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Surviving K2

by Wilco van Rooijen

Surviving two days in the Death Zone

In the summer of 2008 the ‘Norit K2 expedition’ climbed without additional oxygen the 8611 meter high peak of K2 in Pakistan. During the descent the expedition turned from triumph to tradedy. One of the biggest tradedy’s in mountain climbing history. Statistical every quarter ‘conqueror’ will die on the “Killer Mountain”. In 2008 11 climbers lost their life. The news was going over the whole world from CNN, Al-Jazeera, Sky News, BBC, New York Times etc.

Wilco van Rooijen, the Dutch expedition leader has been missing for three days and give up by the outside world. On his last strength he came back a life out of the ‘Death Zone’. The ‘Norit K2’ Expedition 2008 paid a high price. What exactly took place that August 1, 2008? How could this tragedy have taken place?

Shadow People: how meth-driven crime is eating at the heart of rural America

by Scott Thomas Anderson

Literary Nonfiction. Sleepless and paranoid methamphetamine addicts often see “shadow people” in the darkest hours of the night. Yet it is the addicts themselves that cast a shadow over the most peaceful corners of America, driven in large numbers to commit fraud, identity theft, burglary, domestic violence, elder abuse, child abuse, assault and murder.

In 2010, award-winning journalist Scott Thomas Anderson began to explore the link between crime and methamphetamine, spending sixteen months as an embedded reporter with rural county law enforcement agencies and traveling to dozens of small towns battling the epidemic across the United States. The result is SHADOW PEOPLE, an unflinching look at the havoc and heartache meth spawns in the open countrysideâ??a window to how the drug is threatening America’s wide open country spaces, fueling crimes against citizens, breaking families apart, devastating innocent children and tearing away at the psyche of each community through which it spreads.

“A compelling and up-close look at one of the most corrosive issues that our communities face…this book is full of the kind of front-line reporting and gritty detail needed to illuminate the meth scourge.”â??Greg Miller, National Security Report, The Washington Post

American Legends: The Life of Rock Hudson

by Charles River Editors

*Includes pictures.

*Includes Hudson’s own quotes about his life and career.

*Includes a bibliography for further reading.

*Includes a table of contents.

“I’m notorious for giving a bad interview. I’m an actor and I can’t help but feel I’m boring when I’m on as myself.” – Rock Hudson

A lot of ink has been spilled covering the lives of history’s most influential figures, but how much of the forest is lost for the trees? In Charles River Editors’ American Legends series, readers can get caught up to speed on the lives of America’s most important men and women in the time it takes to finish a commute, while learning interesting facts long forgotten or never known.

In the middle of the 20th century, there was perhaps no leading man as famous and popular as Rock Hudson, who would star in both comedies and dramas on the way to being named one of the Top 10 Stars of the Year for eight years straight (1957-1964). Whether he was starring in a comedy with Doris Day or in a drama opposite Elizabeth Taylor, the tall, impeccably dressed actor couldn’t help but make girls in the audience swoon, and he was recognized as one of Hollywood’s biggest heartthrobs. The success of his peak years ensured that Hudson would remain a star over the course of 4 decades, and he appeared in about 70 films during his career.

Today, however, Rock Hudson might be better known among contemporary audiences for his personal life. Acting in a more conservative era, Hudson struggled to keep his homosexuality out of the news for fear it would destroy his career, even though many of his Hollywood contemporaries were aware of it. After Hudson died of AIDS in 1985, perhaps the first major celebrity to die of the disease, details of his personal life began to be publicized, sometimes amidst messy legal battles. It soon became clear just what kind of pains Hudson took to keep his personal life private, and his friendships with men were highly scrutinized, as was his marriage to his agent’s secretary, Phyllis Gates. At the same time, his death shined a bigger spotlight on AIDS and helped raise both awareness and funding for research into battling the disease.

American Legends: The Life of Rock Hudson examines the life and career of one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Along with pictures of important people, places, and events, you will learn about Rock Hudson like never before, in no time at all.

Every Essential Element

by Rhonda Lauritzen

This triumphant memoir of guts, family and bucking the establishment traces a fifty-five-year journey that mirrors not only a movement but the nation. Beginning in a time when Wonder Bread® was health food, Gaye and Hartley Anderson leave security to pursue a crazy idea they could not ignore. Their friends snicker and the U.S. government bullies them, but they inspire each other through poverty, disasters, and the trials of family business. Starting at the kitchen table, they and their contemporaries grow into a multi-billion-dollar industry. Every Essential Element is the true story of the author’s parents: a quirky, lovely reminder of how two people can make itâ??in marriage, business and life.

