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The Ghost Hunters’ Club

by L K Jay

Three single women in their thirties spend a summer ghost hunting whilst also trying to sort out their chaotic personal lives.

Linda, Karen and Anna have been friends for years. Linda is the teacher who has put her love life on hold for the sake of her career, Karen is the martial artist who now runs a successful business and Anna is the newly made single mum whose husband has left her for a younger model. After a frustrating evening at a speed-dating event, the three friends decide to do something different with their summer as they plan a weekend away to Whitby to search for the supernatural and have a few drinks and laughs on the way. Thus starts a summer of ghostly-themed mini breaks where they hunt for spooks, meet a whole bunch of weirdoes and encounter spirits, mostly from a bottle!

As each of the women must deal with their own disastrous private lives and with all of the fun and frustrations that offers, will they ever see a dead real, dead as a doornail, dead and buried ghost?

From the author of the time-travelling short story Two Penny Blue and the chilling ghost story The Listening Post, comes a 92,000 word supernatural comedy novel that will make you laugh and look over your shoulder…

This is the second edition 24/02/13

What’s French for WTF? A Laugh-out-Loud Comedy set in Paris (Broads Abroad)

by Gwen Ellery

From the winner of the James D. Phelan Literary Award comes this fast-paced, laugh-out-loud novella about four zany friends stranded in Paris. A complete story at 23,000 words.

Follow the four wackiest friends ever to set their sights on the City of Light. In book one, Fern must call on her intervention skills to persuade her guy-crazy roommate Kimi to lay off a potential user. But what’s really going on behind closed doors, and does it have anything to do with Fern’s newly empty bank account? Fern’s friendships are tested and her loyalties divided. Will her romantic dreams survive the riot girls, a much-sought-after chamber pot, and the incident of the flying falsie?

What readers are saying about this sitcom series for your e-reader

“Very funny … zany, too, but in a likeable way.”
“Wonderfully funny … I’m happy to see this is a series and look forward to Fern’s next adventure.”
“I loved reading this story. It is funny and down to earth.”
“Funny, entertaining, and fast-paced.”
“Just the right length, this story left me eager for more in the future.”

Note: this is a novella, or short novel, and a complete story at 23,000 words. It’s like a sitcom for your e-reader. Each novella in the series stars the same cast of characters in a uniquely different story.


First Place, James D. Phelan Literary Award
First Place, Romancing the Novel Award
Presidential Scholar in the Arts
National Recognition and Talent Search Award
Apprenticeships in Fiction, sponsored by the Arts Council England


“My stomach still hurts because I was laughing so hard. I love reading goofy humor! . . . I can’t wait to read more. I forced my husband to read it too, and he said he’d read a book by you and he’s allergic to romance.”–Kate R.

“I was laughing so much in the long drive-up at the credit union, people were looking at me strangely.”–Lesli L.

“I was giggling so loudly, my cat came into the living room to see if I was all right.”–Stephanie T.

“It’s rare to find an author who is both outrageously funny and seriously stylish like you. Keep up the great work!”–Marius J.

What’s French for WTF? is rated PG due to references to off-stage sex. In essence, however, the story is good clean fun with a long-running sweet romance.


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It’s Got to Be Perfect: the memoirs of a modern-day matchmaker

by Haley Hill

#1 Amazon Bestseller (Biographical Fiction)

When Ellie Rigby hurls her three-carat engagement ring into the gutter, she is certain of only one thing, that she has yet to know true love.

Following months of disastrous internet dates and conflicting advice from her dysfunctional friends, she decides to take matters into her own hands. Although now, instead of just looking for a man for herself, she’s certain her life’s purpose is to find deep and meaningful love for all the singles in the world.

Five years on, running the UK’s biggest matchmaking agency, and with thousands of engagements to her name, she has all the answers she needs. She knows why eighty-five percent of relationships fail. She knows why twenty-eight is the most eligible age for a woman. She knows that by thirty-five she’ll have only a thirty-percent chance of marriage.

Most of all, she knows that no matter what, it has to be perfect. Or does it?

Finalist – Readers’ (US) Favorite

Finalist – Best Dating Book 2013

Laid to Rest (A Short Story)

by Patricia Ann Preston

Down Home Humor has never been funnier than in “Laid to Rest.”

Patricia Ann Preston, author of Amazon Best Seller, “The Yard Sale,” takes you back to Clayburn, Mississippi for some retro humor in her latest short story, “Laid to Rest.”

