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Behold A Pale Horse

by Delphine Cull

1349: England. Pestilence rages across the land, leaving death and fear in its wake. A young woman and skilled healer, Alyse Elsey, loses her husband, children and friends to the fearsome disease, despite her care and knowledge. Left to care for her best friend’s son, Harold, Alyse sets out on a perilous journey to the priory in Norwich, determined to find a safe haven with Harold’s uncle, a young monk at the priory.
But Norwich has also been consumed by the pestilence. In a world filled with superstition, religious fervor and fear of the unknown, Alyse must find a way to go on without her dead and embrace the love and hope of the living.

Flash Floods & Falls: Deaths & Rescues In Zion National Park

by Dave Nally

Zion National Park is home to majestic and wondrous canyons, cliffs, crags, mesas, rivers, and slot canyons. World travelers remain in awe as they drive, walk, hike, and climb into such a unique place that is filled with vibrant, sacred, and mystical energy. Gradually becoming transfixed, many push themselves further into the wilds, oblivious to weather and dangers, deeper into the backcountry, suddenly finding themselves in extreme predicaments.

These are the moments when accidents often occur. . .and these once beautiful, holy places become menacing and dangerous–sometimes leading to agonizing and horrific accidents–and even death!

Since the early 1900s there have been 73 accidental deaths that have taken place inside Zion’s park boundaries. Hundreds of rescues of outdoor enthusiasts have ensued as well. This book covers all of those deaths, and many of the gripping rescues that have occurred during the past century. Bo Beck, a senior Zion Search and Rescue member for over 17 years, also shares his personal accounts. You will marvel at the riveting stories, and take away a better understanding of how to be smarter and better prepared for your next great adventure!

Yester Yore

Best Student Writing of 2013

Writers are often time travelers who, through imaginative journeys, can revisit the great events of history. In this collection of historical scenarios, student writers from Ozarks Technical Community College re-vision the dark days of Salem’s Witchcraft Trials, daily life of pioneers and Wild West lawmen, tribulations of nurses and soldiers in the Civil War and cataclysms yet to happen and more.


Salem Witch Trials, Sara Benson;

Salem Witch Hunts, Nathan Weidman;

With Lewis and Clark, Mark Dikarev;

A Georgia Slave Life, Ashley Hulsizer;

Gold Prospecting Family, Kayla Smith;

Pony Express, Jennifer Hunt;

Civil War Nurse 1, Kristina Elrick;

Civil War Nurse 2, Margaret Sharits;

Civil War Hospital, Amanda Leckrone;

Great Chicago Fire, Brie Jenkins;

On Service and Duty, Stephen Arringdale;

Jack the Ripper, Jessica McTeer;

Law Enforcement Officer, Matthew Roper;

Edwardian Boston, Kayla McGownd;

A WW I Nurse, Anastasiya Buzhduha;

A World War I Soldier, Kristian Demster;

Queen of Tragedy, Ariel Messerer;

A Dust Bowl Survivor, Aaron Ehrlich;

WW II Survivor, Ashley Chambers;

March of Death, Steven Cummins;

A WW II Nurse, Darby Bowler;

Bastogne, Trey Miller;

Asteroid Attack, 2050, Dale Cain;

Asteroid Attack, 2055, Thayne Mitchell.

The ANGELIC REALM Before, Now and After

by Peter Jochinger

This book will reveal many of life’s mysteries.

Our biggest mystery has always been the Bible and all the religions associated with it.

There are many spiritual stories within the Bible. Most people have understood the spiritual aspect behind them, these very stories tie themselves together, highlighting the existence of a futuristic tale hidden inside the Bible. The story features the existence of an Angelic Realm, these beings (angels) reside outside our physical time zone. What does their purpose of being entail?

How one day we can all be a part of their lives.

The story flows smoothly explaining the time lines of two Pyramids, Gods purpose for religion.

Some prophesies from Nostradamus and St Malarchi that are due to occur soon.

A comprehensive review of Revelations.

Come and share with me the eye-opening translations to many parts of the Gospel of Thomas. At the conclusion of this story there should be no doubt as to the authenticity of these sayings.

You will be so amazed with the disclosure of so many of life’s mysteries that you will want to read this book more than once.

The New World Order (Opening Of The Seven Seals)

by Michael Meade

The writer historically takes you back into East Africa to show the New World Order is actually the Old World Order and that the Garden of Eden was located in the ancient Kingdom of Gojjam/Goshen and not Mesopotamia. In order to achieve all of this the writer uses hundreds of historic photographs and symbols strategically woven together into tiles that tell the history in itself and leave no room for doubt in the readers mind. You heard the expression a pictures is worth a thousand words but in this case more like thousands and thousands. Using these tiles the author historically ties in Adam Jesus and Moses with the Egyptian Gods and Pharaohs along with the beginnings of Islam Judaism and Christianity. The author also ties in Jesus, Muhammad, the Rhoman and Holy Rhoman Empires along with Communism and Socialism as starting in East Africa in the city of Thebes, locally known as Waset, Home of the Was Scepter. These tiles will also show that Slavery, Whippings, the Bull Whip and Colonialism didn’t start with the Europeans but with the Africans thousands of years ago. The culmination of all this evidence will clearly show that all of this death and destruction, these Halakasts go directly back to Africa thousands of years ago and all of those people claiming to be the victims and the oppressed are actually the victimizers and oppressors.

