Free romance Kindle books for 23 Dec 13

Perfect Summer

by Katie Graykowski

High school teacher Summer Ames is trapped in the nightmare morning from hell. Her alarm clock didn’t go off, she accidentally backed over the rosebush her grandfather gave her grandmother right before he accepted defeat against prostate cancer, she’s wearing clothes she picked up off the floor, and when she opens the door to her classroom, the lights from the TV cameras nearly blind her. She’s won Teacher of the Year. But unlike the past winners, she doesn’t get a new car or a Hawaiian vacation or even new school supplies, she wins an over privileged quarterback with a bright smile and questionable intentions.

Clint Grayson is an NFL quarterback in need of a reputation makeover. If he has any hope of landing a hundred million dollar endorsement deal, it will take some pretty impressive PR to clean up his bad boy image. In an attempt to polish his tarnished reputation, Clint agrees to be a high school class mentor.

When these two get together all hell breaks loose and they both learn that all is fair in love and footballâ?¦and winning is just the beginning.

Second Chance Christmas (Second Chance Love Story)

by Shawn Inmon

Sometimes, a Christmas miracle is needed.

Steve and Elizabeth have led lonely lives for many years. An unlikely encounter on a Christmas tree lot could change everything–if they have the courage to overcome a lifetime’s doubt and fears.

Second Chance Christmas is a 9,000 word short story.

The Awful Truth

by Rikenya Hunter

Seventeen year old Tiphanie feels like the weight of the world is on her shoulders. After dealing with her father getting gun downed and killed when a robbery goes bad at an ATM, she loses her twin sister to leukemia. Her mother Connie becomes depressed and starts using drugs and alcohol to cope. Tiphanie has no happiness in her life until she meets Jerome, the handsome guy around high school. They instantly become a couple but can the two of them deal with life’s curve balls that are constantly being thrown at them? Does love conquer all? Can Jerome and Tiphanie’s relationship withstand the storm headed their way?

Book features profanity and sexual scenes.

The Billionaire’s Desire #1: The Billionaire’s Assistant

by Cassie Cross

Abby Waters is a bright, charming assistant working her way up the corporate ladder in the most unforgiving city in the world. She came to the Kerrigan Corporation to learn from the best. Her only problem? She desperately lusts after her unattainable boss. A plain Jane girl-next-door from the midwest, she never turned a head in her life.

Until she turned his.

Cole Kerrigan, New York’s richest, most eligible bachelor, is used to his picture being splashed across the city’s tabloids with a model by his side. Accustomed to the advantages that being good-looking and rich have to offer, Cole’s never found himself wanting a woman that he couldn’tâ??or shouldn’tâ??have.

Until he met Abby.

They dance around their attraction to one another until one late night at the office turns business into pleasureâ?¦

This novella is the first part of The Billionaire’s Desire series.

Searching For Love (Contemporary Cowboy Romance) (Carson Hill Ranch series: Book 2)

by Amelia Rose

A Contemporary Cowboy Romance Novel

This is book 2 in the Carson Hill Ranch series

As the “younger” twin, Carey Carson has always lived comfortably in brother Casey’s shadow, happy to let him take the lead. But when Casey leaves for his honeymoon and the cattle drive has to continue without him, it’s up to Carey to step up and fill those highly respected boots.

Amy McDade joined the cattle drive with a group of other vacationers, only for her, this drive isn’t about learning to rope a steer or having a good time. It’s her final attempt to build up her confidence again since an injury on the job has kept her from being a part of the career she’s always loved.

When Carey and Amy find themselves headed back to the Carson Hill Ranch and into waiting danger, can they lean on each other for the strength they will need to fend off a crazed drug dealer bent on revenge?

Be Your Everything (Learning to Let Go)

by Hazel St James

Life is slowly returning to normal for Darrin James now that his short relationship with Sara, the daughter of his mentor, is over. A strange chain of events puts Darrin, a headstrong former Navy Corpsman, directly into the path of Becca Breyton, an open-minded, straightforward free spirit from the big city. Not able to handle the mental anguish from a horrific attack in Afghanistan, Darrin has learned to shut off and hide everything that might cause him pain. His mind starts dredging up those long-forgotten memories and puts them in the forefront of his mind again. All of this leaves Darrin trying to handle a relationship for the first time in his entire life, while he works on dealing with his past that he just wants to forget. Can Darrin let Becca inside his walls so that they have a chance at staying together? Is his emotional pain more than either one of them can handle?

