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Dying for Dinner Rolls (Cozy Mystery) Book #1 (Chubby Chicks Club Cozy Mystery Series)

by Lois Lavrisa

From Lois Lavrisa, Kindle Bestselling, Award Wining Author of LIQUID LIES
Dinner Gets Deadly in “Dying For Dinner Rolls” #1 Cozy Mystery Bestseller and top 100 Kindle bestseller.
“Lois Lavrisa has done it again. Her humorous ensemble of characters carries readers away in this first volume of her new cozy mystery series. Delightful escape fiction.” Nancy Brandon, Author

She’s been held at gunpoint, stuck in a burning dumpster, chased out of a grocery store, caught impersonating a police officer and almost run over by a wayward vehicle. How is that for a first day on the job as an amateur sleuth? Along with her friend Annie Mae, Cat investigates the brick-paved, oak-lined streets of Savannah to find their friend’s murderer. To say the very least, it is not smooth sailing for these self appointed detectives. Will they catch the killer before the killer gets them? Or will their first case be their last? Find out in the first volume of the Chubby Chicks Club mystery series, Dying for Dinner Rolls which combines mystery, suspense, humor, and southern charm.

The Bradshaw Mystery (Blake Hartley Detective Novels)

by John Waddington-Feather

Having spent many of his boyhood holidays there, Inspector Blake Hartley is already acquainted with â??The Grange’, a large house on the outskirts of the Yorkshire town of Keighlworth. Past meets with present when he and Sergeant Khan are called to The Grange to investigate the brutal murder of the wealthy reclusive owner. There is no obvious motive and, when it becomes apparent some of the suspects are characters he knew as a boy, the case presents Hartley with some interesting challenges.

The SMACK: the #1 detective novel (crime fiction books)

by Mark Wooley

Steele City, 2012: A sadistic killer is on the loose; intent on eliminating “the undesirables” of society. Sure, it may not be the first time a deluded psychopath has assumed the responsibility; but rarely has one demonstrated such a chilling aptitude for the role.

Detective Frank Blaylock – a man with old-school values, but a new-school approach – has been assigned to the case, and soon becomes utterly consumed with the task of apprehending the would-be vigilante. Sleeping with one eye open, he stops at nothing in his quest; going to increasingly extreme lengths to nail his quarry, even to the point of putting his own family in jeopardy.

However, author Mark Wooley weaves a blood-curdling twist to his crimson thread when the identity of the killer is eventually revealed; a revelation so shocking, the lives of all involved are sure to be changed foreverâ?¦

Deceptions: A Connor Hawthorne Mystery (Connor Hawthorne Mysteries)

by Lauren Maddison

On the muddy banks of the C&O Canal in Washington, D.C., a beautiful woman is murdered, unleashing a wave of terror that reaches to the highest levels of power. Devastated by the death of her longtime lover, Connor Hawthorne, best-selling mystery novelist, former district attorney, and the daughter of a former U.S. Senator and presidential adviser, is determined to bring the murderer to justice. And when the crime is solved–too easily–she vows to put the experience behind her and rebuild her life. But someone is determined to make sure she doesn’t. While at a writer’s conference in the the Southwest, Connor finds herself running for her life across the high desert, aided by a beautiful and resourceful Navajo guide. As the murderer draws close, Conner and her guide must unravel a web of treachery, some of which lies in Connor’s own past, to save their lives and prevent the discovery of a powerful secret that someone is willing to kill for, again and again. In the process, Connor will finally come to understand the very special gifts of wisdom and prescience that have passed to her through generations of Celtic women from the mists of times long past. Caught up in the battle between life and death, she learns that reality isn’t necessarily just what you can see.

Christmas Cookies (An Annie Parker Mystery Short)

by A.J. Bromley

Edith Compton was hated by many in the small town of Sweetwater, CO. The residents didn’t mourn her demise; some secretly rejoiced. What had she done to deserve being strangled?

Come along with Annie Parker as she and three of her friends help the handsome Chief of Police solve a murder.

Untapped (Great Minds Thriller)

by M. C. Soutter

Previously published under the title “Charcot’s Genius“.