Listen for the Donkey Bells

by Barbara Hulse

Listen for the Donkey Bells is a personal memoir by missionary Mabel Sheldon Recorded and Transcribed by her friend Barbara Hulse.
Go to a remote, backward area of the world where the gospel has not been preached. Work hard among a poor and often illiterate people. Watch while some come to Christ and start growing in their understanding of God’s Word, and in their desire to serve the Lord.
Listen for the Donkey Bells is the story of Mabel Sheldon, a missionary who did just that in the “interior” parts of Brazil during the last half of the 20th century. 
Biographies of Christians have always provided challenge and encouragement to readers. They reveal how God takes imperfect servants and works through them to accomplish His purposes. You will see that God used the growing-up years to prepare Mabel for the many difficult situations that she would face in Brazil. You will also learn something of Brazilian culture in the “interior” parts of Brazil during the last half of the 20th century.
May Mabel’s story challenge you to faithfully serve our Lord and Savior wherever He has placed you.

Joel Osteen – Christian Knight or Christian Lite

by Elmo Adams

Joel Osteen is a well known public figure. He can be found on many network and cable television stations. That said, the author had no knowledge of the Pastor Osteen until he happened to see him interviewed on a well known television magazine program.

Usually television preachers on this type show can expect a diet of “gotcha” type of questions. So the author settled in to watch and figured he knew what was coming. Well, there were not many of those type questions and the ones that were tossed were fielded with calm and ease by Pastor Osteen.

The author was somewhat surprised at what he had seen. So, after the program he started doing some research. This research revealed that the Osteen was the pastor of the biggest church in America. He was loved by a multitude. His books sold very well.

But, oddly, it seemed to the author, a good amount of people could not stand the minister. They had a lot of things bad to say about him – some that, to be honest, seemed a bit over the top.

So, what was this all about? The author wanted to know more. He did investigation and inquiry. The result of the former is this short, easy reading book.

HIKING THE TRAIL OF TRUTH: Knowing God Through His Creation

by Mark Stephen Taylor

The desire to know God is universal–we want to understand our connection. Have you ever hiked the high mountains, or explored the vast deserts of the American Southwest? Have you wandered inquisitively through a thick forest, or just sat down beside a rushing stream? Have you pondered the intricate design of a flower, or discovered the water canals in a single blade of grass? The greatest Artist in all the universe has created each of these things, and they know the Artist well. They can indeed teach you how deeply He cares for you as a human being.

You are about to embark on a most illuminating journey in the company of author Mark Stephen Taylor. A former California police officer educated in criminal psychology and geology, and who is now a Biblical teacher and counselor, Mark offers us unique insights into the profound attributes of God through His creation. He also enlightens us, with intense honesty, regarding who and what we are, and where we’re going. He helps us to understand our individual purpose in life. Through this award-winning autobiography he hikes us over a diversity of terrain, allowing us to make personal discoveries well beyond any expectation.

Hiking the Trail of Truth is the adventure of a lifetime. If you have what it takes to endure this journey it will be exceedingly well worth your time! Whoever you are, whether an artist, a scientist, a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, a preacher, an executive, an officer worker or a laborer of any kind–no matter what your calling in life, you will be both physically and spiritually nourished by this hike. Do you enjoy hiking? Well, what are you waiting for? C’mon along–let’s do it!

With A Little Help From My Friends

by Elizabeth Fleming

When Elizabeth Fleming was born in difficult circumstance, it was decided that she was dead. She was taken to the mortuary. It was only when the doctor when to certify her death that he noticed a tiny movement.

This is the inspiring story of a life that almost didn’t happen, a life spent overcoming the difficulties caused by Cerebral Palsy and by people’s reactions to disability.

OH, LAY!: A Story Minute Selection (Reformatted)

by Carol Lay

“I dig Carol Lay’s work because it’s weird yet friendly yet disturbing yet funny — a good combination.” — Matt Groening

“Carol Lay does these docu-fables that mix deadpan fantasy with a stoic, understated reality. She writes and draws (splendidly) in a cartoon monotone that masks the wit, intelligence, and reflective anger that hums beneath the surface. It’s a pleasure to know she’s around.” — Jules Feiffer

“An unexamined life is not worth living.” — Socrates

Art and life do not necessarily imitate one another. For a cartoonist, however, the two cannot help but intertwine.

In OH, LAY!, Carol explores her Los Angeles neighborhood, recounts trips to Burning Man, and shares memories of beloved cats and a helpful shark. Throughout this selection runs a thread that reflects on a deep personal loss and the recovery that came with time and growth.

STORY MINUTE told twelve-paneled tales designed to be read in about a minute. It told fables; stories about relationships; twisty tales of crime and consequences, peeks into the competitive undercurrents within families; arched-eyebrow looks at humanity’s self-destructive impulses; and scenes of the skirmishes between infallible fortune teller Madame Asgar and that less-than-competent devil, Nick
The strip later evolved into the more-loosely structured WAYLAY, which, while keeping Story Minute tropes, also allowed Carol to comment on 9/11 (and the subsequent Bush Era) and to offer glimpses into her own world and life.