Draw Me In (Greenpoint Artists)

by Talia Quinn

A Greenpoint Artists prequel novella by Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart winner Talia Quinn.


Struggling artist Raven Porter thought she’d learned to be tough the hard way. Now, though, she’s arrived in New York City from rural Maine, and it’s a whole new world. 

With nowhere else to go, she crashes for the night in an empty warehouse. She wakes to the haunting sound of a lonely jazz saxophone. She’s not alone.

Finn McKenna, proprietor of Finn’s Fermentation Factory, needs to escape from his messy, complicated life, if only for tonight. So he flees to his warehouse and loses himself in his music. Until he realizes he’s not alone. 

Raven and Finn fit together. Two creative souls, their passions hidden behind sturdy defenses. If they can only let each other in…

Unexpectant Mother

by Bob Brown

Juliana was almost ready for work one morning when she paused and frowned, what was that tapping sound? A bird? My imagination? Seconds later she paused again, she definitely heard a faint knocking this time. She went to the front door and opened it—but no one was there.
A child’s voice said, “Is this where Craig lives?”
Startled, Juliana looked down to see a tousled headed little boy.
Something about the boy was special and it troubled Juliana, but she didn’t know why.
“Yes, Craig lives here.”
The boy turned around and yelled at a man and a woman sitting out at the curb in a much abused Chevrolet. “This is it, Mom.”
The woman began getting out of the car. “Okay, Marvin. Come get your things.”
Marvin looked up at Juliana appraisingly. His bewildered sadness was so profound that even years later Juliana would remember it with a faint smile and a tear.


by C.R. Gress

Jordan’s life is drastically changed when she is sixteen. The repercussions of that leads her down the road to drugs, alcohol, and promiscuity. She is also VOID of any emotions to the point that each time she tries to recover from her downfall, something happens to send her back again. 20 years of her life go by in this book showcasing the nothingness she feels and the constant running from everyone — including the one man she meets at 18 that she can never get out of her system.

Now she is scarred, alone, and vulnerable.

Will Jordan be able to pick up the pieces and find love again or will her scars mar her for life?

Warning: This book is intended for readers 18 and older. It contains sex, drugs, and adult language.

Fallen from Grace [Part Two of the Thicker than Blood Series]

by Olivia Leighton

Kenna thought the week couldn’t get stranger… but it does. After having an unforgettably passionate night with Matt, she finds him gone – his clothes and wallet remain on the bedroom floor… as if he vanished into thin air. While perplexed with Matt’s disappearance, Kenna accepts a date with the mysterious Dr. Amante. Will he have the answers she needs or add more questions to a growing list?

When You’re Not Around (A Short and Sweet Romance Story)

by Anna Andrews

When You’re not Around (A Short and Sweet Romance Story) by Anna Andrews is a contemporary young adult romance.

Brayden is a flirtatious guy, touring the country with the Irish dancing group Dance of the Celts. His dancing partner, Angelica-Jane – a smiling and gorgeous eyed girl – drives him crazy by following him around like a starving puppy chasing a piece of turkey. Advised to get rid of Angelica-Jane, Brayden feels however that there is something beneath her weird behavior, but he can’t figure out what. Is it mad love? Is she a crazy stalker?

After an incident at the mall, Brayden decides to find out why Angelica-Jane acts the way she does – and why she gets a panic attack whenever he is not around.

Will Brayden get to understand Angelica-Jane? Will he fall in love with her despite her weird behaviour? Or will he stumble upon a deeper secret to Angelica-Jane?

Buy Now “When You’re Not Around” (romance under $3.99) and enjoy this romantic young adult story.

Harsh Decisions

by Casey Harvell

Lettie’s pretty sure things can’t get much worse. Really, going to hell has to be a low point. But she will go anywhere, she will do anything, to get Gabe back.

Join Lettie on the second installment of her journey. Battling demons (and conquering battlefields,) stopping and starting wars and family feuds all lead to one thing: Harsh Decisions.

