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The Meat Market (Jonathan Harkon Adventures)

by James Chalk

For Jonathan Harkon, living life in exile is never easy. Forced into hiding his true identity and leaving the only home and family he’s ever known, Jonathan finds himself halfway across the galaxy, smuggling condoms for the religiously-oppressed citizens of an outer-system colony named Sanctuary. However, it isn’t long before his cover as a bouncer for a local “bikini-bar” is questioned, and he is quickly embroiled in Sanctuary’s hardcore, underground, sex-slave trade. With few friends by his side and only his ship, the HMS Mary Rose, to rely upon, Jonathan will need every ounce of the strength and skill that his heavily enhanced, genetically-engineered body can manage, if he means to survive and expose the terrible truth behind Sanctuary’s “Meat Market.”

Set in the not too distant future, “The Meat Market” is the first short novel (43,000 words) in author James Chalk’s “Jonathan Harkon Adventure” series. At the author’s request, this title is sold without DRM (DRM Rights Management).

Containment Zone

by R. A. Seckler

October 12th, 2021

That was the day Death ceased her collection of souls.

Instead of claiming people on the day of their death, human beings are doomed to remain trapped inside their decaying bodies until a sliver of the brain dubbed the ‘soul region’ rots away. When the government’s only solution is to set up Containment Zones in each state to handle the burgeoning undead demographic, what were intended to be peaceful, country club settings for the deceased quickly fill above and beyond capacity, to the point that each Containment Zone more closely resembles a third world slum. Slums filled with our dead and decaying loved ones…

Parker Wallace May wasn’t ready to die, but when one inhales too much smoke from a house fire, that’s exactly what tends to happen. He never imagined ending up in a Containment Zone at his age, and definitely never imagined his living wife would abandon him and never return his calls. But when Parker receives news from the outside that his wife is getting remarried, Parker sets out to do the one thing no one has ever done before…break out of the Containment Zone…

To do this, Parker goes to work for a ruthless undead mobster smuggling in and selling an illegal drug called ‘phanex’ that reacts with the ‘soul region’ of the undead’s brain, giving them a taste of the life they once had but exacerbating their decay with each use…

Can Parker escape the Containment Zone and get back to his wife? Or will Parker succumb to the alluring qualities of phanex, planting the seeds of his own demise in the process…

The Keepers of the Omicron

by Dan Baram

The sole purpose for the Keepers of the Omicron is to prevent the atrocities created by mankind. The Omicron, a secular document created by the founders of the movement contains the entire history of the world, including every event that led up to the extinction of the human race. The Keepers are the last and only hope for mankind. They have traveled back in time to rewrite history but when the first threat to the timeline involves killing one of their own, the entire mission begins to unravel.

The Enigmatic Spheres of Zorec

by Jake Taylor

Twenty-four intriguing, splendid and enigmatic illustrations accompanied by maxims. Both, the images and the words, were inspired by the adventures of “Yah and the Space Cadets” series of eBooks.

The E-puzzle

by Benjamin Thor

In the far future questions of soul and death will be answered, but then how will we deal with mortality and how might we cope with the afterlife?

Episode I: Parrallel Paths (The New Breed Chronicles)

by John Whelan-Curtin

Ardia is still coming to terms with the murder of her mother. Whoever would dare cross Ardia’s employer, the ruthless Razmik, must surely be a foe to be reckoned with. Now Ardia’s world has become boiled down to one single point: vengeance. This quest will also come to reveal the origins of her own incredible abilities.

Homer’s mother died a long time ago, but Homer is still trying to track down his father. He doesn’t seek his father for a family reunion, he wants to find him to kill him, to avenge his mother’s death. Homer has a great deal to learn on the way. Raised in the jungle, this half-man, half-ape, must not only rise to the challenge of his father but to the challenge of civilization in general.

The New Breed Chronicles is a series of Novelette Length episodes full of intrigue, mystery, action and thrills.

Cyborg Spell Shop: A Harkon Colony Short Story

by James Chalk

In the not too distant future, most of the solar system has been colonized in a tremendous expansion known as the Great Solar Diaspora. Massive space habitats house anywhere from hundreds of thousands to billions of people. The colonies vary greatly in size and design, in politics, in technology, and in religion and faith. You might think that people who live in space and depend on technology all day, every day, would be above superstition, but you would be wrong. Even on Harkon Colony – one of the largest, most advanced space habitats in the solar system – there are plenty of people who believe in all kinds of strange mystical things.Things like what Will Ozwald sells at his shop, “Master Wu’s Spells and Spare-Ribs.” There, you can buy anything you want: from a necklace for hiding skin blemishes, to a ring that suppresses teenage libido. Except, don’t ask for a love potion. “Master Wu say can not do.” There is even a sign. You see, Will can illegally exploit the tech every Harkonite has in his head to create many illusions. But love is no illusion! Will believes that all he could manage would be a kind of lust-slave spell, and even a con-artist has to draw the line somewhere. Yet, despite the sign, citizens keep on asking. Why can’t his customers accept his one rule? Why do they keep asking for love? And, what happens when one particular customer won’t take “no” for an answer?

