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Write It Right: The Guide to Self-Publishing Your Best Book

by Gwen Richardson

Recent changes in the book industry have afforded new authors the opportunity to self-publish with relative ease. Yet, for newcomers to the industry, publishing a book is still a daunting task.

Write It Right: The Guide to Self-Publishing Your Best Book provides both aspiring and seasoned authors with a road map to success. The following questions are answered in the book:

* What are ten great reasons to self-publish?
* What are ten of the greatest challenges to self-publishing?
* What is the primary reason you are writing your book?
* How do you determine your book’s topic or subject matter?
* What is the target audience for your book?
* What is the current state of the book industry?
* What are the elements of a best-selling novel?
* How does a self-published author obtain a copyright and ISBN?
* What are some of the most cost-effective marketing strategies?
* How does a self-published author take advantage of social media?
* What are some of the costly, time-consuming mistakes authors should avoid?
* What are some of the future book publishing trends on the horizon?

If you are planning to self-publish, Write It Right includes the comprehensive information that will help you succeed.

Learn Italian Language 2-Book Bundle: 37 Ways to Learn and Italian Language for Travelers, Tourists and Vagabonds

by Larry Aiello

Learn the Italian Language – a 2 Book Bundle useful for Language and Travel

This is a collection of two Italian language-related books that is combined in one discounted book. Purchasing this bundle will save you money compared to buying each one individually.

1 – 37 Ways to Learn the Italian Language

This book will show you the various ways and methods one can use to learn Italian (also useful for other languages as well). The book will show you free ways to learn along with methods with a nominal cost all the way to the more expensive methods.

2 – Italian Language for Travelers, Tourists and Vagabonds

This guide is an introductory course showing you basic Italian along with some travel phrases that you will likely need or encounter during your trip to Italy. There is no need to study a bunch of useless grammar and other rules that you will likely not need. Instead there are useful Italian phrases that pertain to customs, getting around, accommodations (hotels, campgrounds, hostels,) dining, etc.

If you are getting started on Italian, or perhaps you need a refresher, this guide is perfect for you.

Scroll up to the top and on the right click on the Buy Now button and you can be well on your way to learning Italian and impressing your friends while getting ready for your Italian vacation!

Leo Love Sign Bundle Set: 3 Astrology Love Sign Books In One – Great Value! (Love Relationship Books)

by Rosemary Breen

**SAVE 33% OFF FULL PRICE! This Leo Bundle Series is For YOU if You’re a Leo Looking for love; a Leo in Love; or You’re in Love with a Leo.** See What Others Say About all THREE Bundle Books: Longing For Love: Leo (List Price $2.99) PLUS Horoscope Compatibility For All The Zodiac Signs (List Price $2.99) PLUS Your Personal Horoscope Predictions (For All The Star Signs) 2013 – 2017 (List Price $2.99)

  1. Informative and entertaining” Sa1nt412; “I highly recommend this book” Hot Teacher Panda; “Informative, straightforward, easy read!” Ms K.S. Conabree; “Wonderful …the author has a sense of humor” B. Williams
  2. “I’m not the type of person to buy Horoscope books, but after reading the excerpt I was intrigued with the book … I would recommend this book to anyone.” Mario Soto; “This book is addictive. And my girlfriend loved it. Two thumbs up!” Rony Barnes; “I am an almost compulsive buyer of horoscope books. And this one was a gem of a find.” Chloe Stevens
  3. Absolutely worth the download. In 2017, you’ll look back and definitely have Rosemary Breen’s Personal Horoscope Predictions to thank.” Sproutfinch

If You’re a Leo LONGING FOR LOVE are You:

  • Tired of the same old dating advice and emotional dead-ends?
  • Sick of looking for Mr Perfect or Miss Wonderful, always accepting second best, or ending up alone?
  • Feeling frustrated because of all the time, money and effort you waste looking for your soulmate?
  • Are you looking for more excitement in your relationships? If so, should you go for a Capricorn, a Scorpio, or a Gemini?
  • Do you feel it’s time to change? If so, should you be on the lookout for a Libra or a Capricorn? And what about Cancer and Virgo? Will dating these astrology signs bring you pain or give you passion?

The intriguing answers to these questions and more are in these kindle astrology book.

