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Blood and Snow Volumes 1-4: Blood and Snow, Revenant in Training, The Vampire Christopher, Blood Soaked Promises

by RaShelle Workman

Genre: YA Fractured Fairytale Blood and Snow Volumes 1-4 

  • Every thousand years the vampire queen selects a new body, always the fairest in the land, and this time she’s chosen Snow White. 

Lips red as rubies, hair dark as night. Drink your true love’s blood, become the Vampire, Snow White.”

Praise for the Blood and Snow series: 

“The modern twist on the Snow White fairy tale was interesting and original, which isn’t easy to find these days. Highly recommended.” Sarra Cannon, bestselling author of the Peachville High Demons series


BLOOD AND SNOW: Snow White isn’t an ordinary girl. She doesn’t know that yet.
REVENANT IN TRAINING: Snow has become something not quite human. She must discover how to live with the changes, hopefully without killing anyone.
THE VAMPIRE CHRISTOPHER: Snow White craves blood. Especially the blood of her Hunter. But will drinking from him save or enslave her?
BLOOD SOAKED PROMISES: Snow White must come to terms with her bloodlust. It’s one thing to drink the blood of her Hunter, something else entirely to drink the blood of a human.

More praise for the Blood and Snow series: 

“BLOOD AND SNOW draws you in from the very beginning and never let’s you go, only to leave you anticipating more! Loved it.” Debbie Davis of Debbie’s Inkspectations

Can’t get enough of L.J. Smith’s vampires? Love fractured fairytales? Buy the Blood and Snow 4pack and get “sucked” away. 

Other novels by RaShelle Workman
Young Adult:

Fractured Fairy Tales:

*** Blood and Snow Volumes 5-8: Prey and Magic, Masquerade’s Moon, Seal of Gabriel, Telltale Kisses ***

*** Blood and Snow Volumes 9-12: Love Bleeds, Eye of Abernathy, Resolved to Rule, Vampire Ever After? ***

Cindy Witch


The Hunter’s Tale

The Cindy Chronicles *** Witch Magic, Witch Land, Witch Time, Witch Kiss, Witch Love, Witch End ***

YA Sci-fi Romance:

Aligned: An Immortal Essence Short Story
Exiled (Immortal Essence #1)
Beguiled (Immortal Essence #2)
Immortal Essence Box Set (Aligned, Exiled, Beguiled). All three for only .99 cents. Dovetailed (Immortal Essence #3) ~ coming Winter 2013

Romantic Suspense series:

Sleeping Roses
Rose, Undercover

The Mantle Of Claus

by Paul Gilkeson





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My Guardian Idiot ~ fantasy tales for your funny bone

by Barbra Annino

From the author of the Stacy Justice Mysteries. A short collection of fantasy stories to tickle your funny bone.

A woman is saddled with a bumbling angel sent to protect her.

A therapist with a unique strategy for healing her patients.

An antiques dealer inherits a genie who seems to be hard of hearing.

A funeral director receives on odd request from a famous horror author.

The son of Venus has a plan for his over-worked mother.

Exsanguinate – A Vampire Urban Fantasy Series (World of Blood)

by Killion Slade

“Exsanguinate flawlessly blends horror, fantasy, romance, action and humor into one entertaining read. This book has it all and fans of all genres will enjoy it.” ~David Watson,

Exsanguinate is the first book in this frighteningly-funny, virtually-unforgettable series. If you have played any RPG (roll-playing game) or have experienced Second Life (SL) or any video game, you will not be able to put this book down. Well … except when the tears blur your vision, and you need a moment to collect yourself from a roll on the ground belly laugh, or when the intense emotional responses make you hyperventilate in fear for the characters.

Funny, New, Contemporary Vampire Series to Sink Your Teeth Into!

“If Killion Slade’s book concept was a hybrid horror clone – the style would take the snarky humor from Shaun of the Dead, combine it with the variety of avatars found in World of Warcraft, and give it the agility of movement from Second Life. Then cross that with a ‘virtual’ romance come to life and lay it at the feet of three 21st century sisters who are in big trouble – and you would simply be touching the edges of this story.” ~Rhonda Carpenter, Mark of a Druid

A Halloween scream night theme park adventure for software gaming developer Cheyenne O’Cuinn reveals a hidden supernatural reality she never dreamed existed. Recovering from a vicious attack and her sisters’ abductions, Cheyenne must rescue her sisters from vampiric kidnappers before they’re used to breed warmongering dhampirs.

Betrayal lurks in every corner. Cheyenne must evade attackers by unconventional means through her online role-play game. She must navigate through virtual, tortuous clues and mailed body parts, which cross over from her virtuality into reality. Can a team of dragons, vampires, and werewolves come together to help her? Who can she trust? Will the help from her virtual lover become compromised when he learns of her new immortal existence and crush the fragile love they share?

Amidst an impending vampire apocalypse, Cheyenne finds herself both in conflict for survival and for her heart. Will her immortal self derail any hope of solving the multiplying puzzles before time runs out to save her sisters, herself and her humanity?

Painted Red

by Douglas Parks

Addison Hollow lives in an incredible world where art is brought to life through a powerful skill called Forming, but he soon learns that in the hands of twisted, dark imaginations, art can become an instrument of death.

Forming is by no means an easy task and most can only Form relatively simple things. Addison, however, is gifted. He can Form just about anything, much to his dismay. His talent makes him different when all he wants is to be normal, to Form normal things and blend in with his teenage peers. But when he’s framed for the murder of his best friend Gabriel, Addison finds that his gift might be the only thing that can save the city of Davin and, more importantly, himself. With the help of his friends Jay, an aspiring street artist, and Melody, a makeup savant, Addison embarks on a journey that spans across all of Davin as he discovers the troubling reason behind Gabriel’s death. Armed with his brush and a blank canvas, Addison fights to survive as he becomes entangled in a frenzied race to stop Gabriel’s killer before he destroys the city with his horrifying art.

Winterborn (Into the Green)

by Jennifer Melzer

â?¦and so it was written in the ancient tomes by She Who First Walked in the Garden: the divided kingdom will reunite under a child born of two worlds.-the Dryad Prophecies

All hope was lost the day the promised savior returned to the Underground and accepted the hand of the goblin king in marriage. As word of the Hunter’s demise spread throughout the land, those most ancient and revered began to fade from the world, flickering in and out of existence like falling stars. The darkness separating the two kingdoms has receded back into the Darknjan Wald, but it lingers on the border-a forever reminder of everything they’ve lost.

When an unexpected gift arrives on the doorstep of the Historian, Sylvanus, hope sparks anew as the fading council realizes the ancient prophecies were misread. Hope has not died, it has only just been born, and to keep him safe they must hide the child in the Upland the same way they once hid his mother.

Winterborn is a novelette that takes place between the events in The Goblin Market and Jack in the Green.

A Mermaid for Christmas (Flukes)

by Nichole Chase

A short story from NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Nichole Chase.


What does a mermaid ask Santa for at Christmas? Follow young Meena and her father to find out!

Approximately 3,000 words

(Originally included in the Christmas Lites II Anthology but has been reedited and fleshed out.)

This title also includes the first three chapters of Flukes by Nichole Chase

Sinful Desires (Hunting Darkness Series)

by Natalie Hancock

Kianna has dedicated her life to slaying vampires when her true love, Shane, willingly accepts the life of one, before her life was taken by the same vampire that changed him.

