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The Murders at Astaire Castle (A Mac Faraday Mystery)

by Lauren Carr

Never tell Mac Faraday not to do something.

Spencer’s police chief, David O’Callaghan, learns this lesson the hard way when he orders Mac Faraday to stay away from the south end of Spencer’s mountaintop–even though he owns the property. It doesn’t take long for Mac to find out what lies on the other side of the stone wall and locked gate, on which hangs a sign warning visitors to Keep Out!
Topping the list of the ten top haunted places in America, Astaire Castle is associated with two suicides, three mysterious disappearances, and four murders since it was built almost a century ago–and Mac Faraday owns it!

In spite of David’s warning, Mac can’t resist unlocking the gate to see the castle that supposedly hasn’t seen a living soul since his late mother had ordered it closed up after the double homicide and disappearance of Damian Wagner, a world-famous master of horror novels.

What starts out as a quick tour of a dusty old castle turns into another Mac Faraday adventure when Astaire Castle becomes the scene of even more murders. Mac is going to need to put all of his investigative talents to work to sort out this case that involves the strangest characters he has run into yet–including a wolf man. No, we’re not talking about Gnarly.

Loose Ends – A Mary O’Reilly Paranormal Mystery (Book 1)

by Terri Reid

Dying is what changed Mary O’Reilly’s life. Well, actually, coming back from the dead and having the ability to communicate with ghosts is really what did it.
Now, a private investigator in rural Freeport, Illinois, Mary’s trying to learn how to incorporate her experience as a Chicago cop and new-found talent into a real job. Her challenge is to solve the mysteries, get real evidence (a ghost’s word just doesn’t hold up in court), and be sure the folks in town, especially the handsome new police chief, doesn’t think she’s nuts.
Twenty-four years ago, a young woman drowned in the swimming pool of a newly elected State Senator. It was ruled an accident. But now, as the Senator prepares to move on to higher positions, the ghost of the woman is appearing to the Senator’s wife.
Mary is hired to discover the truth behind the death. She unearths a connection between the murder and the disappearance of five little girls whose cases, twenty-four years later, are still all unsolved. As she digs further she becomes the next target for serial killers’ quest to tie up all his loose ends.

Leave No Stone Unturned (A Lexie Starr Mystery, Book 1)

by Jeanne Glidewell

Lexie Starr, a widowed library assistant, accidently discovers her new son-in-law, Clay Pitt, may be guilty of murdering his first wife.

Then Lexie’s daughter, Wendy, is abducted.

Vowing to bring Wendy home and unravel the truth about Clay, Lexie comes face-to-face with Clay’s psychotic mother, a foul-mouthed parrot, a bad-tempered detective, a feisty old B&B proprietor, and a potential suitor.

“…rapidly paced… tongue-in-cheek humor provides plenty
of laugh-out-loud moments.” ~Booklist

“Begins with a bang and ends on just the right note.” ~Library Journal Review

Leave No Stone Unturned
The Extinguished Guest
Haunted (Coming Soon!)
With This Ring (Coming Soon!)

OTHER TITLES by Jeanne Glidewell
Soul Survivor (A Novel of Suspense)

A pancreas/kidney transplant recipient, Jeanne lives in Kansas, with her husband and chubby cat. When Jeanne isn’t writing, she’s promoting organ donation and stalking wildlife with her camera.

A Gnarly Christmas

by Lauren Carr

A Gnarly Mystery Short Story! (Plus a Special Bonus!)

Here’s a special holiday treat for mystery lovers who have fallen in love with Gnarly, Mac Faraday’s German Shepherd sidekick, from Lauren Carr’s Deep Creek Lake Mysteries.

It is Christmas day and Gnarly has been up to his old tricks again. Now he’s in the dog house–or rather the boathouse–after stealing the Christmas feast! Moments after Archie and Mac leave Spencer Manor, Gnarly hears a call for help from Rocky, the Maltese down the street. Four assassins for hire have invaded the home of Rocky’s elderly owners. While the home invaders wait for instructions from a mysterious caller, Gnarly must plot to stop them. Can Gnarly save Christmas with only the help of an 8-pound Maltese dressed in an elf suit?

Also, in this mini-anthology, Lucky Dog: A Mac Faraday Mystery Short Story.

“Today is going to be your day, you lucky dog,” Lance Collins thought while waiting for the Spencer Police to notify him about his estranged wife’s sudden death. He has planned the perfect murder to inherit her massive estate.

One thing Lance hasn’t planned on was Mac Faraday and his German Shepherd Gnarly. Gnarly hates murderers, especially dog hating murderers.

Today is going to be one lucky dog’s day. But which one?

The Garbage Collector #1 (A Short Story)

by Dani Amore




The Garbage Collector, a Detroit-area private eye/bounty hunter/hired gun is employed by a downtown law firm to retrieve “Lawyer #4” – a partner in the firm who has disappeared with confidential information she is using to blackmail the company’s clients.

The Garbage Collector picks up the trail in Florida, and soon finds that Lawyer #4 is much more than he bargained for.

The Garbage Collector (No. 1) is an approximately 4,000 word, 25-page story packed with hard-hitting action, killer dialogue and a main character you won’t soon forget.

Classic crime fiction noir at its best.

“Dani Amore is a sensation among Kindle owners who love fast-paced thrillers.”
-Mystery Tribune

“Amore is definitely one to watch.”
-Edgar-nominated author Craig McDonald

“This lady is a hell of a storyteller.”
-author J.D. Rhoades

“A welcome shot of estrogen into the private eye genre.”
-Bluffton Today

A Top Five Hardboiled Crime story on Amazon US!
A Top Five Police Procedural on Amazon UK!

Maid in the Shade (#2 in A Gretchen Gallen Maid for Murder Mystery)

by Bridget Allison

Gretchen Gallen, a young financial wunderkind, former addict and wildlife rescue volunteer from Charlotte, has built a new life in the sleepy village of Bridle Springs, making her living in “Crisis Cleanup.”

We are reunited with Gretchen just as she is called to a local wildlife rescue – where there also happens to be a dead body.

