the evil sorcerer on their trail, Katelin and Calum are thrown into an almighty battle of myth and magic; a struggle in which the lines of battle are constantly being redefined, and nothing is quite as it seems.

Can they manage to keep the crystals from the wizard? What does he want them for anyway? And just how are they going to explain any of this to the grown-ups?!

Silvr – Special Adventures With My Horse

by Ella Lauren

Silvr is the most unusual and gifted horse. Read this adventure as I take you through the mountain wilderness around Grandpa’s ranch. Silvr and I have great fun, but experience hair raising danger along the way. This story is about the unbreakable bond between a girl and her horse.

This is my first book and the drawings are my own. I like to tell stories and my parents encouraged me to write the best ones down. Being only 7, I am excited to share this first book with you. I learned a lot from this project. To get started I drew out my storyline and then added the sentences. I stapled it together into a paper book. After that I re-read it several times and changed some stuff. I learned that finding the right word can be challenging and also that ‘spell checker’ tools are life saving.

The photos are taken from my favorite riding place in Costa Rica. That is one of the most beautiful places I have ever ridden.

Thank you for reading about my book. Be sure to like it above 🙂 and give me a nice review if you can.


Patrick The Rabbit And Zack (Perfect for 1st to 4th graders)

by Roy Popson

Two great stories for imaginative 1st to 4th graders:


Patrick the rabbit loves carrots, but an aching tooth gets in his way. Now he must be brave and go the dentist.

There, our rabbit will learn about Vitamin A and C, and why he needs both of them to stay healthy!


Zack likes sports, but he can’t make up his mind on which one he wants to play. Maybe basketball? Or perhaps tennis? Or soccer, or volleyball?

Help Zack choose his sport and learn a valuable lesson about friendship.

Easy language, colorful illustrations.

2,000 words, 30 pages.

Kids’ Picture Book: Positive Affirmations for Little Boys: The ABC Book of Rhymes (Enhance Kids’ Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence) (Children’s Books with Good Values)

by Sarah Mazor


The children’s book: Positive Affirmations for Little Boys: The ABC Book of Rhymes consists of 26 positive affirmations based on the 26 letters of the alphabet. Each affirmation is expressed in a rhyme and is accompanied by a lovely illustration that is bound to delight your child and make you smile.

Self-doubt does not begin in adulthood. Issues with self-esteem, and conversely positive self-image, can often be attributed to early childhood experiences. Thus, promoting self-confidence and self-appreciation, and a positive attitude toward the self during the early years of life is of supreme importance. Read the “Positive Affirmations for Little Boys: The ABC Book of Rhymes” again and again with your son, grandson, nephew or favorite godchild, and enhance your favorite little boy’s self-image and promote his path to a bright and healthy emotional future.

Additionally, this little children’s book also contributes to children’s intellectual growth. Numerous studies show that children that are engaged in reading activities early, even before preschool, are bound to do better in all levels of education. Research also shows that learning with the help of rhymes enhances phonetic awareness in children. This means that children that are exposed to rhymes gain the ability to break words into smaller parts, an aptitude that augments spelling, reading, and writing skills.

Is there a special little girl in your life? The “Positive Affirmations for Little Girls: The ABC Book of Rhymes” is available on Amazon at

Maggie Mouse Learns to Forgive (Maggie Mouse Picture Books for Children)

by Haley Moonspur

“Sometimes things will happen, and you might get a little sad. But good friends are far too special to stay forever mad.” This sound advice is from Momma Mouse in Maggie Mouse Learns to Forgive, the latest in the popular Maggie Mouse story series for children. Written in charming rhyming verse, this story is perfect for ages 3 and up with wonderful illustrations that are sure to delight. This sweet story about friendship and forgiveness is perfect for story time and for early readers as well.
Maggie is having a wonderful time at the park with her new friend, Polly. After swinging and playing on the see-saw, they decide to build sandcastles. Maggie is very proud of hers, but when Polly walks over to see, she accidentally trips and knocks Maggie’s castle to the ground. Maggie’s feelings are hurt and she runs to Momma saying she doesn’t want to be friends with Polly anymore. Momma teaches Maggie that when accidents happen between friends, it’s important not only to say you’re sorry, but also to forgive.