See Jayne Play (The Jayne Series)

by Jami Denise

Jayne King lived in a world of players. She’d been groomed by her father to win, taking no prisoners in her quest to reach the top. But, it was never enough. She wanted out, and just when she finds her escape, she’s pulled back into the underground crime world of Las Vegas. One phone call spins her life out of control and she once again has to live her life behind a mask of lies.

Her body is for sale, but her heart is off limits.

Flynn Maguire, professional gambler and notorious ladies’ man always wins. Always. As the heir to the Maguire Grand Hotel and Casino fortune, he’s always had his desires delivered on a silver platter. When he crosses paths with Jayne King, he will stop at nothing to have her. Nothing has ever stood between him and what he wanted, and there wasn’t any amount of money too high to pay to own her. He realizes too late that money can’t buy her heart and finds himself in a place he never thought he’d be. Out of luck.

CONTENT WARNING: This story contains scenes of an explicit, erotic, or violent nature and is intended for adults. 18+ Story includes graphic language, violence, and sexual situations.

The Truth About Fairy Tales (Heart Of Texas)

by Mary Eason

It’s funny the things that go through your mind when you realize your future, or at least what you thought was your future is at stake. And everything that you’ve worked your whole life believing in isn’t really what you want after all.
This is the story of me – a little girl from Santa Anna, Texas, Maggie, short for Mary Margaret Malone. I’m the one who thought I could have it all. She just didn’t know at the time what that meant. This is my story.
It’s a love story, although I never really believed in all that fairy tale, love at first sight kind of stuff until I met Jackson Riley. You see life taught me at a very young age that such things as fairy tales don’t really exist for most people. Certainly not for me, a girl of the streets.
So what did I believe in you might ask? What was my dream in life? Well, for as long as I can remember I’ve wanted one thing only. To one day, become an attorney.
I was six months away from achieving this goal when my world was turned upside down and the old steadfast, sometimes-grouchy Maggie was transformed into someone that I didn’t recognize and certainly didn’t believe existed. A woman in love.
So, let me just set the story up for you. Because the beginning is just about as fantastic as the way things turned out.
It began quite unexpectedly when I became friends with Ben Riley. Unfortunately, Ben imagined himself head over heels in love with me in spite of all my discouragement. Ben just couldn’t get it through his head romance wasn’t happening.
So you can imagine my surprise when Ben tells me his only living relative, his uncle wants to meet me. Now I’d heard all that I needed to know about Jackson Riley. He was rich, successful and not to be messed with according to Ben.
Unfortunately, he also wasn’t anything like what I’d been led to believe by Ben.
Jackson Riley was going to be nothing but trouble for me. I knew this from the second I met him. And all my well placed future plans? Well they were in serious jeopardy. The second I saw Jackson I thoughtâ??wow, this guy is knock out gorgeous if you like the rich, sophisticated well-polished type. I didn’t. But even I was forced to admitâ??he wasn’t old. Not by a long shot.
I fought against my attraction to Jackson right up until the minute he kissed me and then I knew it was over. I wasn’t going to resist this guyâ??who was I kidding? I didn’t want to. I wanted Jackson Riley like crazy.
Unfortunately, he had a few demands of his own. He wanted more than just to sleep with me. He wanted to get to know me. Meâ??little Maggie Malone from Santa Anna, Texas. This went against my very nature. You see, I wasn’t good at sharing myself with anyone. Only my two closest friends, Genna and Serena and of course Grandmother Sarah the woman who raised me when my mother Rachel deserted me a small child, knew about my past. I’d survived years living with my mother, moving from run-down apartments to eventually living on the streets. At thirteen, Gran hired Lee Worthy an attorney to have the court grant her permanent custody of me. That’s when I first became enamored with the law. Through Lee’s influence.
So you see, I figured once Jackson learned the truth about my past that would be that. Boy, was I ever wrong.
Jackson wasn’t prepared to let me simply push him away like I was so good at doing. He stood firm through each and every time obstacle I threw in his way that would have sent most men running for good. The road to our somewhat odd romance was paved with obstacles that came up mostly at my instigation and would have sent most men running away like crazy not to mention swearing off women forever, (Oh yeah, I came with some heavy baggage that’s for sure!). But not Jackson. Not my corporate prince. He just dealt with each of my little insecurities as they came along and then moved on to the next. Conquering them all like any good knight would.
Starting with our first date! Which ended up with me sick. Jackson simply brought me soup.
After things beco

A Girl’s Guide to Demon Hunting

by Emily Miles

If you could change one thing about your life would you?

