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The Rejected Suitor (The Clearbrooks)

by Teresa McCarthy

A Regency Romance of star-crossed lovers, by an award-winning author! Book 1 (The Clearbrooks):”Tender, humorous, captivating!”  Lady Emily Clearbrook secretly loved the Earl of Stonebridge, but one day, he left her without a word. Now, years later, the man mysteriously reappears and battles Emily’s four brawny brothers to woo her again. But the bigger battle seems to be with Emily!
This sweet historical romance series, about a duke’s family, includes delightful, heartwarming love stories that bring the Regency period to life. 
Book 1 – The Rejected Suitor
Book 2 – The Wagered Bride
Book 3 – The Convenient Bride
Book 4 – The Mischievous Bride (coming soon!)


C791 (Cyborgs: More Than Machines)

by Eve Langlais

Warning: This futuristic romance contains coarse language and adult subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.

Machines aren’t supposed to feel, but this cyborg can’t help falling in love.

Assigned as a specimen collector for a captured cyborg, Chloe is intrigued by the machine disguised as a man. Kidnapped during his daring escape, he shows her that despite the chip in his brain, his humanity is not completely lost.

Formerly known as unit X109GI, Joe is on a quest to discover his origin. While he doesn’t find the answers he’s looking for, he does discover that affection and lust aren’t just for humans. But when it comes to a battle between logic and love, which side will the cybernetic organism–once a man–choose?

Evaluating his feelings will have to wait though because the military isn’t done with Joe. But their threats against him pale in comparison before the shocking discovery of project C791, the revelation of which stuns the rebel cyborgs–and ignites a fury for vengeance.


It takes the touch of the right woman to remind this cyborg of his humanity.


Cyborgs:More Than Machines Series

While the books can be read individually, for total reader enjoyment it is recommended you read them in order.
Book 1 – C791
Book 2 – F814
Book 3 – B785
Book 4 – Aramus

Keeping the Peace (A Racing Romance) (Aspen Valley Series #1)

by Hannah Hooton

***WARNING***: To keep it real, some characters in this novel use colourful language and engage in sexual activities. Although they are all over the age of consent, some readers might want to skip that chapter.

London waitress, Pippa Taylor has no interest in horses or country-living. But when she inherits Peace Offering, a hopeless racehorse, she embarks on a career change in order to see her late uncle’s wish to run him in the Grand National come true.

But having talked her way into a job as racing secretary to champion National Hunt trainer, Jack Carmichael and moved to the West Country, Pippa finds herself faced with more daunting obstacles than even the Grand National can throw at her. And that’s before her tempestuous relationship with her new boss can be considered.

Moody, fiery-tempered and particularly easy on the eye, Jack’s moral code is threatened by Pippa’s arrival. After a Christmas they would both rather forget, danger and deception threaten Pippa’s life in the country and as her time at Aspen Valley Stables draws to its conclusion she discovers Peace Offering is not the only thing she must fight to keep.

An Amazon bestseller, inducted into A Drop of Romeo Hall of Fame and Some Kind of Wonderful Awards runner-up for Best International Romance


“You had me at the edge of my seat… The story was comical, suspenseful, dramatic, romantic and SPICY. Keeping the Peace, a story that’s going to be one of my personal favourites.”

“This is such an amazing book! It’s one you can sit down and sink your teeth into.”

“Every aspect of this book was perfect. I’m recommending this to everyone I know.”

“This book is absolutely flawless. I will NEVER look at horses the same anymore. Neither will I for jockeys or trainers, especially the latter.”

“[Keeping the Peace] is one of the most wonderful books I have ever read! I have never read a racing-based novel which feels so true to read. It is the perfect romance novel!”

Agent I1: Tristan (Sci Fi Romance) (The D.I.R.E. Agency)

by Joni Hahn

Agent I1: Tristan Jacobs


– Second generation Former Navy SEAL

– DIRE’s top agent


– Teleportation

– Invisibility

Raised in the art of warfare, Former Navy SEAL, Tristan Jacobs, has always been a force to reckon with. Now that D.I.R.E. has successfully implemented his scientific enhancements, he’s a walking weapon. Unstoppable, as long as he stays focused. No relationships.

When ex-BUD/S teammate, Aidan Monroe, interrupts his long-awaited sabbatical to call in a favor, Tristan reluctantly fills the simple request: take out his sister’s fiancé.

One problem: Rachel Monroe – smokin’ hot, kind-hearted, and in desperate need of a protector. After the best sex of his life, Tristan’s afraid unstoppable is just a memory. Knowing Aidan’s temper, Tristan could be, too.

Rachel Monroe had a plan to help her mother. Her brother ruined everything when his gorgeous, super-agent friend teleported her to some forsaken island – and his bed. She’s drawn to him despite the fact he’s a professional agent, much like the people suspected of killing her father.

Now, his enemies have come to her small town, looking for vengeance. Have they found more than they bargained for? Or, does the past have its own retribution in mind?

Ruby Lake

by Sherrill Willis

Sydney Myers has been through several failed relationships in the past year, in addition to several other trauma’s, and is now giving up on finding her knight in dented armor. When her boss sends her to Ruby Lake, a small, rural town in northern Wisconsin, the last thing she was looking for was love at first sight, not to mention a place in the world where she finally fits. Add in her city-savvy best friend, a jealous ex-girlfriend, a famous father, and a coffee shop full of off-the wall characters, and it becomes more challenging for Sydney to manage than a spinning plate competition.

When disaster strikes close to home, Sydney is left with the unbearable choice of her family, or the life she has always dreamed of. Come with Sydney on her journey and laugh, cry and rediscover why some choices are not really choices at all, they are simply fate.

Stirring the Embers (The Starting Over Series, Book 1)

by Mary Jo Putney

Romantic Women’s Fiction.

Previously titled: The Burning Point

Kate Corsi always dreamed of working in her family’s world-famous demolition businessâ??a wish her old-fashioned father denied until his untimely death. He leaves a fortune to Kate and the business to her ex-husband, Donovanâ??but only if they agree to live under the same roof for a year.

Kate and Donovan married too young and stayed too long in a dangerously destructive marriage. Ten years later, surely they’re mature enough to co-exist peacefully. But the embers of attraction swiftly flare into flame again.

Now, they must confront the pain of the past if they are to have a chance for a future and save their business from a saboteur they’re beginning to suspect of murder.

“Ms. Putney takes a taboo issue and creates a poignant tale about forgiveness and the awesome power of loveâ?¦ I could not put it down.” ~Darlene Kendall, Rendezvous

Stirring the Embers
Phoenix Falling
An Imperfect Process
A Holiday Fling, the novella

A New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author, Mary Jo Putney was born with a reading addiction, a condition for which there is no known cure. Her many novels are known for their psychological depth and intensity.

Needing You

by T. Renee Fike

Harper is an independent girl who’s never relied on anyone but herself. She does what she needs to get by and doesn’t have time for friends let alone a boyfriend.

She’s determined to push people away, but there’s one person who’s eager to get to know her.

Tuck is a sexy bad boy who doesn’t do relationships and makes no apologies for his own actions. He sets his eyes on the strong, independent Harper and will not take no for an answer.

Will Tuck be able to change his bad boy ways to show Harper who he really is? Does he want to or does he only want her as another notch on his bedpost?

Both Harper and Tuck have secrets that they’d rather hide and forget but secrets always have a way of coming out.

Will Tuck and Harper be able to deal with their personal demons or will it rip them further apart? Will everything Harper worked so hard for crumble to the ground or will she realize that needing you is all she has ever really needed?

**This contains graphic sexual content and situations suitable for readers 18+.**

Here, Have a Husband

by Heather Gean

Here, Have a Husband tells a story of the prospect of marriage in a society plagued by a strict, government matchmaking program that pairs and binds applicants to the perfect partner from a simple questionnaire. Told from the sarcastic point-of-view of strong-willed Rainy Clarke, the story begins when the fresh-out-of-college heroine receives the news of her government-assigned engagement to one of the most eligible bachelors in the country. Caught up in a high-profile engagement turned government publicity stunt, Rainy begins to realize that love and marriage are not always the same things, especially in the eyes of the government. The fight to reverse the strict marriage matchmaking system, that seems to be a thorn in the lives of not only her but those around her, falls on Rainy’s shoulders. Filled with relationships that shape every part of existence, Here, Have a Husband triumphantly proves that the right to happiness is something worth fighting even the most formidable opponent for.

Here, Have a Husband advanced as a quarter-finalist in the 2011 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest. ABNA Expert Reviewers wrote that “the premise of the story is original. This is a traditional fiction romance novel, yet with a twist” and that “fans of chick-lit will undoubtedly snap up this novel and cry for more.”