Dracula is Back! – A book for children age 9/10/11/12 (Childrens Books)

by Stephanie Baudet

When Jon Harker and his step-sister, Sarah, accept a lift from a stranger after getting lost on a ski slope in Romania, they are driven to a dark, intimidating castle and taken prisoner. Escape seems impossible and they realise with growing horror that the man who calls himself Count Dracula is not the gracious host he seems.

The present and the past become strangely confused as they try to convince themselves that it is all a nightmare. After all, vampires only exist in legends … don’t they?

Recommended reading for children ages 9-12. Book first published in 1999 by Andre Deutsch Ltd.

Duke the Firefighter (Duke’s Picture Books for Children)

by Haley Moonspur

Duke is a very smart dog that helps out whenever needed. In ‘Duke the Firefighter’, Duke visits the fire station and gets to learn everything that goes on in there. Duke, being as smart as he is, saves the day when the alarms at the fire station fail.

‘Duke the Firefighter’ is a great rhyming story, presented in picture book format, for kids to learn about the important role fire fighters have in our society.

Quill’s Adventures in the Great Beyond (Quill Hedgehog)

by John Waddington-Feather

In all the Quill Hedgehog stories the Animalfolk live in their own peaceful, well ordered world, adjoining but separate from the Humanfolk world, a world rapidly being polluted by their own greed and hunger for power. Patiently, the Animalfolk are waiting for the Humanfolk to come to their senses and join them living in harmony together in one happy universe.
Meanwhile, they have to live alongside them, but trouble lies in store when one of their own, Mungo Brown, an alley-cat and ambitious lawyer, visits the Humanfolk world and becomes infected with greed and power. He returns to the Animalfolk world determined to exploit it, destroying all its natural beauty and peace by building an industrial empire and ruling it as dictator.
Quill Hedgehog knows nothing of this when one spring day he decides to leave his own cosy routine in Domusland and seek adventure in the neighbouring Great Beyond. His adventure comes sooner than expected, for the moment he sets foot in the Great Beyond with his new-found friend, a tramp cat, Horatio Fitzworthy, they discover that the villainous Mungo Brown has invaded it with an army of rats from Wasteland and is busy building his ill-planned towns and factories all over the place.
The Animalfolk who live in the Woodland unite to fight back against this take-over, and under the leadership of Horatio aided by the wise Hoot Owl and others, they upset Mungo’s plans and drive the rats out of their country. Peace and happiness return to the Great Beyond once more as Mungo flees to Wasteland to hatch more trouble during the rest of the Quill Hedgehog series.

Children’s Trivia: Whose Wheels (Educational fun + Free game inside) (Curios Kids Collection)

by A and A Cornflakes

What wheel is made of buckets? What wheel could be operated with a single finger? What wheel towers over London?

The wheel is one the earliest inventions of mankind. It is still one of the most important, yet many modern wheels are hidden from the eyes of a growing child.

In the virtual world we all live in nowadays, the “Whose?” series is a humorous and fun way to teach toddlers and kids alike about real-world objects. These classic Kindle eBooks encourage thinking outside of the box by taking both the reader and the child on an active riddle-and-answer quest. Reading these books will challenge young minds while providing fun for the whole family.

Join us and discover the funniest and strangest wheels in the world, and enjoy a free game to complement the experience.

Children’s Trivia: Whose House (Educational fun + Free game inside) (Curios Kids Collection)

by A and A Cornflakes

What house has legs? What house orbits the earth? What house could contain 307 million residents?

As soon as man discovered rain, he invented the house. But man is not the only architect of his habitat. There are many kinds of man-made and also animal-built shelters that are hidden from the eyes of a growing child.

In the virtual world we all live in nowadays, the “Whose?” series is a humorous and fun way to teach toddlers and kids alike about real-world objects. These classic Kindle eBooks encourage thinking outside of the box by taking both the reader and the child on an active riddle-and-answer quest. Reading these books will challenge young minds while providing fun for the whole family.

Join us and discover the funniest and strangest houses in the world, and enjoy a free game to complement the experience.

Roger the Reindeer (The Diaries of Robins Toys)

by Ken Lake

When Roger started to tell Robin and Grandad his story he admitted that he had problems with reading. So he never bothered to read labels. That was alright until he left home and then the trouble started. After his problems with giant rhubarb he became determined to learn to read properly and that landed him the best Reindeer job of all.

