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by R. D. Knighten

Poof! is a story about a young girl named Robin who discovers that it’s not so bad being yourself. The children’s book focuses on positive images for African-American girls and celebrates diversity. Instills self-empowerment and pride in children through their natural being.

My 2 Secrets

by Michele Byrd

A heartfelt true story of a birth mother’s emotional journey surrounding the choice of adoption for her two children. It is an in depth account of the ongoing struggle involved in keeping the secret, and the impacts those choices had on family members and future relationships. It is a story of truth and acceptance coming full circle. A must read for anyone involved in the adoption process including those in counseling, or any child or adult who grapples with trying to understand why they were adopted.

Wasted Youth Remembers

by Jason Brierly

Real and raw poetry that fills the reader with the emotions of the writer. Uncompromising straight forward and in your face from romantic to riotous. Jason is the graffiti artist of poets. Adult subject matter.

Accidental Wife

by M. Louise Smith

From M. Louise Smith, author of the “Middy Brown” Journals,” comes her latest novel for the mature woman. “Accidental Wife” is a story of one woman’s unselfish sacrifice and the pain of longing for all that had been her destiny. Estelle Fischer sacrifices the opportunity for a wonderful marriage to her young NFL fiance to enter into a life of servitude to a man she scarcely knows as a result of a horrific accident for which she claims responsibility. Forty-five years later she restructures her life and returns to her beloved compound on the Texas Gulf Coast, not far from the site of the accident. Will her long-desired reunion with all of the abandon friends, including her rejected fiance, help her move toward healing, or will she be forced to reveal the truth about her choices and face the pain of those revelations. In the process, how will she deal with her four adult children who are certain she has lost all sense of reason.

From Beginning to End Book 1

by Teresa Carrisoza

All Tracy ever wanted was a normal, peaceful family. However, her family was far from normal or peaceful. From Beginning to End is the story of one girl’s struggle to survive and eventually thrive in spite of a dysfunctional family. Book one follows the story of Tracy Diaz, the daughter of an Alcoholic mother and workaholic father who survives unimaginable abuse. This story creates a powerful portrait of a family torn apart by alcoholism leading to physical abuse. The author provides a realistic portrayal of the impact of addiction on a family. But it is also the inspiring story of recovery through the Grace of God.

Nurturing Your Child’s Imagination!

by Jessica Thompson

Since the birth of the child, their learning and exploring phase starts. They come across different learning experiences with their activities, like story telling, building blocks, & so many. As a parent we should learn that these are not only entertaining activities but also these are helping them to develop imagination & creativity.

The whole intent of this book is to understand, during each activity what & how our child is learning. After reading this book, you will be well aware about how to raise creative, self motivated children who are ready for the real world challenges.


by Delphine Cull

All fifteen year old Gabrielle wants is a normal life, but her mother, Celeste, has severe bipolar disorder and refuses to take her medication. Celeste is spinning out of control and her actions are becoming more dangerous every day. Gabrielle’s brother is turning into a juvenile delinquent, and her father might be having an affair. Even worse, Gabrielle has a secret fear of her own, and if it’s true, it will change her life forever.

Managing the Gift: Alternative Approaches for Attention Deficit Disorder

by Dr. Kevin Ross Emery

The A.D.D. impacted person is part of the evolutionary process of humanity. It is time to acknowledge that these people have many gifts and insights that can help us move more clearly into the 21st century. They possess a kind of intelligence that allows them to go where we have never gone before.

What is our reaction? We complain that they are inconvenient – that they do not “fit in the box.” We often decide that the best option is to medicate and try to forget them. Well, change is long over dueâ?¦and many of our institutions and paradigms will need to shift in the process. That, too, is long overdue.

Managing the Gift provides an opportunity to truly understand this thing we call A.D.D. and how to utilize the gifts that accompany it.

11 Easy Ways To Improve Parenting

by V. Celeste Fahie


What you will find in this e-book are 11 easy ways to improve parenting written in clear and concise descriptions.

Just scan the 11 chapter titles below and you can see how easy it is for you to follow the pathway to becoming a better parent.

Chapter 1 – Be Clear
Chapter 2 – Begin Early “Better Late than Never”
Chapter 3 – Set Guidelines, Limits & Consequences
Chapter 4 – Issue Reminders and Warnings
Chapter 5 – Choices
Chapter 6 – Listen and Pay Attention
Chapter 7 – Discuss Emotions
Chapter 8 – Guidance & Correction
Chapter 9 – Encouragement
Chapter 10 – Express Love & Show Respect
Chapter 11 – Repeat It

This 11 Easy Ways To Improve Parenting e-book has additional notes written in an index card fashion full of examples, explanations, and things worth considering during your journey through the parenting process.

In the latter part of this ebook there is also a “Your Resources” section that will give you ideas and directions to find the resources needed to empower yourself as an improved parent.

The Brightness of Stars: Stories of Adults Who Came Through The British Care System

by Lisa Cherry

Imagine not knowing what happens to your child after the age of 18 or 21 years old. The data currently collected is only part of the story; there is no data collected at the point of entry into the system and none collected from adults who have experienced being in care and have had the opportunity to reflect upon what happened and therefore contribute to policy making.