I would and I know exactly what it would be. I’d travel back in time to around two thousand years ago and ask my great, great, great, great, great (you get the point) Grandparent what they were thinking when they decided to get frisky with a Fallen angel. I mean seriously a giant winged creature falls from the sky, what’s your first reaction? I know what mine wouldn’t be.

Anyhoo, thanks to that long ago hook up between the goat pelts, I’ve been “blessed” with enhanced senses, a barely controlled power and a entire race of arch nemesss…nemesi..nemeses…whatever. A whole bunch of Demon Hell spawn who would happily feast on me and my power.

This is my life and well, sometimes it kinda sucks. Like right now, I’ve got a Demon boss who wants me to “dispose” of a bigger and badder Demon. Friends who I’m trying to protect from both the known and the “known-only-to-me” dangers of Vegas and a Hell Hound whose love of meat can quickly turn things bloody, in a very bad way.

As if this wasn’t enough the very people I’m hiding from have asked for my help to find a lost girl.

Who loses a girl in the middle of a city ran by Demons? I’ll tell you who, idiots, well idiots and Guardians. There’s a reason I cut contact with the Guardians years ago, even if I am technically still one. Max, the Guardian whose sent to search for the missing girl is a complication I neither want or need.

I’ve got a girl to save, secrets to keep and the fate of a city resting on my shoulders.

I’m so screwed.


From the Author:

What this book has: comedy, strong friendships, lots of butt kicking fighting, mild language and a tiny bit of romance.

What this book doesn’t have: a whining, oh my life isn’t complete without a guy heroine. It also does not have any sex, sexual situations, vampires or werewolves.

This book is intended for teens and young adults from twelve to eighteen.

Through the Flames

by Jimmy Brown jr

“Through the Flames” is the fictional romance of Lance and Tiara, fellow firefighters that not only have to fight the flames of the fires they encounter, but also the internal blaze of love for one another.

Reckless (Reckless Volume 1)

by Leah Dalwood

Straitlaced Vivienne Dawes has always been responsible. As the long-suffering personal assistant to one of the meanest, wealthiest men in the country, she has to be. But when her boss unexpectedly dies, Vivienne has the opportunity to live a little, and her boss’s son is only too happy to help her learn how…

RECKLESS is a novelette of approximately 10,400 words. It contains explicit sex and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

An Absent Wife

by Camille Oster

The desertion of Lord Lysander Burton’s wife had come as a complete surprise, even though he readily admitted that he’d never excelled as a husband. The death of the wife he’d ignored for close to a decade was a downright nuisance, making him further fodder for the gossips, and now a target for every designing matron in London.

In line with her consistent talent for being disagreeable, Lady Adele Warburton had run off with a lowly lieutenant, leaving safety and respectability behind, then died in a cholera epidemic in a far flung country.

In a last show of husbandly duty, Lysander decides to recover her effects, and grudgingly those of her lover, retracing the steps of the wife he’d barely known across half the world. But arriving in the mayhem of India, he finds that all is not as it should be.

The Passion Ruby (Gemstone Series)

by Eboni Snoe

The Myth: The woman born with the Mark of the Stonekeeper possesses the secret of the gemstone…

Practical, level-headed Sienna Russell doesn’t believe the strange legend that has been in her family for generations. Then she learns about a mysterious Ruby that bestows the gifts of joy and unimaginable passion on its owner…

The Man: Drawn into a search for the mythical jewel, Sienna travels from Atlanta to Martinique…and is swept into an affair with Hennessy “Hawk” Jackson, a man with a secret past–and an ability to see the future.

The Adventure: But as Sienna uncovers the shocking truth about her heritage, treachery and greed threaten to tear her from Hennessy’s arms. Is she risking her life on an elusive dream, or a Ruby too dangerous for anyone to possess? Or has she already found something far more precious; a passion beyond compare and a love beyond price…?

