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Always Chloe and Other Stories

by Catherine Ryan Hyde

This new short story collection from the author of Don’t Let Me Go and Pay It Forward features ALWAYS CHLOE, the long-awaited novella sequel to Catherine Ryan Hyde’s award-winning novel, Becoming Chloe.

Jordy and Chloe are living above a restaurant in Morro Bay, the first place they landed after their trip down the Big Sur Coast. But Jordy has a boyfriend now, an old flame who’s come back into his life in a big way. Chloe stretches herself as far as she can go to give them her blessing, but her issues about living–or even sleeping–alone turn this happy reunion into a potential disaster. Chloe stops eating, stops sleeping, stops paddling her beloved and battered blue kayak in the bay. No one knows how to help her. When her friend Old Ben, the man who runs the fuel dock nearby, gives her some advice, his words could either save the day or send her out to sea forever, depending on her unique mind’s understanding of them. A heart-wrenching stand-alone novella, and an answer to the many readers who asked for a sequel to Becoming Chloe, ALWAYS CHLOE is ultimately about the struggle to balance others’ needs with our own–and exactly how expansive and forgiving the human heart can be.

This collection also includes four previously published short stories, including Breakage, which won honors in the Tobias Wolff award, and The Lion Lottery, which was cited in Best American Short Stories.

“Tender, amazingly hopeful.” -Kirkus Reviews, of Becoming Chloe

“Vibrant and heartbreaking.” -Publishers Weekly, of Becoming Chloe

Subway Dancer and Other Stories

by Catherine Ryan Hyde

SUBWAY DANCER AND OTHER STORIES is a new collection of gripping short fiction by Catherine Ryan Hyde, the bestselling author of many beloved novels, including DON’T LET ME GO and PAY IT FORWARD, and of other critically acclaimed short story collections, including EARTHQUAKE WEATHER and ALWAYS CHLOE.

A striking and emotionally resonant collection, SUBWAY DANCER AND OTHER STORIES is a compilation of stories originally published in some of the most respected literary magazines in the country, including The Antioch Review, Virginia Quarterly Review, Glimmer Train and Ploughshares.

In the award-winning story “Bloodlines,” two neighbors of different ethnicities are friends in spite of their differencesâ?¦until an argument about expensive purebred dogs versus mutts from the pound brings the whole neighborhood’s precarious balance crashing down. “Bloodlines” was reprinted in Bark Magazine’s best-selling anthology Dog is My Co-Pilot and was cited in Best American Short Stories.

In Witness to Breath, a woman living a dangerous life working on the streets takes in an elderly dog left behind when his owner is killed in a robbery. Despite never having been a dog person, their brief relationship changes her in ways she never could have expected.

In Disappearances, a man not fluent in his own emotions tries unsuccessfully to broadside a train in his pickup truck, then spends the rest of the story figuring out the first clue to why he’d try to do such a thing.

Among the other riveting and beautifully crafted stories included in this collection, “Five Singing Gardeners and One Dead Stranger” and “Requiem For a Flamer” were nominated for the Pushcart Prize, and “The Man Who Found You in the Woods” was cited in Best American Short Stories.

This collection includes an Author’s Note by Catherine Ryan Hyde.

Last Words: A Story of Apocalyptic Loss

by Michael Coorlim

Brandon’s father has to have a talk with his son, both the most important and the last chat they’ll ever have. How can a man give his boy the worst news possible? Can a 5th-grader cope with loss on an unimaginable scale?

Last Words is a very dark and very short story, perfect for a single sitting or a long commute.

Nathan’s Valley

by Bob Brown

In 1885 Nathan was an easygoing Montana merchant until a drunken cowhand sullied the good name of Nellie Lee Wilson, the girl Nathan intended to marry. A showdown in the Drywhistle Saloon ended with the death of Willy Strom, a rambunctious and taunting cowhand. Knowing hanging Judge Carson would have no mercy, Nathan kidnapped Nellie Lee and headed for a hideout. The refuge Nathan selected was awe-inspiring, but located in an almost inacessible part of the of the Rocky Mountains. The birth of two children makes a loving family, but does not shield them from heartbreaking events. Nathan was a self-proclaimed philosopher and this, plus his inventions and misadventures, enhance this story of love and adventure.

Five Scoops Is An Addiction! (The Scoops Series)

by Alex Carrick

“Five Scoops” Is An Addiction! is a collection of 16 shorter and longer stories. It’s the fourth in The “Scoops” series and combines the best elements of its forerunners.