With the hilarious Mona, Jackson and the perpetually irreverent Lucy by her side, Gretchen is content to continue her work in Bridle Springs while maintaining relationships with the power brokers of Charlotte. Distractions from two would-be beaus aren’t helping her concentration, as they seem to be looking for commitments she is not prepared to make.

With her attention diverted, Gretchen has missed a clue or two, and by the time Gretchen sees a pattern in a city suicide, she realizes that she has trailed danger to her door, and Gretchen isn’t the only one in jeopardy.

FULL MOON ISLAND (Full Moon Series)

by Terry Yates

Twenty-two people are left behind on a military island with a hurricane bearing down on them. Battling the elements will be hard enough, but when a stranger joins them with no memory of his name or the curse that he carries, a hurricane is the least of their worries.

Ethan Justice: Origins (Ethan Justice #1)

by Simon Jenner


In the morning, he’s struggling to remember. By the evening, he’s struggling to survive. John Smith’s risk avoidance policy just expired!

Waking up beside the gorgeous Savannah Jones, John is shocked to learn she was for hire, and he can’t pay the price – a thousand pounds or broken legs. In desperation, he turns to best friend, Mark, for the money. Only one problem – Mark has a dagger in his back.

John and Savannah are plunged into a dangerous world where wits and adrenaline are their only weapons and trust in each other their only certainty. As the body count mounts, they discover Mark wasn’t the person John thought, and his terrifying invention may well end up killing thousands, John and Savannah included.

A race to recover the missing invention pits the unlikely pairing against ex-SAS psychopath, Gregory Fisher, a man who will stop at nothing and kill anyone in his way to wreak revenge against the Government who stole his livelihood.

When Smith and Jones team up, the result is explosive.

Ethan Justice: Origins is a fast-paced, action-packed, character-driven thriller, guaranteed to make you laugh out loud, cringe, cry and cheer.

This book contains a few violent scenes, a dash of sex and the odd bit of bad language, so please don’t buy it if you are easily offended.

Love, Honor, & Consequence

by Gordon Ryan

Gordon Ryan has been a best-selling author in all regional markets since he was first published in 1994. His historical fiction series, The Callahans, downloaded over 26,000 Kindle copies in two days. In 2009, Pegasus Publishing re-published his prior work and released his new political thriller series, the Pug Connor novels, State of Rebellion, Uncivil Liberties, and To Faithfully Execute. Ryan is an American author who continues to write from his home in New Zealand, producing page-turning classics in both genre. Matthew Sterling is a man on the way up. As the assistant city manager in a small rural community, Matt thought the twenty-first century looked promising.  After all, he had passed the bar exam and met the apple-of-his-eye. Kasia Sumerset was a brilliant graduate student pushing back the frontiers of genetic biology, but her beauty-plus her enticing English accent-was the only chemistry Matt could appreciate.

Returning to New York on family business Matt discovers the historic journal of Major Andrew McBride, his sixth-great grandfather, plus a Revolutionary War manuscript that uncloaks a true patriot, unjustly pilloried and cast into public shame.

As a modern-day political scandal unfolds and Matt’s professional standing is challenged, Kasia wonders if he is the man she thought she loved. The similarity to Matt’s early American ancestor challenges everything he believes about fairness, integrity, and justice. But when Kasia reveals her astonishing DNA discovery, she demonstrates that life may well be influenced by Love, Honor, & Consequence.

The Secrets of Pepin View Manor (Pepin View Manor Mysteries)

by Jo Williams

Pepin View Manor sits atop a four-hundred-foot tall bluff overlooking Lake Pepin. The pictuesque coulee area of western Wisconsin is charming, secluded, and hides a deadly secret.

With hopes of a fresh start, Tyler Benson and his teenage daughter Lucy move to Mill Valley to restore the Manor. The small community knows little crime and basks in the warmth of summer by the lake.

Tyler and Lucy are drawn to the quiet librarian, Beth Dent. With her gentle smile and guileless manner, Beth tries to help them make sense of the incidents at the Manor.

At first it appears as simple mischief, but soon the threats become disturbing. With the involvement of the local police chief and the reassurance from the locals, Tyler feels safe enough to continue to carve out a place for them at the Manor, determined that no one is going to drive him away.

A picture found at the Manor is a clue to a dangerous secret – and some secrets can get you killed… or worse

Save The Squirrel (Rusty Nails, Cat Detective)

by Richard Stephens

Sharp tongued men of action…

Rusty Nails, Cat Detective is part two in my humorous homage the the Noir Detective greats both past and present.


by Anthony Bellaleigh

Myth has been unleashed.

When an industrial accident on a tiny Mediterranean island unexpectedly pours tremendous heat into ancient bedrock something long-hidden is lying there, waiting. Trapped for over two millennia in the dark and cold of the ground no-one could have predicted this sudden burst of incubating heat. This maternal warmth. This nuclear reawakening.

Myth has returned as a dreadful reality. A reality so dreadful that the mighty Roman Empire tried to erase it from history. So dreadful that humankind would rather not remember – would rather not even recognize it in the first place.

Myth has suddenly become a swathe of death and destruction and now only one man has the knowledge to track it down…


15+ Action & Adventure, Sci-fi Fantasy Thriller. Full length (c.114,000 words). First published May 2011. This edition (June 2012) set out using International English spelling (where relevant).

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Beginning Of The End (Science Fiction Thriller)

by Kevin Michael

Logan is a peace enforcement officer on Earth’s flagship space colony of Nova Roma. But the empire is crumbling under the weight of its own corruption. Unpopular wars are being waged galaxies away while at home betrayal, deception, and the thirst for power reign supreme. Logan and the peace officers have been given an impossible task–to save Nova Roma from itself. But is it already too late?

Note: This is a short science fiction thriller

For the full length follow up, pick up “Fallen Empire”


by Marten Weber

You are a gay man approaching mid-life in the Silicon Valley: disillusioned, unhappy, bored with life. You have a monotonous job and can count your friends on one hand; you have given up on finding love for good.
Along comes the perfect man: an Australian hunk. He is intelligent, witty, suave, well-bred and stunningly good-looking. Only problem: he is straight.
Nevertheless a friendship develops based on a common interest in fitness, books, philosophical speculation…and a strange sexual tension.
He makes you a witness to his conquests of women.
Step by step he gains control over you, and the relationship changes… until one day, disaster strikes…

“Shayno is a gritty, honest and well-written description of a gay
man’s passion for a straight jock–with unforeseen consequences.”
“Deeply moving; immensely erotic, gay and straight”
“Aussie hunks, Asian queens, gorgeous escorts, park rangers and a mystery to solve…refreshingly different!”
“Sweet as!”

