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Hounds Christmas Book (Fantasy Fulfillment Guidebook Series)

by Rex the Teach

This is the Hounds (Teach & Leach) enchanted Christmas story that will warm your heart and roast your nuts about a fantasy fulfilled rendezvous at Santa’s secret lair. But watch out for the nutcracker.

It all started when the Hounds sent a letter to Santa which eventually led to a Christmas Scavenger Hunt and a wild party with Santa and his elves at his secret Rocky Mountain lair.

This unique book will keep you laughing with stories like how Santa camouflaged his sleigh and buzzed our country’s most secretive base. We will also introduce the Hounds ultimate Bride Layaway plan.

That’s not all, we include special songs, poems, hairbrain ideas and the mysterious warning “You better watch out because the Nutcracker is coming to town.”

We reveal the Hounds fantasy about being flown on a sleigh pulled by those famous Hollywood bad girls. As a classic Christmas song goes “The Hounds knows when you are bad or good, so you better be bad for badness sake.”

At your next holiday party, enjoy your own Christmas Scavenger Hunt to find your presents. Those of you of drinking age, should also enjoy Bubba’s White Lightning. Just ask “Lindsay” about the kick that you can only get from this liquid spirit and don’t forget to attend our Hounds Hippie Hoopla (HHH) parties.

Scale of Justice

by Dani Amore



“Dani Amore is a sensation among Kindle owners who love fast-paced thrillers.”

–Mystery Tribune

Detroit crime boss Diego Villanueva must meet the demands of his Colombian overlords in order to retire to sunny Florida.

To help him meet that challenge, he enlists the services of Tomas Sariagmo, whose son was caught stealing from Villanueva.  Sariagmo must help Villanueva succeed or both he and his son will die.

SCALE OF JUSTICE is an explosive, violent short story from bestselling crime novelist Dani Amore.

“Dani Amore’s writing reminds me of the great thriller writers — lean, mean, no nonsense prose that gets straight to the point and keeps you turning those pages.”
–author Robert Gregory Browne

“Dani Amore writes fast-paced, gripping tales that capture you from Page One and hold you enthralled till the last word. She brings a strong, clear voice to whichever genre she chooses. This lady is one hell of a storyteller. Watch for her.”
–J.D. Rhoades, best-selling author of Gallows Pole

“Amore is definitely one to watch.”
-Edgar-nominated author Craig McDonald

Dauntless Indies: A Collection of Shorts Volume 1

by Brandy L Rivers

18+ adult content

– Beyond Dusk: Anne –

Anne Fontaine recently discovered the life she grew up in was a lie. She must step outside the world she knows to learn more about who she is…including this terrible, inexplicable ability she was born with.

– Shadows Fall –

Amethyst Lakes is a nymph with a problem. She left her ex-boyfriend when he started to smother her. Nothing she says seems to keep him away. Carl needs Amethyst more than he needs to breathe, but she just doesn’t get it. He’ll stop at nothing to make her stay. An old friend and teenage crush will keep her safe until Amethyst can decide how to deal with Carl once and for all.

– Masked Encounters –

Korah Daniels has been through a lot in her nineteen years. Broken hearts, abusive relationships, and horrid dates have caused her to doubt love. Dane Davidson is the worst kind of playboy. The ultimate frat boy, drinking and ending up with a different girl every night. The two meet one fateful Halloween night, changing their lives forever.

The Devil’s Sword

by Douglas E. Richards

From the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the adult thriller, WIRED, its sequel, AMPED, and the adult science fiction/technothriller THE  CURE, The Devil’s Sword is a critically acclaimed mainstream thriller for kids and adults alike.

Ages 9 to adult

“Crisp, innovative,and intelligent. Should be at the top of your reading list.” –Larry Cox, book critic, King Features syndicate

A fencing tournament turns deadly! Can three young fencers thwart a plan to bring America to its knees?

Kevin, Rachel,and Ben are young fencers eager to compete in an upcoming tournament at Nellis Air Force Base. But when they arrive,they become unwilling pawns in a twisted plan to steal the ultimate weapon. A plan that somehow revolves around the tournament. Now, battling for their very survival, they must find a way to stop the two brilliant arms dealers behind it all. But the arms dealers hold all the cards. And far more is at stake than just their lives . . .

The Devil’s Sword is a gripping thriller that is sure to be enjoyed by fencers, non-fencers, kids, and adults alike.