If You’re IN LOVE WITH a Leo:

  • Do you understand what it takes to win your partner over completely, and seduce them the way they like best?
  • Do you know how to keep your lover satisfied and happy?
  • Are you aware of the risks and dangers of loving a true Leo?
  • Or are you becoming more friends than lovers?

If You’re a Leo Who’s FALLEN IN LOVE How Well Do You Know Yourself and What to Expect from Your Relationship?
There’s always more to know when it comes to love, romance and relationships so download this box set series now and find out what you’ve been missing.

  • Have you fallen in love with one of the best star signs for you?
  • How well do you know yourself?

Many readers have already discovered things about themselves that they’d never even thought of before, and you’ll probably be the same.

In the Leo zodiac dating guide you’ll discover:

  • How to seduce the star sign you want
  • What to expect from your relationship
  • The strengths and weaknesses of each zodiac sign match
  • What to do when the time comes to say goodbye
  • How to deal with your ex if you become more friends than lovers
  • All 12 love-match combinations for your star sign.

PLUS: Horoscope Compatibility for All the Zodiac Signs Book You’ll Discover how each of the 12 zodiac signs complement each other – or not!

PLUS: Your Personal Horoscope Predictions (for All the Star Signs) 2013-2017

So, are you ready to try something new? Are you ready for some fun and intrigue? Grab your copy of this no-nonsense set of kindle bundle books now, and really start having some more fun in your relationships.

All these Single Books in the Longing For Love Series by Rosemary Breen are also Available on this Site:

  • Aries
  • Taurus
  • Gemini
  • Cancer
  • Leo
  • Virgo
  • Libra
  • Scorpio
  • Sagittarius
  • Capricorn
  • Aquarius
  • Pisces
  • Horoscope Compatibility For All The Zodiac Signs
  • Your Personal Horoscope Predictions 2013 – 2017

American Citizenship – The Naturalization Interview Manual

by Anthony Ruiz Santos

English Version – This manual is a helpful tool for those wishing to best prepare themselves for their US Naturalization Interview and History Exam. It includes the following sections:






Bundle Two (Set One)

by Laura Rollins

Bundle Two contains Books 5-8 in the Ribbit Books Series.

Ribbit Books is a series aimed at teaching young children to read. Each book builds slowly so your little tot isn’t overwhelmed. Ribbit Books makes it easy to enjoy the thrill of learning to read. No one is better apt than you to give your child wings to soar.

In this Bundle, ‘at’ words are reviewed and then it’s on to ‘og’ words! Words learned and explored include: dog, frog, log, jog.

Find more at

Funny Animals: Laugh and Learn the ABC

by Ahuva Kammon

Everyone loves funny animals.

We all want to teach the kids the A B C in a fun way!

In this fun book it is all inside – fun and learning.

Join us with short four-word funny sentences, humoristic illustrations,

with the added bonus of enriching the kids’ vocabulary.

Antelopes ate artistic ants

Beavers bought barking boots.

All words start in the same letter in each sentence, accompanied with

a humoristic illustration of funny animals.

Learn with fun and entertainment from A to Z.

The children will want to read this book over and over again.

*** Don’t forget to collect your free gift inside ***

A full audio version of the book is available on the DigiKidi site.

A Sea of Wisdom, Island Proverbs – Jamaica

by Ingrid Walter

A Sea of Wisdom, Island Proverbs- Jamaica is the perfect little companion when traveling to the island, talking to locals, reminiscing about a trip or just having fun with friends and family.

The first in a series of eBooks based on the original publication featuring seven Caribbean islands, A Sea of Wisdom, Island Proverbs – Jamaica combines a rich mix of unforgettable, funny and sage Jamaican proverbs with choice information about the island’s celebrity residents, its natural beauty, history and culture.

Read and share A Sea of Wisdom, Island Proverbs – Jamaica with friends, family and loved ones. Talk the island wise talk and entice Jamaicans and others to join in the fun.

Play the game “I’m not Jamaican but I’ve got Talent,” and voice your best impression of a Jamaican proverb. With the variety of accents that make their way to Jamaica each year, every impression guarantees laughter and a slice of wisdom too, enough to take home.

Tourist Visa: An interview guide to obtain your visitor’s visa

by Anthony Ruiz Santos

This manual is a great resource for those seeking to apply for a Tourist Visa to the United States of America. It has very important information to help you prepare for your interview at the US Consulate. It includes the following chapters:






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