The Chiron Confession (Dominium Dei)

by Thomas Greanias

In his global blockbusters Raising Atlantis, The Atlantis Prophecy and The Atlantis Revelation, New York Times bestselling author Thomas Greanias masterfully blended ancient mysteries and modern conspiracies. In this prelude to his spectacular new thriller Dominium Dei, Greanias goes back to Ancient Rome and sets up a new hero for the ages.

Welcome to the New World Order. Welcome to Rome at the end of the first century. No one from slave to senator can escape the Reign of Terror under Emperor Domitian. Caesar has declared himself Lord and God of the Universe. Before him all must bow or die in the Games.

Enter the innocent playwright Athanasius. Wrongly accused of treason by jealous rivals, he is condemned to the scripted “reality” of the arena. Death is guaranteed. Against all odds he escapes, alone with a secret that will shake the world. But Athanasius has unleashed the wrath of Rome. Now the empire will hunt him down to the ends of the earth, stopping at nothing to ensure that the secret of Dominium Deiâ??the “Rule of God”â??dies with him.

“Better than Dan Brown.”

â??CBS News

“A thrill ride from start to finish!”

â??Clive Cussler

“Lightning-paced, dagger-sharp and brilliantly executed.”

â??James Rollins

“Thomas Greanias is the king of high-octane adventure!”

â??Brad Thor

“Thomas Greanias is a superb writer who knows how to tell a tale with style and substance.”

â??Nelson DeMille

“A devilishly clever maelstrom of history, secrets and political intrigue. Relentlessly action-packed, with tantalizing twists and throat-grabbing suspense on every page.


â??Steve Berry

Diamond Raiders

by Bob Curby

Analise Van Rensberg is intent on revenge against the greedy Swakopmund Diamond Corporation whose jackbooted para-military security guards murdered her father and raped her mother. She recruits an ex-lover Kurt Hoeliche, a serving member of the South African Security Forces and a specialist in all things military. Together they look at the profiles of hundreds of people and choose just three, Tom Botha a specialist in Global Positioning Satellites and all things electronic, Margie Makabe a first class diamond cutter and grader, a specialist in all things to do with diamonds, and Rafi Henderson-Villiers a St Helenian deep-sea fisherman specialising in all things at sea. Together they plan the heist of the century, stealing 120 kilos of diamonds from the â??SMC’ and escaping to a far-away island in security. Who will stop them? Will the security guards of SMC stop them? Will Scotland Yard or Interpol prevent the heist? The story is fast moving and has surprises around every corner.
By the already published author of Let Sleeping Lions Lie…..


by Whisper Lowe

Sherylyn works as a nurse at Mercy Hospital, in San Jose, California. Hal Gruber is an FBI agent at the San Jose Bureau. When a young girl collapses at a nearby dinner table moments after Hal proposes, the couple is unknowingly thrust into a world neither would ever expect.

ENGAGEMENT is best selling author Whisper Lowe’s sequel to The Dark Side of the Tracks. A fast paced medical drama filled with crazed madmen and mind bending coincidences ENGAGEMENT will keep readers on the edge of their seats waiting to see what happens next!

The Ophelia Trap (The Julia Henry Mysteries)

by Kate Burns

“Juicy, fantastically polished, engrossing, unrelenting in its ability to hold the reader. This book stands out as an example of what an exceptionally good writer should be.”
Paul Dayton, Author of The Eye of the Idol

Julia and her family may have escaped the rent trap… but curiosity has drawn a predator home.When Julia Henry’s former neighbour plunges eight stories to her death in the snow, she’s convinced her previous landlords harassed the woman to suicide. But as she investigates, another dead girl turns up with a connection to a serial rapist.
Julia and her husband have put as much distance as they could afford between them and the landlords who put them through hell, and stories from humiliated tenants match Julia’s own. She’s determined to prove their tactics resulted in tragedy. But the half-empty building is hemorrhaging tenants, the girl’s boyfriend comes complete with a wife and daughter, and the best friend overdosed days after giving police their only description of a serial rapist.
Now it seems someone wants Julia buried under the heaviest blizzard in thirty years. But when one of her daughters is targeted for a brutal attack steps from home, two nightmares converge. 
The only way she can protect her girls and still live to see the snow melt is to expose the wrenching truth behind the rapes, the deaths, and the strangest absentee landlord ever.
The Ophelia Trap tells the story of a woman who drags home more than she bargained for after investigating the death of a young neighbour.
The setting is the small town that remains within the Aylmer city limits, and many of the landmarks and the dual French-English culture will be familiar to Ottawa area residents.
The novel engages the reader in suspense, but also delves into some dark territory: rent fraud, sexual abuse and the fragile safety of women in modern society. The Ophelia Trap turns the narrative of of the ultimate victim on its head.

Pockets of the Heart

by Whisper Lowe

Margie Jones is a single mother of two. She works as a psychiatric nurse on graveyard shift. Margie’s world is turned upside down when missing undercover FBI agent, Mitch Ridder, is dumped in the emergency room for Margie’s evaluation. Later, he is found murdered. It is no coincidence that the two were brought together. As a result, Margie is thrust into a mystery of intrigue and suspense that threatens her life, the lives of her children and opens old wounds.

Ten More Bodies

by Connie Triplett

John Ames killed twenty women and left their heads at mile markers on the interstate from north Georgia to Florida. He spent the last ten years in prison and with thirty days left before his execution, his lawyer arranged a meeting with Ames and the two FBI agents who arrested him. Ames confesses to killing ten women before he became known as the “Mile Marker Killer,” and says he will give them the locations of the bodies in exchange for Erica and Byron finding the father he never knew who he believes killed his family years before when he was a child. At first hesitant to believe him, thinking he’s trying to delay his execution, they agree to the investigation after he gives them the location of one body. Erica and Byron have less than a month to find the other nine bodies and solve the thirty year old murder of the Ames family. Was John Ames really the son of a serial killer or was he playing mind games with Erica and Byron? The search for the bodies and the father of John Ames leads to more kidnappings and murders and threatens the lives of both Erica and Byron. Does John Ames really care who fathered him and possibly killed his family or does he have another reason for involving Erica and Byron in the search? How many bodies will they find? How many serial killers? Will they find love as they search for evil?

