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Chiro Cases of Death: Is Chiropractic Care Safe?

by Ryan Seager

Thinking of going to a Chiropractor but want to be aware of possible risks?
Get Informed – Be Aware!
Are you fed up with being kept in the dark about the Chiropractic profession? I was in your shoes, suffering from a sore neck, I was debating whether I should make a visit to a local Chiropractor.
Luckily I was able to discover a wealth of research that not only revealed to me the risks associated with cervical manipulation but I also found effective techniques that I could do myself!
I have been involved with athletics and physical education for over twenty years and have met and interacted with chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists and experts in kinesiology.
Chiro Cases of Death provides a wealth of information that can help you. First it explores documented cases where individuals have suffered strokes after receiving chiropractic treatment.
Second it provides a summarized collection of scientific studies that have been conducted in the area of chiropractic treatment and cervical manipulation.
Next, it also provides a summary of arguments that are commonly used to suppress criticism of chiropractic treatment. This will allow you to spot the illogical thinking that tries to support chiropractism.
Last but not least it includes a collection of self adjustment techniques that anybody can use from the comfort of their own home. With your purchase you get a free copy of the book: Chiropractic Technique: Self Adjustment Made Easy by Ryan Seager.
This unique book provides a variety of adjustment techniques that anybody can do including:
-Self-adjust your neck to relieve tension and muscle soreness.
-Simple self-exercises to align your spine and relieve back pain.
-The best sleeping positions to guarantee a good night’s sleep.
-Simple & effective treatment for sprains and strains.
-Lower back treatment to self-adjust your vertebrae.
-Alternative therapy methods to promote well-being and health.
Don’t be browbeaten into ignorance! Don’t believe the hateful reviews! This is information that your chiropractor does not want you to know – be informed and be healthy!

Children’s Book About Puppies: A Kids Picture Book About Puppies with Photos and Fun Facts

by Lily Liu

Children’s Author, Lily Liu, is pleased to present her new picture book for kids. Children’s Book About Puppies: A Kids Picture Book About Puppies with Photos and Fun Facts is a fascinating, educational book for children which contains many colorful images and interesting facts about puppies. Kids will learn all about the specifics of these wonderful pets and what makes them so special. The information is broken up into 7 different short sections that will encourage your child to explore, read and learn on their own. Each chapter contains its own set of facts and cool pictures.

The writing is fun and lively as well as educational. The vivid images of the puppies will draw your child into this active world and will keep them coming back for more.

At the end of each chapter is more trivia and facts. This invites further learning with added information about the topic, allowing your child to gain even a higher level of understanding. The book has vivid images for each chapter so your child can visit up close with these little cuties in a fun and educational format. The images are highly detailed providing you with a fantastic, educational opportunity, giving your child a clear look at some of the world’s cutest puppies.

This book is truly a great way for children to explore, learn and to have fun while they dive into the world of puppies. It is educational and a great way to learn what it is like to be and own a puppy.

Letter from the future, the year 2160

by sebastjan videtic

Why live in the past, it is today? Make three steps forward in the year 2160 and start to develop your spaceship with the discovery of the eternal laws and the development of knowledge.

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