Lussuria (The Luminara Series)

by SJ Molloy


Lust – Love – Light –

Romance, Emotion, Passion, Intrigue, Suspense, Secrets,
Desperation, Anxiety and Trust …

Alexis Evangeline Robertson – known as Lexi is beautiful,
caring and sensitive. She’s a loving yet insecure Scottish Physiotherapist taunted
with disconcerting memories from her dark, harrowing past.

 She has rules, and
she has boundaries.  She never lets
anyone too close.

At the age of 26 her life is about to change, her mental
filing system will transcend into overdrive when she encounters a tall, dark,
handsome stranger who’s painstakingly gorgeous and infectious.

He’s a wealthy business man and a very generous one.  An ‘Italian
by the name of Lucca Caruso with the most mesmerising crystal azure
blue eyes and heart of gold. 

Never expecting to see him again after their chance meeting,
fate intervenes again.

Whilst on vacation to a Tuscan cooking course in a Villa in
Val D’Orcia near the Chianti hills outside of Florence with her eccentric and
energetic best friend Hazel, she is more than surprised to see Lucca Caruso
arrive at the very same villa. 

For someone who has never known the feelings of lust or
desire, Lexi suddenly finds herself thrown into a scenario which she has never
before encountered. 

Beginning a journey of self-discovery and the exploration of
old and new uncertainties she’s helplessly folding, melting and crumbling to
the temptation of her heart’s desire. 

As Lexi struggles to confide in Lucca and his family, she is
unaware that her past is propelling towards her.  

What will happen if the Caruso family finds out the
truth?  Will this mean the end of any
chance of happiness for Lexi or will Lucca show her how to be loved, how to
feel special and protected?

In an emotional erotic heart-wrenching story of lust, love
and light with mystery, twists and turns Lexi discovers an insatiable appetite
for Lucca Caruso. 

It’s hot, sexy, expressive and an intriguing story of survival.
One woman’s destiny to find her light and there’s only one man that can take
her there.

Only after she learns how to lust and love will she spread
her wings towards the light, his light…or will she?

She discovers her past is coming back to haunt her…what will
become of the beautiful Lexi Robertson?

This new series will undoubtedly capture its readers in an
array of mixed emotions and sentiments leaving us lusting for this new
smouldering hot sexy fictional fantasy boyfriend.

Prepare for a bereft love-struck book hangover for the
handsome, wealthy, protective and insatiable Italian lover Lucca Caruso.
Ultimately he is a gentle lover and he is a raucous lover, he’s the man that we
all want and can’t get enough of.

Welcome to the Luminara Series…..

Dilemmas (Part 1)

by Lae’Zriah Justice

WARNING: The contents of this book are for audiences 18+. Strong sexual language in contents.


When Maurice is sent on an extended mission to retrieve missing information from his organization’s former employee; he finds himself falling in love with her. His target, located at a safe house, tries to keep her relationship with Maurice sexual, but she finds herself drawn to him as well. Not realizing Maurice is sent to kill her, she allows her love for him take control and let down her guard. She refuses to pay attention to the warnings her family give her about her love for Maurice as well as his intentions. She instead rebels and accepts him with his flaws, his cheating ways, his sexual appetite and his commitment to her girlfriend-his wife. Although he is unhappy in his marriage, he tries to stay for the sake of his children. He begins to lose focus on his mission because of his love for his target. After the death of one of their rival organization’s members, things begin to change. Secrets are revealed, things turn upside down. Maurice finds himself caught between his job, his hatred for his wife, his love for his children, his love of sex with all his women, and his love for his mistress. Faced with the reality he is still on a mission to kill his mistress, he finds himself in aâ?¦Dilemma.

Vandalism of Words

by Derek Haines

What Is This Book About?

Great question. The answer is so splendidly simple. This book is about anything, everything and nothing. It is an ideal companion on a bus or train, where regular interruptions are guaranteed as every part of this book is very, very short. Ideal also for parents of young children who get interrupted a lot by screaming, crying and toilet training. Great too for those with a limited attention span.

Another terrific attribute of this book is that it is either cheap or free. This A or B choice is yours depending on where you source the book from. If you had to choose option A, sorry it wasn’t my fault. But anyway, cheap isn’t so bad.

While on this subject, I should point out that although this book is available in a format that kills forests, I would really be much happier if you get it in an electronic format. The reasoning is that no chainsaws are used in the process. No chlorine, bleach, potassium or nuclear material is dumped into the environment either as a result of paper manufacturing and therefore I can have a much clearer conscience.