Gifted with heightened senses, speed, strength and immortality, Kianna is human by day and one of the Fallen Angels by nightâ??able to control the light in order to slay the blood-suckers and wipe them from existence while she hunts for Shane and his sire. But when she comes face to face with Shane while he helps her escape from a vampire attack during the day, he threatens to destroy her control with a dark look that ignites the fire within, and she can’t stop the sudden desire the dark vampire brings.

When they are both attacked, and Kianna finds herself in the hands of Dimitri, the vampire who killed her and changed Shane, she accepts the death that doesn’t come when night falls, and her immortality protects her.

But at what cost?

The Undivided (Rift Runners Trilogy)

by JJ Fallon



This is the long awaited urban fantasy from best-selling fantasy author, J J Fallon, finally available on Kindle. Step into a world of alternate realities, Druids and druidry, magic and Celtic mythology, where Faerie lords and leprechaun come to life in an edge-of-the-seat action adventure that you wont be able to put down.

Welcome to the world of The Undivided, Book 1 of the Rift Runners.

“  ‘This ignorant ingrate is what you wanted me to protect? I should have stayed home.’
    ‘It’s not his fault, Sorcha,’ Ciarán said, ‘that he knows nothing of our ways.’
    ‘And whose fault is it that he lacks any manners?’
    ‘I do not lack manners,’ Ren protested.
    ‘You do,’ Sorcha said, turning on him. ‘And you also appear to lack the ability to follow a simple instruction. Take off your clothes. I’ll not have you dying on me, for such a mundane reason as catching a chill. I am not, however, averse to running you through myself, should your conduct convince me that this world would be better served by the discontinuation of your line.’
    Ren stared at her, not sure he believed her threat, and then he looked at Brógán. ‘Is she for real?’ he asked in English.
    ‘Most definitely, Leath tiarna,’ Brógán said with a smile. ‘She is every bit as capable of killing you as she claims.’ “

The Undivided are divided.

The psychic twins, Ronan and Darragh, have been separated by the traitor Druid, Amergin, who has kidnapped Ronan and thrown him through a rift into another reality.

Now time is running out for Darragh. If Ronan isn’t found soon, they will both die. But his twin brother is lost in a reality where Druids are legend, and there is no magic. Somehow, before the Autumn Equinox, they must find one young man in a world of six billion people…

Meanwhile, Ren Kavanaugh has no notion of where he comes from. He is plagued by strange injuries that appear from nowhere and everyone is convinced he is deliberately harming himself for attention. Then he meets the enticing and mysterious Trasa, and before he can figure out how it happened, he is in serious trouble – arrested for arson and possibly murder.

Rescue will come from a completely unexpected direction. Ren is about to discover more about his origins than he bargained for, meet the twin brother he never knew he had, and discover nobody is what they seem, especially his new friend, the half-faerie, half-human Trasa… Amergin’s daughter.

Scroll up and click on the Look Inside feature for a sneak peak


*Special Free Offer applies to the Snapping Turtle Books Kindle Edition only from 24 Dec to 28 Dec 2013

Legacy (Black Prince Saga)

by Alexander Ballard

In one night of fire and blood the thousand year history of the Elysium Empire came to an end. Nothing withstood the relentless march of the armies of Praxis. The ancient walls of the capital crumbled beneath their might, the city burned, and the imperial family lay butchered in their beds. Through the chaos and death only one faint hope remained, a child. A prince without an empire, snatched away in the night by the last imperial guard.

Twelve long years have passed. The baby is now a young man living in hiding, an exile within a land that is rightfully his. Those quiet days of peace are all about to come to close. His enemies have at last caught his scent and the hunt begins again. But the world has changed. Those golden days of power and glory that the prince has heard of his whole life are long over. It has now become a place that neither wants nor needs him. The time has come for Archon Kane the last of the imperial guard to guide the prince to his destiny. But the fates play cruel tricks and no matter how fast they run, death and destruction are always on their heels.

The Savior (Historical Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Historical Drama)

by Jesse V Coffey

**From the author of ‘Salt of the Earth’ and ‘An Opportunity for Resentment’**

If you could have three wishes, what would you wish for? If you could go anywhere in time, who would you want to meet?

Toby Riordan receives the gifts of a lifetime — and pays the ultimate price in a loss of someone he holds dear for each gift. In an alcohol fueled depression, sunk as low as a man can go, he calls out to the darkness for someone to hear his pain and help him. When all he perceives is silence, he decides to strike out at the man he blames for the ills of his world — the Carpenter of Nazareth, Jesus the Christ.

Toby lands in the middle of Nazareth of the first century — and meets the young Yeshua ben David. But the closer he gets to the young man, the more he finds that maybe divinity isn’t a fairy tale. That in losing his past, he just might acquire his future. And that finding his faith may be as easy as accepting that he was never really alone to begin with.

‘The Savior’ is the first book in a trilogy of time travel in history and faith. Book two, ‘The Apostle’, is tentatively scheduled for release in 2014. Book three, ‘The Bodhi Tree’ is tentatively scheduled for release in 2015.

For more information, you can follow Ms. Coffey’s blog at and she can be reached by email at [email protected]

The Ingressionist (Warbler Chronicles)

by Herb Mallette

To save her family from a bloodthirsty, sorcerous cult, Avelia Warbler must kidnap the most powerful woman in the world: The Identity of Cimone, who dwells in a castle beyond mortal approach. But when Avelia calls in all her markers for support, only Shoje Keindan shows up — a master thief of extraordinary skill who is also madly in love with her. Can she manage to steal the cult’s high priestess when her only ally is bent on stealing her heart?

The Ingressionist is the third book in Herb Mallette’s Warbler Family Chronicles and the second volume of The Aveliad. These ingenious fantasy tales draw the reader into a vivid world where continents and oceans float through the clouds, where heroes can be relied on to do the right thing and villains to be devilish – though no one is as straightforward as they might at first seem.

About the Author: Herb Mallette has been writing fantasy novels for over a decade, after writing and editing dozens of comic book titles in the 1990s. Four books are complete in his Warbler Family Chronicles. The first two, The Last Tragedy and The Sharp Edge of Memory, are currently available. The finale of The Aveliad will be published in early 2014.

Book length: 119,000 words, about the equivalent of a 420-page paperback.

An Inquisition of Demons (a medieval fantasy mystery)

by Gordon Reid

â??The demon lay face down on the cobbles, still as a fallen statueâ?¦’

Who can you trust, in a world where not all devils have hornsâ?¦?

Calais, 1454, England’s last remaining foothold on the Continent. Across the Channel, England is poised on the brink of civil war.

Matthew Fenton has come to France in search of the nephew of his out-of-favour master, the duke of York. But on his first morning in Calais he is shocked to find the body of a murdered demon lying in the street; and when other demons ask him to investigate the death, Fenton finds himself with more mysteries than he’d bargained for – and more worlds than one in which to solve them.

Why was the demon murdered? Who is killing the magicians of Calais, and why? And what is the connection with the disappearance of the duke’s nephew?

A Yorkist in a Lancastrian town, to answer these questions Fenton must stay one step ahead of the authorities – and for a man seen to consort with devils and even visit their home world, that includes the Church’s Inquisition.

