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Clients and Their Caregivers Helpful Tips from a Quadriplegic

by Kawand Crawford

Clients and Their Caregivers is a short read of helpful tips for individuals with disabilities, their Caregivers, family and friends. It will enlighten and educate you on the demanding working relationship between a Caregiver and someone with a physical disability. Learn about the role family and friends play in creating an atmosphere that allows an individual with a disability to live a high quality lifestyle. Kawand S. Crawford, Author and a quadriplegic for over 20 years, shares some real-life experiences and gives his opinion on picking and maintaining a Caregiver.

“Although everyone’s disabilities are different, there are some basic principles that can make living with a disability more manageable.”-Kawand S. Crawford.

Clients and Their Caregivers is dedicated to informing people about how to help improve the quality of life for those living with physical or mental disabilities. It’s a must read for anyone who has a family member or friend that depends on a Caregiver!

Piss or Get Off the Pot. Time to Write Your Novel

by Dale W Reierson

I wrote Piss or Get Off the Pot because I have a method for writing a novel that is very user friendly.

I am not a bestselling author nor do I claim to beâ?¦Not yet anywayâ?¦I am just a guy who has figured out a way, through much trial and error, how to write and put together a novel for pretty much any genre.

My Genre is Horror/Science Fiction/Fantasy and some Erotica. I will not be able to write the words or make the sentences that you will need to complete your novel.

You will have to do that, but I can guide and help you.

A Slightly Larger Book of Kick-Arse Poetry

by Lissa Judd

Full of crazy poems which will make you laugh out loud. You may see yourself in them, or they may remind you of your children or grandchildren.

In this follow-up to “A Small Book of Kick-Arse Poetry” Lissa Judd again focuses on the 12-15 tear-old who is reading-averse, but she succeeds in producing a book with wide appeal. The Kick-Arse Poetry books strive to entice those with poor reading skills who flounder at the edge of education systems: those who may have learned that reading is an onerous task with few rewards.

These books attempt to engage the disengaged. Underpinning the wacky verse is a deliberate strategy to improve vocabulary and enhance self-esteem. They champion the average and the ordinary, and uplift the weary and downtrodden.

A glossary has been included in this book – a breath of fresh air that blows away dull dictionary pages and replaces them with definitions and examples that are as hilarious as the poetry.

How to write a Bestseller: Characters

by Jennifer Fallon

“There are few authors, in my opinion, that do characters as well as Jennifer Fallon. She makes them feel both real and natural. Each has their own voice, distinct personality and a combination of strengths and flaws. Furthermore, the “bad” characters still have good qualities while the “good” characters are capable of doing very bad things…”

– Dragons, Heroes and Wizards Review

Jennifer Fallon is the author of 17 bestselling fantasy and science fiction novels, 4 different series, numerous short stories, and has written official tie-in stories for both Stargate SG1 and Zorro. She is published in 6 languages (at last count), has worked with some of the top editors and publishers in the industry (Tor, Orbit, HarperCollins, Random House, etc) and has been teaching writing master classes for the past 8 years.

She has a Masters Degree in Creative Writing, has been shortlisted for numerous awards, and has worked in Adult Education for the past 20 years. She mentors young writers and ran the Reynox International Writer’s Retreat until it was destroyed in the Christchurch Earthquakes of 2010.

This book, initially written as a companion to her Master Classes, is easy to understand, written with humor and insight, and a must have for all aspiring writers.

Latin for Pre-Medical Students (Ukrainian Edition)

by Lyudmyla Shevchenko-Savchynska

The textbook contains two parts: the first part is about grammar and the second – about the medical terms. Authors fully described the Ukrainian type of pronounciation of Latin words, the Noun, the Adjective, the Verb, the Pronoun, the Numeral, the Adverb, the Gerund and the syntax. The second part dedicaded to terminology of anatomy, diagnostics, therapy, surgery, biology, chemistry and pharmacy.

In the textbook implemented a lot of ideas that makes it unique: 1) the grammar is separated from the terminology course – it allows students to learn the rules of classical Latin, and only then learn the course of the natural terminology 2) the intuitive structure of the topics – searching and orientation in the textbook became much easier, 3) it is the first textbook of the subject, which was prepared especially for digital distribution, 4) some topics (eg, “Building interrogative and negative sentences”, “Formation names of organic compounds”) are missing in other textbooks.

The D.C.-Maryland-Northern Virginia Testing Survival Guide

by Testing Mom

If you are reading this, then you are a parent or a grandparent in the Washington, D.C. metro area who is trying to find the best possible school for your little one. There are so many options in the D.C. area – private schools, Gifted and Talented Education (G&T) programs, general education – it can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially if your child is just 4-years-old!

Maybe you are very lucky and you live in an area with a wonderful neighborhood zoned public school. Perhaps you are thinking of sending your child to one of the area’s excellent private schools or a sought-after G&T program. There are magnet and charter schools available as well. In this ebook, we are going to focus the various tests that are required for students seeking entry into the D.C. area’s most sought after schools.

Whatever your situation, at, we can provide you with resources to help you prepare for various admissions tests for D.C. area schools with competitive entry requirements. In this ebook, we will focus primarily on how the area’s Gifted and Talented programs and private schools work, along with the application process for these options.

islam is the truth from the creator but why do we have other religions, concepts and ideologies? By Mohammed Raj (an article / words:5155) (Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem series)

by Mohammed Raj

The earth and the cosmos, especially the earth has been designed to test us. The earth is not to punish. The real punishment and reward is in the next life, begins on judgement day. Pain and suffering is part of the test. As the journey of life is full of test. This earth is designed to break your heart but if you have Allah and you be patient and you try to be a good muslim then you will be one of the winners by Allah’s mercy on Judgement day (insha-Allah) and Allah the mighty and majestic knows best. Ameen.

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