Ok now to the book itself. This e-book contains the mindless meanderings of an ageing Australian male lost in the alpine paradise of Switzerland, which in itself is probably enough pollution.

If you have searched for the table of contents, you will have noticed that there isn’t one. Why? Because there is just no rhyme, logic or theme at all to this book, so I didn’t bother. The other reason is that as each short story captures my thoughts on any given day during the past year, and a bit, I couldn’t decide on whether I should use alphabetical or chronological order. And I hate making decsions.

So get ready for a wild ride, or ask for a refund now and read no further.

Lady Swagger-The Beginning

by TKO

Nikki should have known that In a club full of women, anything is bound to pop off. So when she and her best friend Jazz, decides to spend Nikki’s 30th birthday at Lady Swagger- A known lesbian hotspot, she catches her girlfriend Dream, dead in the act of cheating. Bent on revenge, Nikki waits for the perfect opportunity to confront Dream, but little does she know, Dream’s bite is much more lethal than her bark. A parking lot brawl triggers a chain of events and someone ends up with a body on their hand.

A Murder on Mardi Gras

by Jake Jasper

“Jake Jasper has natural talent as an author. This book had me riveted to my chair for many an hour. I couldn’t put it down!”
— Xaviera Hollander,
New York Times bestselling
author of The Happy Hooker

Down-and-out travel writer Jake Jasper thinks that his publisher’s tight deadline is his worst problem. His Caribbean sailing adventure is interrupted by an order to complete an assignment in New Orleans, or his publisher’s attorneys will come after him. Upon his arrival, Jake hires an old friend, a seedy local, as a tour guide through the frenzy leading up to Fat Tuesday. After an evening of heavy drinking, Jake and his guide are facing murder charges. To make matters worse, they have less than eighteen hours to halt the deadly criminal plot that they’ve been unwillingly pulled into. Full of New Orleans color and characters drawn from the author’s personal experiences, A Murder on Mardi Gras is a compelling, hair-raising tale. Join Jake in his quest to bring justice to a murderer and thwart a criminal conspiracy in this opening book of an exciting series!

2 Days ‘Til Sundae (2 ‘Til Series, #1)

by Heather Muzik


Cat is single, sexy, saucy, and perhaps a smidge too sentimental….
At thirty-four, Catherine Hemmings has it all–a New York City walk-up that’s relatively free of crime and steps away from a great slice of pizza, credit card balances with the full closet and finance charges to match, still-happily-married parents with a screw loose, a younger brother with more years of marriage experience under his belt than she has continuous dating time, and friends hell-bent on setting her up with anyone but her type of guy…. 

What more could a girl want?  … A sundae.

Catherine’s parents are cleaning out her childhood home and moving to Wyoming on a lark, and to make matters worse, she stumbles upon one of her favorite old toys, not in the attic where it is supposed to be, but in an online auction. Soon enough she is in an all-out war–bidding war, that is–only to lose in the final seconds. But Cat isn’t ready to let go…. Her mission is simple: a well-planned, perfectly executed, two-day trip to reclaim her property from the winning bidder.

What could possibly go wrong?

Follow Catherine on a chick-lit style comic romp to the “wilds” of Minnesota, where she might get what she’s after, or she might just get more than she bargained for….

Now available on Kindle — 2 Months ‘Til Mrs. (Book Two in the 2 ‘Til series)

Will Catherine ever make it down the aisle?

Or Forever Hold Your Peace

by Heather Muzik

Does loyalty trump everything?

When friends reunite in Atlantic City for the tenth wedding anniversary of two of their own, the summer sun isn’t the only thing that’s heated. Old perceptions die hard, and after a separation and almost-divorce, not everyone feels this is a marriage worth celebrating.

Over the course of one long weekend, friendships, relationships, and marriages are tested as secrets begin to surfaceâ?¦. In the end, these friends will have to face the truth about themselves and each otherâ?¦ or forever hold their peace.

2 Months ‘Til Mrs. (2 ‘Til Series, #2)

by Heather Muzik

2 Months ‘Til Mrs. is the second book in the 2 ‘Til series.

Cat is at it again–overreacting, overthinking, and overindulging….

The New Year is here and for Catherine Hemmings that means one thing–the year she met Joel “Fynn” Trager is over. Long-distance love with her Minnesota man has had her living out of a suitcase for months, never knowing for sure what time it is on either end. Now thirty-five is breathing down her neck and she is tired of living in limbo….