On a summer night in 1957, Mayor Clifford Earl Stroud dies from a heart attack in Darlene Higginbottom’s bedroom, which is most unfortunate for everyone involved. Especially Darlene, who is only trying to make a little money on the side so she can get to Hollywood and become a movie star like her idol, Marilyn Monroe. Little did she expect the mayor to die at her house.

That’s just the beginning of her troubles that night. How can she keep Mayor Stroud’s wife from finding out what happened? Regrettably, Darlene has to rely on the dumbest two guys in Clayburn, Richie and Tommy Ray, for help with the mayor’s corpse.

Now, if she’d had two sensible men helping her, this story would never have been written.

But, you take Darlene, Richie, Tommy Ray, add a dead body, and you’ve gotâ?¦well, there’s not a single word that can describe what happened that night. It had to be a story.

Hope y’all enjoy it!

“Laid to Rest” is a quick, fun read, approximately 14,000 words.

Steampunk Landing Gazette

by Elmo Adams

“Steampunk” refers to a literary genre. A genre is a category. There have been many such categories in the past and there will continue to be more in the future. A recent and ongoing genre is the Goth. Goth is concerned with all that is dark; all that is “Black” shall we say, in a literary and fashion sense, not a racial one.

An old joke suggests that Steampunk the Genre happened with Goth’s discovered “Brown.” If not abundant humor in the joke, there is some truth. Truth is there in the sense that more can be included in “Black and Brown” than “Black” alone.

And a major descriptor of Steampunk is that it is inclusive. It is a Big tent. It is not just about literature. It is about a lifestyle. Steampunk has something to say about many elements of “Lifestyle.”

These elements of lifestyle include but are not limited to: literature, fashion, culinary, decor, humor, philosophy, invention, events, film, and music.

The Steampunk Landing Gazette is concerned with each and all of these elements and will address all in an entertaining manner. That is the goal. Join us and see if we attain the goal. Perhaps you can even participate in the attaining.

Edition 2 has been tuned up to look better on you Kindle Reader

There Goes Tokyo!

by Michael E. Grant

The 1960s and 1970s, a time when a proliferation of American television programs aired the seemingly never ending treat of Kaiju Eiga (giant monster movie). Decades before instant viewing, every weekend channels aired creature feature shows that unleashed an array of towering, city-stomping, terrors with names like Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, Kong, Ghidorah, and Them! Skyscrapers were toppled! Panic filled the streets! And the fans of a good monster romp enjoyed every thrilling moment of the spectacle!

In this collection numerous monster movies of yesteryear are reviewed and reflected upon to study their appeal for one child and how that attachment still lasts forty years later.

Classics like King Kong, Godzilla vs. Monster Zero, and War of the Gargantuas are detailed and honored with full appreciation. Less memorable titles such as Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster, Frankenstein Conquers the World, and King Kong Escapes are thoroughly skewered (and deservedly so). In all, 23 classic movies from Japan and America are analyzed by a true genre-enthusiast who still thrives from the unbridled excitement of seeing a giant monster destroy a pagoda.

There Goes Tokyo! is a 280-page humorous love letter from a fan of Kaiju Eiga for fans of Kaiju Eiga.

Frodo the Sheltie: Do You Believe in Farm?

by Gordon Bagshaw

What if dogs could speak? Admit it, the way they perk their ears up and tilt their heads in wonder when spoken to, often raises the question for us, what would our conversations with them be like?

This comic strip gallery explores the imaginative life of the author’s Scaramouche sheltie. Readers will find 75 full colour witty anecdotes revealing a sheepdog’s perspective on such topics as grief, sleep deprivation, adoption, the meaning of life and much more. Because the comic strip blog, from which this book has sprung, has a growing worldwide audience, Gordon has also included a contextualized glossary of terms and expressions in the back of the book for people who speak English as a second language.

Sit back, relax and meet Frodo the thinker, the philosopher, shepherd, the regal, and clever conversationalist. Meet Frodo the Sheltie and enjoy the hilarious antics of this lovable dog.

Undercover in Afghanistan

by Gregory Kemp

You think you know how Osama bin Laden was killed? Think again.