Finding Teddy

by Whisper Lowe

Sherylyn Gruber’s family life is forever changed when she is abducted from her home in San Jose, California by a rogue group of terrorists known as T-12 who plan to bomb Mercy Hospital where Sherylyn works as a staff nurse. In this fast paced medical/drama/thriller, Sherylyn’s husband, FBI Special Agent Hal Gruber, must race against the clock to rescue Sherylyn when she escapes from her captors and becomes lost in a barren California desert.

Who is the mysterious child who saves her life in a desert cave? What is to become the fate of the abandoned boy? Traumas collide in the most unexpected ways as Sherylyn and the boy struggle to survive, both lost in the desolate desert environment under the most brutal conditions.

The Dangerous Truth about Mad Catwomen (Tales of ice-cream and espionage)

by J M Salisbury


I thoroughly enjoyed this book, with its captivating central character and gripping story. Couldn’t put it down till I had finished it. Intzy

It is well-written, carefully structured and unpredictable. Jane N

A beautifully written and well crafted novel! a page turner with great descriptions, great characters, moments to make you laugh out loud with moments of suspense! JoJo RJ

Product Description

How much can you ever know about the people you see every day? We all make assumptions based on a first glancing impression. If you were a killer, or a victim, or both – where would you hide? In the shadows, or in the full light of day where no-one feels a need to dig deeper to see the truth behind your public face.

Winciette Jenkins is an ice-cream lady, a middle-aged woman with a cat, polite, friendly, invisible. And that’s just how she wants to be. Because Winciette Jenkins is really Etta Bishop, ex-spy and trained assassin hiding in plain sight from the Met, from MI5, from the fear of vengeance creeping up on her in the dead of the night.

But the past is out looking for her, and when it traces her to her safe haven in Widegate Bay she must decide whether to leap to safety, or to turn and fight with out-stretched claws and teeth bared. En route she picks up unlikely allies. Danny, a teenage boy battered and abused by his drug-fuelled mother; Ted Hicks, chairman of the Beach Hut Association; Jack, a mysterious ex-soldier who runs a tea-hut on the cliffs.

Together they face the danger that threatens Widegate Bay, Winciette and the family that grows from the dysfunctional group of individuals that surround her.

Easy to read, the characters come alive and the lovingly detailed descriptions make you feel you know the places. I tried to read it slowly but finally there came a point when I gave up and just had to keep reading to the end. Jill Ashby

About the Author

J M Salisbury loves reading thrillers and watches far too much television. After gaining an MA(Dist.) in Professional Writing from Falmouth University she decided to concentrate on writing full-time, after 25 years in marketing.

The Dangerous Truth about Mad Catwomen is the first in a series featuring Winciette Jenkins and her dysfunctional family. Book 2 â??The Dangerous Lies of Blue Eyed Boys’ is out in Spring 2014.

She is co-chair of The Penzance Litfest 2014, and involved with The Writers’ Café Penzance.

You can follow and get updates at her website is ; like and follow on twitter @joyswords.

The Day Detroit Went Dark

by John Silver

Caught in the middle of a fatal car chase and drug fueled gun battle, Clive Bradshaw decides to call it quits, leave the city and live a simpler life with his wife Emily and young daughter Amy. Emily drops him off at the foot of Detroit on his last day of work. Clive steps out of the car and into a city on the verge of collapse, rife with corruption, no city services, overworked and underpaid police and fire departments manned by skeleton crews, fighting a hopeless battle against brazen, uncontrolled crime.

â?¦then the pulses hitâ?¦

Everything that produces or relies on electricity is destroyed. The electrical grid, vehicles, aircraft control systems, machinery, communications, computers, refrigeration, water pumping stations, all the systems that support everyday life, gone in an instant. Nothing gets into the city and street gangs rule supreme. Chaos reigns, but it’s all overshadowed by an outbreak of a deadly disease, bubonic plague. The disease threatens not only Detroit but the entire country. The plague must be containedâ?¦at all costs.
Follow Clive as he struggles to survive, find Emily and Amy and avoid the plague in The Day Detroit Went Dark.

Those Devils

by James DeSantis

I bury myself in the city streets, to camouflage myself from society. It’s reaching out to grasp at me, catch and kill me. These “devils” want to end my existence. I will survive, that is all I’m able to do. If they do come for me, I will have no choice but to counteract. I’m not running to keep myself protected. I’m running so that they don’t find out what I truly ’em.

Take a look into the short story about the survival of one man against a group of hunters in this one long, scary, city night. By the end, the twist and turns will leave you wanting more!

Bride’s Double at the Little Church

by Kristi Ryan

Julie Justice is excited to get away for a few days of relaxing girl time and shopping with her cousin Clara and her BFF Becky, and she can’t think of a more beautiful place to go than the San Antonio Riverwalk. Christmas is coming and the Riverwalk is magical, full of lights and the spirit of the season. But everywhere Julie goes, mystery seems to follow, and this trip is no exception.

Julie looks just like a girl getting married at the Little Church in historic La Villita, and being the bride’s double brings Julie into the middle of a dangerous mystery involving the groom’s family business in Mexico that she, Clara, and Becky must race the clock to figure out before someone gets seriously hurt.

Written with the old fashioned charm reminiscent of stories from Nancy Drew and Agatha Christie but full of modern twists, this novella is perfect for mystery fans of any age.

False Security

by Angie Martin

Rachel Thomas longs for normalcy, but if she stops running she could die…or worse. Chased by a past that wishes to imprison her, haunted by dreams that seek to destroy her, Rachel finds solace in a love she could not predict. A love she cannot deter.

Mark Jacobson is the man who never needed love. He has his bookstore, his bachelorhood, and his freedom. In the moment he meets Rachel Thomas, he is swept into a world he never knew existed. One filled with the purest of love. One filled with betrayal, lies, and murder.

Now Rachel and Mark are forced to face her past. The truth may kill them both.