A compelling mystery, a fantastical tale of magic and wonder, An Inquisition of Demons is an imaginative recreation of a society on the cusp of change, making the transition from the medieval to the modern world – a society where violence is seldom the last resort…

The Superfriends Of The Ring (The Wobbit: A Parody Series)

by Paul Erickson

The story of The Wobbit isn’t over? Apparently not, according to author Paul Erickson: When Promo Bunkins inherits a magic ring from his Uncle Bulbo, he has no idea that it is actually the most sought-after piece of stolen merchandise in Little-earth. He soon finds himself on a dangerous quest to destroy the ring in the dread Crotch Of Doom. Smoron, the ring’s owner, has sent killer trees, giant squid, and Charcoal Grey Riders to stop him. Will Promo survive, even with five elite bodyguards and three wobbit decoys? If you’ve ever wondered why Elrond didn’t just have one of the eagles carry the ring to Mt. Doom, you’ll love The Superfriends Of The Ring.

Here Lies Death

by Harlan Vaughn

On December 21, 2012, the processes of death and aging stop completely. Here Lies Death is the story of Kelsey and April, sisters who are forced to explore their own mortality because of unprecedented supernatural phenomena. As the world struggles to understand the psychological and sociological implications, Kelsey and April dive deeper into hopelessness and depravity. While the slow realization of life without death begins to burn itself into a new reality, the human race threatens to implode.

What happens when there is no more death?

Part fantasy, part science fiction, and part story of survival, read the acclaimed novel that sweeps across the human experience and digs into the darkest corners of the mind.

Playing With Fire

by Jordan Mendez

Scarlet is no ordinary girl, she has a secret. An orphan since birth, her family consists of four other orphans she calls her brothers, and they have survived on the streets by leaning on each other. It’s not ideal, but they make it work. The appearance of a dangerous stranger, however, breaks Scarlet’s world open as she begins to learn about her past and a destiny she never knew she had, a destiny that is tied to her secret…. Scarlet can control fire.

Now that the stranger has exposed Scarlet’s secret, he will stop at nothing to destroy her and snuff out the last of this power. Scarlet and her brothers are forced to run for their lives as this powerful enemy destroys everything in their path. Their only hope in defeating him is in the secret of Scarlet’s gift and a past that she does not remember. The answers she needs are found in a far away rebel camp. Along this journey Scarlet and her brothers make many new friends as well as enemies, and she is driven to discover how to defeat this evil foe and how to control her gift that may just become her undoing….

Sigmas Reise 1 (Knochenfrost)

by Qorin

It is not easy for an apprentice of a bloodmage. Especially not, if your teacher has spent the majority of his life making enemies. This is exactly what Sigma had to face, when her teacher assigned her the honorable task of picking up his next novice. Someone has to continue his life’s work and spread chaos after all.

Her journey got off to a turbulent start. The demoness Zenobia, who was originally supposed to help her, only gets her into more trouble and makes her task more complicated as it already is.

Besides Sonya, the commanding officer of the Iron Rose and her men, now even the sinister priests of the Star Cult are after her. The two of them try to escape their overly powerful seeming enemy to fulfill their originally easy appearing task: Getting to the new novice and safely take her back to the academy.

Le Theatre Mecanique (Chroniker City)

by Brooke Johnson

Solomon Wade struggles to support his adopted family, the only one of his foster siblings able to work the grueling shifts in the subcity boilers. But he doesn’t want to shovel coal for the rest of his life.

When Le Theatre Mecanique hosts open auditions for their upcoming production, he decides it’s time to give his dreams a chance, but his lack of talent lands him a part-time position as the theater’s custodian instead. Broom and dustpan in hand, he studies the actors during rehearsals, and with the encouragement of a budding young actress, he practices to improve his acting skills.

But when his younger sister’s illness develops into pneumonia, her life depends on treatments Solomon can’t afford. Leaving the theater and abandoning his dreams may be the only way to save her.

Blood Lilies (Blood Wars Trilogy)

by T. A. Miles

For Korsten Brierly, life already seemed complicated enough. Disinherited from a young age, helping to govern a town of strategic significance to warring countries, keeping his affair with the local governor’s son a secret….

When a demon hunting mage arrives at his doorstep at the same time gruesome murders begin, Korsten finds himself quickly swept away by a tide of events and discoveries beyond his darkest dreams. Caught up in a war much deeper and far more dangerous than he ever would have believed it to be, Korsten is forced to abandon the life he knew and everyone in it. Summoned to a duty that terrifies him, by powers he can’t ignore, he begins a journey into understanding his own soul and how to protect the souls of others from demons bent on possessing, poisoning, and devouring them through methods that are gradually decaying the world they live in. Struggling to stay afloat in a maelstrom of ancient forces, his own emotions, and dangerous political games, Korsten commits himself to the task, for the sake of his soul and his sanity, and for the sake of the lover he was not supposed to have…a man possessed by ambition and by a demon with goals of its own.

Blood Lilies is the first in a series.

Contains violence, thematic elements, mild language, horror, some gore, sensuality, and depictions of alternative lifestyles.

The Deeps (The Liminality)

by A. Sparrow

James Moody, deported from the UK back to the US, strives to keep his promise to dead girlfriend Karla and rescue her from the frigid antechamber of Hell called The Deeps. But Frelsian assassin Wendell Franks employs coercion to recruit him as an apprentice, threatening to eliminate those he cares for one by one unless he complies.

Upon the Isles of the Sea

by Gordon Ryan

Gordon Ryan has been a traditionally published author since 1994. In 2010, Pegasus Publishing republished each of his former novels and released his new thrillers, State of Rebellion and Uncivil Liberties.

LDS Inspirational Fiction:

When Seth, a young Stripling Warrior comes home from the wars after nearly eight years of fighting, he barely has time to settle in before Helaman, his former commander, now a missionary, comes to the village and calls him on yet another assignment. But Lilliana is determined that Seth will not leave the village again–at least not without her.

Jared, Seth’s best friend and also a former Stripling Warrior, is persuaded by General Moroni to remain in government service to infiltrate the devious “Secret Combinations.” When Seth and Jared meet Hagoth–an “exceedingly curious man,”–in the City of Bountiful, their quest takes on a whole new dimension.

Upon The Isles of The Sea, the first adventure tale from The Nephite Chronicles, is a story of courage, sacrifice, and honor.

Calya Journey-Wise ~ The Keeper of the Realms

by Catherine Avizinis

Also in paperback- 350 pages
100,627 words
Calya Journey-Wise is a novel in three books and here is the first one…
The Keeper of the Realms

Magick is realâ?¦ and it is waiting just beyond the sealed gateway for someone to bring it back. When it is announced by the King of Calaith that his unsettled daughter, the aging Princess Calya, is the One Who is Found for the task, it sets into motion her journey-quest to find the truth concerning her magical heritage, mystical destiny and the real meaning of forever love. Calya is Ascending.

Come away with me now to a land where dragonflies deliver messages, crystals sing and the Realms of Color and Light bestow their healing secrets upon those who will seek.

This is a tale of the hero’s quest with a female leading the way!