Children’s Trivia: Whose Hats (Educational fun + Free game inside) (Children’s Trivia – Whose)

by A and A Cornflakes

What hat has a broom on top of it? Which hats have tails or horns? What is the most famous black and white hat of all time?

As soon as man realized the importance of his head, the hat became a necessity. In this book we tip our hats to this item of fashion and function, and all of its different versions, including those that are hidden from the eyes of a growing child.

In the virtual world we all live in nowadays, the “Whose?” series is a humorous and fun way to teach toddlers and kids alike about real-world objects. These classic Kindle eBooks encourage thinking outside of the box by taking both the reader and the child on an active riddle-and-answer quest. Reading these books will challenge young minds while providing fun for the whole family.

Join us and discover the funniest and strangest hats in the world, and enjoy a free game to complement the experience.

Children’s Trivia: Whose Shoes (Educational fun + Free game inside) (Curios Kids Collection)

by A and A Cornflakes

Which shoes have spikes, and which have blades? Which shoes are made of wood, and which are made of steel? Which shoes are meant for walking on snow, and which are meant for flying over it?

Anyone who’s ever banged their toe in the middle of the night knows the value of shoes. These items of fashion and function are the symbols of travel, sports, dancing and much more. This book will allow a growing child to explore all the different shoes he or she might want to fill one day.

In the virtual world we all live in nowadays, the “Whose?” series is a humorous and fun way to teach toddlers and kids alike about real-world objects. These classic Kindle eBooks encourage thinking outside of the box by taking both the reader and the child on an active riddle-and-answer quest. Reading these books will challenge young minds while providing fun for the whole family.

Join us and discover the funniest and strangest shoes in the world, and enjoy a free game to complement the experience.

My First NASCAR Race

by Mickey Frazier

You can’t make the big NASCAR Race this weekend? In ‘My First NASCAR Race’ author Mickey Frazier Sr. gives you an inside look at an event-filled weekend. The excitement, speed, wrecks and personalities make NASCAR the fastest growing sport in the world. See for yourself. A MUST READ CHILDREN AND YOUNG ADULTS!

Prince Sam and the Furry Tail

by Lesley Williams

Prince Sam wants an adventure from a Fairy Tale. But the sleepy wizard magics him a Furry Tail instead.
Prince Sam gets increasingly angry as his tail changes from one type of animal tail to another.
Will he ever have a normal Royal bottom again?

ShowMe Numbers 0 – 20 ( Picture & Flash Cards Book )

by Jerome Collins

A child’s first teacher is their parent. ShowMe Numbers: 0 to 20 is a counting picture book that allows your little one to “see” numbers and to learn how to count from zero to twenty.

Understanding that numbers are composed of tens and ones is an important foundational concept, setting the stage for work with larger numbers.

Captain Thomas And The Terrifying Yeti Expedition

by Robin Alexander Eadon

Captain Thomas And The Terrifying Yeti Expedition – Our friends, Robert, Lionel and Alastair their brave dog, Joan and Joyce are lucky enough to have a chance of a lifetime holiday in the Himalayas. (The home of the Yeti!)
Captain Thomas has it from a reliable source that the legendary Yeti has been spotted once more! Himself and his man, Sidney are also off to the Himalayas in search of the fabled Yeti.
And once more Captain Thomas has a dastardly plan up his sleeve!
He wants to capture a live Yeti!!!
But the tables are turned on him and he finds himself captured by a real live Yeti!!!
Can Captain Thomas be rescued?
Find out inside this exciting new Captain Thomas adventure story.

Yah and the Space Cadets / Star Rise / The Third Expedition

by Jake Taylor

The cadets are charged with speeding, towing disabled spaceships, and refusing to pay a toll in deep space. “Ridiculous!” said Judge Purrik who dismisses those charges. On the other hand, he wants to hear about how Alph, being alone, was able to fight during five days without respite and kill 215 Lutins (enormous, vicious hyena-like creatures). In addition, he wants to know who fired the Veloceptors, and who put microscopic tracking devices in the â??traffic tickets’ handed out by Colonel Erlakee. Finally, he wants to hear the charge against Lieutenant Generals Yalert and Dirah of an Unprovoked Attack in Deep Space, and that of Torture against them as committed by Yah and Commander d’Nor. But, suddenly and unexpectedly, Queen Mella Kreffa drops all the charges provided the Empire of Annur does the same. The big question is: Why?
Once the expedition gets underway, the cadets continue to obtain strange powers; for example, they can grab the soul of a living creature and scatter it about. What kind of power is this!? In spite of their many powers and gifts, nine of the twelve cadets are captured in beautiful Crystal Planet.
Later, they receive the gift that allows them to float their souls; something that “is not like levitation or flying, it is rather like ascending effortlessly, transforming oneself into breezes and sounds.”
On their way to AquaSoil, they go to planet Nirrat to test their powers. Later, they discover two mountains made of diamond drifting alone in space. They claim ownership of the mountains on behalf of the Empire but are immediately challenged by Captain Lusada (a Tamort) who claims them for Queen Mella; she accomplishes this with the aid of Colonel Erlakee (a Herptile).
With all these occurrences, will the cadets succeed in preparing AquaSoil for a future civilization?

