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by Peter Hallett

Predator meets Platoon in this action packed novel that moves at a breakneck pace.

Edge of your seat suspense and gut wrenching horror combine to leave you breathless … and begging for more.

Vietnam 1968: Lieutenant Ethan Jacobs took command of his platoon.

He had to fight for the respect of his men. He had to fight for his family’s honor. He had to fight for his country. He had to fight the NVA, Vietcong and the Russians. He had to fight the dragons â?¦ and for his life.

If you are easily disturbed, prone to nightmares or have a weak stomach then prepare yourself for the worst case scenario.

Wicked Smart Carnie

by Mark Matthews

A young man’s visit to the carnival revels secrets of the Carnie culture that leaves him changed forever. Read what happened that compels him to go back to the Carnival, year after year, looking for the prize that eluded him.

A short story of 2500 words. Included is the prologue to the novel, “On the Lips of Children”

The Island of Death

by Edgar Bloo

It had seemed like a simple plan to Jason. Invite a college buddy and two hot chicks from the swim team on the adventure of a lifetime, a dive on the long lost pirate ship, The Belladonna, wrecked on the reef of a deserted volcanic island deep in the Caribbean.

Once they were anchored off the island, he would tell the scary legend about the voodoo curse and the undead pirates guarding the treasure and the girls would be queuing up to take shelter in his manly arms.

The only problem with the plan? The legend was real.

And now, as his friends begin to die one by one, Jason realizes he needs to unravel the secret of the island before it kills him too…

Bloo describes the book as “the bastard child of The Deep (starring the sexy Jacqueline Bisset and the always awesome Robert Shaw) and John Carpenter’s The Fog. Four kids on a beat-up dive boat that find a treasure and have to fight for their lives as modern-day pirates, a voodoo curse and nature itself try to kill them. I wanted to write a book that was constantly moving at a fast pace with no fat, a lot of physical action, chase scenes, gun-play and hellaciously strong, sexy women. I wanted an 87-minute movie that doesn’t waste your time. That’s The Island of Death.”

Way of the Witch (Witch Saga Part One) (The Witch Saga)

by Mark Parker

For Randall and Justin summer on Sassaquin Pond is business as usual…Randall with his paper route and Justin kicking his battered old can. That is, until both boys encounter the old woman they believe to be a witch. Neither boy can confirm or deny their suspicion, but then all three lives are inextricably drawn together by a single event that changes everything. Who would have guessed that a mere childhood prank would have such dire consequences? WAY OF THE WITCH is an exploration into the minds and hearts of two lifelong friends…And the solitary shame that will bind them, in dark and dangerous ways.

Past Darkness

by Ashley Wilson

She kicked back with her foot, the hand let go for a moment. She pulled herself forward. The faint sound of a phone ringing in the house made its way to her through the night air.
â??God help me!’ she sobbed to the phone she could not reach.
The hand made contact with her leg again to be joined by another and another. She held on to the window and the glass. The blood welled up around the hand holding the shard of glass. She saw it break off and she still held tight to the shard as she tumbled off the shelf to the floor. She fell on her back and the shelf she had climbed up fell with her. She was trapped under it looking up as the figure from the doorway stood over her and raised the glowing metal rod. She screamed so loud, putting all her essence into one long sound, as the glowing end of the rod come down. A hot searing agony burst in her face as the red-hot tip of metal pierced through her right eye, exploding it on contact. Her scream was cut short and her legs did a spastic dance, juddering between the floor and the fallen shelf. Her heels sounding like impatient fingers drumming. The metal rod set steam squirting from around the edges as it descended, only stopping when it hit the back of the inside of Sally’s skull. Then pulled out again. Her head fell to one side and blood mixed with a whitish clear fluid ran out her eye socket to pool under her cheek. Her hand still held the shard of glass, six or seven inches standing proud of her cut flesh.
She was pulled roughly until she was almost out from under the shelves, a rusty blade was stuck deep into her abdomen and pulled from hip to hip. Small dead hands covered in dry parchment skin reached into her insides and pulled out coils of grey bowel, dumping them on her chest. The small dried flesh hands glistened in blood and were held up to be examined. The two small parodies of childhood innocence looked at their hands and then at the dead woman, then up into the rotted face of their guardian and started to laugh.

Past Darkness is the story of a house called Imago and of secrets buried in the past that force their way brutally into the present. Leonard Steel is a psychiatrist who thought he had buried his Oedipus complex along with his mother when she committed suicide soon after his fifteenth birthday.

The Witch finder buried his innocent victims in the foundations of Imago over three centuries ago. Imago is also the dream country house Leonard has brought his second wife and their young daughter to live in, but it is still filled with the evil of that time.

Both of these horrors resurface to destroy Leonard and his family. Only one man knows the real truth of what the Steel family is facing at Imago. John Merrick is a mental patient under the care of Leonard at the Maples Mental Asylum. He has waited thirty years for the return of the evil forces to Imago. He managed to save Ellie, his daughter, back in 1969, but lost his twin sons and wife. Both men pay a high price as the body count rises at Imago; both make the wrong decision in thinking they can master the evil forces that dwell there.