From Kirkus Reviews: “A tense psychological thriller about the human mind…viceral and shocking…  readers will struggle to know who to root for in this complex, engaging thriller.A refreshing change from the usual madman-turned-murderer storyline.Read the entire review at
Melissa Hartman has genius locked inside of her, and so do you. The question is: what kind of genius? The awesome potential of the human mind is an incredible thing, but it is also a very dangerous thing. 
After several years of neurology research on autistics and children, Dartmouth psychology professor Frederick Carlisle has made a startling discovery. With a custom-made device and a simple set of steps, he can unlock fantastic mental abilities in his test subjects. But the brain is a delicate, complicated piece of equipment, and side-effects are inevitable; when one part of the brain ramps up, another will inevitably shut down…

Charcot’s Genius is part one of the Great Minds series. It is the story of two very different people: an asylum inmate who is haunted by memories of the murder they say he committed, and a self-possessed first-year Dartmouth student who is trying to escape a small town and a destructive father. Both grapple with the effects of Professor Carlisle’s treatment, and both discover powers of thought they never imagined possible. But while our Dartmouth first-year simply hopes to lead a normal life, the asylum inmate is out for revenge. He blames Carlisle for his condition and his imprisonment, and soon he will make his return to the Dartmouth campus.

Professor Carlisle has some explaining to do.

FRIENDLY FIRE: A Military Thriller (crime fiction books)

by Glynn Jenkins

Tom Noad and Tom Marsh, two mounted gunners serving with Prince Albert’s Troop of the Royal Horse Artillery, are invited to act as adult instructors at a cadet camp on the Isle of Wight.

Accepting the offer, they throw themselves into their new duties with enthusiasm and good humour – until one of their colleagues is found murdered, and Tom Noad suddenly finds himself under investigation.

Fortunately for Noad, his uncle is renowned detective George Ashley, who immediately interrupts an investigation on the mainland in order to come to his nephew’s assistance. Once on the island, Ashley is amazed to discover that the two cases may in fact be closely related…

FLINDER’S FIELD (a murder mystery and psychological thriller)

by D. M. Mitchell

New for Christmas 2013 – D. M. Mitchell’s latest psychological thriller!

The bestselling author of â??Max’ and â??The House of the Wicked’, D. M. Mitchell has been compared to Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Ruth Rendell, M. R. James, Linwood Barclay, Umberto Eco, the Bronte sisters, Charles Dickens and many others. Discover for yourself why D. M. Mitchell is being regarded by some as one of the UK’s most original and exciting writers of psychological thrillers and murder mysteries.

In November 1974, a young woman called Sylvia Tredwin goes missing. Nobody has the faintest idea where she’s gone. She was wearing only a light skirt and T-shirt, didn’t take anything with her, no suitcase, nothing. Simply went out one dark evening and never returned.

Some say she went off with another man, because there’d already been talk in the small Somerset village of Petheram that she’s that type of woman – attractive, flirty with it, dressed too provocatively. But her husband, Bruce Tredwin, doesn’t believe a word of the callous whisperings of the locals as they gossip about his outsider wife. So he never gives up searching for her. A fortnight later on a stormy winter’s night he finds her. She’s naked in a place called Flinder’s Field, wandering aimlessly, badly bruised and in total shock. But what she says to him will astound everyone.

She says she’s been abducted by aliens, and she was never to be the same again, with tragic consequencesâ?¦

Forty years later and George Lee is coming back to Petheram, the village of his birth. His estranged father has died and there are things his mother would like him to sort out. George hates the village, couldn’t wait to get out and make a life for himself as a writer of cheap and gory thrillers. He notices that Adam Tredwin, Sylvia Tredwin’s son, has also returned to Petheram. As children, the two used to be friends, briefly, before Adam’s father was killed in the 1980s by a hit-and-run driver and Sylvia took him away from the village.

But it’s when George begins to tidy out his father’s loft and slowly begins to learn more details about Sylvia Tredwin’s disappearance that he starts to uncover dark secrets and hidden truths – discoveries that will peel back the decades to reveal a labyrinthine world of madness, jealousies, deceit, lies and murder. He little knows his idle quest to find out the truth behind Sylvia Tredwin’s abduction will have profound and dangerous consequences for all concerned.

D. M. Mitchell pens yet anther taut psychological thriller and murder mystery, set in the claustrophobic world of a small Somerset village, with a bevy of believable characters and a plot that twists and turns in Mitchell’s inimitable style to a deliciously shocking and unexpected conclusion.