Standing On The Edge Of Goodbye (Treasures Of The Rockies)

by Mary Eason

Matt Stevens is finished with life. Grieving the death of his son, Matt withdraws from humanity, sequestering himself in a mountain cabin far from the reaches of anything human, anything that may remind him of the life he can no longer have. That is, until Kate Alexander arrives on his doorstep and begins to strip away the bitterness he carries in his heart.

Running from an abusive ex-husband who tried to murder her, Kate Alexander’s life is turned upside-down. Learning of her grandmother’s death, the only woman who ever believed in her, is almost Kate’s complete undoing, especially when the devastating news comes from a man so lacking in human emotion he may as well be a robot. Yet, Kate is drawn to Matt Stevens in a way she never before experienced. Could
there be more to this unlikely friend of her grandmother’sâ??something beyond the cold surface he presents to the world?


by Eboni Snoe

An action packed romantic adventure! Strictly for the money, conservative Raquel Mason agrees to pose as Jackie Dawson for one night. But fate has much more in store when “Jackie” is kidnapped and taken to her home country of Belize. Striking Nate Bowman appears to be running the criminal show, but there are some things about him Raquel just can’t figure out. Like how he insists on protecting her at all costs, and why there is an attraction between them that won’t be denied. From a Mayan bloodletting ceremony to sexual energy being harnessed as spiritual power by an ancient tribe….You’ll be out of breath for more reasons than one with BEGUILED!

Elevator Heat

by B.D. Rowe


Twenty-year-old Maddie has had a crush on Colin, her studly internship supervisor, for three long months. She struggles focusing on her work, and always finds herself gazing at his wavy brown hair, his chiseled cheekbones, his kissable lips. Little does she know, however, that he has feelings for her, too.

The problem is no matter how much time they spend together in the office, neither one can ever make the first move.

That is, until they both step into the old, rickety elevator late one Friday night.

And things start to get a little steamy…

Big Girls One Night with a Dairy Doctor: Short Erotic Romance – Book 5

by Ulriche Kacey Padraige

Big Girls One Night with a Dairy Doctor: Short Erotic Romance

*** Mature Content Warning: This short erotic romance book contains very strong language and steamy adult entertainment – Strictly for Adults ***

The bigger one, the one who had been driving, was Red’s type. Round face, round body with extremely generous curves.

Red buried his face this time in her. He was floating on a cloud of womanhood. He stopped to ask her, “Do you want me to stop?”

She grinned and said, “Absolutely not.”

This could be the beginning of something special for you.



by Jewel Adams

Jewel Adams
Time Travel Sensual Romance

Flint is ready to give the brat fighting him to the Indians as he pushes the lad over the next waterfall. Once rinsed of mud, he discovers the frail boy is one nicely shaped woman. Learning his employer intends to marry off the girl, his Darlin’, with the indentured women, he marries her himself suspecting he has gone from the frying pan and into the fire.
Marrying Allen Flint isn’t as disturbing to Jolene as discovering she is in 1713. Dare she examine her feelings toward the mountain of a man, now a part of her life? Can she survive the wilds of the American Frontier?
When Indians capture Flint, Jolene prays she possesses the strength to save the man she loves from certain death. Time brought her to him, but Jolene realizes only their magic can hold them together, now.

Deceptively Yours (Wanton Weston Women, Book Two)

by Wynter Daniels

Book 2 in the Wanton Weston Women series.Shy bookworm Laura Weston agrees to take her very pregnant sister’s place and speak at a hedonist conference at a Caribbean resort. Since no one knows what sex-advice columnist “Dear Annie” looks like, she prays she can pull off the ruse.Private Investigator Guy Pritchard is on Pleasure Cove Island to find drug kingpin Harry Turiano. What he hadn’t counted on is the hot blonde advice columnist at the villa next door to Harry’s, who proves to be way too much of a distraction.Laura decides to use the break from her ordinary life to succumb to Guy’s advances. But after a taste of their sizzling-hot chemistry, she’s not sure if she’ll be able to return to ordinary and leave the sexy hunk behind.

Moon’s Path, Water’s Shield

by G.D. Steel

A Short Story in Ancient Ireland, Home of the Celtic Gods…

Mannan MacLir of the Tuatha Dé Dannan, God of the Sea does not really know what love is, but he is obsessed with one Irish lass. Usually he loves them and leaves them, but something about Minerva has always drawn him to her.