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Thicker than Blood [Part One in the series Thicker than Blood]

by Olivia Leighton

**REVIEW** Five stars! The start of the plot made me think it was going to be a mindless sex story, but as I read on I began to really care about Kenna. It’s nice to see a story about a big beautiful woman who isn’t afraid to indulge in her sex drive! A good change from the typical insecure BBW. And Dr Amante (love the name) is quite the sexy doctor!

**DESCRIPTION**First installment of the Thicker than Blood Series | Thick and Curvy nurse, Kenna Miller, had an average life and average job… until the mysterious and handsome new Cardiologist, Dr. Alex Amante, starts seeing patients at the hospital. Kenna’s life suddenly takes an exciting and frightening turn after one shocking yet passionate kiss with Alex. Why was her friend warning her against Dr. Amante? Why did it seem supernatural elements were at play? What was Kenna really getting herself into?

The Love Letter

by Brenna Aubrey

Young doctor Mark Hinton is on the brink of a new beginning in his life, yet he’s still haunted by the past. Thanks to a caring older sister, a canny librarian, a cantankerous patient and Jane Austen, he finds the strength to search his own heart and discover the truth of a love that has never died. Influenced by Jane Austen’s PERSUASION, this short story is about finding love again after heartbreak.

This story was the Grand Prize Winner of the Jane Austen Made Me Do It Short Story Contest and was included in the critically-acclaimed anthology of the same name.

This is a short story of approximately 6,000 words

Anything For You: A Coming Home Short Story

by Jessica Scott

From the author of Because of You comes an all new Coming Home short story.

Sergeant First Class Shane Garrison has spent a year recovering from his combat injuries. A year spent in the arms of the woman of his dreams. But loving Jen comes with a price: every time he touches her, he faces the uncertain fear that loving her might mean losing her forever.
Jen is a breast cancer survivor and with Shane, she’s found a man who loves her despite her scars. But her scars may be too much for their love to survive.

As their love grows, so does the risk to Jen’s life. And Shane must make the toughest decision any man can make to save the woman he loves.

The Knight and The Prince (Knights of The Compass)

by Dru Wellington

Forced into an involuntary engagement, Prince Corinth of the North disguises himself and flees to the forbidden city of Evermort to enjoy the last of his freedom. Though a dangerous venture–as Northerners are usually welcomed with the end of a sharp sword–it’s worth the risk for a night of true liberation . . . and to vex his father.

After losing half his men in a violent battle at the border of the North and South kingdoms, Sir Axle of the South seeks to drown his sorrows at the bottom of a Tankard of beer. He hates Northerners for their cruel and obnoxious ways, hates them for taking his people as slaves to work the mines, hates them for the murderers they are.

His motto: Meet a Northerner, and unsheathe your sword.

And when a cloaked Northerner enters his tavern, unsheathe his sword Axle does . . .

***An original gay fairy tale***

***This book contains explicit gay sex scenes, bloody violence, and a happy end***

Free to Pillage (21st Century Pirates Inc. – Part One) : A time travel action and adventure medical thriller


To see a video for this book, go to the image above and click “Look Inside” then click on the video graphic!

21st Century Pirates Inc. has got it all: romance, adventure, treasure, nuclear weapons, time travel, a plague that threatens the existence of humanity, humor, hurricanes, swashbuckling, Pirates, the United States Army, and a Court Case in the Supreme Court of America. And what’s more, it ends with a twist that you will never guess and will make you smile.

Written for adults and teenagers alike, 21st Century Pirates Inc. is another classic by Ian C.P. Irvine, the writer of Haunted From Within, The Orlando File, Crown of Thorns and London 2012: What If?: best-selling Medical Thrillers in which Ian C.P. Irvine makes the implausible sound plausible, and lets you see the action in your mind as if it’s a movie playing in your head.

NOTE: Book One of Two Parts: Please note that Part One continues seamlessly into and is concluded in Part Two. This is an excellent way to introduce yourself to this new and exciting author!- If you enjoy Part One, to continue the story you may then choose to download Part Two. Alternatively, readers are always recommended to purchase the full omnibus edition containing both Part One and Part Two.

So what is 21st Century Pirates Inc about?

Image the combination of four amazing films – ‘The Perfect Storm’ meets ‘The Philadelphia Experiment’ meets ‘ Contagion’ meets ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, and you will have the plot for 21st Century Pirates Inc.

During a daring raid on a secret Pirate stronghold in the Caribbean, Captain Rob McGregor of the Sea Dancer and his own pirate crew steal the infamous treasure belonging to Captain William Kidd. Rich beyond their wildest dreams, Captain McGregor and his band of pirates set out to sea, their ships’ holds full of pirate booty.

When they are hit by the most intense electrical storm of the 17th Century, the Sea Dancer is transported through time to the year 2014. Bemused, hungry and thirsty, Captain McGregor and his crew sneak into a secluded bay in Puerto Rico, hoping to find food and water.

Instead they find a ‘palace’ : an exclusive five-star holiday resort for the rich and famous.

Scared, bewildered and desperate, they take over the resort, holding everyone hostage.

Quickly, the situation goes from bad to worse. Within hours of landing at the Blue Emerald Bay Resort, several of the crew fall sick. When one dies, the resort doctor identifies it a unique and new strain of pneumonic plague, never before seen in the 21st Century, and an infection so deadly that if it infects the residents of the Blue Emerald Bay and escapes the confines of the resort, could threaten to wipe out the human race.

The scene is setâ?¦ to find out what happens next, read the first installment “Free to Pillage”, and then conclude the story with “Free to Infect, First to Die”, a medical thriller like no other you will ever read.

So download the book, settle back in a comfortable chair, and enjoy!

Dead People In Love (Haunted Hearts)

by Edie Ramer

Some people will do anything for the perfect address…

Ghost therapist Cassie Taylor is hired to get rid of a ghost haunting an upscale Chicago condo. But the elderly resident doesn’t want her gentlemanly apparition to leave. She loves him and he loves her.

Too bad her grandson and his fianc̩e insist either the ghost goes Рor she goes.

Too bad she’d signed the deed to the condo to her grandson to help him avoid inheritance taxes.

Too bad the fiancée has plans of her own.

Throw in a pretty neighbor, a dirty family scandal, and Cassie’s very new, very sexy and sometimes very grumpy husband, and anything can happen…even murder.

This Haunted Hearts short story is a sequel to Dead People.

12,348 words

Out of the Past (Heritage Time Travel Romance Series, Book 1 : PG-13 All Iowa Edition)

by Dana Roquet

This is a PG-13 version of the original novel with minimal sexual content, some adult situations, language and violence.  If you prefer a steamy more erotic content, then the original version is also available on amazon. Just search by my name or by title.

Torie Mills is beautiful, successful and a New York Times best-selling historical romance author. Determined to find some solace from her fast paced and demanding life, she decides to move to Mahaska County, Iowa–a mile outside of the tiny town of Fremont and into her great-great-grandparent’s old homestead. Her plan is to restore the property to its 1870 glory days.

She hires handsome, renovation expert Dave Cameron to do the work and together they bring the old Victorian house back to life. When Torie moves in, she discovers that restoring the house has opened a portal into the past. Time traveling each night to the Fremont of old, becomes her wonderful escape and her secret obsession as she learns about family, loss and to cherish the moments, from her long lost loved ones.

When she and Dave become lovers, he gets swept into the travels as well–until they both realize, much too late, that there was evil in the past that would have been better left alone…

Always & Forever

by Chantel Rhondeau

A suspected murderess flees her former life in search of tranquility, but the past refuses to die, threatening to destroy her newfound happiness.

Lilly Price is an abused woman on the run, but she can’t hide forever. Desperate to escape public scrutiny following accusations that she hired a hit man to kill her fiancé, Lilly hopes to rebuild her life in a new town.

Widowed Zach Woodbridge is in no hurry to find another bride. He longs for a peaceful summer, writing at his lakeside cottage. Things change after an introduction to his grandmother’s intriguing new assistant, Lilly.

When Lilly’s secrets are revealed, can their fragile relationship weather the storm? And when a man from the past wishes to reclaim Lilly, using any force necessary, can she and Zach protect the people they love?

CONTENT WARNING: Violence, mild language, sizzling love scenes.

Savage Destiny

by Jewel Adams

Historical Romance – Indian White Captive

SAVAGE DESTINY is Jewel’s All Time Bestseller and Readers’ Favorite!

On a wagon train that journeys from Baltimore to the Northwest Territory, Cali discovers the land that touches her heart with its beauty. She pesters the old scout, to teach her all he knows, embracing the new land she needs the old man’s knowledge to survive. But all her lessons can’t prepare her for the very real Indian that hunts her down. And like the hawk that holds his prey in his talons, Cali looks deep into the coal black depths of the man that is her savage destiny!