“If you haven’t tried D. M. Mitchell yet, you don’t know what you’ve been missingâ?¦”

You Can Knock On The Mirror But You Can’t Come In

by Marc Moskowitz

Troy renovates houses for a living but he is drawn into the Organization, a ring of assassins that trains him to avenge his wife’s murder. When an assignment goes horribly wrong, Troy is forced to flee with his girlfriend, a fellow assassin. But he can’t decide whether or not he should tell her that he sees the ghosts of his wife, her former boyfriend, a couple of stoners, and a little girl who takes every opportunity to remind him that he is a bad person. As they flee from Chicago to Oakland they are followed by the Organization, an ever growing group of ghosts, and four ex-marines, all named Brian, who want their revenge for getting beaten up by Troy’s girlfriend in a bar fight. In the meantime, Troy has to figure out if he is going insane or if the world is just a crazy place.


by L A Taylor



An experimental fertilizer used to improve the food grown on a local farm in CLIFTON FALLS is now the reason behind why the dead are rising to feast on the living. A local tramp who had taken his own life becomes the first to spread the virus, and attacks two cousins out walking in a nearby forest. Within hours bodies are piling up but no one can work out what is happening. The police force struggle to maintain the horde of “blood crazed” killers and battle the un-dead in separate locations all over town, before finally battling them at the local HOSPITAL.

Three months before the zombie outbreak the local bank was robbed, leaving one victim dead. The robbers worked at the hospital and so buried the cash inside the victim’s coffin. Now they are back to dig up the cash before the police snoop around. Unknown to them the living dead are now rising from their graves, including the victim from the bank. Now the police have to fight the latest zombies before they cause havoc at the local holiday village, but can the Chief Inspector find a way of eliminating them before the virus spreads into the CITY and BEYOND?

This novel contains strong language & graphic violence….

The Genesis Files

by Gwen Richardson

Lloyd Palmer is a reporter for the Houston Ledger, a job which should have fulfilled his lifelong dream of being a journalist. But, along with being exhausted from the daily coverage of murders and mayhem in the nation’s fourth largest city, he’s hit a glass ceiling at work, and his editor, Ed Jackson, goes out of his way to make Lloyd’s life miserable.

While interviewing potential witnesses to a murder-suicide at a Houston high-rise, Lloyd meets a mysterious stranger who subsequently leads him down a path which changes his life. But Lloyd’s journey is fraught with peril, as both he and his family barely escape a hired assassin.

Follow Lloyd Palmer on his quest for the ultimate truth in the provocative thriller, The Genesis Files.

Bleeding Shame

by Nora Black

Has a world altering invention become temptation for murder?
A vicious killer, an improbable story, and a shattering scientific discovery, mingle to create a cocktail of deceptive intrigue.
A bright young woman’s death has been framed to look like an act of rage during a call-girl rendezvous. A tired, disillusioned cop, her only hope of redemption. Layer upon layer unfold to reveal a conniving conspiracy of global proportions; a conjuring of convoluted wicked twists.
Stacey Cornish has been murdered, and her killer has done very little to hide his identity. When his body washes up on the bank of a local river, Detective Frankie Harlow is unconvinced that the man committed suicide. However, when his family come under-fire in a series of vicious attacks aimed at dissuading further interest, Frankie knows that there is more to the murder than first meets the eye. Stacey was a biochemist working on a cure for cancer, perhaps her death had something to do with her research rather than the frame-of-facts posed by the killers.
Bleeding Shame is a compelling story that will grab you at the start, pull you along at a breathtaking pace, and shock you senseless with the questions it poses, and the answers it finds. Heart-wrenching, scary and sometimes humorous, it never fails to impress.

No Signal (Ryan Aziz: Origins)

by Marshall King

LAUNCH OFFER: 3 BOOKS FOR $0.99 / £0.99… CHEAPER THAN BUYING 1! The complete Ryan Aziz: Origins trilogy is now available in one MEGA-VALUE BOXSET:US — —  One list. Eight Names. Seven Murders. You’re next.  —-  A non-stop page turner… I actually can truly say I can’t wait for the second part” – Top 150 reviewer  When unsuspecting London student Ryan Aziz finds a phone containing a mysterious list of names, he thinks little of it. Until morning comes, that is, when the people on the list start dying in order. Over the course of 24 breathless hours Ryan must confront an earth-shattering personal revelation and tackle a conspiracy that goes higher than he can imagine. Obstructed by incompetent police officers and unreliable allies, only Ryan can save himself and the other potential victims from the audacious killer… —- No Signal is a novella of 24,000 words (roughly 100 standard paperback pages)  Praise for No Signal:

  • “Kept me enthralled from start to finish”
  • “Looking forward to the sequel”
  • “A fun, fast-paced read. There are enough plot twists to keep the reader guessing, without feeling too contrived.”
  • “I actually can truly say I can’t wait for the second part”

A Murder Misery

by Bob Brown


Thirty years ago Don and Claymore were best friends and business partners. In the beginning their welding supply business prospered, but now competition and their own complacency were pushing them into bankruptcy. Disagreements and backbiting soon eroded their friendship and became the major casualty of their hard times.