Alex Carrick has twice received Honorable Mention recognition (2010 and 2011) in the Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition for literary excellence.

He likes to explore in an amusing and often touching way the dilemnas we all face in this modern, fast-paced life. He’ll play with structure and time to present his unique vision.

In his fiction, he’s not afraid to tackle such diverse genres as paranormal, ghost stories, science fiction, fantasy, murder mystery and even romance. He likes to joke that he’s especially adept at the latter.

In mid-May 2012, Mr. Carrick’s site was chosen “Blog of the Week” by Writer’s Digest. The accompanying description said, “Alex Carrick’s blog is clean, crisp and entertaining. His stories range from humorous to thought-provoking, making it a fun read.”

Mr. Carrick has been a professional economist covering the construction industry for the past 39 years. He writes extensively on economic matters for several newsletters, newspapers and the Internet, dealing with both Canada and the United States.

From the Back Cover
Praise for “Two Scoops” Is Just Right:
– 5 Stars… A choice pick for short fiction fans. ~ Midwest Book Reviews
– Really funny… If you want a good laugh (and who doesn’t) you MUST pick this book up. MUST. ~ The Book Journal
– A fun read… If you want a good laugh buy this book, read this book, then buy one for a friend. ~ Barbara Kent, Success Books
– Who knew an economist could have a sense of humour? ~ PaulTheBookGuy Podcast

Praise for “Three Scoops” Is A Blast!
– “Just like your first book, this is a hit. Everyone should grab a copy!”
– “Alex Carrick has surpassed himself and brought back the charm of the perfect short story. You will not be disappointed.”

Dueling Partners

by Bob Brown

After nine year old Lacey’s parents die in an automobile accident, a New Jersey judge ordered that she live in Montana with Josh, her seventy-eight year old bachelor grandfather.


Lacey got up and pulled the string to turn off the ceiling light. Erie moonlight penetrated a dingy window to cast a square of haze on the pine plank floor. A triangular piece of glass was missing so there was a matching bright spot on the floor.

Lacey knelt at the side of her bed. “Lord, you sure got me into the worst mess ever. You let my Mother and Daddy die and you gave me to my Grandfather, a stinky old man. He doesn’t like me and I don’t like him. He dragged me fifteen hundred miles from civilization in a filthy old truck with no seat belts. He’s smelly, he smokes, he curses, he drinks beer, and he’s so stingy I might starve to death. The only thing worse than his cabin is his outhouse. I know I’m bossy, Lord, but am I really this bad? Mother always taught me take care of myself and not to ask favors from anyone, but I’m in a fix here, Lord. If you could help me even a tiny bit, I’ll try to pay you back some way. Please Lord, think it over. I’ll get back with you tomorrow night for your answer. Amen.

Lacey pulled herself onto the bed. She stared at moonlit hulks of Josh’s junk against the wall until her eyes filled with grit. She feared if she closed her eyes she would fall forever and ever down a black abyss, and not a soul anywhere would miss her.

Bittersweet Revenge

by Bob Brown

“Bittersweet Revenge” is a selection of Bob Brown’s short stories. His distinctive voice resonates throughout the stories, yet each tale is unique. They encompass fiction, historical fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. The choices his characters make at critical moments reveal their true nature, leading to pleasant, unexpected, or even miserable outcomes. Cowards, scoundrels, or heroes? All are present in this sometimes humorous, sometimes tragic collection. The stories are written to entertain and a few may be too farfetched to for real lifeâ??or are they? In “Queen for a Day” Swindell didn’t say, I’m here to steal your wife, but that is what he really meant. In “Windmill,” Zeke, a Montana rancher chastises Roy for digging a wellâ??until water is struck. Then Zeke proudly decrees, “This here well is the best id’ie I ever had.” “Mission in Trouble” is a nonfiction mystery about Captain Hall, a North Pole explorer who died and was buried in Greenland in 1871 after claiming the ship’s doctor had poisoned him. “Engaged, Engaged for What?” is a nonfiction story about the rift between Orville Wright and his sister after she announced her engagement to a newspaperman. Sinister humor dominates “A Murder Misery” when Don murders his business partner with ironic consequences. Humor is absent in “Moon Shadows,” a bleak tragedy about Molly, a nineteenth century prairie woman, who must bury her best friend in the middle of a cheerless moonlit night. Each story in “Bittersweet Revenge” has a beginning, middle, and end. They are ideal for a coffee break, a wait in a doctor’s office, or a lazy afternoon in a hammock.