Blackhawk’s senses pulse in possessive yearning for the woman he took captive. Nothing will make him set her free, not even her own wild spirit. But can he save her from the dangers, ones that come from his own tribe and want her death? And when she believes he betrayed her, ordered her to be killed, will she see past her hate and fear, to find the love they once shared?

Two beautiful people find a love worth fighting for in the wilderness of 1795 in the Northwest Territory of the American frontier. Let your emotions run through the smoke fires that dry buffalo meat, feel the biting sting of a knife’s killing blade and touch the love that finds ecstasy in SAVAGE DESTINY!

Princess Thief: Stealing Your Heart

by Jennifer Enander

She’ll be his royal bride â?? or she’ll be his prisoner!

Juliette Thierry is a pretty, sweet florist by day; but at night, she becomes The Robin Hood Robber – a master jewel thief who takes from the extravagant aristocracy and gives to the orphanages in her poor country.

When the devilishly handsome Prince Guillermo catches her in the act, he gives her a choice: a year in jail or a year inâ?¦ marriage?!

Follow the twists and turns in this delightful story filled with suspense, surprises, and romance!


by Blue Ashcroft

5 huge flashing twinkling stars. This was so good, so full of emotions, so heart wrenching. I loved every single word. If you love to see broken hearts made whole again, this is a must read.

Celeste @

Lifeguard Rain Wilson can’t afford to get distracted. After a horrible accident at her last park left her emotionally scarred, she’s determined to use her status as supervisor to keep everyone at her new water park safe.

Her co-supervisor Knight McAllister is the worst kind of distraction. Knight’s as gorgeous as he is stubborn, with electric blue eyes, a tall, muscled swimmer’s body, and the opinion that he doesn’t need a co-supervisor at all.

But as the season heats up, so does the temperature between the two head lifeguards. But as they find themselves drawn closer together, and their pasts start to surface, Rain and Knight are realizing that maybe too much broken can make a relationship impossible.

Then again, sometimes it’s the broken parts of us that fit together best.

The Billionaire’s Indulgence (The Billionaire’s Indulgence (Alpha, Billionaire Erotic Romance series) #1)

by Ellen Waite


This is only the first installment in a serialized tale of erotic romance (Alpha/Billionaire). This story is roughly 15,000 words in length. New installments in the story are forthcoming. This book is not recommended for readers with an aversion to cliffhangers, graphic depictions of sex or serialized fiction.

This e-book contains explicit sexual content and is not recommended for readers under 18 years of age. Reader discretion advised.


A boring, careless boyfriend. A boring, monotonous day job. Madeline Lovelace’s life seems the very definition of dull until the mysterious Elias Collingwood takes a job at her office and spices things up. When her boyfriend suddenly dumps her, Madeline finds comfort in Elias, but realizes very quickly that he’s offering her more than mere ‘comfort’…

When she gets involved with the cocky, enigmatic Elias, the rest of her life is thrown into chaos. Just who is he, and why does he have such an intense interest in her? As she gets to know him, it quickly becomes clear that he’s keeping some secrets…

Hot Corner (Baseball Romance)

by PJ Chase

Audrey Maxwell has always had a thing for baseball players. They just haven’t had a thing for her–until now. So when Audrey finally catches the eye of a hot prospect, she can’t resist him. But is he really the catch he seems, or will reality fall far short of her dreams?

Other books to check out by PJ Chase: “PJ Chase Sports Romance 3 Series Boxed Set,” “Raw Passion,” “Hot Corner 2,” and “Going Long 4 Book Boxed Set”

Destiny: The Callahans Book One

by Gordon Ryan

Gordon Ryan has been a best-selling author in all regional markets since he was first published in 1994. His historical fiction series, The Callahans, downloaded over 26,000 Kindle copies in two days. In 2009, Pegasus Publishing re-published his prior work and released his new political thriller series, the Pug Connor novels, State of Rebellion, Uncivil Liberties, and To Faithfully Execute. Ryan is an American author who continues to write from his home in New Zealand, producing page-turning classics in both genre.

Author’s Note: The Callahans: The Complete Series, in five volumes, is available in one Kindle book at Amazon with a discount price below the five separate novels.

Vol. I – Destiny: Fleeing an abusive father and a hopeless life in Ireland in 1895, nineteen-year-old Tom Callahan takes passage on a ship bound for America. On board, he meets Katrina Hansen, a young Norwegian woman traveling to Utah. It’s not a likely match. The brash Irishman is a Catholic, a brawler and a young man without prospects. Katrina is a refined young woman, yet naive in the ways of the world. Lured into a polygamous marriage, she finds herself abandoned on a remote Mexican beach as the man she loves, unaware of her status, seeks his fortune in Alaska. Destiny is a sprawling historical novel set at the turn of the 19th century, played out in such far-flung places as New York City, the gold fields of Alaska and Old Mexico.

Vol.II – Conflict:  Tom Callahan strikes it rich in the Alaska goldfield while Katrina struggles to remain alive in Mexico. Demonstrating her determination and faith, the reader is shown the resilience of this young woman who has grown beyond her years. Continuing through 1912 and the disastrous voyage of HMS Titanic, Conflict will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Vol. III – Reunion: It’s 1917 and American has entered World War I. Tom and Katie’s son, in an effort to prove his worth to his father, has joined what President Woodrow Wilson is calling  – the fight to make the world safe for democracy-. As the war ends, Tommy is selected for appointment to the Naval Academy, while his father is arrested and imprisoned in Ireland for gun running in the great Irish Civil War. Set against turbulent events in world history and filled with vivid scenes as well as tender emotions, Reunion takes the reader around the world.

Vol. IV – Prelude: Tom and Katrina Callahan continue their story in the years between the two world wars. Their three children have grown up and are making their way in a world that is propelling itself toward World War II. Tess has her heart set on a Hollywood movie career; PJ is a successful sheep rancher in New Zealand and Tommy is pursuing his career in the Marine Corps and learning not only about war, but about the perils of romance. When Tommy finds himself in England prior to WWII, Winston Churchill calls on him to examine the economic growth of the German nation as they secretly prepare for war.

Vol. V – Reprisal – Continuing the series into WWII as Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Callahan III faces personal tragedy during the Blitz in London as the war presents a very personal face. As he leaves his Embassy post to return to the United States, America joins Europe in the worldwide conflagration. For the second time in his young life, the son of Thomas and Katrina Callahan finds himself immersed in front-line battle, torn between his duty and the love of a beautiful woman who desires only his safety.

The conclusion of The Callahans will leave you enthralled as the children and grandchildren of a once-young Irish immigrant and his Norwegian bride leave their mark upon the world.

Hope in Winter

by Suzy Stewart Dubot

A Scot, Duncan MacGregor is a veteran of the British army with fifteen years to his credit. On the eve of the Battle of Waterloo, his duty comes to an abrupt halt when he is caught in a massive explosion, which leaves him disfigured. If he were taciturn before the event, he is positively reclusive in the aftermath.
Luckier than most veterans, he has had the good fortunate of being hired as estate manager for an uninhabited property in the North of England. There he has spent the last four years of his life keeping it in good order while keeping to himself.
The owner of the estate, a Londonian lawyer, has found MacGregor to be reliable and sound in his management of the place, so rarely visits the property. A widower in his forties, he lives a contented life in London with his spinster sister and his only child, a daughter whom he loves dearly.
MacGregor is taken by surprise when the family suddenly decides they want to spend Christmas in the North. Little do any of them guess the far-reaching effects it will have on all of them all!

Love and the Holidays

by Heather Hall

Love and the Holidays

Will the sexy & rich Italian playboy, Massimo Marcanato, bring Amber happiness or heartbreak for the holidays?

Amber Halliday picks up a call at the office late one snowy Friday night a few days before Christmas. As usual, she’s the last one there. She’s a real estate agent trying to make a decent living and a name for herself, so by default she’s turned into a workaholic. Which means her dating life has been non-existent. Little does she know, this one phone call is about to turn her life upside downâ?¦

Love and the Holidays is a 22,500 word erotic romance short novel (HEA).


This story is intended for mature readers 18+ and is not suitable for younger readers due to adult and sexual situations.

The Body Hunters

by Raven Newcastle

A tale of murder, intrigue and the supernatural. FBI Special Agent Aiden Stone enlists the help of Danielle Labouleaux, former FBI consultant gifted with psychic abilities passed down through the generations of her New Orleans lineage. Using their natural and supernatural abilities, they work together to solve the vicious murder of a senator’s daughter, unearthing a deadly conspiracy. Enjoy this stunning new novel, The Body Hunters written by Raven Newcastle

Flings and Arrows

by Debbie Viggiano

Steph Garvey has been married to husband Si for 24 years.  Steph thought they were soulmates.  Until recently.  Surely one’s soulmate shouldn’t put Chelsea FC before her?  Or boycott caressing her to fondle the remote control?  Fed up, Steph uses her Tesco staff discount to buy a laptop.  Her friends all talk about Facebook.  It’s time to get networking.