Reviews for False Security:

“…an emotionally gripping thriller.” ~ The Wichita Eagle

“Fast-paced suspense and passionate romance. Each twist made me want to read on. The ending left me hungering for more. False Security is a winner.” ~ R. Troyan Krause, author of ‘The Works of the Flesh’

God Ain’t No Doctor – A Novella

by Whisper Lowe

What happens when a hospital is forced into lockdown and the only doctor on staff turns into a madman?

God Ain’t No Doctor is bestselling author Whisper Lowe’s latest heart pounding thriller about how Charlene, the Head Nurse on Med-6, and her skeleton staff at Miami-Dade General Hospital, survive when a hurricane knocks out power and isolates them from the rest of the city.

Temperatures rise to over a hundred degrees, the toilets don’t flush, the garbage can’t be collected, and the patients can’t bathe.The kitchen is closed and the laundry is shut. They are running out of food, water, medications and supplies. But, the morgue, the morgue is the worstâ?¦.

When is seems like nothing could be worse, the only doctor on staff succumbs to stress and turns into a Wildman.

The Safe House

by Carla Intlekofer

Written with an insider’s knowledge of the CIA, The Safe House is an original thriller following its heroine as she investigates her husband’s death in the line of duty. Moving from Agency Headquarters to Europe and back again, the Safe House explores the difficulty of maintaining a relationship while maintaining your cover. From its beginning line: “The CIA sent a limousine for her,” to its conclusion on the Glienicke Bridge in Berlin, The Safe House describes not only the tradecraft but the motivation of the men and women who serve in the U.S. Intelligence Community. Enjoy the first page below.

The CIA sent a limousine for her.
She could tell it was the Director’s by the pearlescent gray color, otherwise it looked like all the other limos that clogged the Washington, D.C., streets. But she knew it was different. If an SUV full of terrorists sprayed the body with automatic weapons, the armored sides would shed the bullets like rain. If a gunman hit the wheels, the vehicle could still speed down the streets at 70 miles an hour on its run-flat tires. She knew a cache of tactical weapons filled the trunk and specialized, high-tech communications gear could be rigged up instantaneously in the back seat. The Director expected the best. He even insisted on the finest casket for her husband, Ryan. Made of highly polished mahogany with shiny brass fittings, it was sturdy enough for ten men. Rather odd, she thought, when there was no body.

Christmas Cracker

by R.L. Cherry

While private investigator Morgana (Morg) Mahoney leaves sunny Southern California to celebrate Christmas in a picturesque English manor house, she finds she cannot escape crime. What begins as a vacation soon becomes a murder mystery laced with threads of local history, race horses, the IRA, family secrets, and, of course, pure greed. In the land of Sherlock Holmes, Morg finds herself using some of the same methods as that first consulting detective to solve the case.

A Field of Red

by Greg Enslen

Ex-cop Frank Harper doesn’t want to get involved. Harper is visiting the small Ohio town of Cooper’s Mill, trying to reconnect with his estranged daughter and a grandson he’s never met. But he finds the town gripped in fear-two young girls have gone missing, taken in broad daylight from a busy street. And the police are coming up blank. But once Harper is drawn reluctantly into the investigation, he’ll stop at nothing to find the girls. And he doesn’t care who gets in the way.

Secrets Only Sleep

by Barbara Speake

Michael Turner is content, if not happy. He has his own security business and is finally coming to terms with being invalided out of the Westford, Connecticut police after an undercover operation that went badly wrong. But as dawn breaks on the morning of May 21, 2000, he is unwittingly drawn into an investigation of a murdered bag lady.

Something about her is oddly familiar but where does he known her from? A chance meeting with Dr Christine James, the sister of one of his oldest friends, temporarily back in Connecticut and still grieving from the sudden, premature death of her British husband, triggers off a memory that leads to the identification of the murdered bag lady.

But the murdered bag lady had secrets that even Christine never knew and as she works closely with Michael and Detective Franconi to try to put the pieces of the puzzle together, someone else is following her movements – someone who doesn’t want secrets out in the open. When Christine finally learns the true motive for the murder, she is hurtling towards a precipice … after all, a grieving widow can be unpredictable …

The Vindication Obsession

by Bill Hylton

Twelve years ago, a jury wrongfully convicted him of raping the five year old girl he had loved as if she were his own flesh and blood. Now Brad Glover will risk decades in prison to correct that mistake.

Faithfully: Chase & Halshaw #1

by Howard Mellowes

Trainee Detective Lauren Halshaw and her occasional mentor, DI Allen Chase, investigate the murder of life coach Lucy Faith and a spate of burglaries in the prosperous West London suburb of Chiltern Park. Their enquiries lead to the offices of a multinational logistics group, where they uncover the passions and conspiracies that lurk behind the group’s professional public image.

Compassionate, intuitive, and vulnerable, Chase is an excellent detective but a poor policeman, whose career is well past its peak. Halshaw is young, ambitious, and extremely capable, but in her eagerness to prove herself she makes a catastrophic mistake.

The Man Who Never Was

by Hylton Smith

In 1986, Derwenthaugh Coke Works was closed and demolition work began. A strange discovery halts the regeneration plans. As there is no obvious explanation as to why the various artefacts should be there, the police become involved. The only clue which offers any progress points to events which took place many years ago. Just when a young police officer thinks she has seen something similar to one of the objects, and a new line of inquiry looms, higher authority descends on the investigation. The intrigue thickens.

THE FACEBOOK KILLER: Part 1. Social networking – Hannibal Lecter-style. (The Facebook Serial Killer)


Dermott Madison has lost everything. His wife, his daughter, job and his cherished home. One man is responsible; Abdul Hamid. When his Old Bailey trial collapses, due to a technicality, Madison takes matters into his own hands.
His manner of revenge comes to him in a dream; but how can you track down someone’s nearest and dearest? You log in, look closely and let the devastation begin.
Madison takes you on his journey from being a middle-class banker to a serial killer, through his own eyes. You will feel his emotions, the hatred and rage, pain and guilt, culminating in his descent into absolute obsession itself.
This book will leave you with one fear….. Should I ever log in again?