Hither to Our Disgrace

by Donna Burgess

What is happening to the children of Miner’s Cove?

Life is difficult and often short in pre-depression Appalachia, but lately, kids are vanishing at an alarming rate, including Jacob Finn’s eight year-old brother, Samuel.

Worse, there’s something “just not right” with the new reverend in town.

“He who practices righteousness is righteous. He who sins is of the devil!”

As Reverend Hamel quickly becomes a comfort to the adults of the struggling village, the younger folks swear his face is a mask. And what lives behind that mask is pure evil.

Are the disappearances and Reverend Hamel’s arrival somehow connected?

One thing is for sure–Jacob and his girlfriend Celeste must to get to the bottom of the mystery before they are next to go.
“Hither to our Disgrace” also appears in the short story collection Breaths in Winter.

Silver Moon

by Sergio Augusto Mazza

The many centuries ago, begins a story of power, betrayal, love, hate and discoveries. A world of beings that existed even before Moses crossing the Red Sea. A world where the Moon may mean encouragement to some and death for others. Can a mythical being with superhuman strength to be stronger than an empire?

Under the Dogwoods

by Garnet Kelly

This story is included in the anthology FOR SALE–MAKE OFFER from Bartholin Books.

They met on the Internet. She went to his house. She thought she knew what to expect. She wanted to go all the way. Tonight she’s going to go further than she ever imagined. Strong, sensuous, EXTREME PHYSICAL HORROR from Garnet Kellyâ??for adults only.

About 4,000 words.

This is a Bartholin Book. All Bartholin Books are DRM-free.


She rang the doorbell and stepped off the cracked front stoop. It never hurt to be careful.

The edge of the setting sun lipped the skirts of the passing thunderstorm. It lit the front of the house just as the plain wooden door opened.

“Can I help you?”

He had auburn hair streaked with blond. The sunlight gave it an inviting glow.
She smiled. “Type Casting?”

His hand gripped the doorframe. “Drink and be Merry?”

“You never mentioned the dogwoods.” He had deep brown eyes, too.

“They’re why I bought the house.” He came out onto the stoop. “Show me your hair.”

She twisted her head back and forth, showing off the reddish-brown highlights within her straight, pale pink bob. “I love dogwoods.”

He joined her on the sidewalk. “Would you like to see them? They’re at peak.”

She breathed him in. He smelled of soap and basil. Her nipples hardened against the thin rayon of her dress. She brushed her hand across the front of his jeans. “Of course.”

He glanced up and down the street, then cupped his hand over her pons. All he said was, “Your shoes’ll get soaked. There’s no path around the house.”

She grinned and slipped out of her blue leather clogs. “I like to feel grass between my toes.”

He grinned back and she noticed he was barefoot.

“I’ll give you the fifty-cent tour.”

He didn’t talk much as they circled the one-story shingled house. The sun glittered on the wet blossoms all along its west side. Deep pink, red, white, and pale pink exactly matching her hair. A part of her wanted to leave now and return when all these petals would cover the grass and she could nestle in them like they were satin sheets.

“I’d like to see you covered with these flowers, Merry.” He hesitated. “Is Merry okay?”

“Of course. I was just thinking I’d like to postpone this for when I could lay on a carpet of them.” Before he could respond, she said, “But I’ve done that before. I don’t need a repeat performance.”

He nodded. “I’m glad. Come around back and see the herb garden.”

Ten minutes later, he led her through the still-open front door.

WUNDER (0.5 DreamZ) Prequel (Wunder Series)

by AR Von

An Erotic Paranormal Zombie Romance
Start of the Series
A World of Turmoil and Yearning
Wunder may have a normal life nowâ?¦well, as normal as a freak of nature could have. Half zombie while her job is to hunt bloodthirsty creatures to protect the innocent. It’s the dreams that haunt her and they aren’t nightmares. Wunder dreams of a man, a man made just for her. Is he real, can he be the one sheâ??s yearned for?
Pete’s world is a lonely one as he wrestles with the reality of being part zombie. His hatred for the creatures that killed his parents drives him to patrol the streets and wipe them all out. His life would be stark, but for the dreams he’s been having; of a woman, so sensuous, so sexy. These alluring visions have become erotic and consuming. He feels as if he made her up to keep from going crazy. Is this life of hunting the walking dead, all there is? Or is she out there, waitingâ?¦just for him?

Apartment 1218

by Paul Smith

In this paranormal thriller John, a young writer moves into the apartment of his dreams; before long his dreams shatter and his nightmares become reality. John fights for his sanity as he tries to unravel the mysteries of apartment 1218. Approx 11,000 words.

A Thousand Cuts

by Christopher Salch

A gruesome about a young couple moves into their first home and discovers an infestation that sucks the life out of them.

Silver Surrogate

by Patrick C. Greene

Trey’s dreams are disturbingly erotic–and becoming harder to shake come the dawn. But it’s not what Trey brings back with him from these terrifying nocturnal journeys that pushes him over the edge, but what he has left behind somewhere in his tortured psyche, that has turned the waking world into a realm more bizarre and terrifying than any nightmare. Dark fantasy from the author of FINDERS KEEPERS.