“Cyborg Spell Shop” is a short story (6,000 words) set in a shared fictional universe with author James Chalk’s “Jonathan Harkon Adventure” series. At the author’s request, this title is sold without DRM (DRM Rights Management).

The Twelve Children Of Christmas: A Baihu Short Story

by James Chalk

When Jonathan’s Christmas good deed goes awry, Baihu comes to his rescue. Can she get to Jonathan in time and will she be able to save the children?

“The Twelve Children Of Christmas” is a short story (6,600 words) set in a shared fictional universe with author James Chalk’s “Jonathan Harkon Adventure” series. At the author’s request, this title is sold without DRM (DRM Rights Management).

True Blue Alien: Digital Memories

by J. E. Flint

Sasha is different from the other teens in school. It’s hard to be a teenager when your own mind forgets details like you were born on a different planet and where you’re going or who that strange man is in the photo. But that won’t stop her from finding out who she is, where she came from and if that musician down the street actually likes her.

True Blue Alien is the first in a series of humorous science fiction books aimed at a lighter audience about an alien high schooler with a unique case of Anterograde amnesia. Join Sasha as she struggles to find out who she is, where she came from and find a permanent solution to her amnesia. An answer that ultimately must come from another world.


by THAMES. C. H.

To Save the Universe Johnny Mayhem Risked His Life – Over and Over and Over. He could travel anywhere mentally and enter the body of anyone on any planet. But if he stayed longer than thirty days, Mayhem died. An encounter with aliens had given him an extrahuman power. But it had also put him beyond the pale of love and friendship forever. For the first time ever in book form, her are the never reprinted adventures of one of the most popular and notable pulp science fiction series heros of the mid-1950s. Mayhem is literally “the man who saved the universe” – and the price he pays for it is a terrible one.  But that is the story of the man who became Johnny Mayhem, and his origin is told in the first story of this series, “My Name is Mayhem.” Contains the first three Mayhem novelettes. Cover: Valigursky for the Johnny Mayhem story, “The Burning Man.”

The Futurist Manifesto # 3: The Elements of War

by John Paul Catton

December, 1940. Frank Cooper is working as a medical orderly at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, while trying to survive the London Blitz. It’s coming up to Christmas, and he’s saving up up his cash and coupons to buy an engagement present for his girlfriend, Liz – but bombs, blackouts and rationings are the least of his problems. The mysterious figures that haunt his dreams and nightmares have begun to invade his daily life, and are walking the streets of London … and they may be more powerful and terrifying than anything in Hitler’s war machine.

This novelette is the third in the series of “The Futurist Manifesto”.

Hades. The First Steps

by Ernest Filak

For more than two thousand years humankind has been exploring the Universe, which is developing with a speed as yet unknown. Such an expansion requires more and more resources. Big companies provide the supplies required. The jurisdiction of Earth, spread over an enormous area, does not reach everywhere. The law is not properly obeyed. Money and corruption prevail. Hades is a distant mining planet, located far away from the center of the system. It has an almost infinite wealth of resources. Many want to take control over them. The time of change is coming.

The List

by Michele Lee

“Horrible death and apocalypse, individually packaged for your convenience. Now with 20% more mutilation!”
I ask myself not “how could this happen?” but “how did we not assume this was the natural outcome of life, and do something about it?” I mean, learn to shoot a gun or sharpen a machete or something, yanno?
But I’m not here to try to analyze why this is happening, or come up with magic cure to the undead. No doubt there are plenty of labs and government d-bags locked away with all the bottled water and frozen McDonald’s patties trying to figure all that out. Not me. I’m here to tell you about the list.
The list of people who absolutely must die in order for me, and any survivors to remain safe.


by Stephen Cote

Two years after humanity defeated an invading alien force, Alex enjoys the remnants of a normal life. A little apartment, a regular job, a busy commute, and, as a specialized contractor, working outside. Although the fighting is long over, the world is just a little bit different. Like, the cities are flattened and a wrecked starship hangs around in low orbit. Repetition breeds normalcy, and after a couple years the lifestyle of alien invasion survivor isn’t so foreign. It is normal because Alex believes the bad times are over.

Unfortunately, the bad times have only just started.

Strains is a short science fiction story.

Trivia Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine

by Sayuri Yamada

New science fiction, fantasy, horror, comics, and speculative fiction magazine. Finding the best authors of today, Trivia Science Fiction and Fantasy is an evolving magazine that plans to expand and endeavors to change the field of pulp publishing.

In this issue enjoy our launch title with three stories from today’s new, up and coming authors. Enjoy discovering why talent comes at a price with John Swaboda in “Beseeching the Muse”. Discover why Atlas hates the overweight with Timmy Johnson in “Atlas Hates Fat People”. Then, discover what our shoes do when we are out to play in Sayuri Yamada’s “Shoes”. Also see our exclusive comic book entry.

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