PLEASE NOTE: The early versions of FBK series contained spelling & grammatical errors. These have been edited and corrected. Please take this into consideration when browsing the reviews.

The Apple iBook Bestseller (over 800 four & five-star ratings)
50 five and four-star reviews on Amazon UK.

·Brilliant book – couldn’t put it down

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·the best ever: you will not be able to put this book down . I am sad that I dont have another book of this style to read now .

·Couldn’t put it down fantastic: Well done to the author I say and hurry up and write some more please ;o)

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·Gripping read and a well thought plot – recommended: Brilliantly written and a fantastic style!

·A Fantastic Read: I was hooked from the start and, like many others, found it difficult to put down.

·Excellent read!!!!: really good gripping book.

·I could hardly sleep with the story line going through my mind, wondering what was going to happen next. Loved it 10/10

·could not put it down: Totally brilliant!

·product of a very strange mind….But very compelling.

·Cracking good read: It is very well written… it is a very compelling story

·The storyline is fast moving and keeps you interested all the way through – well done to the author and I am looking forward to the next story.

·Gripping read: This was the first book I downloaded on my new kindle, and I’m sure glad I did. I literally couldnt put the thing down. I was so intrigued to find out what happened next.

·Riveting!!!: This is my kind of book. VERY unputdownable.

·Wow, very powerful: This book is immensely powerful, due to the detail and the emotions you feel as you read it.

Macchu Picchu

by Justin Samuels

Two parents trapped in a troubled marriage must go on an international expedition to Peru to save their children, or else there children will be killed.

Smoke Without Fire

by Steven Lytton

One man controls the underworld on the tough streets of the city, but his empire is falling apart. His team are being attacked and murdered, his business interests are being targeted and he is constantly looking over his shoulder. While he is looking into who is behind the onslaught and why he is being targeted, he finds himself embroiled into an underbelly that leads him into a murky world involving child prostitution, drug trafficking, protection rackets, police informants and, all going on right under his nose, all going on in what he sees as his town. Not knowing who he can trust, he is dealing with the situation in the only way he knows… the only way he’s ever known.

“I’ve been labelled a gangster by some, that’s laughable to me, the way I see it, I’m nothing more than a business man.”.

Meeting Alice (Neuronet)

by A. J. Panshandle

Alice desperately wants to change her job and take charge of her life. She plunges her life savings into the purchase of the latest invention, a Sleep Station 3000, which allows her to quit her job and give her boss a piece of her mind as she does so. She has barely begun to live the life she has always dreamed of before things begin to unravel. Events spiral rapidly out of control, leading to a triple murder and a missing person.

Programmed To Kill

by Barbara Speake

Now in the middle of her six-month exchange with the Westford Connecticut Police Department, Scottish Detective Annie Macpherson is barely tying up the loose ends from her last case when a new one appears. The vicious murder of a local priest has all the marks of a ritualistic attack, but what is the motive behind it? Before they can answer that, Annie and her colleague, Detective Dave Ellison, find they have another body on their hands whose injuries are too similar for it to be coincidence. And if that wasn’t enough, Annie’s love life has just got more complicated.

Joined by Detective Bronski, the third member of their team, they find themselves drawn into a statewide investigation into child pornography. Their lines of inquiry are tangled by parents who want to take the law into their own hands, and instances of domestic abuse, not to mention the question of how high the intrigue goes – can they even trust their own police chief?

In her second Annie Macpherson novel, Barbara Fagan Speake once again dissects the issues which drive her characters – the potent themes of love, revenge and moral ambiguity. The twist here is that we also see into the mind of the murderer, the desire to observe the reactions of the victims, and the motivation of those who hide dark secrets behind the face they present to the world.

Programmed to Kill is a fast paced police procedural, pitting the detectives against intelligent adversaries who plan meticulously. By the end you may wonder if you’re on the side of law and order after allâ?¦

World Killer (The DW Mysteries)

by A. Antonio

Murder at the happiest place on Earth.

A shocking murder has been committed at Disney World. Can a group of Florida’s best detectives find the killer before they strike again?

What other people are saying about “World Killer.”

“I really enjoyed it! It was a lot darker than I expected which was cool!”

Leonard Kinsey

Author of “The Dark Side of Disney” and “Our Kingdom of Dust”

Perfect Alibi

by Neil Whyke

When Pavel Bielski was offered fifty million dollars to assassinate the President of the United States he turned it down, not because he couldn’t do it, he was one of the best shots in the world, but because of the repercussions. There would be nowhere to hide.
Then the chance to create the perfect alibi, witnessed by no less than the CIA, fell into his lap. It was too good to miss.
Set In the Bermuda Triangle this tale is high voltage action from page one.

Little White Lies

by Cheryl Christel

One cold winter day, Sunny Anders decides she’s having a bad day and doesn’t particularly feel like working. When her compassionate boss offers her an opening, Sunny tells a little white lie to get out of work early. The only problem is she doesn’t go straight home from work and finds herself in trouble with the police when a relative turns up dead, killed at the very time Sunny was away from work.

Struggling to not be suspected of murder and hoping to not be found out by her boss for lying, Sunny inadvertently digs herself in deeper by covering lies with more lies. Before she knows it, she herself is being targeted for death. Complicating matters is the attractive detective assigned to the case, Luke Weatherly. He’s trying to solve a homicide in which a multitude of family members are suspects, including Sunny, while also resisting his growing attraction to Sunny.

Will Sunny tell one lie too many and go from suspect to victim? Or can Luke solve the case before that happens?

**This book is not recommended for young readers, due to language and sexual situations**


by Collins Hinamundi

The book is based on the previous Ebola Outbreak in the east african region and is about the pretenses of our diplomatic corps who comiserate with the victims during day while in the night the party goes on for them.all this is told in the lovestory of matthew and leila.

Primed By The Past

by Barbara Speake

Scottish detective Annie Macpherson, on an exchange with the Westford Police in Connecticut didn’t believe that Angela Goodman was in danger when she presented herself at the station. Now Annie knows different. Angela has been brutally attacked in her own home and left for dead.

Annie is determined to make amends and catch the culprit, not only for Angela’s sake, but her own. She’s a third generation cop and has a tradition of fine police work to uphold.