This book is a collection of stories that focus on the adult voices, including my own, of personal insights and reflections of having been a Looked After child; the stories span five decades.

Unique in its delivery, it is expected that this book will be used by foster carers, adopters, social workers, teachers, youth workers and anyone working with young people to gain a deeper insight.

“Honest, intelligent and highly-readable – this book is worth a hundred academic tomes to anyone who truly wants to understand what it means to have been a looked after child. A must-read for policy-makers.” Shahid Naqvi, BASW (British Association of Social Workers)

This is a story about love and pain, hurt and isolation, a depth of a life, the big things and the little things, how we live our lives through our relationships with others and where we feel we fit in. It is how we explain that relationship that enables us to tell our stories and I tell mine, through the language of emotion and through the feelings that remain with me.

Through these stories, we can share lost and unheard voices. We can have a discussion and provide some thought-provoking information and recommendations for foster carers, teachers and staff in social care working directly with young people. The strangeness of there being little information in the public domain about the adults who have been children in a system that had been their corporate parent is highlighted and in doing so gives rise to the opportunity for change.

The Sixth Language of Love: Don’t Be a Burden

by Jeffrey P. Restuccio

I’m known for thinking “out of the box” and, in this case, out of the five love languages box. After reading The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman and sharing and discussing the content with loved ones, friends, and total strangers, one night I realized there was yet a sixth language of love. It’s very simple yet profound:

Don’t be a burden.

Take care of yourself, not just for yourself, but for your loved ones.

It should take less than an hour to read this book but the concept will remain with you for a lifetimeâ??and it could make a profound difference one day.

I wrote this book as I watched my parents, in their mid 80’s, care for one another. My mother was taking care of my father, who, after an active life, at the age of 81, suffered a series of setbacks from two heart surgeries and several minor strokes resulting in early dementia and limited mobility. He is now totally dependent on my mother and no longer able to drive, hunt, fish, garden, or do any of the activities he enjoyed his entire life.

How many of us, in our twenties, thirties, or forties, can really imagine what life will be like when we are much, much older? We can’t. For one, few know what it will be like because you generally don’t see it; it is not particularly interesting when one is home or bed-bound. We don’t want to be reminded of a future when our sight or hearing fails us, our short-term memory is gone, we gasp for air from emphysema, or walking from the bedroom to the bathroom is a chore.

In addition, if you stay together, you must accept and understand that one of you will be caring for the other. In other words, rarely do two people age exactly in the same manner. The healthier one will be taking care of the other as long as they possibly can.

With that in mind, I introduce another way to show someone you love them. I consider it one of the highest expressions of love, similar but very different from agape love. I call it The Sixth Language of Love. Don’t be a Burden.

Jeffrey P Restuccio

50 Things to Know About Modern Cloth Diapers: Learn How to Save Money and The Environment with Cloth Diapers

by Amanda Walton

Have you ever thought about cloth diapering but became overwhelmed by the many choices and thought that maybe it was not for you?

Is cloth diapering something that you have ever wanted to know more information about?

Are you pregnant and thinking about cloth diapering but need information to make your decision easier?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this book is for you…

50 Things to Know About Cloth Diapers by Amanda Walton offers a approach to cloth diapering that is easy for the beginner but still informative to moms who have been cloth diapering for years. Most books on cloth diapering offer you information about the environment and why you should cloth diaper. Although there’s nothing wrong with that, this information is not going to teach you what you need to know in order to use cloth diapers in your home with your own child. Based on knowledge from the world’s leading experts cloth diapering can be good for the environment but it can also be good for the child and help the parents in other ways.

In these pages you’ll discover all of the information you need to be able to cloth diaper your little one.

This book will help you to be able to choose the diapers that you want as well as the diaper system that you will need to have. By the time you finish this book, you will know everything you need to know to get started with cloth diapers.

So grab YOUR copy today. You’ll be glad you did.

The Ultimate Guide to Being a Dad: The First 30 Days With My Newborn Baby

by Ferdinand Rufo

Welcome to fatherhood! Panicked, nervous, excited? Yep. Have no clue what to do? This guide is for you.

“The Ultimate Guide to Being a Dad: The First 30 Days With My Newborn Baby” lays it all out in a 30-Day go-to guide written by a dad for new dads, walking you through the first month with your newborn. Informed by the latest research and packed full of solid advice to keep you sane and your family happy, these easy-to-read chapters give you immediate tips to put into action when the poop is hitting the fan.

Rooming in, getting home from the hospital, how to hold your baby, reporting for diaper duty, why babies cry and what you can do, how breastfeeding works, postpartum depression for moms and dads, all the weird physical quirks of newborns, bath time and body care, baby massage, what unforgettable photos to capture, handling dad’s return to work, getting about and dining out with baby, babywearing, cloth or disposable diapers, why is baby still crying, pacifiers, sip and see parties, watching out for mom’s postpartum health, traveling with baby, how to find a babysitter, successful doctor visitsâ?¦ Dude, everything is in this book and it’s written dad-to-dad.

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