Most people don’t realize that the Government run public schools in the United States teach and indoctrinate their students that people in Mexico, the Americas, and the Caribbean were the first or “Native Ame-Ricans” that crossed the frozen land bridge at the Siberian Straits and then migrated through Canada and the United States into the Americas and then the Caribbean thousands of years ago but the truth of the matter is they came by massive invading and conquering ships from Elim in Egypt and Elam/Eslam in Mesopotamia into the Gulf of Mexico, the Yucatan Peninsula, and were the Co-lon-i-al-ist/Co-lon-e-ls, raping, pillaging, plundering the land and savaging killing and scalping all of the innocent men women and children who were here first, before them, called the Mound Builders from Europe, the European people that were here 5000 years ago.

This is another inconvenient truth about the Genocide of the European people in the Americas, crimes against humanity that has been deliberately covered up and kept from the people for thousands of years.

After reading this brief but to the point book with all of the illustrative photographs and symbols you will have no doubt that the governments of the world have deliberately covered up the facts about religion and the true roles Jesus & Muhammad played in the massacres as leaders of Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

People think they live in a free country and really know the truth about history and what happened but they have been lied to and indoctrinated from birth to death by the schools and colleges for thousands of years to cover up these atrocities, crimes against humanity.

Nhat Ban – Ngoai Tam Kiem Soat

by Judith Brandner

Vào ngày 11 tháng Ba nÄ?m 2011, trận Ä?á»?ng Ä?ất cho tá»?i nay là lá»?n nhất trong lá»?ch sá»­ của Nhật Bản Ä?ã xảy ra á»? gần thành phá»? Sendai trong miền Đông Bắc của Ä?ất nÆ°á»?c này. Ngay sau Ä?ó, má»?t con sóng thần Ä?ã tàn phá nhiều thá»? trấn và gây ra vụ tai nạn trong nhà máy Ä?iá»?n nguyên tá»­ Fukushima. Tá»?ng cá»?ng có tròn hai mÆ°Æ¡i ngàn người chết và mất tích. Hàng chục ngàn người khác phải sá»?ng tạm bợ trong những tháng và nÄ?m tiếp theo sau Ä?ó, cho tá»?i khi thành phá»? của họ Ä?ược tái xây dá»±ng.
Ngày 11 tháng 3 có thay Ä?á»?i xã há»?i Nhật Bản về lâu dài hay không? Judith Brandner Ä?i tìm trả lời cho câu hỏi này. Bà Ä?ến gặp những người già hoạt Ä?á»?ng chá»?ng Ä?iá»?n nguyên tá»­ muá»?n cắm lều trong khu phá»? chính phủ cho tá»?i chừng nào mà nÆ°á»?c Nhật từ bỏ công nghá»? nguyên tá»­, cá»? gắng Ä?ến thÄ?m người dân của má»?t ngôi làng Ä?ã Ä?ược di tản ra khỏi vùng cấm, và làm quen vá»?i má»?t nữ nhà báo trẻ tuá»?i, người vá»?i cuá»?c Ä?iều tra của mình Ä?ã lật tẩy tính dá»?i trá của những thông tin chính thức. Bà tháp tùng những người hoạt Ä?á»?ng tình nguyá»?n Ä?ến chÄ?m sóc cho người già cô Ä?Æ¡n và Ä?ến thÄ?m má»?t ngôi Ä?ền á»? miền Bắc mà vá»? thầy tu á»? Ä?ó lo lắng cho các tâm há»?n của trẻ em. Và bà thảo luận vá»?i các sinh viên của bà á»? Nagoya về những tác Ä?á»?ng của 3/11, những người mà Ä?á»?i vá»?i họ thì sá»± viá»?c dường nhÆ° á»? rất xa.

Judith Brandner, sinh nÄ?m 1963 tại Salzburg, Áo, học Ä?ại học về tiếng Anh, tiếng Nhật và Nhật học á»? Wien, Áo. Hoạt Ä?á»?ng tá»± do trong truyền thanh và dẫn chÆ°Æ¡ng trình, chủ yếu cho Ä?ài phát thanh Áo Ã?1, phóng sá»± cho Ä?ài phát thanh Thụy SÄ© DRS2 cÅ©ng nhÆ° cho các Ä?ài phát thanh nhà nÆ°á»?c á»? Đức. NÄ?m 1987, bà lần Ä?ầu tiên lÆ°u lại Nhật má»?t thời gian dài. NÄ?m 1995, bà là thông tín viên cho Ä?ài phát thanh Áo ORF. NÄ?m 2009 và 2011, bà là giáo sÆ° khách mời của Đại học Thành phá»? Nagoya. Tập phóng sá»± Ä?ầu tiên của bà Ä?ã Ä?ược nhà xuất bản Picus phát hành nÄ?m 2011.

Leyendas III; The ‘Gatonejo’

by Josue Misael Elias Romero

In the previous volume Tleyotl found himself in the need of accepting a peculiar deal with a warlock and going out on a journey to find a way of lifting the curse upon Sihuahuetl, his first assignment was to look for a wicked death-bearer Wagon and he almost found death, now he is back and the warlock will tell him the next step; Tleyotl doesn’t trust this weird ally fully but he has no choice but accepting his terms and go on

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