Keep on reading the incredible adventures of the cadets in the third volume of the series: “Yah and the Space Cadets / Star Rise / The Third Expedition”

ShowMe Numbers 0 – 10 ( Picture & Flash Cards Book )

by Jerome Collins

ShowMe Numbers 0 – 10
A child’s first teacher is their parent. ShowMe Numbers 0 – 10 is a counting picture book that allows your little one to “see” numbers and to learn how to count from zero to ten.

Understanding that numbers are composed of tens and ones is an important foundational concept, setting the stage for work with larger numbers.

The Little Red Hen (Sommer-Time Story Classic Series)

by Carl Sommer

Little Red Hen had a busy summer planting seeds, watering the soil, digging up the weeds, and harvesting the grain. Whenever she asked the dog, cat, and duck to help, they always had excuses. A crisis occurredâ??a wicked fox captured the goose. When Little Red Hen went to her three friends, they again made excuses, so she went to the next farm, and Brown Dog helped her rescue the goose.

Finally, harvest was over and Little Red Hen baked delicious bread which she shared with Brown Dog and the goose. When the scent of the bread reached her three friends, they asked if they could have some. Little Red Hen refused to share her bread with her lazy friends because they refused to share the work. This retelling of the classic tale demonstrates that you should not expect favors if you refuse to work.

Jack Goes to the Dentist (Jack’s Picture Books for Children)

by Haley Moonspur

Going to the dentist can cause a little anxiety whether it’s your first visit or your twentieth! However, it’s important to remember that despite the masks and strange tools, they are there to keep us all healthy.
Jack is growing up and is able to do more things for himself, but sometimes remembering to do all of the good, healthy habits is difficult. When Jack forgets to brush his teeth a few too many times, his tooth begins to ache. While he is initially scared about his first trip to the dentist and what will happen, when he meets the friendly dentist his fears are allayed. Jack learns healthy brushing and flossing habits and heads home, balloon in hand, and with his first lost tooth to show off to Dad and brother Owen.


by Timon Storm

Are you ready to give your little ones a learning experience they will enjoy?

Exploring the wonderful world of Puppies from around the world while learning the ABC, what could be more fun?

Your special little person will learn about different breeds of puppies, some you will know about already and some will be new even to you.

Yes your participation will also be required, but what better way to interact with your child and to captivate the imagination than to discuss the answers to questions posed in this book?

Go ahead, have a look and I am sure you will like what you see.

The Boy That Saved Christmas

by Kensington Gore

A Christmas Tale that will warm the heart of any child.

Rhys, is surprised to find a drunk Santa fall down his Grandparents chimney.

And when Santa starts demanding drink and being shown the family silver, he realises this is no normal Saint Nick.

With added kids cartoons and jokes as a Christmas treat from Kensington Gore.

A Brand New Collection Of Bedtime Stories Vol 1

by Curtis Harmon

Parents who read their children bedtime stories every night are running out of quality material; and like any hero, this book is coming to the rescue. It is the first collection of ten new short stories, so full of action and adventure, that they will expand your child’s imagination and dare them to dream that the impossible is possible. Children will find that these stories are laced with lessons of bravery, respect and honor, but parents may unearth the deeper meanings of love, compassion, and even the meaning of life, hidden in between the pages. For these stories inspire not only the child, but all those who read them. They will truly become a treasure when it’s time for your children to read them to theirs.

Catfox and the weather (The Cloudland Collection)

by Shirani Bolle

Meet Catfox! A half cat, half fox, zany, loveable fellow. Watch as he struggles to cope with the ever changing weather and follow him on his journey as he discovers a great way to be truly happy!