She must restore Magick, reunite worlds, and repel an invasion all by learning and using the power of the Sacred Feminine… and falling into Forever Love…


by McKenzie Bodkin

In a world where only men are permitted to wield magic, she’s about to change the rules.  Gudrunlod is the first Water Mage’s daughter ever to walk the earth.  Although she doesn’t yet know it, her very existence is a heresy.  And although she has yet to meet her lover–Devlin, who bears his own curse–it is he who will unlock her powers.  In Gudrunlod’s world, Water Mages leash deadly demons to cast their water spells, hoarding their power by never touching a woman.  So how can it be that her father was once of them?  Is that why he refuses to tell her who her mother was, and of the terrible choice he made?

McKenzie Bodkin’s high fantasy novel in verse is 13,000 rhyming lines composed in iambic tetrameter.  Its three Canticles, or “long songs,” each feature numerous Cantos that take the place of chapters.  The text, written in couplets, quatrains, whorls and free verse, features hidden verse games and mathematical structures for readers who are also serious puzzle solvers.

The 4th Sherlock Holmes in the 21st Century (Immortal Holmes)

by Tony Richards

Sherlock Holmes didn’t die when he plunged down the Reichenbach Falls. He turned out to be immortal, and is still with us to this very day, traveling the world and delving into all its most confounding cases. But these are not merely ordinary crimes â?¦ supernatural forces are at work here. In “Vermillion Moon” Holmes delves into the fleshpots of modern-day Amsterdam, and finds something very curious and deadly going on. In “A Ghost in Tokyo” he discovers that the advanced technology in that great city is producing some mysterious results. And in “Flight of Fantasy” Holmes is trapped upon a storm-tossed jetliner, with no obvious way to escape certain doom.

Travel with the world’s greatest detective, as he applies his faultless logic and tries to make some sense of the baffling world we live in.

“I would read an entire novel of modern-day Holmes from Tony Richards” – Flames Rising.

“Richards is a master” – RT Book Reviews.

“A terrific author. A unique and eloquent voice” – John Pelan.

“One of today’s great masters of dark fiction, a hell of a writer” – Horror World.

“Man, can this guy write. He has the power to introduce you all over again to the pleasures of reading good prose” – Ed Gorman.

“For the sheer pleasure of reading a story by a master of the art, he is hard to beat” – Black Static magazine.

“An amazing voice” – James A. Moore.

“Tony Richards always turns in a first-class story” – Ronald Chetwynd-Hayes.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tony Richards is the author of such novels as Night Feast, The Harvest Bride, and the Raine’s Landing supernatural fantasy series from HarperCollins. He has additionally seen more than 100 shorter works into print, and has been shortlisted for both the Bram Stoker and British Fantasy awards.

The Shadow Guardians (The Shadow Guardians Saga)

by Briano King

It is the year 82 A.A, during a time when the world is made of four lands. For decades, peace has endured but trouble is now brewing. Gredo, a land ruled by General Roth and his oppressive regime is intent on invading Yin, the smallest yet most technologically advanced land. The only thing that has stopped Roth until now has been Portalis, an elite school of shadow guardians and protectors of Yin. With super-human abilities and the gift to use shadows as portals to other lands, the shadow guardians have long been the nemesis of Roth. However, the balance of power has changed. Shadow guardians are mysteriously disappearing and no one knows why. Tenju and Aikki, young and gifted shadow guardians are sent to Gredo to search for answers. However, what begins as a simple surveillance mission soon escalates into a predicament where they question their trust, friendship and the cause of the very mission itself.

The Lives of Ghosts and Other Shades of Memory

by Loren W. Cooper

C Penn at Wordweaving wrote of the original edition that “THE LIVES OF GHOSTS AND OTHER SHADES OF MEMORY by Loren Cooper is a haunting reminder that ghosts aren’t the only things that trouble us. Blurring the lines between the genres of fantasy and science fiction, and likewise the lines between good and evil, THE LIVES OF GHOSTS AND OTHER SHADES OF MEMORY offers sweeping philosophical questions of history and human culture. Comprised of eleven short stories, each is riveting in its intensity, fascinating in its depth, mesmerizing in its narration. Very highly recommended. “

A New Dimension: Freedom

by Tim Titus Jr.

The life of Nathan Hawke has been as normal as anyone could expect. That all changed when a renegade alien freed him from the confines placed on all humans. Now with his power truly realized, will Nathan take his place in prophecy, or forever be a pawn in others designs?

Betrayal comes at every turn and trust is hard to find. Nathan soon comes to realize, Freedom is only another chain to his prison.

The Sharp Edge of Memory (Warbler Chronicles)

by Herb Mallette

Avelia Warbler wakes from two years of magical healing with a price on her head and the minions of a bloodthirsty cult dogging her heels. The world has changed while she slept, and that sleep has changed her as well. Now a sixty-year-old woman in a twenty-year-old body, she must dodge assassins, bounty hunters, and the ghosts of her own past on her way to a sorcerous labyrinth of recollection where the face of her greatest enemy lies hidden.

The Sharp Edge of Memory is the first novel in a trilogy (The Aveliad), as well as the second novel of the Warbler Family Chronicles. It is preceded by The Last Tragedy, but can be read independently.

About the Author: Herb Mallette has been writing fantasy novels for over a decade, after writing and editing dozens of comic book titles in the 1990s. Three books are now available in his Warbler Family Chronicles.

Book Length: Approximately 115,000 words, about the equivalent of a 400-page paperback.

The Guardians of Time: A Temporal Warriors Novel.

by Justin Allen

Rok Wellem is in danger.

Every day he places himself in the line of fire. As a Lieutenant for the Los Angeles police department, he does what he must to protect the public and uphold the law.

But there is an evil being that wishes him dead, a dark entity unlike anything he has ever faced before.

A routine day quickly turns chaotic as a terrifying high speed chase ends in a devastating accident. As the suspect emerges from the overturned vehicle, he tells Rok of his true destiny: a legacy of royalty that he must uphold; one that has been hidden from him since the day of his birth.

Rok is not who he thinks he is. In fact, he is Ayden Kromelle, the king of a chosen group of Warriors who protect timeline of this universe and at this very moment, his bloodline’s hold on the throne is faltering. Unseen forces from another world have been searching for him. Now that they finally have him within their grasp, they want him destroyed.

A choice must be made. Take his rightful place as king and he must forget his current life, leave earth and return to his home on a hidden planet called Edin. Or stay on earth as an assassin of an evil king seeks to kill him and, if he succeeds, the entire universe will bow to a ruler hell bent on bloody vengeance.

What choice will Rok make? Does he have enough faith to simply walk away from everything he knows and immerse himself in a world that couldn’t possibly exist? Can the lives of billions truly rest in the hands of one man; a simple police officer from Los Angeles?

We are all in danger.

And our fate is in his hands.

In a tale of adventure, magic, love, and war, the story of Ayden Kromwelle unfolds. It is he who will determine our fate and this is where his journey begins; a journey that will show the once well decorated police officer from Los Angeles that sometimes there is more to who we are than meets the eye.