[] Story Minutes are best sipped, not gulped. []
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Carol Lay’s work has appeared in Entertainment Weekly, The Wall Street Journal, More, Mad magazine, and The New Yorker. She has worked for both Marvel and DC, and wrote and drew the underground comic Good Girls.

Her graphic novels GOODNIGHT, IRENE: The Collected Stories of Irene Van de Kamp, and THE BIG SKINNY: How I Changed My Fattitude, her text novel WONDER WOMAN: MYTHOS, and the collection CAROL LAY’S ILLITERATURE: STORY MINUTES vol. 1 (Boom! Town, 2012), which reprints (in hardcover and in sequence) Story Minutes strips from 1997-1999, are available in the Amazon Store.

Carol currently writes and draws SIMPSONS comics for Bongo while developing a new project, not as yet revealed. For updates (and more art) check her out at


by Dionne Sparrow

Based on true events. This story gives the reader a peek into the life of Daphne Houston, an 18 year old teen parent from Baltimore City,who is living in constant fear of the love of her life. Follow her story of self realization and how she finally begins the process of Unraveling years of violence and gains the courage to stand up to her abuser.

No One Special: The Authorized Biography of Jerry Ray

by Jerry “Ray” Rander

The stories of a true rock star and singer/guitarist for local Pittsburgh Rock Band The Krush.

F G Miles – Essays I

by Francis Miles

My father was a thoughtful man (in every sense), always interesting and always interested. In many ways he was a product of the first half of the 20th century making sense of the second half. He loved the Marx Brothers, Will Hay and Errol Flynn films (which reminded him of his schooldays). He read widely and often: P. G. Wodehouse, Tolkien, C.S. Forrester and the Sharpe novels; Douglas Hofstadter, Martin Gardner and Scientific American. He was an excellent linguist and could pick up a language in a matter of weeks (an aptitude both my children have inherited). He played the violin badly, but with enthusiasm. I have happy childhood memories of drying while he did the washing up to BBC Radio 3.

Life of Jits! (cold case 1)

by Ravinder Chauhan

Life is short and i believe everything has a purpose in life. We will not move even a square inch if we do not have a purpose or goal in life. In this book, i describe the experiences i have had in my life and the impact it had on my life.

Surrounded by Love: A Story of Orphans and Family

by Marjorie L. Bingle

Born in 1930, at the beginning of The Great Depression, identical twins Marge and Marie weighed just a tad more than two pounds each. Left on steps of the local hospital by a family unable to care for them, they entered foster care and, later, an orphanage, but still managed to live lives surrounded by love and family. A heartwarming memoir of love, life, family, and faith.

Dancing With The Elephant of Joy & Other Love Stories


A bold, firsthand and funny tale of a poor pilgrim, inspired by a vision from the Elephant of Joy, to journey to the barren lands of the Montana with a two-fold mission to become a dental floss farming baron and to share the scared “Dance of Joy” with the local heathens. This is part one of the adventure through the lands of the Or-Be-Goners with the Holy Man Bubba, Shrinners and a host of other characters that he meet on his way to the Barren Lands of Montana.

DC Kid O’Connell (Kid O’Connell trilogy.)

by Kenneth Findlay

This is the second of the trilogy.

The biggest drug distributor in the West Midland must be destroyed before he takes more lives, but his money buys silence and help from thevery people who should oppose him.

Zooey Deschanel Unauthorized & Uncensored (All Ages Deluxe Edition with Videos)

by R.B. Grimm

*** Deluxe Edition with Videos ***

People Love Reading Zooey Deschanel Unauthorized & Uncensored

“It’s interesting to read the lives of celebrities and I particularly enjoyed this book. Keep it up!” – Lizzy West

“Can’t get enough of Zooey in The New Girl, she’s so cute! I enjoyed reading this book too!” – Cameron Wright

This books one of a kind. We bring you the fun, the dirt, the back story, videos, quizzes and more. The content makes this series a best buy. You will get a great insight on your favorite entertainer that you might have thought you knew a lot about.

We have created a layout that not only educates, but also entertains the readers. This makes learning finding about your favorite star fun.

Take a journey with us as we bring you closer than ever to Zooey Deschanel.

Scroll up and Buy this book now by clicking on the Orange button – your child will love going back to it again and again.

Kurt Cobain

by Serena Stevens

Booklet. Legendary rock star who died a tragic death at 27. Voice of ‘Generation X’, Kurt Cobain was the lead singer of the grunge band ‘Nirvana’.

A Hacker Goes to Federal Prison

by Ben South

Ben South’s account of his experience as a stupid, young adult and what it was like going through the federal court system and ultimately serving a sentence in federal prison for a white collar crime. You may laugh. You may feel sorry for him. If you’ve ever wondered what a hacker was thinking or why they do the things they do this adventure is for you.

This white collar true crime story will fit the bill perfectly. Aged about a decade since he’s made his mistakes, a little perspective is added to this young hacker’s account.

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