Cloudland publications combine storytelling and humour in a unique way to provide children with the tools they need for boosting confidence and improving emotional intelligence. Drawing from philosophies from all over the world we provide children with well rounded skills that will help benefit them throughout their lives.

Things people have said about “Seamus the one-armed teddy bear” by Shirani Bolle.

“Great for toddlers and adults alike it makes you think. A little tale with a big message.” *****

“A lovely way of introducing the themes of difference, diversity, self esteem and confidence to young children in a positive and creative way.” ***** (educational psychologist)

“A very refreshing children’s book with a worthwhile meaning.” *****

Children’s Trivia: Whose Tracks (Educational fun + Free game inside) (Curios Kids Collection)

by A and A Cornflakes

What leaves a clear road behind it? Who left a foot print in solid rock? What moves towards its own tracks?

Just as early hunters looked for the tracks of animals, so do modern scientists look for the tracks of stars and atoms. Everything leaves a track behind it, but many are hidden from the eyes of a growing child.

In the virtual world we all live in nowadays, the “Whose?” series is a humorous and fun way to teach toddlers and kids alike about real-world objects. These classic Kindle eBooks encourage thinking outside of the box by taking both the reader and the child on an active riddle-and-answer quest. Reading these books will challenge young minds while providing fun for the whole family.

Join us and discover the funniest and strangest tracks in the world, and enjoy a free game to complement the experience.

How to Live and Die in Crescent Rock (Crescent Rock Series)

by Bree Wolf

In the small town of Crescent Rock, located in the most southern dip of North Carolina, high school senior and head of the cheerleading squad QUINN MCPHERSON leads a life â?¦ almost like the majority of her peers all over the country. Ruling her school with a firm hand, always followed by an entourage of personality-lacking wanna-bes dying to be just like her, Quinn takes the control she’s always had over her life and those in it as a given. Her word is obeyed, followed to the point and never challenged.

Until one night sends her perfectly structured life into a tailspin – literally.

As her car threatens to spin off the road, Quinn is saved in the last moment by a handsome new-comer who – as she soon discovers – is more than human, and his presence in town is not a coincidence. Although he’s never met her, ARNAUD DE LA ROCHE came to save her life.

From that moment on, as one near-death situation pours into another, Quinn is constantly torn between feeling grateful for the safety of his presence and the almost desperate urge to claw his eyes out. Finding in Arnaud an equally strong mind, not used to backing down or taking orders, Quinn soon finds herself infuriated whenever she lays eyes on him.

Not even when more and more supernaturals come pouring into Crescent Rock and dark secrets are dragged into the light of day are they able to set aside their differences.

Magic Flying Carpet Adventure #1: The Dinosaur World (Fiction Kindle Chapter Books for kids Ages 6-8, 8-10, 9-12, Boys & Girls)

by Jamie Roy

The Magic Flying Carpet Adventure Book 1: The Dinosaur World

Eight-year-old Sarah and her twin brother Daniel received a flying carpet from Santa as a Christmas gift. They flew back to the Dinosaur World for their first breathtaking adventure:

– How did they survive the T. Rex attack?

– What was the big secret in that mysterious bottle?

– Why a talking parrot was living with dinosaurs?

Look Inside This Exciting Kids’ Chapter Book Now and Learn the Big Secrets!

Modes of Transportation: ABC Book of Rhymes (Children’s Picture Book for Ages 3-8) (Children’s Books with Good Values)

by Yael Rosenberg

— Entertain and Educate your Curious Child! —

The Modes of Transportation: ABC Book of Rhymes boasts of gorgeous images along with cute and fun rhymes that feature a variety of modes of transportation and the letter in the alphabet that they represent. This children’s rhyming picture book is appropriate for reading to preschool kids and for middle childhood aged children who can read themselves. This book is an excellent addition to children’s libraries, whether they are home schooled or attend traditional educational institutions.

Modes of transportation in the modern world are for the most part efficient, fast, and reliable. But to this day versions of transportation apparatuses that are powered by human and animal energy, still serve humanity. In this Modes of Transportation: ABC Book of Rhymes the past and the present intermingle. From the Camel to the Ute, from the Stage Coach to the X’trapolis, from the Ornithopter to the Airplane, and from Zip Lines to Mountains Bikes, you’ll find them all here.