Running From the Roses: A Vampire Story

by Wayne Hixon

Chloe is tired of taking care of her grandmother. She wants to run away to California with her boyfriend. After leaving a gun on her grandmother’s nightstand and beginning her trip, she begins to wonder about the secrets her grandmother was keeping from her…

The Dark Necromancer (Tales of the Amulet)

by D. J. Zangari

An ancient secret has found its way into the hands of a powerful wielder of necrotic magic named Iltar. The Dark Necromancer follows Iltar and his loyal companions as they embark on an epic quest to re-forge the Au’misha’k; an amulet of immense power that turned the tide of a thousand year war between the factions of dragonkind that ruled Iltar’s world of Kalda centuries ago.

Iltar’s journey is fraught with adventure, intrigue and deception. From the dangers of Draco Isola to the majestic ruinous city of Merda, The Dark Necromancer is riveting with excitement.

The Usual Motivations of Gods (The Next Stage)

by James Wadley

Chapter 3(of 4): Mother-Priest Beatrinity XI,head of the Church of the Virgin’s Last Sanctuary who has agreed to provide legal asylum to Tesla Risollo. Commander Pari Barbera,a hyper-strong officer in the Police-Protections Units,has orders to take Tesla back into custody and protect the Church from mobs of super-powered protesters. The end of utopia is here and only the strongest will survive.

In a last ditch effort to escape from the police, her ex-husband, and a variety of contract killers, Tesla Risollo seeks temporary legal asylum from the Mother-Priest Beatrinity XI and the Church of the Virgin’s Last Sanctuary, an all-female convent that requires a vow of powerless-ness in exchange for protection. But Lynnea Misaki has found a way to infiltrate the Church and continue her quest for revenge, while Bryyan Jacksson and the reporter Kialla Bossito work together to uncover Tesla’s corrupt connections and prevent her from escaping justice yet again. Eventually, the international Police and Protections Units, along with the media and the public at large, catch up with Tesla, surround the Church, and force her to make a decision, to fight, surrender, or continue running. And just to complicate things further, Rhober Orchard has dispatched multiple assassins-for-hire to take care of this problem the old-fashioned way, and Phoe is still an annoying and maniacal wild-card character looking for a satisfactory resolution to his own story-line. The explosive end of this chapter leads to the final resolution of the Orchard-Risollo wars and the beginning of a completely new social order.

Mother of Darkness (Comes a Dark Crown for a Dark Child)

by Peter de Lannoy

Comes a Dark Crown for a Dark Child is the prelude to the future release of the full novel, Mother of Darkness. Enjoy an introduction to the world of Rincon:

Mother of Darkness is the story of Tyll-an elven princess in the land of Rincon who battles secrets and abandonment and the forces of evil bent on the destruction of the world. Elandil, Tyll’s father, is prepared to do anything to save her and they go forward together against overwhelming odds to vanquish the Mother of Darkness. But Elandil can’t stop the coming tide and Tyll is left alone with nothing but her grit and the knowledge that she holds the key to the survival of the Rincon.

Mr. Improbable (The Adventures of Mr. Improbable)

by Michael Pituch

An unwilling hero…

A machine of unknown origin…

A villain who can see the future…

Mike Fisher is a seemingly lucky man. He’s just won the lottery. For the third time.

But all that fortune has attracted unwanted attention. Now he’s being stalked by a powerful man in a weird mask who wants him to dress up in humiliating clothes, go out into the city of Laren, and kill someone. And if he doesn’t, he’ll be killed instead.

As if that weren’t enough, his tormentor has the seemingly uncanny ability to see the future. Mike must find a way not only to save himself but also the people closest to him, as well as everyone else caught in this madman’s game.

For The Sake Of The Future

by Val Panesar

Given the choice who would not desire to shape the future? Eight souls, snatched from the brink of death are offered the choice to accept their fate, or strive for something better. Athangelos, the self-proclaimed Judge of Man sends them back through history’s weave, to forge a new shining future. But what is the cost of such power? Everything is not as it seems as memories and visions begin to haunt them and reveal a secret hidden deeper than any of them could have imagined.
From the battlefields of the American Revolution to the castles of Feudal Japan, the eight souls battle enemies from within and without – armed with every weapon imaginable in a science-fiction historical fantasy epic.

The Revenant Fire (The Decay of Man)

by C.W. Gardner

Vairgoans have been feeding on humans for thousands of years. Now, mankind is feeding on itself.

Within the walls of a hidden city, the Vairgoans have lived for millenia, venturing out only to feed on the blood of humans. Their primary goal is to keep their existence secret, even when a curse is unleashed outside the borders of their city which is causing the dead to rise and consume the flesh of the living. The Vairgoan’s food source is dying out, but still, they refuse to involve themselves for fear of exposing their existence. Pyraven, however has no choice. Forced out of his city in the wake of unexplained murders, The Vairgoan prince must join the humans in order to save them from extinction and his own kind from starvation.

Merlin – The Legacy #1 (Rise of the Dark)

by Luke Gasiden

‘Merlin – The Legacy’, Amazon Top 100 Bestseller in Genre’s ‘Arthurian’ and ‘Myths and Legends’

In ages past, a boy was born to meet a destiny and task that no other could. With the rise of the sorcerers and corrupt Kings, the land became wretched with evil and avarice. He then embarks on a precarious journey that will take him into adulthood, and beyond what any normal man can become.

Merlin the Legacy follows Merlin’s unknown beginnings that have been always shrouded in mystery. It is told that Merlin was once a knight before becoming a wizard, yet had always been possessed of special abilities.

Here he begins his quest, as Merlin first hears of the sword excalibur, and his need to possess it grows so he can overcome the evil forces that are being called up from the abyss…

Excerpt from ‘Merlin – The Legacy’, Amazon Top 100 Bestseller in Genre’s ‘Arthurian’ and ‘Myths and Legends’:

Merlin felt the slight kick of a boot in his side.

“Come on you lazy bugger! Time to get off your backside and ‘play’ knight.”

Merlin tried to cover his eyes from the dawn sun, and then Darius noticed something,

“My God boy, why are you sweating so? What were you doing last night?”

Merlin sat up wiping the sweat off his forehead. It was no surprise to him, he always greeted morning with sweat dripping off him, but he knew better than to tell Darius of his dreams.

“I’ve always been like this, it’s nothing.”

“Well, in any case, while you’ve been lazing around, I’ve already been out to find you a stick you can use as a sword. It’s about the right size for you. Here you are.”

Darius tossed the stick at Merlin, forcing him to catch it clumsily.

“Right then! First lesson, grip the sword like this.”

Darius showed Merlin the classical grip and then what he called “the crazy b******” grip. A one handed grip that allowed the wielding of two weapons, as the heavy sword would be strapped to one hand with some leather cord, while the other was free to grab, strike or take up another implement of pain.

“But for now, because you’re such a green beginner and all, we’ll just concentrate on the basic grip and strikes. I just wanted you to know how truly dangerous I can be.”

Merlin raised his eyebrows as Darius got into his guard stance,

“Follow me, there’s a good lad!”

Merlin mimicked Darius’ each move. The stances, the strikes and the parries. He didn’t really understand them, but after an hour, he could do them on command.

“Right then,” Darius rubbed his forearm across his brow, “now I am going to attack you. Hard.”

Merlin felt his stomach turn.

“Parry one!” Darius shouted as he ran toward Merlin with his broadsword in a downward striking movement, with a devilish laugh.

To his own surprise, Merlin instantly brought the stick up into the right position.

