Free computers and the internet Kindle books for 24 Dec 13

MySQLi Quick Start (PHP Basic Recipe)

by Onaje Johnston

A quick guide to converting PHP scripts using the old MySQL functions to the new MySQLi API functions; using both the objected oriented and a procedural interface version of the functions. This guide does not cover all the MySQLi functions, only the common functions related to inserting, selecting, updating or deleting data from a table.

How to Book of eBook Publishing

by Sol Adoni

Want to make your eBook look professional? Have end of chapter breaks. Paragraph indentations and a Table Of Contents that actually works in your eBook.

Sol Adoni has published thousands of eBooks in close to twenty years of eBook Publishing. The Adoni Network of websites has over 1,000 websites that promotes authors and eBooks.

Sol Adoni explains the proper way to format eBooks for today’s eReaders such as Kindle, Nook and iBooks.

Sol Adoni explains the common mistakes many big publishing companies and most self published authors are making today in improperly formatting eBooks for today’s new generation of ePub readers.

Whether you are a new self-published author, a small press or in a major publishing house, anyone can read this work and take away knowledge from one of the pioneers of the whole digital revolution.

Why do your eBooks have no Table of Contents? Why don’t your eBooks have new pages for new chapters? Why aren’t your paragraphs properly indented in your eBooks? Why are your images not showing properly in your eBooks?

What is the best size and type of font to use in eBooks? How do you properly use Heading settings?

What is the top source file for eBook publishing?

Most cannot answer the questions above with definitive answers, Sol Adoni answers them and explains WHY his answers are the correct answers.

If you write books for eBook distribution, this is a MUST READ.

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