Blood and Gasoline

by Elias Anderson

His father suffering with fatal cancer, Cody is forced to reunite with the violent, alcoholic tyrant of his childhood. Requiring expensive, live in care, Cody is tethered to the old man by guilt and duty, and there is no one else but him to step up to the task. Feeling trapped, Cody becomes desperate for a different life.

While restrained by caring for his father, Cody meets Perla, and the different life he dreamed of begins taking shape. When he brings her home to meet his father, however, Avery snaps, insulting and degrading the woman Cody has fallen in love with. Every relationship has secrets. Some darker than others , including the drunken accident that left Cody without a mother. With time running out, Cody and his father work to shed light on their dark past before cancer claims the relationship each of them seeks. Things get better, but as always, it is only for a while…

By All Our Violent Guides

by C. Young

A novel of presences, love, mysteries and art.



A story of three people, whose daily life’s coincidents eventually and inevitably lead to tragedy. Set in our big and beautiful city, Toronto .

R.F.B.T.G. (The Urban Trilogy)

by Robert Ravensbergen

Hoping to capture the elegance of the story for which it is titled, RFBTG or Running Fast and Barefoot Through the Grass is the first installment of an Urban Trilogy full of stories that bend, defy and sweep across genre to deliver an emotional urgency to modern life. The joyousness of family, of hearth, of home, and the struggles of power and meaning both past, present and future are explored with a fully realized and vivacious imaginative power, evocative and contemplative to the very extremes of what has been accomplished in the English language. With each passing story the reader is invited deeper into an imaginative universe and order which seeks to rival and redeem the very best of what classic literature has had to offer, finding a balance in the chaos and disorder of human life that might suit every passing from one generation to the next.

Clear Rock

by Robert Ravensbergen

Clear Rock is a clear return to the wholesome love and redemption of religious life, directed firmly towards the documentation and aggregation of images which seek to fill the readers heart with a sense of awe, wonder, and stirring, visceral fulfillment. Through an ironic journal and documentation of the writers life and other images, it portrays the meaningful ambitions beneath subtle experiences, the hoping and wanting for a universal harmony, and in its second part abandoning loftiness and derisive segmentation for a more comforting and homely prose, it seeks to fulfill the dreams of the first part in a calmer, more at ease perception of the value of one’s life and one’s world – one that continues its authors pursuit of a powerful classicist perception that might suit the incredible new centuries laid out before us.

It Doesn’t Last Long (The Urban Trilogy)

by Robert Ravensbergen

It Doesn’t Last Long takes the reader on a ride from which they might never wish to return, gripping them with tales of young people confronting death as an emergent force in their lives, forever trying to reconcile themselves to a fate their world has adjoined to them beyond their control. This second installment of The Urban Trilogy seeks to prove the lasting power of escape in resisting the darker logics of our lives, executed with a creative will and forcefulness par excellence, one which portrays the reality of one’s coming of age in a gaunt and expectant urban scene where the young hope and wait faithfully to discover what destiny awaits them – “to look to the stars and know there is no firmamentâ?¦ to get the feeling that this is the last ground we stand on before we might take flight.”

Jungle Cats Dancing on the Roof (The Urban Trilogy)

by Robert Ravensbergen

The final installment of an illustrious Urban Trilogy, Jungle Cats Dancing on the Roof isolates one life, full of personal and philosophic insights, romantic failures and loving redemptions, all to realize the life of the mind in the life of one mind. Forever reaching within and beyond itself, forever seeking for life indistinct and romantic, forever wanting of a legitimate and thoroughgoing appraoch to every aspect of our world, Jungle Cats Dancing on the Roof grasps at the straws of the post-European novel, only to discover the ground has been bought out from under it, and only to decide to place new intellectual roots there instead. From seeking and finding comes new ground, new life, a new definition of what is both epic and personal, and it is found in this, the final and crowning achievement of The Urban Trilogy.

Raw Heritage

by C G Penne

The early 1980’s in Britain; Duncan and Marion Henderson are a married couple with four children, Stephanie, Tom, Hettie and Sophie.

Ostensibly they appear to be very happy and enjoy an enviable standard of living but something life shattering lurks behind the façade.

Why do Marion and Duncan argue and pretend nothing is amiss? Who is making the strange phone calls? Why is Marion making regular visits to hospital? What is the meaning of Tom’s strange dreams?

Tom and Hettie know there is something terribly wrong. Tom buries himself in his unusual hobby which leads to a horrible experience while Hettie discovers Duncan’s secret; one which has a devastating result.

When tragedy strikes and family secrets surface, Marion can’t cope……

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