Darius began to strike across Merlin’s body,

“Parry two!”

Merlin again, blocked it. With Darius stopping just before his blade made contact.

“No bad, not bad at all. We may make a knight of you yet.”

Darius saw that what Merlin was lacking in strength, he made up for in speed and agility.

“Now, attack me.” Ordered Darius.

Merlin didn’t want to. The look of that blade Darius was now wielding with gusto and a devil-may-care-look in his eyes, told Merlin it was the last thing he wanted to do.

“Aren’t you hungry Darius, don’t you think we should eat.”

Darius put his guard down and leaned on the sword for a moment,

“Come on boy, don’t be a coward, what would that girly of yours think if she saw you now? Think she’d be impressed?”

Merlin felt a spark inside him grow, a spark that ignited an ember that would go on to become a furnace in future years… ‘


by James O’Rell

(Formerly the Chronicles of Autumn: Tala’har’s Story) Carry left her home world in hopes of protecting a very powerful person. That person ends up being Autumn Alexander, a down-trodden teen whose own cousin turns her school life into an utter hell. Not only that, Autumn doesn’t seem to know what she is. Carry has to wade through Autumn’s strange bloodline problems and family history, littered with secrets all while protecting Autumn… without letting her know she’s doing it.

Lost Boy

by Pam Uphoff

His father and grandfather had accidentally changed the future. But that didn’t stop the boy from wanting to find a place in it.

And The Meek Shall (The Verses)

by Rashad Freeman

(Short Story)
Judgment day has come and gone. The earth is engulfed in flames. The lucky ones perished long ago, but for those that still roam the earth, safety is a luxury they no longer have.

Eve and a small group of survivors are rummaging around New York, just trying to make it to the next day. They stumble upon an old subway station and think it might lead them to a safe place. They couldn’t be further from the truth.

In the depths of that tunnel all hell breaks loose and their tight knit group starts to fall apart. What will get them first, the flesh hungry demons, or each other?

Cthulhu Has All the Best Tunes and Other Stories

by Laurie Jed Duthie

‘Cthulhu Has All the Best Tunes’ – Venture into the world of Occult record collecting and discover why cosmic, Lovecraftian abominations are dishing out valuations on vintage vinyl.

‘Ã?tlendingur’ – Walk up the winding Icelandic gravel road into oblivion. Where the midnight sun is relentless and bad things lurk in the over-exposed night.

‘Sharking’ – Cheap technology has surpassed civilisation on an endless estate in North London. Angry pixels swarm into nightmare constellations and two young men dare to peer through the viewfinder of their own despair.

‘Within his own limits revolving in a circle’ – Relationship redemption in the midst of a flesh eating apocalypse? The Ouroboros virus ensures that the tastiest piece of flesh is your own.

‘Alcohol Angels’ – Something is supping on the overflowing drip tray of Camden Town’s night time revelry. A young goth girl and a veteran wino venture deep beneath the London streets looking for answers.

Inexorable (Short Story) (Otherworlds)

by Jonathan Moeller

Simon Barras was once a nobleman of prestige and power. But he was betrayed, and to save his life he turned pirate, ravaging the treasure ships of the Maduran King’s navy with his crew of rogues.

But when a magical horn comes into his possession, Simon finds the entire royal navy hunting for him.

Because the horn has the power to wake creatures that could destroy the world…


Standing over six feet tall, Jonathan Moeller has the piercing blue eyes of a Conan of Cimmeria, the bronze-colored hair a Visigothic warrior-king, and the stern visage of a captain of men, none of which are useful in his career as a computer repairman, alas.

He has written the DEMONSOULED series of sword-and-sorcery novels, and continues to write THE GHOSTS sequence about assassin and spy Caina Amalas, the COMPUTER BEGINNER’S GUIDE series of computer books, and numerous other works.

Visit his website at:

Stephen Initiation (Sequel to 3 Things That Might Have Happened)

by Diane Dickson

A fictional story about a boy who thought his life was ordinary until he met Sirius
This is a sequel to the Third Story – Stephen which is part of the collection of short stories entitled

3 Things That Might Have Happened:

Stephen was thirteen but felt as though his life was falling apart. After Mum left, dad lost his job and Stephen decided to run away from home.

The night he left, he met Sirius. In spite of his doubts, Stephen trusted and followed this strange and enigmatic person and his reward was the glimpse of an amazing life Sirius told him was his destiny.

Now, Stephen is waiting and beginning to wonder if it really happened the way he remembered.

The Raystone 2 – Guardian of the Dragons (The Raystone Saga)

by C.L Gristwood

“I don’t know what’s happening in another dimension, even if it my homeland,” said Akai, “but I’m now certain it’s something big.”

It is with these words that Jessie and Chris’s future is changed forever. It has been a whole year since their adventures in Aiseldo, but when Jessie begins to experience troubling headaches and visions Akai, suggests they journey back to the land to find a solution.
Arriving back to a world torn apart by a rift between the red and black dragons they begin their quest for the mysterious Guardian of the Dragons, the only one known to be able to stop the conflict… and all out war.
In a race against time, they meet up with both old and new friends, magnificent creatures and discover a power and a being that will test their friendship to the limits.

The Guardian of the Dragons – can one person really change the future?

Dear Santa

by S J Keeble

Dear Santa is a short story for all the family – a tale filled with Christmas spirit that delivers the true meaning of the festive season right to the very door of number 25 New Inn Avenue; where Joe and Maria discover a Christmas “presence” that will change their lives forever….

The Raystone (The Raystone Saga)

by C Gristwood

Jessie Maison is an average twelve year old with an average life. Scorned by her peers she is shy and lonely and just wants to finish school and move away. Then she meets Chris Ketra, the complete opposite to her in every way. While his heart is in the right place he does tend to act before he thinks often landing him in trouble, and his carefree, aloof personality both intrigues and puzzles Jessie. One day both friends come across the mysterious Raystone, a gem so powerful that just by touching it, they are transported to a world of myth and magic. Faced with the seemingly impossible task of finding their way back home, Jessie and Chris need all the help they can get to fulfil their quest. But, unknown to them is an even greater challenge ahead. A legendary creature simply called ‘The Beast’ has been awoken… and is tracking them down determined to stop them getting back home… at whatever cost.

Rise of the Elementals

by Rashad Freeman

The Prequel to the Creature Kid Seriesâ?¦

Long before Anthony ever discovered he had wings, long before he quested to find his true origins. A prophecy was made, a prophecy that would thrust two worlds together across the span of centuries.

In a different universe on a different plane of existence a city known as Elisia thrived. For more than a millennium the race of elementals blossomed there. When a savage race invaded their gates the elementals were left with no choice. This is the beginning of their story; this is Rise of the Elementals.

Be Careful What You Wish For

by Elaine Calloway

“Be Careful What You Wish For” is a short paranormal story by Elaine Calloway.

Connor O’Quinn hates the mediocrity of his day job as a software engineer. Longing to become an actor, he begins to scan the local New Orleans newspaper for auditions. But when a stranger living in an eerie Victorian mansion offers him a role, Connor must decide whether the new job is worth his soul.