Si is worried about middle-age spread and money.  Being a self-employed plumber isn’t easy in recession.  He’s also aware things aren’t right with Steph.  But Si has forgotten the art of romance.  Although these days Steph prefers cuddling her laptop to him. Then Si’s luck changes work wise.  A mate invites Si to partner up on a pub refurbishment contract.

Son Tom has finished Sixth Form.  Tom knows where he’s going regarding a career.  He’s not quite so sure where he’s going regarding women and lurches from one frantic love affair to the next.

Widowed neighbour June adores the Garveys as if her own kin.  And although 70, she’s still up for romance.  June thinks she’s struck gold when she meets salsa squeeze Harry.  He has a big house and bigger pension – key factors when you’ve survived a winter using your dog as a hot water bottle.  June is vaguely aware that she’s attracted the attention of fellow dog walker Arnold, but her eyes are firmly on Harry as â??the catch’.

â?¨â?¨But then Cupid’s arrow misfires causing madness and mayhem.  Steph rekindles a childhood crush with Barry Hastings; Si unwittingly finds himself being seduced by barmaid Dawn; June discovers Harry is more than hot to trot; and Tom’s latest strumpet impacts on all of them. Will Cupid’s arrow strike again and, more importantly, strike correctly?  There’s only one way to find out….

Raw Desire (MMA Romance)

by PJ Chase

Julie King has a thing for bad boys. So when a hunky MMA fighter takes an interest in her, she falls for him hard. But has she gotten in over her head? Note: This is a prequel short story. Also check out the full length novel follow up “Raw Passion” and “Going Long 4 Book Boxed Set.”

To Love Twice

by Heather McCoubrey

During an intense and terrifying experience, Kate meets Brad Walker, the man of her dreams. After a blissful ten years, Brad suddenly becomes cold and distant. A few months after giving birth to their daughter, Kate leaves and files for divorce. When he dies a few days later and his secrets are revealed, Kate is devastated.

Five years later, Kate has made a successful new life for herself and her daughter, despite the fact that she clings to his memory and grieves for her husband. While in London on a business trip, she meets London’s most eligible bachelor, Edward Kent. She is enchanted with his manners and dazzled by his attention. He’s everything she could wish for, and everything she’s afraid of. Edward finds her refreshing and lovely and quickly realizes that he’s finally found the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

Can Kate set Brad’s memory and her fears aside long enough to find happiness with Edward and finally see that she is able To Love Twice?

Saving Forever – Part 1

by Lexy Timms

Charity Thompson wants to save the world, one hospital at a time. Instead of finishing med school to become a doctor, she chooses a different path and raises money for hospitals – new wings, equipment, whatever they need. Except there is one hospital she would be happy to never set foot in again–her fathers. So of course he hires her to create a gala for his sixty-fifth birthday. Charity can’t say no. Now she is working in the one place she doesn’t want to be. Except she’s attracted to Dr. Elijah Bennet, the handsome playboy chief.

Will she ever prove to her father that’s she’s more than a med school dropout? Or will her attraction to Elijah keep her from repairing the one thing she desperately wants to fix?

** This is NOT erotica. Its Romance and a love story. **

* This is a two book series: Part 1 and Part 2 * )

Scoundrel for Hire (Velvet Lies, Book 1)

by Adrienne deWolfe

Raphael Jones is a Kentucky-born scoundrel, who has never played by the rules. When Colorado mining heiress, Silver Nichols, hires him to stop her precious daddy from marrying a golddigger, Rafe sets out to seduce Silver and win her fortune.

But beneath Silver’s cool veneer, Rafe encounters a sweet vulnerability and an aching secret that threatens to send his whole world up in smoke.

Now the wily scoundrel must choose: walk away or wager the one thing he can’t afford to loseâ??his heart.


“Wickedly funny! This book sizzles with a scoundrel you won’t mind losing your heart to.” ~Christina Dodd, New York Times Best-Seller

VELVET LIES in series order

Scoundrel for Hire

His Wicked Dream

Seduced by an Angel

WILD TEXAS NIGHTS in series order:

Texas Outlaw

Texas Lover

Texas Wildcat


Bestselling author, Adrienne deWolfe, is a professional journalist, publicist, and fiction teacher, who calls Austin, Texas, home. Recipient of 48 writing awards, including the Best Historical Romance of the Year, Adrienne loves to mentor aspiring authors at

Crystal Clear (Erotica Novella)

by P Minor

This book contains erotic, adult, anal sexually explicit material.

The Secret World of Juniper Grace – A New Man for Juniper Episode One

by Livia Ellis

Quiet and unassuming Juniper Grace is blessed with a rich inner life. During her days as a college English professor she sometimes bores even herself, but after hours she explores her vivid fantasy life in the pages of the books she writes under a carefully guarded pseudonym. When the handsome neighbor she silently and secretly longs for inserts himself into her life, Juniper gets a well needed disruption to her otherwise orderly existence.

This is strictly over eighteen as it contains mature themes and language.

This is the first in a multi-part serial.

The Gift

by Karli Perrin

It was the weekend before Christmas and the whole world was on countdown.

Except for me.

Last Christmas, I met a boy.

Last Christmas, we made a pact.

Christmas would never be the same.

Life would never be the same…

***Please note that this is a short story, not a full length novel. It is intended to be a quick, fun and flirty read.***

Lost Between Two Lives

by Philip Mancil

Catherine Strauss’s last words to her husband David as he left for Germany during World War II were: “If you can’t come back a ‘real’ man, don’t bother to come back at all!” Be careful what you wish for. When he returned she got much more than she bargained for, much, much more…


by Dani Morales

** Recommended for mature readers due to sexual situations, substance usage, suicide, and language **

It takes just one week to realize that you’re broken, but not unfixable. ONE week to realize everything doesn’t come with a price. One week to fall in love with love. One week to fall in love with you.

Family torn apart at thirteen by a drunk driver.
Fifteen foster homes in five years.
Determined to keep everything at bay, Nevaeh Rodgers will do whatever it takes to forget.

Until she meets Angel Barajas at a party. He can’t keep his eyes off of her. Saving her from a guy at the party and an overdose, he can’t just let her walk out his door. Determined to help her whether she wants the help or not, he sets out to find her and not a moment too soon.

It takes ONE day to realize the relationship you’re in isn’t healthy and leave. TWO days to realize you’re as pathetic as the loser you stayed with. THREE days to get a combination of drugs out of your system. FOUR days to wish life would end so you can take matters into your own hands. FIVE days to be saved. It takes a week to realize that everything each and every one of those days has in common, is the vibrant blue eyes that are staring at me right now.

The Saint’s Devilish Deal

by Kristina Knight

Esmerelda Quinn has been looking for a place to belong since her parents were killed in a car crash when she was young. The closest thing to home has always been Aunt Constance’s villa in Puerto Vallarta, so after a string of dead-end hotellier jobs, she’s coming home to run the villa.

Santiago Cruz has called the villa home for as long as he can remember. In between surfing events, Constance has always had a room for him. Color him surprised when Constance decides to retire – and leaves a joint interest in the villa to both Santiago and Esme.

Esme isn’t thrilled to share ownership of the villa with the youngest Cruz brother – especially when she learns Santiago’s brother has been after the villa for years. But Santiago has grown up while she’s been away at school and soon she finds herself falling for the rich boy down the hall.

This book was originally published by Crimson Romance (2012)

Sex on the Side

by Jessie Jamie Coleman

Exploring the notion that men are only out for sex, “Sex on the Side,” flips the script in this unique tale and reveals that women can be as sexually charged as men.

Josh John, a hopeless romantic, is convinced that the world is populated with sex-starve women. Throughout his days and nights, he is bombarded with vivacious, sultry women, visiting his apartment, even accosting him on the street. Though he shares some enjoyable moments with these women, Josh grows tired of the overwhelming attention. It has gone on long enough, and he want so much more–a meaningful relationship and everything that goes with it.

Then Josh learns from a fortune teller that a special woman like no other with the initials K.C. is just within his reach, and he pulls out all stops to speed up the course of destiny. But is K.C. really the One or is she just like all the rest?

This outlandish comedy serves up something unique and sexy, providing that the road to love can be paved with hurdles galore and numerous surprises. It’s a story about saying yes to love, no matter what.