Within days, a fatal car crash in Massachusetts initially seems to be an accident but subsequent evidence points to something much more sinister. The result: yet another victim and yet another detective trying to fit the pieces of a jigsaw together.

A convoluted trail of clues and misdirection propels this story at a cracking pace. On the way, there is murder, suicide and revenge. What makes Primed by the Past a police procedural with a difference is that it’s written by a psychologist, so we also see into the lives of the characters, their relationships and personal tragedies. Needless to say, nobody is quite who they seem and as Annie investigates the layers of lies and half truths, the body count starts to mount. It then becomes a race against time to prevent any further deaths, a race that Annie must win.

Alexander Ranch

by Marla Josephs

I tried not to look at the men so that I could focus on keeping my movements silent. I certainly did not want to be detected. It was impossible, however, to keep my eyes completely off the terrifying drama unfolding before me. I was certain they planned to kill the man and I had no way of helping him. The best I could do was get to safety and call the police. I had slunk my way to the left of them and was right alongside the river now. I crept along keeping a wary eye on the men. I don’t know whether I gasped, screamed, or made a sudden movement, but suddenly both sets of eyes of the evil men turned towards me just as the shot sounded. I ran as fast as I could, ignoring the ripping pain in my side, and jumped off the edge into the rushing water below.


by Leo Harding

Ayakata is a begger in Nkwo Umuibe, with two crumpled legs and a mysterious talent. “Give to me, God give you even more,” he tells his benefactors–and so it sometimes appeared. Barren women conceived, narrow escapes occurred, long-forgotten debts were repaid. Two villagers take a particular interest in Ayakata: Pa Simon, retired headmaster and sometime missionary, who longs to educate him, and Atudo, village madwoman, who covets his hovel. One day six rogue policemen arrive from the city, viciously caning the villagers and hoping to extort money. Ayakata defies them, giving the rest of the villagers the courage to fight back. Meanwhile, Pa Simon offers him a room in his house, along with lessons in mathematics and the Bible.

The pieces of the puzzle that is Ayakata begin to come together, culminating in an unexpected parentage–and something of a miracle.

Black Star Canyon: Episode 1

by Creep Creepersin

When a body of a young woman appears in Black Star Canyon, it starts a chain of events that threatens everyone in Black Star Canyon and the future of the town itself.

If you liked Twin Peaks or Northern Exposure, you will LOVE Black Star Canyon!

Bloody Baby

by M. Aboelfotoh

3 Very Short Horror Stories, If you like them, then I will publish more and more.

Dark Dreams

by Kenneth Findlay

This book has graphic descriptions, and is based on real situations. Don’t read it if you are squeamish.

Detective Sergeant John McClair has a serial killer in his rural area, who both abducts and murders young women. The story unfolds through the eyes of both the detective and the murderer.

Dream Revised (a Call Girl to Cop book, featuring Samantha Stewart)

by Marcia Richards

Samantha is again called. A secretive government agency recruits her to go where only she can. She uses the creativeness her mind and body provide…to go where she’s sometimes uninvited…to get what she wants. Sometimes sane…sometimes crazy…always sexy, is Samantha

Grand Inheritance

by Rosie Chucklebeary

Would you commit a lesser evil to prevent a greater one? What if it were to save someone in your family?

The Grand is dead. Long live the Grand.

Katherine Elizabeth Brittain, the powerful head of the Brittain family, dies in mysterious circumstances, leaving her eldest granddaughter, Kathy, as heir to the title. Overwhelmed with her new duties, Kathy, with the help of her five cousins, tries to investigate her grandmother’s death.

However, being the Grand involves more than controlling her treacherous family. Kathy inherits a major position in a secret organization called the Entre-Mezzo, the people â??between’, who exchange â??favors’ in a game of life and death.

In The Grip of Death

by Suzi Goode

“The killer only needs to make one tiny mistake.”

Bodies are showing up in South LA, the most violent place in the city of Angels. The victims are affluent men and scumbags who deserve to be stopped. They made their money through illegal activities, or got off the hook for their heinous crimes. At the murder scene no clues are left behind. Without them, it’s impossible to catch the killer. But Detective Cruzie lives for his job. He has nothing else, but the realization that his job will be done . . .


(from Chapter Two)

A few days had gone by. I’d heard many stories on the TV, Internet and radio in that time. A dictatorial president of a small country had been gunned down. No one could find the sniper. A politician who believed he was above the law had met his end when he was out hunting. No one could find the hunter who had mistaken him for a deer. An inmate in a maximum security prison knifed while he slept. He was only hours from being released for a crime no one could prove he’d committed. Numerous cities from around the globe reported men and women with long histories of evading the law, succumbing to justice in a manner they probably had never expected. I applauded each one of the men and women behind the scenes. They were doing their job, keeping America, and other nations safer from the very crimes that ate away at the insides of their population.

Crime festers. When a child goes missing, and can’t be found, it’s not only the parents who grieve. The whole family suffers. Brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and as a consequence, the community as well. Only the callous are left untouched. Until a crime involving them comes to their doorstep. Slowly, the deterioration sets in. Law officials work harder, longer hours, but nothing can stem the flow of rising offenses.

The cellphone in my breast pocket rang. I hit the OFF button on the TV remote. Blessed silence fell. No screaming sirens heading for emergencies. No fire trucks heading toward towering blazes. For once, I was at peace with myself. My heart wasn’t pounding madly. My world seemed to be more stable. I wasn’t always glancing over my shoulder. I felt I’d made the right choices in life.

Word Count: 3600

Killer Queen

by Gareth Jardine

When a parking warden finds an M5 with a note saying the car now belongs to him, he thinks his day can’t get any stranger – until an old lady jumps into the car and insists he drive her around the country.

At first, he is merely confused by what is happening around him. However, when people start dying around him, he begins to suspect not everything is as it seems.

Nuclear Wind

by Kenneth Findlay

Working for British secret service, he never thought they would blackmail him to undertake atrocious acts that will change the balance of world power, but then he is expendable. Now he has the CIA and Al Qaeda after him.

Pebbles in the Stream

by Kenneth Findlay

The historical and social background of this story is factual and shouts for your compassion.

Our heroine, Leila, was born in the Hill Tracts of Bangladesh and has to combat prejudice within her own family, bandits who carry away women and corrupt and brutal police but she is blessed by the love of her father, her own intelligence and courage.