Katie McCory and the Dagger of Truth (The McCory Chronicles)

by C. L. Collar

A mysterious golden chest in Grams’ attic, a stained-glass window that never ages, and a strange dream. What do these three things have in common? MAGIC. This magic sends twins, Katie and Billy, and their two best friends on a quest into Fey in pursuit of a stolen talisman, The Dagger of Truth. In the hands of dark magic, this mighty talisman can be transformed into The Dagger of Malice and possess the power to destroy both Fey and mortal Earth. The friends are guided on their mission by four good fairies, a Brownie, Sun Fairy, Sphinx, and The Green Lady. Armed with magical weapons, gifted from the Dwarfs, they go in pursuit of the thief, a Soul Shrinker, and his mother the Queen of the Dark Fairies. Come along for the ride as “The Chosen Ones” step into an exotic land full of danger, magic and mystery.

Sea Penguin Part Five: Our Front Door (Sea Penguin Selections)

by Kate Smart

Part Five in the Sea Penguin Selections series. Random nonsense tales, slightly disjointed, featuring most of the characters from the first four books, and a couple more. The action starts with an excerpt from Mrs T-G’s old ‘Paris Diary’, and continues with Tuppy and Geoffrey being imprisoned in a dungeon by Mrs T-G, who is enraged about the Diary incident. Other episodes include Tuppy being psychoanalysed after being stung by the mutant South American wasp.

Anyone who has liked the previous four books might like this one too.

The Unfound

by Jacob Kaine

In the secluded mountain community of Green River, police officers are vanishing in the depths of the night without a trace, leaving local and state investigators scrambling in the face of an unknowable threat. As search parties comb through dense forests where shadows run deep, it falls on Alan Render, a patrolman with a dark secret, Michael Knight, a student struggling to find his place in the world, and Helen Springer, a nurse striving to protect the ones she loves, to come together against the coming dark. Together they will stand and face horrors both human and supernatural or join the growing number of the Unfound.

Cowboy Samurai X Badass Android (Samurai Superheroes Saga)

by KuroKoneko Kamen

Seventeen-year-old Jake Lonestar is a student attending Amarillo High School in Texas. Jake wishes he were just a normal American teen with a lot of friends and maybe even a cute girlfriend. But Jake’s adolescence is far from normal due to a incident in his youth that left Jake with supernatural powers: with a single touch, Jake causes everyday electronic devices to morph into murderous robotic machinery. Because of this, Jake has earned a reputation with his classmates; they see him as a freak.

When aliens abduct Jake’s family from the Lonestar Ranch, an eccentric adult toy inventor named Dr. Valery Dax appears. She claims to be Jake’s aunt and takes him to New York City with her. Dr. Valery wants Jake to join the Samurai Superheroes Force (the SSF for short) and partner up with smartass hacker and veteran superhero, Mr. Suit. Dr. Valery has equipped the SSF with genetically engineered warhorses and living-metal swords in order to combat the newest threat in New York’s underworld- cyborgs. But when Jake is still not impressed, Dr. Valery sets one of her sex droids to “persuade” him.

However, with Jake’s power, one touch to the android and she ends up evolving: developing free will, a wicked personality, a foul mouth and a serious chain-smoking problem! Strangely enough, Jake finds this all pretty hot. Can a perverted, lazy coward like Jake Lonestar really become a superhero? Find out as Jake Lonestar battles cyborgs, befriends quirky aliens, seduces androids and tries to find the courage to live up to his new superhero name: Cowboy Samurai.

This Sore Travail

by Stephen Williams

Finding no future in his present course, Chapel wagers his life on a gamble with God. And when the lot is cast, the man finds himself a shepherd of the supernatural. Then the world will learn what things may come when man holds the keys of reality.

UFO sightings increase. Starvation becomes a memory. The lame walk. The dumb speak. The deaf hear. The blind see. And all these things are accompanied by that halo in the Cloud.

But the world wastes when there are no sick to tend, no hungry to feed, no houses to build, no improvements to make. What was their Eden becomes their tomb. Then, hope revives when a certain man and woman appear and labor to bring balance to the world. Yet there abides that Cloud which works against them.

What will become of humanity when all these beginnings meet their end?

The Adventures of Princess Olivia(The Series)

by Jamie Mann

This is a children’s novel following the royal family members of the kingdom of Blancton, specifically Princess Olivia. The characters go on many different adventures that see magic, strange lands and beasts and the thwarting of evil villians.(Formerly The Adventure of Blancton series, the 5 previous books in one package)


by Tega Collins

The man I will get married to must possess the three best Cs. He must be charitable, courageous, and caring, being the three best Cs, and above all understanding. These were the words of a beautiful lady called Pommel. Everybody desires and wants her hand in marriage because of her beauty. And this sparks jealousy from her only rival, a beautiful goddess, Sarcosa. But the beautiful and feared goddess, Sarcosa, and her little witch sister, Arata who want a town to worship them will not sit down and allow Pommel steal away their praises and attentions. And so, Pommel was kidnapped and she must pay dearly.

Who will free Pommel from the gripe of the goddess, Sarcosa, and her witch sister, Arata before any harm is done to her? The king asked. But everybody ran away except a boy called Hommel with a flute of destiny. But will Hommel have the courage to confront the feared goddess and her witch sister? It is said about them that they please themselves to harm you and nobody stands on their way. And even though he has the courage, does he have the other Cs to have the desire Pommel all to himself? Hommel tried but——- oh! Is it fatal? Did he return with Pommel?

The Ice Queen & The Legend of the Winter Folk

by Paul Carroll

Susan Murphy should be married. Her brother should be a father. Life just didn’t work out that way for them.

On a day like any other, Susan meets a woman who knows too much and can stand infallibly on ice wearing high heels.

Drawing inspiration from classic folklore, The Ice Queen & The Legend of the Winter Folk is a short story about the transformation of one woman through her grief, and the life she enters into as a result.

Johns Traitor – Baptised

by Mike Blake

John’s Traitor – Baptised is the fourth Short Story written by the same Author: Mike Blake.

It tells a tale wrapped in religion of the old and new testament obsessively followed by John Mcyntyre a latter day priest who believes that he has historical bounds to John the Baptist and will renact the outcome of his namesake John with a different one to the scriptures.

Further S/Stories by the same Author:

Gold Taps – Nice House:

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Hurricane Higgins ~ Forceful Gale:

*Special publication of the single long Poem ‘The Coming of Age of America’ can be found here:

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Matters of Urgency Part I can be found using this link:

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Enjoy your Readiing | Please leave Your Review.

The Lingerie Shop (Book 9) – Baiting the Trap

by Trisha Miller

The Lingerie Shop

A dark, romantic fantasy

copyright © 2013 Trisha Miller.

Peter and Katya, pursued by the Vampire Guardians, decide to lure them into a trap.

Baiting the Trap

Peter overslept and when he woke, a huge blood red moon was setting behind the distant blue hills of Dartmoor. He wrapped his hunky body in a hotel bathrobe and sat in the little bay window-seat, that overlooked the town square. The drunks had all gone home and the square was empty. Just sea-gulls pecking at the plastic food containers and a discarded lager can, rattling across the stone slabs in the wind. He could hear Katya in the shower.

She swept into the room; a towel wrapped round her, in a gust of warm, scented air, as the first rays of the morning sun came slanting through the diamond-paned, leaded window, filling their hotel room with light. She dropped the towel and stood, arms outstretched, bathing in its golden light. She leant back; basking in the first pale warmth of the winter sun. Her eyes were half-closed, her lips pouting and blissful.