“Funny, witty and entertaining”–Author of “Why Men Love Bitches”–Sherry Argov

“Highly entertaining and strongly recommended reading”–Midwest book Review

“A hilarious look at a different kind of romance”–Health Froeschl,

Jessie Jamie Coleman, a native Chicagoan, is an author, screenwriter and freelance writer.

The Summer I Gave Up Boys

by Kassandra Kush

A summer love novella

Kaliyah Simon just broke up with her cheating boyfriend, and now that summer break is here, all she wants is a quiet, boy-free summer. To focus on work, reading, and her tan. But then she meets up with her old high school nemesis, Isaiah Winters, on the way home, and he seems more interested in being friends than enemies. Can Kaliyah lower her walls and get over seven years of pushing Isaiah away and find out what it would be like to actually be with him?

With her best friend going boy-crazy, a twenty-first birthday looming on the horizon, Isaiah continually showing up on her doorstep, and an ex that seems to want her back, Kaliyah’s summer promises to be anything but quiet.


by Alyssa Linn Palmer

“Sylvia, my brightest star, my desire. My lust, my soul.

“She was Lia to her co-workers at the bookstore, Sylvia to her mother, who clicked her tongue disapprovingly at her bright blue and hair and her Monroe stud. But to me, she was simply Vee.”

In Alex’s notebooks, the story of Vee unfolds, from their first kiss, their first date, and the moments in between. It’s a May-December romance between a former punk girl gone conservative, and a gamine young woman in combat boots and fishnets. They find each other on the streets of New York City and it’s love at first sight.

This is a short collection of stories, two of which have appeared in the FELT TIPS and ANYTHING SHE WANTS erotic anthologies.

Christmas Presents

by Thomas Hunter Dillon

It’s that time of year again! The Holidays are ripe for sexy, fun adventures. And Thomas Hunter Dillon is just the man to serve them up for you!

Christmas Presents is the third compilation book of short-story erotica from Mr. Dillon. Only in this volume, Thomas changes it up for the Holidays.

You still get seven new sexy scenarios played out for you, but with different Holiday twists! In this book you’ll follow along as new couple Marcus and Jenteal navigate their first Holiday season together.

After moving north from warm and sunny Florida, Jenteal is introduced to a bitterly cold and bleak Wisconsin winter. That is until a chance encounter with her new neighbor Marcus changes everything. What ensues is a Holiday season filled with raw, animalistic attraction and good old fashioned sexy winter adventures!

All the stresses of Thanksgiving, “Black Friday”, work, travel, Christmas, New Year’s, and even a hellacious snow storm or two, are turned into erotic fun for your enjoyment and the release of your tensions this Holiday season!

Falling for Archie (sweet gay romance)

by Hollis Shiloh

Harris writes instruction manuals for a living and is self-conscious at the best of times. He’s not pleased when he manages to break a legâ??but he’s even less pleased when a pushy friend sends someone to help him around the house while it heals.

When the young man in question rides up on a motorcycle, Harris expects the worst.

He certainly never plans to fall in love. But Archieâ??short, clumsy, and utterly gorgeousâ??doesn’t make it easy.

A contemporary sweet gay romance or m/m romance.

Length: approx. 76 pages or 19,000 words

Heat level: Low


“Harris,” called Archie at the door to the bathroom. “Could you bring out a bandage?”

“For your burn?” asked Harris, blinking.

“No, I’ve cut myself.” He sounded embarrassed.

“You have? How? You just finished burning yourself.”

“I know, I know. Could you just bring the bandage? When you come out. I mean, when you’re done.”

Harris smirked. “Of course, Arch.”

“Oh, thanks,” said Archie, sounding witless and breathless.

How badly did he cut himself. Also, how?

Harris didn’t bother with socks and shoes, but left the room still barefoot, bringing the first aid kit. “Let me see?”

Archie stood in the middle of the kitchen, looking lost. He held up a red-slicked hand, gripped tightly in his other.

Harris made a sound in his throat and reached for it. “Did you wash?”

“No. I’m trying to get the bleeding to stop first.” Archie sounded rather faint.

“Right.” Harris looked around blindly. He grabbed a clean kitchen towel and began to wrap Archie’s hand tightly. Their hands bumped each other in the fumbled hurry. “Hold this up high and squeeze, best you can. Do you need to go to the hospital?”

“No, no, no. I’m fine.”

Harris steered him towards a kitchen chair and guided him to sit. Archie looked pale.

“How did it happen? How do you possibly cut yourself making tea?”

He nodded to the table. Harris glanced over and saw the partly open packet of cookies sitting there, a sharp knife next to it.

“I always have trouble getting that stupid packaging open, so I thought, why not a knife?” Archie laughed a little breathlessly.

“Not your smartest decision.” Harris brushed the hair back from Archie’s forehead, holding a hand against the soft, warm skin a moment. His other hand gripped Archie’s shoulder.

Archie leaned against him like one surrendering tension now that he knew he was safe.

Harris closed his eyes, carding fingers tenderly through Archie’s hair, wishing he could make this moment last forever.

Black Gold (The Boomtown Boys)

by Ruby Laska


When country singer Chase Warner’s father dies, he finally realizes he’ll never impress the man who raised him and hangs up his guitar for good. Soon after he moves to North Dakota and signs on as a derrick hand, he learns that an honest day’s work bringing oil from the earth gives him far more satisfaction than performing ever did.

When his friends take him to the local tavern to celebrate his birthday, Chase agrees to sing one song for old times. When he looks out into the audience, he finds himself staring at a rockabilly dream come true: blue eyes, blond curls and sweet curves in the kind of dress just made to show them off.

Nashville talent scout Regina McCary is taking a forced “vacation” after a bad breakup when she stumbles on the voice she’s sure will take her career to the next level: the smoldering, if slightly drunk, man singing in a North Dakota honkeytonk isn’t just talented but gorgeous, too. Regina is sure she can package and promote the reluctant singer – but soon she realizes she wants Chase for far more than a client.


When the recession strikes Red Fork, Arkansas, leaving five friends desperate for a new start, they head for Conway, North Dakota to make their fortunes in the oil boom. Matthew, Calvin, Chase, Jimmy, and Zane are no strangers to hard work, but life on an oil rig means long shifts, difficult conditions and constant danger, and total commitment to bringing the black gold up from deep below the earth’s surface.

It takes a special kind of woman to thrive in an oil town. The women who love the Boomtown Boys are as beautiful as the wildflowers dotting the gently rolling plains, as tough as the rocky Dakota Badlands, and passionate enough to keep their men warm through the long northern winters.



Praise for the novels of Ruby Laska:

“Very well-writtenâ?¦very enjoyable.” Tracy Reva Books & Reviews

“Drew me inâ?¦this was a great read!” – All Romance All the Time

“Lovable charactersâ?¦an easy read that also happens to make you laugh.” – Bits and Dits

“Characters to fall in love withâ?¦beautiful story.” – Whit’s Book World

“Ruby Laska is really an easy read authorâ?¦her books are hard to put down.” – Best Kindle Stores

cosmic warriors – Kuiella Taldama: my journey

by Carlos X

cosmic warriors

Kuiella Taldama

How far would you go to find your dream? Would you travel to another city or country? Perhaps your journey would take you to the very edge of the universe.
“Imagine having to travel to a very far place to find your dream or to make your dream come true, instead of staying in within your comfort zone and not getting aheadâ?¦” Would you go for it?

Sometimes we must confront our problems rather than run away, and this is never an easy task. But what if confronting your problem means traveling to the very edge of the universe? That is exactly what happens in this story.

Sometimes we need help to solve our challenges, and sometimes that help comes from unlikely sources. For example, from someone we do not know and need to learn to trust. In the end, what is left is a warm friendship that will last forever.

OK so “cosmic warriors – Kuiella Taldama” is the story of a boy who went to the very edge of the universe to resolve his personal challenges. He has had enough of the cold winters in Chicago and is looking forward to new challenges and a new purpose. By coincidence, he meets a special alien girl, who will change the way he thinks about his life forever.

Will he succeed and will he find his true purpose in life? Are you ready? Find out by reading this book today!

I detected anger in my queen’s voice.

“Kuiella, what is wrong?”

She did ignore me. Then my queen faced the crowds and spoke in a rhythmic manner.


It sounded hard and with an edge that was flinty and sharp; as in a crisp supreme voice.

“I speak to you today on our war.”

Silence filled the room. Kuiella became more angry.

“I regret to inform you that we will lose if we keep on our current course.”

There was something about her tone that was as cold as a block of ice. She sounded like a hanging judge giving out a death sentence in a gloomy court room. Fear did grip me like a vise. Kuiella was starting to scare me.

An Impossible Secret

by J.B. Leigh

A ‘New Adult’ Romance.