The year is 2010. Five men enter the highlands of eastern Afghanistan, undercover and off the grid. The mission: to find bin Laden’s secret lair. This is no ordinary group of men. There are two washed up mercenaries, a mentally disturbed ex-CIA agent, a terrified newspaper reporter, and their leader, an ambitious U.S. President with a ludicrous plan. The men soon find themselves starving, on the edge of mutiny, with their only hope of successâ??and survivalâ??resting on the shoulders of a kidnapped, 13-year-old girl.

90 cool questions about science and technology for Sci-Fi movie lovers

by Giuseppe Albatrino

This book describes the movie world, which millions of viewers are familiarized with, to explore real facts, explain the truth and reveal the science or history behind.

Giuseppe Albatrino is a writer, engineer, blogger and movie lover. He has published popular science articles in important newspapers since he was a child. One of his articles inspired him to write this book, which reveals some movie myths.

In this book, Albatrino explores the fiction world, real passion of millions of viewers, to investigate facts and explain the true story.

* Would Jabba the Hut force Princess Leia to wear bikini?

* Have passengers been removed from a plane as it happened in Batman?

* Would Indiana Jones survive a rocket sled ride?

The Steampunk Landing Quiz

by Viscount Goatier

This very little booklet is just for fun. Come for the fun … stay for the knowledge.

If you have no idea what Steampunk is, then the little quiz will tell you some basic facts about this fun genre.

If you are already a Steampunk, then you might be able to answer all the questions. And if you do you should crow about it on an appropriate forum like one of our Steampunk Landing pages on Facebook.

Lost In Spain

by Gary Smith

#1 Amazon bestseller on for foreign language books in both travel and humour categories (this book is in English). #19 in Kindle overall. Accounts of everyday Spanish life and very recent history with a touch of humour, seen through the eyes of a British writer after 20 years living in the country.

Feel the culture shock as a Northern European comes to grips with Spanish queues, driving, the mind-boggling red tape, Spanish fiestas and siestas, regional nationalisms and much more. Views on modern Spain in the grip of economic recession, shared by Spaniards and expats alike.

For expats, tourists and travellers who are enamoured, fascinated, exasperated, but never indifferent to Mediterranean culture, this book looks at grass-roots culture, current affairs and different aspects of everyday life in modern Spain through short essays.

A taster for those who are considering spending some time in the country or simply those who wish to gain a deeper knowledge of this fascinating nation from the point of view of an ordinary citizen. A book that leaves nobody indifferent.

Reviews from expats in Spain in and

“In my 13 years of experience living in Spain and being married to a Spanish person, I find the comments and cases Gary puts forward on the dot. A real “must read” if your are interested in international affairs or are considering living or spending time and money in this country. It is not meant as a negative about the Spanish, but more a cold shower to those who think that the issues and mentality of Northern Europe is the same as Southern Europe, in any case in Spain. In the light of the recent Greek, etc. disaster this book gives an insight into how different people are and should be approached. Great reading!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it tells the unvarnished truth without being over the top…I am now awaiting the sequel.”

“We look forward to reading further reports by Gary Smith on the “real” Spain.

We would endorse everything the author says about a country we love but despair of.”

See also: “Spanish Domino”, short stories by the same author.

Hanzel and Gretyl: A Boomer Fairy Tale

by Timothy Hurley

In this hilarious fractured fairy tale Boomers Hanzel and Gretyl have survived their childhood ordeal only to discover they are grown-old pensioners in suburbia, facing evil family, frightening shopping malls, and a Hannibal Lector wannabe.  But now Hanzel has more than breadcrumbs, he has the Apple Online Store and, by his side, always-optimistic Gretyl.

Rags’ Riches

by Diane M Dickson

A novella about an old lady, a missing cat, a garage full of wooden boxes. Jenny wasn’t prepared for the consequences of searching for Rags.

Jenny loves the strays that visit her. She tries to be unbiased but the old tom with the raggy ears is a particular favourite. He vanishes and she has no idea where the search for him will take her or the danger that they will both face.

Home Sweet Home – A short story

by Diane M Dickson

A short story.

A bit of nonsense brought to mind when a cereal bowl in the kitchen crashed to earth and shattered for no apparent reason.

Lydia loves her old home, she was born there and fully intends that she will die there. The trouble is that her house is hoping that this event may be quite soon.

A comedy that is really dark grey rather than black.

Mining the Madness

by Rusty Allred

My head is partially filled with molasses. Usually it drips from the ceiling of my head and pools on the floor. Occasionally, it drips from the floor to the ceiling. Rarely it drips horizontally from wall to wall. But my favorite time is when the molasses swirls.