A bonus section is included in the back of the Kindle edition contains a bit of history and trivia about each of the featured transportation apparatus.

Moo and Baa Book of Horrors no:19 (Moo and Baaa stories)

by Peter john King

This is the nineteenth in the compilation of Moo and Baa stories. Baa finds Mrs Farmers cook book which falls out of the farmhouse window. When Moo and Baa start to read the cook book, the recipes inside become stories in their minds. So each of their stories really scares them as Baa reads them out. Inturn it becomes, The Book of Horrors. Fun is had as the recipes are read out. So if you want a cook book then this is the one, for all the family.If you want a Horror book, this too is fun for all the family. In the end Mrs Farmer gets a new cook book, and Oink eats the old one.

Nicky’s Tale – The adventure of a lost Mini Schnauzer

by Carole Joyce

Nicky has suffered a fate so many dogs live with. Becoming homeless, lost, lonely and looking for a home like he used to have. He lives on the street, fends for himself and struggles with his situation with bravery. Nicky tells his story in his own voice. A warm tale about his journey to find his forever home. This tale includes10 great pictures to make this a great bedtime read.

Scroll up and grab this story now

Plucky Penguin Yearns to Fly

by Sherrie Dolby

This series of children’s stories is not only meant for their entertainment but to help them learn new vocabulary and morals as well. Vocabulary words will be in italics and in red. Their definitions can be found at the end of the story in The Glossary. Each word is clickable and will take you right to the Glossary. The moral of the story will be in bold and green. I hope you and your child find these books as fun and entertaining as me and my children do.

Happy Reading!

Tommy’s Dream World #1: Tommy, A Chubby Boy (Children Book Age 3 – 6 years)

by Freda Jones

Tommy’s Dream World

Tommy is a Chubby boy. He’s a nice kid but can be naughty sometime. Tommy has one special thing that is unique from other kids. He always dreams every time he goes to bed. Only you! will know what he dreams about. This is the top secret. Let’s go!!


by Rob “Nanook” Natiuk

More fun than 3 monkeys and a gorilla! Join Booey, Hooey, Fooey and Kabooley in some of the Jungle’s mishaps and adventures. Oh yes, there are important lessons for all to learn, from how to eat bananas to how to go bananas and still be loved and loving.

CHRISTMAS TREEHOUSE presents four active stories. In “O Christmas Tree” the monkeys search through the Jungle for the right tree to decorate for their own treehouse. They discover “the true spirit of Christmas” and a tree that’s perfect for them.

In “Joyful Jungle Bells” our three monkeys friends spend a day filling their Christmas list in Coconut Town. They buy presents for themselves–but by the time they get back home they discover the joy of sharing with others.

In “Grandpa Monk and Sunny Paws” our three monkeys learn about Sunny Paws and how he delivers presents to all good monkey girls and boys. A new twist to an old tale!

“Laughter the Day After” shows that our spirit of giving far outlasts the gifts we receive. New Year’s Resolutions are just a swinging-off spot for a more joyous life.

This Christmas season get deeper insights into the true “reason for the season.”


by Rob “Nanook” Natiuk

More fun than 3 monkeys and a gorilla! Join Booey, Hooey, Fooey and Kabooley in some of the Jungle’s mishaps and adventures. Oh yes, there are important lessons for all to learn, from how to eat bananas to how to go bananas and still be loved and loving.

When the 3 Monkeys go hunting for a Christmas tree, they are often stumped. At least I didn’t say they “barked up the wrong tree!”

When their first few attempts failed, they had to branch out across the river. That meant dealing with the crocodile, the turtle and the rhinoceros. After all that effort, they still didn’t get their tree.

So back home. And there they discovered one of life’s most important lessons. As you will too!

A great lesson to share with readers of all ages at this time of year. “The true spirit of Christmas” is highlighted in a way that will stay with readers and listeners throughout the year.

Reading Is Fun!: A Dolch Sight Words Book – Level 1 – Pre-Primer

by Noah Smiles

This is the first in a series of books that helps children learn how to read by helping them achieve fluency with the Dolch sight words. The ability to read is one of the most important skills that a child can have, because it opens the doors of knowledge. The purpose of this book is to make reading fun for the child, so that he can become fluent in reading the sight words. This book uses attractive pictures as well as encouraging words along the way to keep the child engaged. This book also contains fun and entertaining sentences that contain only the sight words that the child has learned.

Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.