Brice is a good looking guy. The kind of guy who attracts a lot of female attention – all of it unwanted. When he meets Kerry, everything changes. She isn’t like the others, but that’s precisely why he’s attracted to her.

Can their relationship survive when someone is determined to sabotage it even before it gets started? Will secrets, once revealed, bring them closer or drive a wedge between them forever?

What It Feels like to be a Ghost

by Heather Gean

Everyone believes Annabel Iverson died in Hurricane Katrina. Seven years later, Zeke Fitch learns she didn’t.

Twenty-four-year-old Ivy Allan has been haunted by the person she used to be. With Zeke in close proximity to everyone she now cares about, Ivy fears her biggest secret is no longer safe. As she struggles to conceal her identity, she becomes entangled by the question of who she is, who she was, and who she wants to be, while being pulled between two separate lives.

Angel’s Heart: The Keeper

by Lisa Bilbrey

Unaware of an age-old prophecy, secret societies, and an enemy she doesn’t know she has, Sophie Crenshaw considers herself as just being average. Along with her two best friends, Deva and Tabitha, Sophie sets off on what she thinks is a normal vacation. What she doesn’t know is that everything she thought she knew about who she is, and what she can do, is about to change. Thrust in a world she knows nothing about, Sophie tries to find her true self, without losing her grip on her own sanity.

Henry Chang lives in world full of magic, where the stories over the legendary Angel’s Heart are spoken in whispered conversations, and midnight meetings. His job is to protect the Heart, keep it safe from anyone who wishes to hurt it or its Keeper. In a divine moment, he’s tied to the Keeper’s heart forever. While trying to understand his own feelings, Henry does what he can to support Sophie, and keep her from falling apart.

With the help of Willow Crest members, who have sworn to protect her without ever meeting her, Sophie will struggle to get control of her feeling and new found powers. Or will it be too much for her to handle? Will their growing love give Sophie the strength and courage to face the greatest challenge of her young life?

Curvy Girls Do It On Vacation: Short Erotic Romance – Book 6

by Ulriche Kacey Padraige

Curvy Girls Do It On Vacation: Short Erotic Romance.

*** Mature Content Warning: This short erotic romance book contains very strong language and super steamy adult entertainment – Strictly for Adults 18+ ***

The first week of the vacation was everything that Amanda imagined. She loved the pure air and the Jacuzzi and the shade of the trees and the freedom to lounge around the back deck without a stitch of clothes on.


Electric Dreams: Seven Futuristic Tales

by Deborah A Bailey

Seven short stories of the future: a robot is abandoned by his human buyer when she has second thoughts, a frustrated employee has a rude awakening when his computer starts managing his career, the caretaker of a lonely space station gets a shock when a couple of unexpected visitors show up, and more.

Winter Song

by Jennifer McMurrain

Sage McKennan never expected she’d have to go at it alone. Cooper Davis had always been by her side as they worked to fulfill their dream of owning a bed and breakfast named, Winter Song. One cold Wyoming night, Sage is brought to her knees by the news of Cooper’s death. She has never felt so alone. Little does she know Cooper hasn’t gone anywhere. His spirit is determined to stay with Sage, so she’s never alone again.

Noah Finnley is down on his luck. He can’t find work and now he’s being evicted. Things start looking up when the beautiful Sage offers him a partnership at Winter Song. Just one problem, she has a ghost attached to her and Noah’s no Ghost Whisperer. He knows taking the job at Winter Song is a bad idea, but with his landlord threatening to confiscated his belongings and throw him out on the street; he feels he has no other choice, ghost or no ghost.

The two men must work together when Sage stumbles upon a mad man’s secret. If Noah and Cooper don’t find a way to settle their differences, Sage could join Cooper on the other side, permanently.

When You’re Expecting Something Else

by Whisper Lowe

A betrayal and broken engagement throws nurse Connie Harrison into a panic, believing that if she doesn’t act quickly to find new love, it will be too late for her to have a baby. With her biological clock ticking, she embarks on a cross-country journey from New Haven, Connecticut to San Jose, California where her first date ends in a car accident that lands her and her date in Pacific West Hospital as patients. Life, love, mystery, and drama unfold when she finds herself inadvertently involved with her new friend, Jared Wise, who becomes victimized by a fraudulent home healthcare team. Can a caring nurse, a black cat, an investigative reporter researching Medicare fraud, and old time friends save Jared from further tragedy? Will Connie find love before it’s too late?

Evie Undercover (Choc Lit)

by Liz Harris

When libel lawyer, Tom Hadleigh acquires a perfect holiday home – a 14th century house that needs restoring, there’s a slight problem. The house is located in the beautiful Umbria countryside and Tom can’t speak a word of Italian.

Enter Evie Shaw, masquerading as an agency temp but in reality the newest reporter for gossip magazine Pure Dirt. Unbeknown to Tom, Italian speaking Evie has been sent by her manipulative editor to write an exposé on him. And the stakes are high – Evie’s job rests on her success.

But the path for the investigative journalist is seldom smooth, and it certainly never is when the subject in hand is drop-dead gorgeous.

Impassioned (The Angel Chronicles)

by Molly Bryant

New Adult Paranormal Romance.

Synopsis: Jesse meets an intriguing young man with brown eyes, messy-blonde hair, and dimples that set his smile out of this world. As their relationship grows stronger, Jessie learns that she is in danger. Her college life at Boise State University becomes anything but ordinary in a world she never knew existed.


With college students being recruited like puppets into the arms of fallen angels, Jessie has the guardians to keep her safe. In this compelling story of love, loss and betrayal, will Jesse choose the love of eternal damnation? Or will she choose the love of eternal harmony?

Rough Ride


In this Aga-saga of country life, Midsomer Murders meets Jilly Cooper with a dash of Fifty Shades thrown in.

This romp in the hay, racy thriller set amidst the horsey scene, introduces bad boy Charles, the rich city trader, and his East End wife Jennifer who live an idyllic and privileged rural lifestyle. But life in the country isn’t always the box of chocolates it seems, especially when Charles’ sins catch up with him. After a one-off and reckless sexual encounter in London with Laura, she decides to seek her revenge, encouraging urban invaders to destroy the rural harmony; and when the two worlds collide it brings about a chain of catastrophic and far reaching events which will guarantee a rough ride ahead for them all.

“Rough Ride, the debut novel by P.J. King, offers the reader an extraordinary tale of lust and intrigue set within the chocolate box world of the county set. If it’s a good plot, suspense and sex you are after then Rough Ride will be right up your street. The woman are sexy, the villains cruel and ruthless, and the horses, like everyone else in this story are both well turned out and ridden hard. A great yarn!” W Hancock

United Forces (She-Wolf Chronicles)

by S.P.K

Sixteen year old Mitchie Oaken is the Alpha’s daughter of the Sun Pack. She is the best lead singer/guitarist and piano player around, and is eagerly waiting for her time to be able to shift into a Werewolf like her siblings.
But a new pack, the Tornado Clan, have arrived to create havoc and start up carnage between all Packs in the Supernatural Community. Their aim? To be the most powerful Pack in the world and overthrow the Sun Pack of that title. To make sure this does not occur, the Sun Pack must unite with a past enemy – the Moon Pack – to maintain the power and authority that is rightfully theirs and end the strife and terror the Tornado Clan create in their wake.
With betrayal, pain and grief arising from the woodwork as the Packs unite…not to mention a tale of hesitant romance…will Mitchie like this new agreement? Especially when it will lead her life down a whole different direction than she had ever planned for herself?

Lucky Thirteen (The Raiford Chronicles)

by Janet Taylor-Perry

Twelve women are dead, and a thirteenth is missing. Detective Ray Reynolds races time to catch a killer. Nothing ties the victims together, except the way in which they died. What Ray discovers blows him away as the battle takes on a supernatural element. There’s just one small catch â?? evidence points to Ray as the murderer.

From a small town in Mississippi, Larkin Sloan is a dynamic young teacher in the equally small town of Eau Bouease, Louisiana. Abducted, she foregoes common sense and rational behavior in order to stay alive and not become the thirteenth victim of a serial killer.

Rivergod (Wild River Series)

by Mandi Campbell

‘Rivergod’ follows Taylor Collins journey into Africa, exploring the wild Zambezi River
with Dirk, a man as rugged as the region.

Finding it hard to cope with life after the loss of her husband, Taylor
experiences a profound awakening in this pristine wilderness with the man that,
along with the beauty and excitement of Africa,
captivates her soul.

This is a series romance set against the panoramic grandeur of an unspoiled continent, which is volatile, dangerous, and breathtakingly beautiful.


