Free sports Kindle books for 23 Dec 13

Grip Training of The Beast: Progressions of Reflection (Grip Obsession)

by John McCarter

Having hands of steel are what will determine your progress towards the desired goal you have in place: work, weightlifting, kettlebells, feats of strength. The book contains the personal training methods of John “The Beast” McCarter for Grip Strength and his madness to all things grip.

In this book, you will learn the ideas of how he progressed in hand strength to barely closing a Captains of Crush No.2.5 to the fearsome No.3 Certification. And the frame of mind that has allowed him to push beyond normal means to achieve his goals in obtaining a stronger grip.

Here are a number of other things in which you shall find: Grip Lingo, the different types of training ideas, the different types of grip training tools, how to set yourself up for victory for your training, the mindset, and many more ideas.

And Stay Down! Boxing’s Worst Comebacks

by Danny Howard

Boxing has always been known as the sport without happy endings, where fighters stay around longer than they should and have a miserable end to an otherwise incredible career. Witness an out of shape Joe Frazier in the fight of his life against an ex-murderer! Marvel at the incredible rise and equally incredible fall of Roy Jones Jr! All these stories and more highlighted in some of the worst attempted comebacks in the sport of boxing and remind everybody that boxing is a young man’s game.

2013 PGA Championship – Which Players Have the Best Chances to Win? Insights from a Systematic Approach. Oak Hill Country Club. Golf Fourth Major.

by Andy Chao

Have you wondered which players in the world have the best chances to win a major championship?

This book provides insights from a systematic approach into which players have the best chances of winning the PGA Championship at Oak Hill CC. Using a proprietary model, this book lays-out the odds of winning according to a model and compares them with consensus thinking.

In his previous two books, the author’s #3 pick for both the US Open and The Open Championship have gone on to win. See what he has to say now about the PGA Championship.

Regularly priced at $4.99. Get yours for the discounted price of $2.99

How to Juggle

by Jennifer Brown

A simple approach to the not-so-difficult-as-it-looks stunt of juggling three objects.

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