Free religious fiction Kindle books for 23 Dec 13

Rock and A Hard Place (Cascade Brides Series)

by Bonnie Blythe

Book One. The Three Sisters Mountains are part of the Cascade Mountain Range near the town of Sisters, Oregon. The peaks were named Faith, Hope, and Charity by early settlers. In the Cascade Brides series, three estranged siblings named for the mountains, each in the far-flung reaches of the state, are drawn back to their childhood home in Sisters by men who ultimately help the siblings realize the blessings of family bonds.

In Rock And A Hard Place, Faith Conrad is used to striving. After more or less raising her twin sisters because of an absent father and ailing mother, she knows the meaning of responsibility. She had to drop out of high school to pay the bills, hamstringing her future. When handsome├é┬áBureau of Land Management ranger Shane Zadopec rescues her from a rock climb gone wrong and reveals that he’s a photographer too, she feels threatened and rebuffs his attempts to get close. Will she ever picture them together? (Christian romance)

See Book Two: Bayward Heart, and Book Three: Project Love

Cloud Pictures in the Sky

by Melissa Kuch

Tammy Winters was like a second mother to Margaret. She introduced her to kite flying and cloud pictures in the sky. When Tammy lost her battle with cancer, Margaret has to cope with the loss of a loved one while struggling with her own inner demons. She needs to learn to find forgiveness in not only God but in herself, and through this journey realizes that she is not celebrating a death, but celebrating a life.

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