Prelude To The Apocalypse (Zombies Of The Apocalypse Dystopian Thriller)

by Kevin Michael

The Zombie apocalypse is threatening to take over the world, and no one is safe. This set features three Zombie stories including:

Zombies Eat Wall Street

It was a bloodbath on Wall Street, even before the Zombies started tearing Stock Brokers limb from limb. But what started as just a dip in the Dow turned into an all out massacre.

Zombies Eat Hollywood

When Zombies invade a movie studio lot, there will be no Hollywood ending.

Zombies Eat Politicians

Mudslinging turns to bloodslinging as the Zombie apocalypse wreaks havoc on slimy rival politicians.

Also pick up “Zombie Apocalypse Rising” and “Fallen Empire”

Russian Doll

by Kenneth Findlay

Solving the murder of his wife in London takes Detective Inspector Clifford Friday to Moscow as a private citizen and facing challenges he couldn’t possibly foresee.

The Silent Sound

by Sriteja R Wudaru

The Silent Sound is a serial murder/mystery/psychological thriller. When a killer embarks on the journey to take revenge, dead bodies start to pile up.

Kia Hills, the head of Kallo city’s homicide team, needs to catch the killer and take him off the streets before more girls go missing. When she starts out on the hunt, little does she know that the case would trigger her desires to solve her mother’s death, which she had tried to forget since she was a child.

Grace Withers, once homicide expert, had found her husband lying dead, in a pool of blood, in their own living room, two years ago. Since then, she had never managed to stand crime scenes. She had never even touched her gun. But now, she finds herself amidst one of the gruesome murder cases any cop had ever seen.

1â?¦ 2â?¦ 3â?¦ 4â?¦ as dead bodies are foundâ?¦ and victim 5 has been abducted, Kia and Grace explore their pasts on their way to catch the killer. They soon find out however that the killer is not the one they expected. A brilliant mind. A manipulating mind. A cruel mind. Everyone is awestruck when they realize who the vindictive murderer is. And Kia and Grace, both, find themselves at the clutches of that vicious mind.

Read more to untangle the psychological web, solve the complicated case, and save the lives that are at the brink of death’s mouth.

Welcome To Green River! A Brief Visitor’s Introduction (to Crime & Horror!) (Green River Crime & Horror)

by David Bain

Welcome to Green River, Michigan (Where Crime & Horror Dwell!)

David Bain welcomes you to his series of crime and horror tales and novels!

“Welcome to Green River!” is a sampler of four complete stories by David Bain, framed as visitor’s guide to his fictional city, the setting for many of his horror and crime stories and novels.

In this volume you’ll be introduced to a couple boys lost in a ghostly fog of stories while driving at night, a sheriff who’s about to deliver – and receive – some very bad news, a smalltime drug deal slipping out of the sellers control and a father who will only tell his campfire tale once, no more.

David Bain is the author of thrillers like GRAY LAKE: A NOVEL OF CRIME AND SUPERNATURAL HORROR and DEATH SIGHT: A WILL CASTLETON NOVEL, both of which are available separately or in THE COMPLETE GREEN RIVER CRIME/HORROR BOXED SET. In addition to his permanently free Will Castleton paranormal detective story ISLAND GHOSTS, Bain always has at least one other short story or multi-story sampler available free on Amazon, switching every five days on a rotational basis. Almost all his short stories are available in a massive boxed set, UNTIL YOU CAN SCREAM NO MORE (50+ stories, 700+ pages). His boxed sets are discounted at least 33% (up to 66% or more) when compared to buying the material separately, book by book.

The Christmas Mummy

by W.D. Gagliani

It’s almost Christmas, 1972. Danny and his folks brave a near-blizzard to drive to a department store in Racine, Wisconsin, where he hopes to connect with a coveted Mego Batman and Robin action set… but instead, something strange happens. His father is developing one of his typical rages and the store shelves are empty of every toy Danny would like, but that’s not all… a bullying security guard and voices in his head change Danny this day — and “The Christmas Mummy” will change him forever…

“The Christmas Mummy” is a short story (5600 words) by the author of the Bram Stoker Award-nominated novel WOLF’S TRAP, as well as WOLF’S GAMBIT, WOLF’S BLUFF, WOLF’S EDGE, WOLF’S CUT, SAVAGE NIGHTS, the story collection SHADOWPLAYS, the mini-collection MYSTERIES & MAYHEM (with David Benton), “The Great Belzoni and the Gait of Anubis” (novella), and numerous other works of horror, thriller, crime, and dark fantasy. He has also published a fair amount of nonfiction — book reviews, articles, and interviews, all helping illuminate his chosen fields. Gagliani holds a Master’s Degree in English from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, where he also taught Creative Writing and Composition. Raised in Genova, Italy, as well as Kenosha, Wisconsin, he now lives and writes in Milwaukee. He is a member of the Horror Writers Association (HWA) and the International Thriller Writers (ITW).

Unlike the author’s other Christmas tales, “The Christmas Mummy” is rated PG for mild cursing and can be read by anyone of any age.

The Art of Murder (The World of Murder)

by Trisha Sugarek

Monty is a struggling, unknown artist, living in a loft in Soho. From his third floor walk up, he watches his beautiful neighbor as she comes and goes. Too shy and reclusive to ask her out, he paints her again and again. Suddenly the police are at his door. His goddess, his dream woman is dead and the police like him for the crime.

Detective Roarke sifts through the forensics, motives and physical evidence and at first glance it seems that all the evidence points to the strange artist who is obsessed with the beautiful actress. But, as time passes, several other suspects come to the attention of Detective Roarke and the case is now not so open and shut. As the detective emerses himself in her life, it turns out that she has more than one secret.

Case of the Kidnapped Coed (Sum Yung Gye:Shane Ireland, Elf Detective)

by Larry Brasington

Book three of Shane Ireland, Elf Detective, centers around his Ex’s, Special Agent Allison Jones and her family. After nearly being killed in a alley way Allison recovers only to learn that her younger sister, Brittany,has been kidnapped and that her estranged mother has hired of all people her ex-boyfriend. When Shane set off to Florida Allison has to follow.

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