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by H.T Phair

The poems contained in this book are 140 characters or less and were created on a daily basis for posting on my Twitter account. It did not start out as a poem-a-day project. In fact, some days were missed completely and they are duly noted and shamed. Nope, this was not planned. At least, it did not start in the way a skilled writer would plot out a project. It was more or less a hack doing what she does best, hacking yet another genre and seeing what, if anything, would happen.


by Sean Black

In this collection of modern verse, musical rhythm and internal rhyme energetically burst from the page. As the author shares despondency, melancholy, guarded optimism, and even strings of hope, the distance from mind to heart becomes a singularity of self-awareness.

Mandala Poems

by Walking in Dreamlight

Combining the digital art format of colourful mandala’s, beautifully illustrated and written poetry, by the author, used to enhance the overall wide-spread appeal of the product to the buyer. Welcome to the 1st edition of ‘Mandala Poems’, a beautiful and exciting journey of the eye and mind, across the realms of digital artwork, colour mandala’s, by artist and illustrator, Hannah Moesker, and also the author, Walking in Dreamlight. Let us take you on a journey across 20 wonderful mandala’s and poems, which will excite, entice, draw you in, and leave you breathless, with their contemplative and appealing, visual beauty, that will speak to the heart and soul of your being. We hope that you enjoy this book, and that it also brings to you a sense of peace and serenity, that will remain with you long after the final page has been turned.

The Inner Life of Doodles

by David Chirico

Pehr Waldekranz, the reclusive writer-filmmaker first encountered in The Book of Reeds, is the main subject of David Chirico’s new collection of prose poems. Here we find many of the notes, scenarios and “doodles” of Waldekranz’s Double Vanishing, the mysterious magnum opus that he left behind.

The Book of Reeds

by David Chirico

Pages from The Book of Reeds:

The ancient novel. What did it look like? What did it sound like? It would never take up the entire page. The world was too recent for that kind of crowding. No. The ancient novel, the novel of the Alexandrians, certainly, founded on a sense of community, of a growing, shared sense of language use, would restrict itself to using the words that all readers knew.

In fact the ancient novel would attempt to found a language practice based on this sense of sharing. This sense of group possession. This is the reason the ancient novel is partly a book of phantasms.

Bedroom Candlelight – Lovers Poems (Window Series)

by Alan Forrest Smith

Best Lovers Poems Collection For Him And For Her, From The 21st Century Contemporary Poet, Author, Writer – Alan Forrest Smith.

Cannibal Delia

by Andrew S. Hinkinson

The narratives in this exciting collection of verse cover a lot of ground. There’s the old woman who never grew up, the terrorist who wants to be a Dalek, the kid who threatens to mug you but is scared of what his mum might do to him if he does. Meet a failed actor, a male model and a Victorian woman grieving for her lost child. Read the ancient myth of Romulus and Remus retold in modern verse and ponder just what a river might say if it could talk.

Spirituality of a decidedly pagan flavour weaves a spell throughout, with poems about Samhain (Halloween), travelling Celtic bards and the imagined story of Merlin’s initiation into Druidry, told from the wizard’s own perspective.

The title poem takes a darkly comic swipe at celebrity chefs. You’ll never look at a Sunday roast in quite the same way again.

There is humour and sadness in equal measure here. You can move from reading a poem about rock star Kurt Cobain’s final moments of life to a romantic account of watching a lover as he sleeps, then onto a poem about what lies buried and forgotten beneath our feet by all but the soil itself. The journey is funny, at times disturbing in its imagery but consistently exhilarating.

Andrew Hinkinson-Hodnett studied poetry under the tutelage of some of Britain’s brightest, best-known poetic names including Simon Armitage and Carol Ann Duffy, the UK’s first-ever female Poet Laureate. Their influence shows. This collection sometimes shocks but it doesn’t try to be controversial. It’s simply honest. It will also make you smile. ‘Cannibal Delia’ crackles with enthusiasm for words, life and the English language. Buy it and discover a great new poet today.

111 Poems

by Ben

111 poems.

A Journey from Bondage into Beauty

by Bakis Kiswaka

This book is a story about a young man whose life was a mess in Egypt. He was skeptical about everything, he did not trust no one. His life was totally gloomy until the day he had decided to leave Egypt on an adventure to Portugal, where he had finally found beauty. The story is made up of 30 poems when the young boy was living in bondage. And 40 poems when the young man was growing into beauty. This book gives a total of 70 short poems all wrapped up in a story which started in bondage but finished into beauty.

just a boy

by Robert Reid

untitled prose

meant to question

meant to answer

untitled prose


Just A Significant Reminder

by Mickey Robinson

Title: Just A Significant Reminder

I tell you the truth:

You’re always significant!

Just reminding you.

These haikus will have a significant impact on your life!

The Struggle Within

by Un known

Poetry Collection

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