Don conjured up a devious plan that would solve all their problems. Success of his plan depended on Claymore never finding out he was the star player, and in fact, Claymore was absolutely essential for the plan to succeed.

Don’s plan didn’t happen with the perfection he planned, but it worked, and Claymore was no more. The final act took place under Don’s skillful direction. He was surprised that dull old Claymore played his impromptu part with an amazing flare for the dramatic.

Jubilation was marred by the unintended consequence of living with a guilty conscience.

Story 2. CRIME AND PUNISHMENT (Chapter 1 excerpt.)

My name is Raymond P. Wade, but everyone calls me Detective Wade. Some cases start off simple here in the Albany Police Department and before you realize it you’re mired up like walking through a pig farm on a rainy day. The case I’m thinking of started with a phone call.

“Hello, Detective Wade here.”

“Mr. Wade, my name is Mercy Lee, and I think my husband is missing.”

“You’re not sure, Ms. Lee?”

“Mercy Lee is my given name. My last name is Lonetree. Mercy Lee Lonetree.”

“I see. Why do you think your husband is missing, Mrs. Lonetree?”

“You can call me Mercy Lee. Charlie has been gone for three days, and I understand after three days you can say your husband is missing.”

“Something like that Mrs., uh, Mercy Lee. Give me the details.”

“He’s got black hair and he’s good looking. Actually he has a few grey hairsâ?¦”

“I mean like when did he leave?”

“Oh, that. He told me he’d be working overtime Friday night, so at eleven o’clock I went on to bed. And that’s it. I haven’t seen him since.”

BLUE MURDER at Kudu: a very British murder mystery novel set in Africa (crime fiction books)

by Daniel Edmondson

It has long been postulated that isolation is a fertile breeding ground for madness, and Kudu – a remote town deep in 1930’s British Central Africa – is perhaps as good an evidence of this theory as you’re ever likely to encounter. The locust-ridden outpost is home to the H.Q of the British District Commissioner – widely regarded as a raving lunatic – and half a dozen colonial officers who detest him.

When a freak show arrives in town, the local tribes are convinced that the prize exhibit, “Lion Man”, is the finest achievement of a powerful witchdoctor who predicted he would one day turn an animal into a man. The witchdoctor, on his way to Gaol for an unrelated offence, escapes from custody, and the resident magistrate who sentenced him is found dead on the police parade ground. No weapon, no footprints.

Whilst the District Commissioner – convinced that the magistrate’s death is part of a plot by the Boer government in the South to invade the territory – puts Kudu on a war footing, the chief of police discovers that the magistrate had a rather racy private life.

Meanwhile, Bubsy Flaherty, the barmaid at Hickory’s Bar and Belle of Kudu becomes infatuated with the Lion Man; a development with (un?)predictably disastrous consequences!

The Citizens (A Jazz Nemesis Novel)

by L. M. Smith

Imagine a town where you can stay out as late as you want, wake up when it suits you, you never have to go to work, and everything is free for the taking. Sounds perfect right? But what if you can’t remember where you are or how you got there? What if you can’t ever leave? And what if the only other people around are hostages, just like you? Would you still want to stay?

Jasmine Marshall certainly didn’t think so until she met Justin Beck; a dashing active-duty member of the United States Army and fellow hostage. With him around life in Kolob might not be so bad after all â?¦ or so she thought. There are vampires and psychics at the breakfast table! Disturbing acts of torture and senseless violence are commonplace. Biochemical warfare is a very real threat, and the town’s mayor is an elusive mad-scientist obsessed with his own theories about December 21, 2012!

In a place where one has everything to gain and nothing to lose, one thing reigns true: nothing in Kolob is ever as it seems.

Matter of Faith

by Brent Craig

When two year old Faith Phillips goes missing from her home, her step father of six weeks, Jerry Wayne Lachey, is suspect number one when Faith’s blood is found in his truck and his DNA on her underwear.