Minerva thought she saved a drowning man and fell in love. Now there are consequences for her one day of folly for her seaman was no ordinary man.

The Goddess Danu, The Mother of all of the Tuatha wants her son to find love and her grandchild to be safe from the greed of man. Can she help prod love along? Can this mortal girl teach a God about love and family?

Queen for a Day

by Bob Brown

Swindell didn’t tell Mealy, “I’m here to steal your wife.” What he said was more evasive and shrewdly phrased, but still, what he meant was, “I’m here to steal your wife.”

Getting Lucky (A Lucky Novella)

by Karina Gioertz

**Getting Lucky is NOT a stand alone read. It is a quirky, sweet novella meant to compliment the novel Lucky In Love**

Now that Lucky finally has her man, will she get her happily ever after? Or will she let her fears of the past get in the way of the future she’s always wanted?

Epoch Winter

by C. Dennis Moore


Yahto is a Lakotan man trying to escape the sins of his past by throwing himself headlong into a forced solitude in the Canadian Rockies. Haunted by the memories of bloodshed at Little Big Horn, he is trying desperately to forget the violence he knows lies within him.


Yoko is found freezing and pregnant in the snow. Yahto helps her to shelter and safety and as the two spend a long hard winter together, their bond becomes stronger and stronger.

Yoko tells him of where she comes from, a place of machines and tests, while Yahto fills her with Lakotan folklore, both trying to forget the past and focus on what’s to come, namely Yoko’s baby, which will be due very soon.

But what Yoko didn’t tell him, what he found out only when he saw her dragging the frozen body out of their cabin, into the woods, is that the people she escaped from will most likely stop at nothing to get her back. And no matter how much experience the old warrior has, it’s nothing compared to the weapons at their disposal. The winter snow gets harder to survive with few resources, no allies, and an army from another world tracking them.


Despite the obstacles facing them, Yahto vows no harm will come to Yoko and the baby, a vow he’ll do anything to keep, even when the lightening flashes and a squad of armed men emerges from the trees around their cabin.

Horror writer C. Dennis Moore (author of the novel REVELATIONS) weaves a unique tale of fantasy and science fiction wrapped up on a blanket of myth and folklore from another time in this 12,000 word novella, one of his most accomplished works of fiction. “Epoch Winter” is a harsh story, told in such detail you can feel the chill in your bones as you share space with the characters, and with an ending so twisted your brain will be left in knots.

C. Dennis Moore is the author of the novel REVELATIONS, from Necro Publications, and the editor of the INTO THE DARKNESS anthology. His horror fiction has appeared in publications like VILE THINGS, WHAT FEARS BECOME, DARK HIGHWAYS, DARK HIGHLANDS 2, and DEAD BAIT 3. His short story collections include TERRIBLE THRILLS, the vampire-themed ICONS TO ASHES and DANCING ON A RAZORBLADE. He is also author of the horror novellas “The Man in the Window” and “Camdigan” and the suspense thriller “Safe at Home”.

Crestview Academy: Molli

by Misty Reigenborn

Crestview Academy: Molli runs concurrent to Crestview Academy: Tory and not only tells Molli’s side of the story as to what went on between her and Jude, it takes a look into Molli’s own quest for love.

Molli is a 17 year old Senior at Crestview Academy. She is embarassed when her lover’s girlfriend Tory comes upon them together in the woods, but is glad to finally have Jude to herself. But one night when Molli’s roommate Mellenda is not at home and her boyfriend Ricky comes to visit, Molli is given a glimpse into what real love and passion can be and is soon caught up in a hot affair with Ricky.

Ricky is a 19 year old college student who has always been taken with Molli’s beauty and her straightforward attitude. It was her he really wanted when he asked Mellenda to be his girl,but he never had the courage to tell her. When he makes love to Molli, he sees a future for them together, but can’t find a way to unentangle himself from Mellenda.

Will Ricky tell Molli he loves her before it’s too late? Who is the real father of Molli’s baby?

Now includes a sneak peek at Crestview Academy: Mellenda!