The Rebel Rancher (Heart Of Texas)

by Mary Eason

When Grace Richmond finds herself all alone in the world after her parents’ tragic deaths, she willingly accepts the invitation from family friend Drake Everett to visit his home in Texas.

From the very moment Grace arrives in Texas, the temperature isn’t the only thing that’s just a little too hot to handle. Drake sends his cousin Alec Standing to meet her at the airport and from their first hello, sparks fly between them.

All That Mullarkey (Choc Lit)

by Sue Moorcroft

Revenge and love: it’s a thin line â?¦

The writing’s on the wall for Cleo and Gav. The bedroom wall, to be precise. And it says â??This marriage is over.’

Wounded and furious, Cleo embarks on a night out with the girls, which turns into a glorious one night stand withâ?¦

Justin, centrefold material and irrepressibly irresponsible. He loves a little wildness in a woman – and he’s in the right place at the right time to enjoy Cleo’s.

But it’s Cleo who has to pick up the pieces – of a marriage based on a lie and the lasting repercussions of that night. Torn between laid-back Justin and control freak Gav, she’s a free spirit that life is trying to tie down. But the rewards are worth it!

Truth or Dare? (Choc Lit)

by Laura E James

Love’s a dangerous game â?¦

Kate Blair’s sick of unrequited love. She’s quietly waited for Mickey for the past six years and finding a compass-carved heart, with their initials scratched through the middle, only strengthens her resolve: no more Mickey and no more playing it safe.

It’s time to take a chance on real love and Declan O’Brien’s the perfect risk. He’s handsome, kind and crazy about her so it’s not long before all thoughts of Mickey come few and far between.

But old habits die-hard. Kate may have started to forget â?¦ but has Mickey?

Laura E. James tackles some thorny issues in this new Choc Lit Lite, showing that contemporary romantic fiction is not all flowers and swooning heroines.

Bright Black Moon (Vampires in Devil Town Book Two)

by Wayne Hixon

In BRIGHT BLACK MOON Wayne Hixon returns with the second installment in his sprawling, unconventional vampire saga. A mysterious storm blows through the town of Lynchville, Ohio, trapping two teenagers on a farm. It turns out that one of them might be a monster and, if that isn’t enough to deal with, the evil Ilya has returned to try and finish what she started.

Electric Light: 3 Short Stories

by Alex Norris

3 short stories about love, desire and longing in this age of technology and isolation.

Former lovers meet in a cafe where they are confronted by a web of memories and conflicting emotions. While one of them is living the care-free life of a bachelor, the other, now settled down with a new man, is plagued by regrets and uncertainty. Is the taste of bittersweet nostalgia enough to destroy the new relationship?

A lonely telemarketer makes an unexpected connection over a phone line. Can two strangers, brought together by coincidence, really forge a meaningful relationship based on mutual despair?

A ramshackle room is illuminated only by the light from a computer screen, while a figure absorbs Internet gossip like a parasite – but who does the unoccupied space belong to? A story about our relationship with the media and its all-encompassing grip on our lives.


by Alex Norris

JOY is the story of a young girl desperately in love. But not only is her love unrequited, it is strictly forbidden. After a fierce argument, Joy’s stepfather, Leo, is left unconscious and awakes tied to a chair. Joy is taking matters into her own handsâ?¦

Contains strong language and descriptions of sex and violence.

To Turn Full Circle (Choc Lit)

by Linda Mitchelmore

Life in Devon in 1909 is hard and unforgiving, especially for young Emma Le Goff, who finds herself totally alone in the world and evicted form her home by her callous landlord Reuben Jago.

His son Seth is deeply attracted to Emma and sympathises with her, but all his attempts to help only incur his father’s wrath.

When mysterious fisherman Matthew Caunter comes to Emma’s rescue, Seth is jealous at what he sees and seeks solace in another woman. However, he finds that forgetting Emma is not as easy as he hoped.

Matthew is kind and charismatic, but handsome Seth is never far from Emma’s mind. Whatever twists and turns her life takes, it seems there is always something – or someone – missing.

‘Linda Mitchelmore has a gift for making you feel right there, in the story, with her lovely warm characters.’ Sophie King, Bestselling author.

Angel of RAGE

by Beth Ann Luna

When justice fails, RAGE begins.

Angel is not an ordinary teacher. She’s a Watcherâ??a skilled tutor of reckoningâ??employed by Retaliation Against Guilty Exonerated, a clandestine order with saintly intentions for the wrongedâ??and deadly repercussions for the wrongly acquitted. Angel thrives perilously within RAGE, where the legal and ethical lines separating right and wrong and innocence and guilt are erasedâ??where the laws that govern the justice system are the enemies.

Upon RAGE’s commission, Angel recruits Eve, a shattered victim of the flawed system, but as her education in taking revenge begins, so does Angel’s troubleâ??in the form of Seattle PD’s Renny Shepherd. When questioning Angel in connection with a murder in Savannah, the handsome but shrewd detective suspects she is not the innocent survivor she seems. Her mysterious allure drives Shepherd’s investigation down the dark path of Angel’s past, where exhuming the bones of violence, tragedy, and secrets could destroy his future, the order, and Angel’s very soul . . .

Redemption River (The Wild River Series)

by Mandi Campbell

â??Redemption River’ is the third book in the Wild River series, where Taylor Collins explores the wilds of Africa’s Zambezi Valley with the man of her dreams, Dirk Delaney.

After struggling to come to terms with the death of her husband in the US, Taylor finds herself hopelessly in love with a man as wild and rugged as the region which has shaped him. Together they struggle to build a safari business in this stunning natural region where they are faced with poachers, natural disasters and wild animals, but none so Dangerous as man himself.

Redemption River explores the themes of self-destruction, loss, love, the beauty of the natural world and redemption.

Hannah’s Dream

by Lenore Butler

A sweet historical set in 1895

Hannah Dawes is an enchanting strawberry blond who is betrothed to the boy next door.  When his father sends him a hundred miles away to become a doctor, Hannah vows to wait for him.  When he marries another, she’s hurt, but she’s not down for long.  Hannah has a dream, and the gumption to see it through.  Drawn to the colors in the church’s stained glass windows, she abandons the sandcastle sculptures she shared with her former beau and embraces painting with color.  She draws inspiration from the wild Atlantic ocean and when the family fortune is lost and she is forced to move to Colorado, Hannah is heartbroken - until she sees the Rocky Mountains and a cowboy named Adam.

Adam is a shy man who loves horses and thinks he’ll spend his life on the range.  But when he
sets eyes on the saucy, red-haired Hannah, he’s smitten.  He hasn’t known many women, and that Hannah is a strange one.  At first, he retreats when she gets riled up, which seems to be all the time, and she doesn’t think he likes her, and when he tries to talk to her, his lack of sophistication frustrates her.  But there is something about the sweet cowboy that stays with her, and even when she meets a handsome and rich doctor, she can’t get Adam out of her mind.

While they try to find common ground, Hannah and Adam grow to love one another, but someone from Hannah’s past has come to Colorado to steal her away and won’t let anyone stand in his way.  Will he keep Hannah and Adam apart?

Settle into an sweet, old-fashioned romance and get lost in Hannah’s Dream.

An Exclusive Affair: An Interview to Die For – A Man Worth Living For

by Trisha Pyle

An interview to die forâ?¦

A borrowed speedboat, with a virtually empty tank, lands accident prone, reporter, Nicole Fisher on a small uninhabited Greek island. Uninhabited except for an elusive and dangerously attractive millionaire, a man every journalist worth their salt, dreams of interviewing.

Ryan Gregory, cosmetic manufacturing magnate, was cold and wet when he’d witnessed the short, bald man with the umbrella do his macabre Mary Poppins impression. When he also saw the face of the man who had just shot, â??Mary,’ in the chest, he knew that he was in trouble.

When nosey journalist, Nicole, stumbles into Ryan’s island hideaway, wet, dirty and hungry, she is last person he wants to see. Ryan does not need the distraction of having this maddeningly desirable girl in close proximity. Allowing her to give his whereabouts away is not an option, she is staying for a few days whether she likes it or not. Nicole only wants to escape the building sexual attraction, and unaware that there is a contract out for Ryan, and that he is in hiding, she leaves a message on her answering machine – with terrifying results.

Beggarman, Thief (Dancing Deer Books)

by Ron Lambert

A story of a bank robber who finds his moment of epiphany in a shack with six lost little boys. He goes home after twenty years on the lamb to have Christmas with his family and to right his wrongs. But he finds his past is in hot pursuit and the new life he has found is in jeopardy. He runs away in the clutches of a pretty lady evangelist who is taking her show on the road to the very town where he committed his last crime.

Too Charming (Choc Lit)

by Kathryn Freeman

Does a girl ever really learn from her mistakes?