In just 2 short months she’ll be another year older…. Can Cat make it down the aisle under the wire? It’s a race against time and the laws of wedding physics, and she is going to need all the help she can get… especially as she begins to realize that love just might be blind to reality.

Is Catherine really ready to give up NYC for good? To take on a ready-made family? To say I do?

Will she follow her head or her heart?

Black Sheep: Letting go of the Past (Black Sheep Trilogy #1)

by Kia Zi Shiru

Disclaimer: This is NOT a cute romance, this is rough, real and dark. Black Sheep Trilogy deals with topics of depression, abuse and trust. If you want a sweet romance I suggest you look elsewhere.                 

Black Sheep: Letting go of the Past is the first novella in the Black Sheep Trilogy.

When Vic comes out of the psychiatric hospital his mother has moved the whole family away from his home town, where his last relationship almost ended in tragedy. Vic, glad at being able to start anew, decides to only focus on school work, no dating, no boyfriends, no drama. His plan is go get through these last two years and move onto university.
That plan is sabotaged when his new best friend, Jack, kisses him on New Year’s Eve, something Vic has been longing for and dreading in equal measure. Because he’s scared sweet and innocent Jack won’t be able to handle him, or his past. It scares him more than anything now that his past has come to haunt him, metaphorically and literally.
Vic tries to hide the depression and panic as long as possible, from Jack, from his family and from himself. But horrors have a way of catching up with people and when Vic’s past catches up with him it isn’t just him that gets hurt.
Can Vic trust Jack enough to tell him what is going on? Has he finally found someone who isn’t scared of him?
**Black Sheep Trilogy is a Young Adult title that deals with heavy subjects but has little cursing and no sex.**

This ebook also includes a short story that has not been shown while it was being ran as a serial.

Santa Forgets

by Charles Hutson

Nick Kloss has been working in a local department store as Santa Claus for several days. One evening as he tries to head home, he can’t remember where his car is, or even where he lives. The county Sheriff’s office is called to help, but they can’t find out any more about him than what they already know. Suspecting Alzheimer’s Disease, they keep him in a holding cell for safekeeping and then transfer him the next day to a nursing home Alzheimer’s Unit.

In his moments of “relative clarity”, Nick tells a fantastic story to Nursing Home Administrator Chuck Hutson. He believes he is the REAL Santa, in town to convince his replacement to take over before Alzheimer’s takes his mind. Santa Claus with Alzheimer’s! What will happen to Christmas? What will happen to the children? He says he desperately needs Chuck’s help before he totally loses it!

Chuck thinks he’s already lost it, but he promises to help him any way he can because part of his job is trying to help his residents in distress, no matter what form that distress takes. When Nick disappears from the facility, it’s Chuck’s turn to be in distress. Is the old man out there wondering lost in the freezing weatherâ?¦or is there something more to it?

This one-of-a-kind story follows Nick as he learns to deal with the ongoing ravages of Alzheimer’sâ?¦and Chuck as he tries to come to terms with the very MYTH OF SANTA CLAUS!

About the Author

Author Charles Hutson has been a nursing home administrator for nearly 30 years. This holiday tale offers a humorous and touching look at life inside a nursing home and the ravaging effects of Alzheimer’s.


by Patrick C. Greene

Teen punks Kell and Toby have big plans for Halloween. They’re going to out-trick the neighborhood kids with the kind of pranks that will leave their victims scarred for life. But a trio of otherworldly trick-or-treaters refuses to walk away empty-handed. Kell and Toby will soon know the true meaning of Halloween.

Gideon’s Fleece (Court and Parish: Part 1)

by Nathanael Green

Sheldon Court is arrested after a deadly shootout in the local saloon. His sentence: signing on as Marshal Parish’s new deputy. After falling for the marshal’s beautiful and spiteful daughter, Sheldon suspects that the marshal is intentionally putting him in harm’s way. When the two lawmen pursue a band of ruthless killers, each of them has a decision to make.