Wild Ferns

by Iris Penn

Taking a research trip to a tropical island sounded like a dream for Holly James, a young botanist working on her dissertation. However, things begin to get complicated when Holly finds herself distracted, not by the lush island around her, but from a fellow graduate student who has his eye on more than just the wild birds he’s studying. When problems arise, Holly finds herself stranded on the island alone…with one exception…

The Charmer

by Bob Brown

The General’s expertise was to lift the burdens of excessive fortunes from wealthy widows. Sadly, the widow Prentiss Merkel’s maddening antics cast a shadow on the General’s dream of riches and luxury.


Prentiss leaned on Cleve’s steady arm as they entered the Mad Dog Saloon. It was mid-afternoon and only the bartender was there. The General gave a pained expression on hearing the jukebox with George Jones singing, â?«He Stopped Loving Her Today.â?«


A six foot four inch Greek goddess opened the door. A more handsome damsel cannot be imagined. Regal is the word; her hair was white as a fresh sheet of paper and her face had the perfection of a doll. Her statuesque frame accentuated the white silk full length lounge gown she was wearing. Absolutely stunning, and yetâ??there was a strange lack of warmth about Lorac, as if she was chiseled in marble.

“Father. Do come in.”

“My darling daughter, Lorac. I trust all is well with you?”

“I’m quite well, thank you, father. And you?”

“A Texas witch has sunk her talons deep into my very soul, my dear. The last few days with Prentiss Merkel have left me standing on the precipice of despair.”

“You poor dear. Come in and tell me about it.” Although chiseled in marble, Lorac was able to bend in all the right places which allowed her to sit on a white settee.

With a woeful sigh, the General deflated like an exhausted whale into a large easy chair. As always, sitting-down forced his smooth cream jacket into its rolling hills topography. He moaned. “I must fortify myself to suffer even more punishment before the Merkel Project is consummated. The profit potential is extraordinarily appealing, but one more Johnny Cash song will sorely test my endurance.”

“Johnny Cash? How dreadful. Then Lady Prentiss enjoys rudimentary music?”

“Yes indeed, raw Pilgrim music, my dear. This pathetic lady is addicted to mournful heartbreaking renditions in an ambiance so unsophisticated it drives me to extraction. Her social preferences are on the level of Cleve, if you can imagine.”

“How ghastly.


by P.J. Bayliss

Taboo is a compilation of 365 (English) Haiku’s poems; many of which break or bend traditional rules for producing Haiku poetry.

This rule-breaking author has provided numerous examples in his book that will entertain, amuse, and delight the reader to varying degrees. The book is divided into four â??seasons’ of Love, Passion, Pain, and Sensuality to captivate readers and let them journey into an unravelling world of erotic lovemaking.

To Secure a Husband

by Melissa Kuch

Analise is in a relationship with William Fitzpatrick, young, wealthy, handsome…the perfect catch…but afraid to commit. Frustrated after five years of dating, she is ready to get married but can’t figure out what he is waiting for. A chance encounter with her first love, Fred Worthington, forces her to have to figure out exactly what she wants in her life. She had one man who proposed to her too early and another man afraid to. Will Analise secure her husband or will the man in her life realize he should be more afraid of losing her?

Creole Blues

by Jewel Adams

Brittney Massey keeps her life as rising Jazz singer Kat Boutie and her true identity as a rancher’s daughter separated. That is until New Orleans’ mafia King Lucas Cortine sets his sights on her. Brit’s surrender under Lucas’ spell is a night filled with erotic passion and memories that haunt the woman Lucas claims.
She may sing the evocative Cajun lyrics as if she were born in the Louisiana bayou country, but Brittney refuses to be Lucas’ woman. The danger that comes with the man won’t stop her. Determined to break free of Cortine, Brittney charges headlong into witnessing her lover murder a DEA agent!
Brittney faces enemies at each turn and Cortine’s bounty hunter Mark Maitland brings them right to her door. Her failure to escape Lucas could cost Brit’s life, but will her heart survive the man she gave her virginity to!

Angela Decides: An Erotic Romance

by Marlene Darcy

A New York society woman becomes a high class call girl…

The first two chapters of Angela’s Passion.

“The beginning of a riveting novel. An intriguing question–How many society women are doing this?”

Printed fiction equivalent 34 pages. WARNING: Adult language and scenes of explicit sex. Adults only, please! NOT FOR ANYONE OFFENDED BY ADULT SEXUALITY IN ALL ITS VARIATIONS. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


by Natasha Bolf

What would your life look like if you knew and remembered all the things that were going on in your parent’s life while you were still just a baby on the way?