Personal essays by one of the world’s weirdest people. Thoughts on thinking, philosophy and the human condition.

Finding Cloud 9

by Aryah B

“If anyone objects to this union then speak now or forever hold your peace”.

I couldn’t control my mouth. My heart and brain were working as one and no matter how hard I tried to intervene- the words they justâ?¦. just blurted out.

“I do!” I shouted as my legs were already half down the aisle. I ran, my legs moved quicker than my brain. I didn’t hesitate or look back, not even for a split second. I just ran.

What had Olivia done and why?

She had it all. The perfect job, the perfect guy and the perfect life.

But this was about to change when familiar faces from the past tried to guide her towards different dreams.

Could she trust them or should she trust her heart?

How To Break Up With Your Bitch Girlfriend

by Michelangelo DiCaprio




Worry no more! This book is here to give you just the advice you need. “How to break up with your bitch girlfriend” is yet another masterpiece by the certified break up artist (BUA) and genius Michelangelo DiCaprio.

Learn 9 hilarious, elaborate and exciting ways to let go of your bitch girlfriend and enjoy being a free man again!

“How to break up with your bitch girlfriend – when a regular breakup just isn’t enough – cause she’s a bitch.”

The love she thought would never come

by Julie adams

Julie has experienced a tragedie in her life her father was killed. she thought that her life will never be the same. That is when she seen the man that she thought she would never see agian. he walks back in to her life. Will her life ever be the same.



Zac Haddy had a life changing reality check three years ago. He went from the dizzying heights of singing in a chart-topping boy-band to the hollow feeling of worthlessness, waiting tables in an obscure diner. With little to show for his time in the band, Zac has his heart set on making a triumphant comeback. However, this time he wants the world to hear his songs and not be a record company puppet.

Remo Records founder, George Remo, has no plans to accept Zac’s continuous stream of unsolicitored material and pleas for another chance. He’s already sacked Zac once before and is only interested in discovering the next big thing, as he’s done so many times before.

When filming of the hit TV teen-drama â??Glory Days’ wound up, so did Madeline Brand’s career. She may have once been voted â??Viewer’s Choice’ for three years running, but behind the scenes, she was voted the most self-centred diva in Hollywood. In a town where her reputation precedes her, finding work is proving impossible.

Zac and Madeline’s ambitions of comebacks collide in a chance meeting with mutual agent and resident sleaze-bag, Hamish Rand, who hatches a devious plan to get them back into the public eye in an effort to raise their fledgling profiles.

Products of Hollywood (Part I and Part 2) is a fast-paced romp through the world of celebritism that challenges what it means to be successful, while exposing how the media is harnessed to make people famous.


by Leonard Stegmann

You would think that after swimming regularly for eight years Leonard’s aquatric skills would have improved tremendously. You would think. (Humor/525 words)

Winning Sit ‘N Go Tournaments

by C. Sherwood

Do you want to learn how to win Sit ‘N Go Tournaments?

Are you looking for solid Sit ‘N Go Tournament Strategy?

This e-book discusses opponent types, starting hands and position, playing specific hands, post-flop play, odds, online tells and many other concepts.

This e-book is perfect for beginner and intermediate poker players who want to learn and improve their Sit ‘N Go tournament strategy.

This e-book provides you with the knowledge and strategy you need to consistently be a winner.

342 Insults

by Samantha Grant

342 insults to use on co-workers and family members.

Sid And Arthur’s Steampunk Adventure Part 2 (Only When I Arth 16)

by Stephen Jennison-Smith

Sid and Arthur, from The Crying Pennant, continue to try to help Lizzie McBean out so that she can succeed with her adventure in The Sun Thief. But Sid has also argued with the Author to let them have a proper adventure and he/I has let them.

Words That Rhyme With Block

by Sol’kanar the Swamp King

A riveting tale of action and adventure.

Brain Spanking: Volume III:

by Michael Golvach

“Brain Spanking – Volume III” continues in the tradition of its predecessors, mixing a bit of the previous to create the present. Like Volume II, the jokes are short and many in number. Like Volume I, the jokes are mixed with serious observations and anecdotes. Unlike either, this volume almost observes the boundaries of good taste.

Filled with enough material to make you completely insane if you attempt to read it all at once, in linear fashion, this latest installment in the “Brain Spanking” series, by the best selling author of the “Brain Spanking” series, delivers on as many levels as you can read into it.

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