Lachey is charged with capital murder. Prosecutor Rick Pugh and Judge Claude “Stir Fry” Lacy are all to ready to send a child killer to death row. It is up to rookie lawyer, Jay Davis, to uncover the truth, but can he and live to tell about it?

Set in small town Bronwood, Alabama, this fast paced thriller follows the case from investigation to inside the courtroom with bits of southern charm and humor along the way.

[NOTE: In May 2012 an updated version was uploaded to correct some typographical and formatting errors. If you see additional errors, please email this self-published author at brent773 “at” Thank you.]


by Jason Brooks

Drinks. Drugs. Cover ups. Chaos.

Toss in 35,000 college students and a small dive bar, and you get the perfect atmosphere for five gripping tales of detective noir.

This collection of short stories puts Bence Little, wayward son, smack in the middle of Athens, Georgia, home of one of the most unique and distinctive college cities in America. Bence learns the hard way that being a private detective means taking cases both small AND strange: a misplaced car, a pub crawl gone wrong, a burglary ring, a woman scorned, and a murdered sorority girl keep him – and the reader – searching for answers in more ways than one.

Dream Operative

by Gary Westfal

Imagine…having the ability to control and manipulate elements of your dreams at will.

Get ready for something different! This multidimensional, ground-breaking storyline brings excitement and allure to the pages of Gary Westfal’s debut novel.

Dream Operative contains a bevy of colorful characters and fascinating scenarios centered around one central heroâ??Joey “G” Westonâ??who discovers an ability to manipulate the familiar, yet elusive, alter-conscious domain of his dreams. But that ability proves to be a double-edged sword, as various governmental agencies pursue him in an attempt to exploit him…or eliminate him altogether.

G increasingly becomes aware of one man in his dreams who possesses a unique awareness similar to his own. He ultimately discovers the man to be none other than Khalid-Abdul Hakim, the world’s most wanted terrorist and master of deception. Hakim is furious to learn that he has been discovered, and is compelled to eliminate the one man who can track his movements…the one man with the potential and ambition to destroy him and everything he represents.

Imagine having an ability to knowingly control the elements of your dreams. Writer, Gary Westfal adeptly provides a scintillating plausibility and realism to the concept in this clandestine thriller!

Escape on an exciting, adrenaline-fueled journey into the deep, dark world of clandestine operations, where a struggle for real-life survival is waged inside the alter-conscious dimension of human cognitionâ?¦

Safe at Home

by C. Dennis Moore

Horror author C. Dennis Moore (REVELATIONS and THE MAN IN THE WINDOW) takes a detour with this 21,000-word suspense novella in what is one of his most autobiographical works.

Early-twenties Jim and his high school girlfriend Monica have just moved into a third floor apartment in a secure building to start a life together. Everything’s going well at first, even though Jim finds adjusting to living with another person difficult. Then one night one of the residents in the building is murdered. With the security lock on the front door, and considering Jim was the only one in the building who couldn’t prove his whereabouts at the time, all fingers point to him.

And when a few more bodies turn up in the building, all at times Jim can’t establish an alibi, things start to get a little tense at home. Jim is haunted by memories of an old 80s hair metal band he didn’t even like, meanwhile the tension between him and Monica gets stronger and stronger until Jim feels his mind is about to snap.

Moore crafts a taut thrill-ride wrapped in a blanket of nostalgia that doesn’t let off the gas until the exciting climax with a killer in the building and the police storming up the stairs. While his short stories in the horror genre have been creating dread and terror in readers for years, “Safe at Home” grabs them by the throat and thrashes them about until they’re left rattled and dazed wondering what just happened. Kealan Patrick Burke called “Safe at Home”, “Smart, sexy and witty as hell with some razor-edged suspense thrown in to keep you on edge throughout.”

David Barnett of Necro Publications said, “C. Dennis Moore shows us that no matter how hard we try to be safe and live a normal life in a normal world, there is always that one chaotic element that can send your otherwise mundane existence into a tailspin. Safe at Home is a quiet, subtle, terrifying snapshot of urban living and how your world can be turned inside out in a blink of an eye.”