“You seem to be enjoying yourself,” said Peter.

“You wouldn’t believe how long I have waited to be able to do this.”

“Don’t you miss anything?”

“What? About being a vampire?”


“I suppose I miss the camaraderie: I had some good friends. But I won’t miss the killing: it sickened me. I couldn’t help myself, well not until I found you.”

“I broke the spell?”

“No. I made a new one.”

Baiting the Trap

Peter overslept and when he woke, a huge blood red moon was setting behind the distant blue hills of Dartmoor. He wrapped his hunky body in a hotel bathrobe and sat in the little bay window-seat, that overlooked the town square. The drunks had all gone home and the square was empty. Just sea-gulls pecking at the plastic food containers and a discarded lager can, rattling across the stone slabs in the wind. He could hear Katya in the shower.

She swept into the room; a towel wrapped round her, in a gust of warm, scented air, as the first rays of the morning sun came slanting through the diamond-paned, leaded window, filling their hotel room with light. She dropped the towel and stood, arms outstretched, bathing in its golden light. She leant back; basking in the first pale warmth of the winter sun. Her eyes were half-closed, her lips pouting and blissful.

“You seem to be enjoying yourself,” said Peter.

“You wouldn’t believe how long I have waited to be able to do this.”

“Don’t you miss anything?”

“What? About being a vampire?”


“I suppose I miss the camaraderie: I had some good friends. But I won’t miss the killing: it sickened me. I couldn’t help myself, well not until I found you.”

“I broke the spell?”

“No. I made a new one.”


by Denham Bradley Cooper

What is the evil that feeds the creative juices of famed Hollywood director Marty Lowe? What is the darkness that inspires his edgy directorial vision? A tale of creativity, madness, and murder unchecked in the seedy shadows of the Hollywood Hills…

Phoenix Flyer

by Jessica Rister

Jenna May is a curious, but neglected, girl. Sometimes her curiosity can get her into trouble. Her curiosity sparks when she comes in contact with a golden plate with an egg-shaped ruby in the middle of it.

When her parents go out for the evening and leave her, with another neglectful babysitter, she cures that curiosity and picks up the elegant plate. What could possibly happen?

Something did happen, though. The ruby separated from the golden plate unleashing the fire bird known as the Phoenix.

Could Jenna’s life be in danger? Or could this Phoenix be the key to her destiny?

The Quickening of Tom Turnpike (The Talltrees Trilogy)

by W. E. Mann

“You want ghost-stories? I know all of them. I know what you can hear in the corridors at night. I know what drives the teachers insane.”

Tom thought he’d heard them all, but the worst one was yet to come. And he would be right at its deadly heart.

At their haunted school in a forgotten corner of Nazi-occupied England, boys are disappearing. After a midnight ghost-hunt takes a sinister turn, Tom and his friends find themselves thrown headlong into a Nazi conspiracy to change humankind forever.

What has happened to the lost boys? Can anything be done in time to save them? And what does this all have to do with strange events that occurred many years ago in West Africa?

The Solid Line

by Matt West

Darryl Gerst was an uninspired, overweight, underachieving waste of oxygen until he discovered the Kross Foundation. Now, Kross is brokering a deal between Darryl and the Devil himself that will leave him thinner, richer and able to charm the girl of his dreams

But when a competing firm calls offering to show him a way to void his contract and reclaim his soul the eternal battle between good and evil ensues, and Darryl is caught right in the middle of it.

With a scheming, infernal salesman in one ear, an angelic attorney in the other, and a contract that doesn’t work in the way he expected; Darryl is about to find out that becoming the man he wants to be is going to be a little more complicated than just signing on the solid line.

Tom Turnpike and the Shadow-Stalker (The Talltrees Trilogy)

by W. E. Mann

“Three sacrifices of human flesh must the creature make. Three sacrifices and its transformation will be complete.”

Talltrees is plunged into a cruel, dark winter. Storms batter the school, rationing is taking a heavy toll and there is a killer at large.

When the Gestapo arrives and begins to turn over the school in search of who-knows-what, an atmosphere of suspicion and deceit descends. A series of curious clues and coded messages leads Tom and his friends to the heart of the British Resistance and the perpetrator of a string of bizarre murders.

What kind of creature would commit these killings? What can be done to stop it? And what has attracted the attention of a band of threadbare travellers who have set up camp nearby?

Tyzmon: The Last BladeHunter The First Half (Tales From Archangel Valley)

by r wesley edwards

Tyzmon: The Last BladeHunter, First Half aka “Mysteries of the Valley”

This is the story of a man who wakes up in a field. He is in pain and surrounded by dead soldiers. He can’t remember what happened, how he got here.

Perhaps he can learn something by examining this dead soldier’s body, maybe the demon called Truth can impart some wisdom.

There’s always family: could he ask his brother what’s going on.

“Who am I, and what am I doing in this valley?”

Category: Fantasy and Science Fiction

Unicorn – Journey Beyond Forever (The Occasion Mists)

by Setlu Vairst

The unicorns had the best of reasons for not taking refuge in the Ark. The sacrifice would have been unbearable, even more so than the sacrifices to come. They had a destiny with a fate not of their choosing but held on to a promise of hope for survival. In a race to keep above the rising waters a temporary sanctuary is found but, unknown to the unicorns, this place of safety is a pathway to a new land that will have them confront their greatest fear; the loss of a loved one.

With a destiny to be fulfilled, a young unicorn must make a journey to a place called Essilon but there is the ever-present evil of the humans who are seeking out all beasts and destroying them. Essilon is to be the final stand of the beasts against the rampaging humans.

The unicorn finds that the struggle to reach the place is a battle in itself, but he is not alone in believing his destiny lies in reaching Essilon before the final battle commences. Why, he has no idea – his companions seem to know more about him than he does himself. If the young Unicorn can reach Essilon, will he, as he hopes, be reunited with his parents, or will he never learn their fate? And if he does survive, what then? That will not be the end, but merely the beginning…

Assassin (The Ironstone Saga)

by Keith McArdle

Vyder Ironstone is an assassin with a troubled past. At the order of his king, Vyder must undertake his most dangerous mission yet. A mission from which he may never return.

If he is successful, it might just be enough to alleviate war tearing the kingdom apart.

The prospect of failure is not worth considering.


by R.J. Washburn

This is the free preview for the upcoming novel. Takes place right after Fayla, and Deepforge.

Joule and the Weather God (Joule series)

by Ronald McIsaac

Book Description:

In worlds of make-believe, don’t believe everything you see.

Born glare blind, Joule Suzuki doesn’t see the post-apocalyptic worlds like most others. With her membrane-enhanced eyes, Joule sees the worlds as they areâ??a bloody mess. With a weather god hell-bent on demolishing her, a wavering godfather bent on controlling her, and an insatiable blood habit, Joule is always a hair’s breadth away from death. But as fate would have it, in the parallel worlds, good things are oftentimes closer than they appear.

From the Back Cover:

It was a time of bad weather

â?¨And tempestuous godsâ??â?¨

A time of interdimensional travel.

It was a time of halosâ?¨

And glare blind vampiresâ??â?¨

A time of bloody butterflies.

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