A Sibling Group of Three

by DJ Selvidge

Marie and Edward Worthington are typical empty-nesters. They hold down normal jobs during the day and come home to a peaceful house at nightâ?¦ that is, until they decide they miss the kids and become foster parents for the state. After a grueling six-month process, they finally have their residential license and receive their first foster care placement, a sibling group of three. As Marie drives to the youth shelter to pick up the Kingsley children, she is optimistic. These children have led such disadvantaged and neglected lives, and she is sure they will appreciate being in a good environment. This is the story of her coming of age.
The ride home from the shelter is a power struggle. The evening meal is an appalling display of table manners and behaviors. In fact, the entire first day is an eye-opening experience for both foster parents and children giving us just a glimpse of how different the cultures of two families can be and the difficulties associated with displacing children against their will.
Brittany, the oldest of the children, is a manipulator and a drama queen. Caleb, the middle child, is slow and therefore tortured by his siblings. Hunter, the youngest, has anger and behavior issues caused by something traumatic which happened in his past. The children are a time bomb waiting to happen and the Worthingtons are the unprepared recipients of their passive-aggressive behavior.
In the midst of the chaos created by warring siblings and an emotionally-charged birth family, the Worthingtons must also deal with manipulative social workers. Marie and Edward discover that they are alternately praised as model foster parents one day and threatened with being investigated the next. And while all this is going on, they must juggle to keep up with the endless appointments the system levies on the children.
Edward and Marie do their best to be good role models and take care of the children while holding down jobs and keeping up with their own kids. They must deal with children who have never been made to go to school, birth parents who don’t want Caleb to have a needed operation, suspensions, police incidents, and questionable teen behavior. To top it off, Brittany seems to take great satisfaction in phoning relatives and stirring up the belief that she and her brothers are being horribly mistreated. Eventually, the Worthington’s are investigated by the state.
When Hunter is expelled from school, he is removed from the Worthington’s care. They are then exposed to the amazingly high turnover of children who come through their home in his place. Through it all, they are constantly frustrated by the callousness of the system, the unprofessional behavior of some of the social workers, and the frequent disregard of the children’s best interests.
The story follows the Kingsley children from the time they are placed in the Worthingtons’ care until they are returned to their parents by the court. It is a journey where both the characters and the reader emerge more knowledgeable about the realities of the bureaucratic foster care system and how it functions in our society.


by Travis Erwin

A collection of two short stories, and a memoir vignette.

These three tales range in setting from the lonely solitude of a high mountain trail, to a quiet suburban neighborhood, to the stress-filled halls of a Childrens hospital.

In THE SIMPLEST OF SOUNDS a young boy faces his fears and the end of his childhood over the barrel of a gun.

WHITE SHUTTERS is the story of a mother-to-be facing her past past with the hope she can embrace her future.

And the title story, WHISPERS, chronicles the author’s own journey into fatherhood.

Collectively the trio of stories share a bond rooted in the most abstract of human emotions … fear, hope, and love.

Charlotte: a doll’s tale

by Nicholas Jameson

In this new short story by Nicholas Jameson, when young Abigail discovers a doll in a graveyard, she does not suspect that the doll has a secret.

Past Epilogue

by Haystack

A warning has come out of the past. Will it be deciphered in time?

SHANE: A CASTLE Novella (The Castle Trilogy)

by Hunter J. Keane

Young Adult; Urban Fantasy Novella

This prequel novella to CASTLE finds Shane as a Level Two recruit, anxiously waiting to find out if she will be advanced to Level Three. After learning that the Castle has been altering the recruits’ memories, including Shane’s memories of Lucas, Shane decides she must leave the Castle.

Escaping means leaving Lucas and her friends behind, but it’s the only way Shane will be able to keep her memories of them. Is she willing to sacrifice her uncertain future for memories of her past?

Tales of Strangeness and Harm (Volume One)

by Beverley Carter

The Chair

In this day and age, is it really possible that an old carved chair could carry with it a dangerous curse?

A Man’s Worst Fear

A woman is being questioned about the death of her husband. She admits to poisoning him but insists it was in self-defence – but just why did she do it?


Have you ever found yourself getting carried away when collecting something? Here is the story of what happened to one collector in his quest for that final, special piece.

The Foundling

A desperate young woman leaves her new born baby on the doorstep of a kindly looking old lady. But this old lady has a disturbing history and perhaps she has made the worst possible choice.

First Filial

When a lab assistant is passed over for promotion, he decides to show his boss how capable he is with an experiment of his own. But sometimes, just sometimes, an underdog is an underdog for a reason.

The Wood of Souls

David Stephens is an ordinary but selfish man. On the journey home from the work’s Christmas party, he is going to have one last chance to change and do the right thing, but whatever he decides, there will be consequences from which he cannot hide.

Mirror, Mirror

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Or should that be: imitation is the most sinister form of flattery?

A Box of Fudge

Every now and then we have to make an important and irreversible decision. Some decisions matter so much that we have to be as certain as we can be that we’ve got it right. That’s why we make sure we’ve got all the facts right, don’t we?

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