C. Dennis Moore is the author of the novel REVELATIONS, from Necro Publications, and the editor of the INTO THE DARKNESS anthology. His horror fiction has appeared in publications like VILE THINGS, WHAT FEARS BECOME, DARK HIGHWAYS, DARK HIGHLANDS 2, and DEAD BAIT 3. His short story collections include TERRIBLE THRILLS, the vampire-themed ICONS TO ASHES and DANCING ON A RAZORBLADE. He is also author of the horror novella “Camdigan” and the historic sci-fi/dark fantasy novella “Epoch Winter”.

Somebody’s Watching Me (Episode 1)

by Dyanne Brown

The year is 2020 and the government has implanted every human being on Earth with a chip that broadcast transmissions of their thoughts. Communication moves as fast as the speed of thought and crime is almost nonexistent. Channel Live takes advantage of this technology to broadcast the lives of every person through their own reality show. Every person has a channel that records the daily details of their life through their own eyes.

Athena Powers works as a top salesperson at Channel Live selling advertising for Human Channels. She is asked to train the newest employee, Drake Stone. Drake provides more information than he has come to receive. His revelations change everything Athena knows about Channel Live and how they plan to use the technology in ways that could harm everyone.

Kinsman (The Poison Jar)

by Sid Hamer

Before the great flood, in the time of Jared, greed like the breath of a viper snaked through the city of Eridu. An unfulfilled lust spread over the hearts of men, as dark as the clotting shadows of nightfall. Hul, reluctant lord over the wealthy House of Arad and kinsman redeemer for two widows, a fact that enrages his wife, struggles with a household of dour women and the murder of his uncle and a five-year-old boy, an event instituted by his mother and carried out by his slave.
His affluent life is complicated by a beautiful woman he can’t have and who lives in his quiet moments, the scent of her lingering like a siren song, drawing him to her camp. Evil surrounds her but he chooses not to see it until the obsession puts his survival and the lives of his family in question.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (The Junkie Tales)

by j.a. kazimer

A short story from The Junkie Tales collection by J.A. Kazimer.

A look at the most wonderful time of the year through the eyes of a junkie.

Little Miss Forgotten

by Paul R. Lloyd

Summer 1967 and you’re about to be drafted when you meet her. But what is she? Suspense thriller mixed with lively humor and teen angst. Mix in a twist of horror and mystery. Set in the midst of war and fear of war. Life on the home front during the Viet Nam era. Short Story. 3,000 words. Opening: “Do you wanna dance?” Okay, it was the name of a top ten hit, and today’s kids would sneer if they heard me, but in 1967 it worked. She hesitated. She frowned. She stared for what seemed an eternity, (about three seconds). “Sure, why not?” I don’t remember the song. The band was on break, and the young kids who worked as house deejays were playing records. It was a fast one. You just didn’t ask a girl to dance a slow one the first time. You had to dance a couple of fast ones first. At a nice suburban Catholic church hall like Holy Cross, a girl accepting a slow dance was giving you an invitation to climb all over her.

In The Dead Of Winter

by Suzi Goode

Never talk ill of the dead . . .

Days before their tenth wedding anniversary, Lennie Gavin is mysteriously murdered. Now, two hours later, Maddy, his tearful wife, must pack away the pieces of their lives–from the photos of their life together, to his clothing, to deciding what she’ll do with the house they shared. She must take to heart her mother’s words to remember only the good about her husband, to try to forget the man she once loved enough to marry. Now someone has taken their revenge on Lennie, and it’s up to Maddy to do the only thing she can – move forward. If only life wasn’t filled with â??maybes’ . . .

Her cherished Lennie was gone. Dread filled Maddy Gavin’s heart. A single tear strayed down her cheek. What would she do without her husband?

Sometimes, when a marriage wasn’t a happy one, and a girl’s dreams had been ruthlessly crushed and ground to powder, she’d thought about life without her husband. Now that reality faced her in all its grim aspects, she floundered in a sea of uncertainty. Of course, she’d keep the house, a quaint Victorian two-story although all the space was far too large for one person. Heck, but it had been too much for two who had always been far too busy with their lives.

She glanced around the bedroom Lennie and she had shared, caught sight of her pale face in the night-shadowed window. Outside, against the background of a yellow, sodium vapor street light, fat snowflakes drifted to the frost-covered ground. Running over to the pull cord, she began to draw the curtains closed, but paused to examine her reflection. At thirty-two, she was pretty, wasn’t she? An oval face, with large, luminous eyes Lennie had said held deep mysteries. She’d never been able to see what he had. The bright orbs held nothing but the stark truth, behind which her mind roiled restlessly, like a sea pounding at a huge boulder, but to no effect.