You might not know all your family’s secrets , but in this novel, an unborn Baby will tell you all its family’s secrets.

You might recognize yourself in the story.

You might had also known those sorts of things while you were in your mother’s belly, but you have forgotten them, just like this Baby will, the second it will be born.

TheBaby will forget that, even though it does have a dad who may not be its real father, it also won’t remember what had its own Mom used it for, it won’t remember that there was once a LoveOfDad’sLife or Dad’sBestFriend, and it especially will have no idea who TheBoss was.

But you can find all of that out. Right now. Check out how these people, who have no official names ’cause all of us could easily be some of them, mess around with each other’s lives, justifying everything with the greatest power of all, love. But is it really all fair in love and war? You’ll see for yourself, and TheBaby will just help you with sarcastic comments.

Radiance (Radiance Series)

by K.A. Rumion

Lydia lives a simple life, or so she likes to think. She’s always been different and hid the fact from everyone she knew and cared about her whole life. With the arrival of Eden, someone who seems to know more about her than she does, her life will never be the same. Someone’s out to kill her and Eden, her own personal guardian angel, is the only one around to protect her. Only Eden holds the key to her past and possibly her future if she is to survive this journey but, can she bring herself to trust him? More importantly, can she trust herself? The journey to find out who and what she truly is starts here with Radiance.

Unexpected Touch

by Abi R.S. King

She is a fighter. She is Morgan Mallory.

For her entire life Morgan has fought for her dreams.

She has defied friends, family and foes who told her that she couldn’t have it her way.

When they told her to go right, she went left. When they told her to stay at home, she ventured out. When they told her to be a good wife, she became a marketing success instead.

She had it all. Morgan was intelligent, passionate and a financial success. She won at every game she dared to play…except the game of love, but one fateful Monday morning would turn everything on its head. Morgan could have never predicted the whirlwind of romance that would soon follow.


Unexpected Touch is a short, steamy, new adult romance. Recommended for smart, mature readers!

The Ecstasy and the Agony: A Spellbinding Short Story With A Stunning, Surprise Ending

by Melody Hall

Gia and Mike were hot and heavy for two years. She loved everything about him, and was finally convinced that she found the man of her dreams. Mike was older, educated and the sexiest man Gia ever dated. Gia’s feelings for Mike were growing stronger with each passing minute. Mike’s feelings of love and lust were also growing stronger day by day, but the feelings that were burning deep inside of him were not for Gia. This romantic short story will take you through twists and turns, and a surprise ending that will take your breath away. Don’t waste another minute wondering what happens next! Get your copy right now!

Loving the Pretty Reverend

by Mysty McPartland

Undercover with his friend Jake, Nolan poses as a Reverend hoping that they could discover the identity of the woman who was the leader of a vicious gang robbing and killing the innocent people using the stagecoach. Within moments of hitting town, he meets the beautiful owner of the Nightingale saloon.
Since the house that comes with being the Reverend is housing a family who’s home has burnt down, his pleased yet frustrated that he would be living at the saloon with the woman that had him instantly aroused the minute he meets her. However, he knows he can’t do anything about the attraction between them.
He just hopes he can keep his pants buttoned until the case is solved. What he doesn’t expect though was only hours after settling in his room and nearly naked from his bath, he comes face to face with the lovely Mrs. Justin Kingsly. Unable to hide the evidence of his desire for her, it didn’t take more than a heartbeat before she was in his arms and seconds later before he was buried inside her.
Even though he realizes that she regretted making love to him, he knew it wasn’t going to stop him from doing it again. However, he suddenly realizes that she’s a married woman and knows he would have to keep his hands of her or he could ruin their chances on catching the murderous gang.
Next morning though, he’s greatly relieved to find out there is no husband, so decides he would leave it up to the lovely widow to make the first move. In the meantime, he pretends to be a Reverend and when the mayor’s wife approaches him and comes on to him, he decides she’s worth keeping an eye on.
However, the woman is relentless in trying to get him into her bed, and his suspicion towards her grows. His friend and partner Jake decides to take the woman of his hands, but it doesn’t help and his constant rejection of her advances, the mayor’s wife only wants revenge but not just against him, but Justin as well.

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