The Little Black Schoolhouse (Schoolhouse Series)

by Sylvia Griffin


“GRIPPING! I could not put this book down. Ms. Griffin has written a chilling book intertwining facts of disturbing issues in our public school system with a fictional twist. I would recommend this book to anyone!”. â??Jim Adams

Little Back Schoolhouse

Linda Garza, a Mexican-Americian teacher at Northside University, is plagued by dreams of La Llorona, the terrifying legend that haunted her childhood. Her sanity is threatened as fear for the safety of the students she teaches begins to overwhelm her. Lenard, Linda’s fiancé, attempts to calm her growing anxiety. His love, all consuming, comforting beyond reason, cannot assuage her fears as the mutilated bodies of children are discovered.

Sylvia Griffin

Sylvia Griffin has taught for 41 years in the public schools. She has been part of a pool of consultants used by the U.S. Department of Juvenile Justice. She has been listed in Who’sWho in America, Who’s Who in the World, Who’s Who in the West, Who’sWho of American Women, and Who’s Who in Education.



by Peter Hallett

Double The Action. Double The Horror.


Die Hard meets Red Dawn in this adrenalin fueled thrill ride that never lets up.

An internal terrorist sect has taken over the UK. There only demand is a high body count of innocent civilians.

But people are fighting back.

Hicks: Mercenary. Trained to kill. Determined to survive.

Weapon: M4A1 carbine.

Companion: Singh. Ex-army. Great shot.

Bethany: Kid. Trained to eat all her vegetables. Determined to find her parents.

Weapon: A plastic gun that shoots bubbles.

Companion: Ringo Butterworth. Teddy bear. Terrible shot.

With the cover of night a day away, Hicks must train and arm a bunch of regular folks to defend the church of St. Valentines until they can make a break for an extraction point under the cover of darkness.

Eight against hundreds. Sounds like a fair fight.

If you are easily disturbed, prone to nightmares or have a weak stomach then prepare yourself for the worst case scenario.


The Terminator meets The Brothers Grimm is this gore-filled dark fantasy.

The KING OF LIES has taken over Fairy Tale. His powers are at an all time high, thanks to disbelieve in their worlds existence from angels in heaven, our world, us.

An ancient prophecy speaks of the last angel who will stop believing and the son she will give birth to. This child will write new tales, tales the angels will believe in again.

Over many cycles the KING OF LIES has been storing power in the Orb. He now has the ability to bridge the gap between our worlds.

Minions of the KING OF LIES are sent to kill the mother of the future god of Fairy Tale to stop the prophecy from being fulfilled. But he didn’t count on one thing …

Little Red Riding Hood.

If you are easily disturbed, prone to nightmares or have a weak stomach then prepare yourself for the worst case scenario.

Horripilations Volume 1 (Bite-Sized Books)

by Karen Tucker

In this short collection of short stories, each designed to be read in a few minutes, you will find a selection of tales to chill you to the marrow, or just to send a shiver down your spine. The stories in Volume One are:

The Voice in the Trees – a short piece of flash fiction to get you looking over your shoulder.

The Spirit of the Loch – short-listed for the Annual Ghost Story competition by Writers’ Magazine in the late 1990s, the tension builds in this story of lovers parted by death until the final, satisfying ending.

A Bit of Friendly Persuasion – an ordinary tale of ordinary greed, with a shiver at the end.

The Cleansing – a young woman inherits something she did not expect when she buys a new home in which to bring up her unborn child.

Death in the Nightmare – what does the recurring dream Kelly suffers from mean, and how can it help her?


by Anthony S. Buoni

This horror magazine features stories written by Anthony S. Buoni and illustrated by Bethany Hildebrand. A nod to pulpy shorts rooted in terror, OUTRE is a love letter to stories found classic horror comics and books. In issue one, “Dream Vacation” is a screenplay following a hen-pecked husband drift into a paradise beyond the wall of sleep. In the short story “Bounty”, Sheriff Pat Garret is hot on the trail of Billy the Kid, except he may no longer be human.

The Woods

by Jennifer Hyndman

The demons of human fantasy inspire fear in the bravest soul. Monsters of human lore cripple faith in the most stalwart man. Birthed from their own minds, these horrors, celebrating the most delicious cruelty, reveal the true darkness of mankind’s loathsome disdain for compassion.

There is only one evil that reigns above the most vile human creation, and that is man himself. No nightmare could blanket the sanity of a man so completely as his own. Filling their memories with myths and false gods, until now the world of man has never known such darkness as has been birthed deep within the Canadian forests.

â?¦but it will know them.

Bedtime Tales of Horror: The Tradition

by Bradley Poage

Every Christmas the Lawrence family celebrates Christmas with a traditional dinner. It’s the type of tradition that begins on a cold night, many years back, and it has been a tradition that has lived on every year since its creation. And this year its Tiffany’s turn, and it’s no different…

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