Her long, blonde hair hung in soft curls over her shoulders. Her nose was, as Lennie was fond of noting, â??cute as a button.’ Her lips tilted upward at the memory. Maddy would never again hear his husky, sexy voice, which turned her insides to mush. She’d loved him so much. The tears rolled faster now. The corners of her mouth turned downward. Grabbing the pull cord, she wrenched the curtains closed. The panels swung together with a muted whisper.

She swiveled around on high heels. The large room seemed far too empty without Lennie’s charismatic presence. Hoping to alleviate the hollowness, both in her heart and in the room, she ran to his side of the bed, and switched on the night table lamp. She traced the line of a rose petal painted onto the shade. Lennie had liked the serene, pastel colored roses.

The wall beside the table was bare. She’d selected the eggshell color since any decoration or piece of furniture would match the neutral tone. Her knees weak, her hands trembling, she pressed her back against the cold wall. She sank to a crouch before she stretched out her knees and sat on her bottom. Like a rag doll. She had to pack away the memories of Lennie. Where would she begin? If only she could get him out of her head, she’d be fine. She’d be able to move on with her life without him.

Word Count: 3100



A sleepy, small town at the heart of Georgian Bay…Calm, idyllic, a perfect place to live a relaxed, comfy life…Suddenly a MURDER shatters this beautiful picture. The full force police investigation yields little results. There is a KILLER on the loose in PARRY SOUND.- An old style detective story, where passion and greed, a little violence and just enough romance will make you want to read until the last page!

This book is a work of fiction, NOT based on real events, however, most of the characters you would find in our great little town.



I would never seek to disparage the many marvellous self-help books on addiction but I thought a different approach was needed. Something like a bullet kills instantly; whereas alcohol takes it time and death or insanity are the results of its constant misuse. This is the first of three self-help books that tell of a fictional character’s entanglement with alcohol. It was previously published as ‘THE MESSAGE IN THE BOTTLE’ and although it sold, I found that readers only valued it for its entertainment content. Most of them missed the message that lies hidden between the lines #ADDICTION. I decided to un-publish it and rework the book in three separate units. Niles Mason’s Addiction – The High, The Low and The End. This is not intended as a profitable venture so I will price the trilogy at Amazon’s lowest acceptable cost and give it away freely every three months as per their promotional policy. If you don’t ‘get’ the first installment then the other two would be wasted. The Message in the Bottle was a huge work of approximately 180,000 words which does not go down well with E-Book readers so this format will hopefully work better and alert people to the dangers of alcohol abuse through an entertaining and unusual tale. ‘Wet Brain Syndrome’ is not to be taken lightly. An old colleague once told me that he visited an asylum in North London where grown men sat gurgling in nappies, victims of their addiction. His parting words to me were – “It’s a wooden box or the madhouse . . . or change the course of your life and stop drinking?” It is a hard, yet simple choice.


by dorno jeffries

Powerless to powerful, thoughts of jealousy entering the hearts of the beholders. Secrets, passion, jaunty life styles and ironic love affairs.. invidious minds, with in the circles of their environment and no one noticed. A destructive force of energy was being born, like whiskey in a bottle, it can do no harm until someone uses it. Martha, Tiffany, and yasha Ghetto Princesses wanting the best that life can offer and will go to the highest extremes to receive it. Power, Money, Respect, and equal opportunities, the strongest elements in the corporate world… Men watch out, cause here they come, Sisters with attitudes.

Declining Fortunes: A Get Rich Quick Scheme Novel

by Cusper Lynn

“John D. MacDonald, Anthony Robbins and Steve Martin walk into a barâ?¦” Declining Fortunes. Cusper Lynn returns as an independent consultant who has gone to the dark side; he is working for motivational speakers. His first client is a down on his luck, former real estate guru millionaire, Abby Norman “The Wealthy Mormon.” After getting the pills, the booze and the gun away from his new client, Cusper sets out to restart his client’s career. Lawsuits, viral videos, swindles, burglaries, roller derby smack downs, clairvoyants, 12 step programs for attorneys, and federal inquiries are all part of Cusper’s new professional life. Racing against the clock, the bank and a Russian loan shark, Cusper must pull off the re-launch of a lifetime, capture a federal fugitive and get his car back. For Cusper Lynn, there is only one option; go broke or die trying! This edition includes the six story bonus, The Cusper Chronicles.

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