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Onward and Upward Ourselves – Discover Universal Mind Power

by L. D. Beckwith

The objective of this book is to clearly and simply state the findings as were inspirationally revealed to the author. It was written, as was requested, about our Universe and our part in its existence. It is not a philosophy, viewpoint, or theory.

This book is for theâ??readerâ??to glean Knowledge that will effectively motivate the Thinking-being.

The writings were given to nurture and strengthen our Minds. We, as a part of the phenomena of our Universe, can, and do, create the circumstances of our existence. If our awareness increases, and we gain insights, and the understandings of our own inner powers, our life and our destiny, then this book will have accomplished its purpose.

The author does not claim special qualifications. Two Energy-forces, together, produced this book for the sole purpose of Enlightenment. The presentation will speak for its self.

What is Forensic Science? How Hair, Blood, Bullets and Psychology are used in Crime Scene Investigation: Forensics for Writers and Beginners

by Lacey Jackson-Matsushima

There are many branches within forensics, each of which aid in legal investigations of all kinds. Whether the current investigation is for a violent crime, a white collar crime, or computer crimes, forensic teams can study a great many things such as computers, phones, bullets, fragments, people, etc. in order to re-create crime scenes and produce evidence linking criminals to their crimes.

Discover how the smallest trace of blood, the data in a destroyed computer, or the scratches on a bullet, can lead forensic scientists to solve the toughest of crimes.

Catalyst: a Techno-Liberation Thesis

by Harry J. Bentham

The gravest danger to hegemony and oppression lies at the transformational crossroads of liberation and technology. In around 10,000 words, this is a case for techno-liberation.

10 rules to make a millionaire marry you


All girls want to marry millionaires, but only a few do. Here I have 10 rules that girls must know before they date millionaires. Following these ten simple rules will help you be the girl a millionaire would like to marry.

The Fourth Dimension of God

by Michael Basalyga

Knowing the God of all Humility, perceiving himself alone before the beginning; Yet being embraced by the Eternal Presence of the Most High, within whose Infinite Wisdom and Love, he freely chose in true greatness according to his good pleasure to lose His independence as a One Dimensional God; in order to become part of Something Greater than Himself; Exploding through a vanishing point as the Fire of Creation into the Unknown creating a Third Dimension we call our Universe: I thought it wise to follow His example, for in so doing We become an example for others to follow as We all take part in what I can only describe as the revolutions and reflections of the Infinite; as we no longer see ourselves primarily as individuals, but rather as being a part of Something far greater than ourselvesâ?¦the end of which is joy unspeakable and full of Glory; who We are as the visible Glory of the Invisible God of Love ~ The Bride being One with Her Maker. So in the simplicity of what may now appear to many Christians to be a “New Gospel” the Word of the Lord is “It’s not about Me, but all about We”, that is the Fourth Dimension of God. Our goal being to establish a Kingdom of Righteousness and Peace across all national divides, filling the earth with the knowledge of God, restoring justice and righteous judgment, creating a divine peace this world has never known. Understanding first that Jesus was not sent here to lead the Body and Bride of Christ into all Truth, nor could He as this always had been destined to be accomplished by Another, who would show us the more excellent way. John 14:26/16:13 & I Co. 12:31.

The Perfect Knowledge of God was always destined to be known and manifested in and through a Fourth Dimension: The Bride of Christ in perfect harmony with one another and perfect union with the Divine…

It was never intended for Jesus to be perfect as an individual. His perfection could only be manifested through the complete Body of Christ. So in one sense while you could say Jesus is the perfect head; in another sense, a head without a body is far from being complete or perfect. So the head is an in-part manifestation of Christ, which perspective and perception will be done away in the more complete and brighter Glory of the Body and Bride of Christ or Fourth Dimension of God. In the same way a Vine is not complete without the branches, leaves and fruit, so Christ is not complete without the fullness and perfection of the Body.

The purpose and process of salvation is to make us a life giving organism to bless the Nations with the fruit of the Vine. The Vine absorbs water from Mother Earth and through the process of growth and the oversight of the husbandman this water is turned into grapes and eventually wine.

Therefore restoring the Ancient* landmark which was removed long ago of the Most High God who preceded the Universe and every living thing we seek to restore peace to every living creature under heaven. *vanishing point

Proverbs 22:28 Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.

In Genesis 1:1 where in the beginning Elohim created the heavens and the earth: Elohim is the original Hebrew word used throughout the first chapter of Genesis which is simply translated God in the English bible, yet is not singular but is clearly plural in the Hebrew meaning which is something clearly lost in the English translation, which takes on much greater meaning and significance when we realize Elohim is not the plural of a Male but rather the plural of the Female Eloah, yet also has the unique ending “him” which interestingly enough is a male ending to the word; designed by God Herself who inspired the scriptures and knew the end from the beginning concerning the English meaning of “him”. In the end of the same chapter in verse 26, One of them speaks to the other saying “Let us make man in Our image after Our likeness, and immediately They create them male and female.

Or Are We 2

by Johnny Goldsmith

Or Are We 2 immediately begins with a protest cry, # Idle No More, as a salute to

native Canadians. Another form of protest develops in’ ‘It Puts You In The Moment.’

“She was very close but our faces never met.” Goldsmith develops themes from someone who has travelled and suffered a long time. “How to believe in something besides your legs and eyes.” Positive vibes return in ‘Love In People.’ “Any day spent together opens up another paradise.” However, the uncertainty is never far away.

“Maybe we are caught up in our own version of eternity.” In ‘No Peace Will Come’

the protest turns to anger and gun control. “It’s OK to hate your brother. He is God’s enemy.” ‘Not The Same For Women’ describes how men negatively depict women.

‘Are we meant to live this way’ is the closing view. “Is not everyone a trapped, female spirit, just waiting to create a new world.” ‘Peace Is Cool.’ Read Goldsmith to expand your soul! **** Wasaga-Star Glen-Eaton Review (15 Poems)

Richest People In The World Directory

by Rod Beckwith

Inside this little “black book” of the rich and famous hides an amazing opportunityâ?¦ Your once-in-a-lifetime chance to have anything you’ve ever wished forâ?¦ but, so far, has eluded your hold. Here’s why:

Hi, my name is Rod Beckwith and I’ve been an inventor and entrepreneur for many years nowâ?¦ and during this time I’ve worked with some of the smartest and brightest people in the worldâ?¦

From entrepreneurs who’ve generated millions of dollars starting with practically no money to the founders of the popular Internet company Netscape. In fact, I was one of the first 50 employees thereâ?¦

And from these experiences I’ve learned one thing: Even if something you want seems like it’s a million miles away, it can be yours. In fact, it’s usually only a simple phone call, email, or letter from within your grasp.

All it takes is a simple little request made in the right way. So, that’s what this directory is all about. Learning how to get what you want from the seemingly most far-off people in the worldâ?¦478 of the richest people in the world.

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