Detective Sergeant Megan Taylor thinks so. She once lost her heart to a man who was too charming and she isn’t about to make the same mistake again – especially not with sexy defence lawyer, Scott Armstrong. Aside from being far too sure of himself for his own good, Scott’s major flaw is that he defends the very people that she works so hard to imprison.

But when Scott wants something he goes for it. And he wants Megan. One day she’ll see him not as a lawyer, but as a man … and that’s when she’ll fall for him.

Yet just as Scott seems to be making inroads, a case presents itself that’s far too close to home, throwing his life into chaos.

As Megan helps him pick up the pieces, can he persuade her that he isn’t the careless charmer she thinks he is? Isn’t a man innocent until proven guilty?

Online Dating: a Memoir

by Billy McCoy

Hilarity and absurdity—along with mordant wit—abound in Online Dating: a Memoir , Billy McCoy’s controversial novel, which tells the story of delusional Peyton Cresap’s devouring and doomed passion for online dating. Online Dating: a Memoir is also the story of a quintessentially alienated man colliding with a cheerful world which he cannot accept. A seductive meditation on Online Dating.

Winters’ Hope (Hope Eternal)

by Donna Scholefield

Lottie Hope wakes chained in the pitch black unable to even see her hand in front of her face and with no recollection of what has happened to her. As she starts to piece together her memories, her thoughts inevitably turn to the one person who she has ever despised… who she has ever loved; Cal Winters. One thing is clear in her mind; wherever she is and whatever has happened to her Cal will know because for some reason they can see and hear one another’s thoughts. Knowing that she is in mortal danger Lottie must fight against her fears and try to contact Cal in the only way left available to her; their unique connection.

The Demon’s Riddle

by Jessica Brown

Kerry Halligan is 22 years old. She’s beautiful and talented, a superb mezzosoprano who just graduated from Oberlin as one of the stars from the program.

But…she doesn’t have a job, which means she has to move home to tiny McCord, Mississippi, where she has to live with her widowed father, a domineering pastor who did his best to turn her childhood into a living hell. All seems lost, until she meets the new guest choir director at her father’s church, James Cavanaugh, who’s about to change her life forever in ways she never dreamed.

Hold On Tight To Your Dreams

by Alan Fisher

Adam Collins has had a difficult childhood and through a chain of tragic events,looses touch with the girl he fell in love with when he was 13 years of age, On leaving University, he becomes ill and ponders what the future might be. Helped by his flatmate Ben, he discovers that his childhood sweetheart now leads a very different lifestyle and he struggles to find a way to get to her. Will Adam recover from his illness, will he ever find his lost love and will she still love him if they ever meet up again?

Naked Wanting

by Aurora Rose Lynn

When promises are meant to be broken, can a girl hold onto her fantasies when her first love leaves forever? Can she regain that part of her soul that was lost?

Young Holly Spera thought she’d found the only man she would ever need or want, but one day, without saying a word, he simply vanished, crushing her dreams. She is forced to realize the good times they shared in the past, and the plans they shared of the future were only bits and pieces of the optimism that would never come true. Will she ever get over Colby Welles or will he live on in her imagination, a man who has become larger than life? The best part of her daydream is that she can create anyone she wants . . . .


“You’re not wearing panties,” echoed in Holly Spera’s head. The poignant memory of the hoarse male voice and his awe-filled words sent shivers of longing down her spine.

She strolled aimlessly out into the garden behind her mother’s house. A few days earlier, she had passed her twentieth birthday, but her heart was already shattered.

The fragrance of roses in full bloom filled the humid night air. Yellowish lights from inside the two-story building cast dancing shadows on the large backyard and the lightest whisper of a breeze rippled through the peach trees, daring to break the heart-rending stillness. Everywhere in the bushes behind her, crickets chirped endlessly. And tonight, eight months after she’d heard the exclamation that made her tingle to her deepest core, she wore no underwear. The hem of a smocked, thin cotton dress reached to her knees.

Recalling the strikingly handsome Colby Welles brought both pain and delight. Holly loved to press her soft curves against his hard planes, to rake her fingers through his short, honey-blonde hair while he whispered naughty nothings into her ear. When the sun cast its golden rays upon his head, the silken strands shifted to gold. She had told him often that he was her dream love, and how lucky they had been to find each other. He had chuckled, and held her even closer, squeezing the soft globes of her breasts against his broad chest. Colby had always been larger than life. Now he was gone.

Holly urged herself to relax her clenched fists and her tense thigh muscles. The summer heat surrounded her, almost like an envelope sealing its contents within. She paused and vigorously rubbed her upper arms, hoping she could forget Colby Welles and the overwhelming effect he’d had on her. There had never been a time after they’d left each other for short periods of time, when she couldn’t stop thinking about him. What was he doing now? What was he seeing with those beautiful eyes, neither solid green nor blue, yet almost a soft turquoise, that reminded her of the edge of a lake in the middle of a summer’s day?

The Romantic Dreamer

by Romeo D. Matshaba

Her angelic features and extreme beauty lured my eyes, then her essence; her uniqueness propelled our hearts to fuse through a thousand acres of space. But she entered my life at my darkest hour, with my soul staring down a cliff ready to jump. The long fall of doom seemed pleasant compared to the scars the world had given me. In all evolving days thereafter, she tried to mend the million pieces of my broken heartâ?¦ one by one, but will these pieces form together a painting of bliss or the icy blades of destruction?

Sally’s Christmas Cupid

by Katie L Thompson

Sally and Jason have lived next door to each other for three months, and they’ve never exchanged more than a friendly greeting, but when the postman delivers Sally’s baubles to the wrong address, she gets more than she ordered.

Aqua – Christmas in New York City (Aqua Romance Travel Series)

by Amanda S. Jones

We met Casey and Harry aboard the Aqua as it sailed from Venice to the Greek islands. Now immerse yourself in true love, seduction, sumptuous foods and the romance of the holidays.

Follow these favorite Aqua characters to the mainland where you’ll join them for Christmas in New York City as they settle into their life together despite Casey’s meddling father. Experience the tree lighting at the Rockefeller Center, the glittering Christmas decorations at Dyker Heights, and the twinkling window displays on Fifth Avenue. With all of the yuletide celebrations, will the issue of having a child split Casey and Harry apart? The magic of love from the Aqua follows them. As you walk the streets of New York City with Casey and Harry, see what’s in store for them with the help of family, friends, and a special Christmas wish.

Novella. 20,000 words

Kama Nocturne

by Darien Laurant

Reeling from the death of her brother at the hands of the cruel Maharaja; Kimara could only think of taking bloody revenge against the regime.The only thing that stands in her way is the death of her sworn enemy and his son taking the throne. Determined to complete her revenge she stalked into the palace. Her first meeting with the former prince will draw her into a world of pleasure and deep desire. Will be able to look beyond her hatred to seek out true love?

Enlargements (Further Beyond the Camera Saga)

by Joanne Jacquard

Enlargements – Book 6

Bryn Crawford is a choirboy. Good school, solid family, unadventurous, unambitious, highly intelligent but with high moral beliefs stemming from his intensively religious education. He is not, however, a religious fanatic.

He progresses through university and becomes the lead singer in a local group for many years. He meets a rather special lady, a glamourous whore, who teaches him exactly how to please his women. She is keen to encourage a permanent relationship but Bryn is looking for his soul-mate.

He goes to France to train as a sommelier and while there he meets a lady reporter with whom he has a minor affair and a continued acquaintance that proves useful in later circumstances.

The day he falls in love is the day he meets the married Elise Harper. Not only does he have his own feelings and trauma to contend with but he becomes embroiled in her difficulties with Demis Papahadjopoulos.

Their situation prevents them from spending much time together, so what time they do get is idyllic and blissful. They make a tentative decision to marry eventually.

Elise’s elderly husband dies. Her grief and guilt combine to cause a rift between the lovers and Bryn attempts to soothe his own aching heart with a one-night stand that infuriates Elise. The whole relationship seems to Bryn to be at an end with nothing he can do to resolve it.

Their business relationship must persist, however. A ten-day hiatus in all communication is ended when the news of the murder of Elise’s assistant, coupled with her own disappearance, finally reaches Bryn. His boss, George Chapman, suggests he goes to Cyprus to assist and at least organize the return of the equipment. Chapman also informs Carradine. Together, Crawford and Carradine succeed in locating a traumatized Elise and effecting a rescue.

Can Elise settle down with Bryn and prepare for the happily ever after?

Only Elise’s second son, Grant, is able to round off their story.

Sixty Days

by Zoe Glez

“”What, no last kiss for me?” I ask, my pout on full display. Mickey looks at me as if he suddenly remembers that this will probably be our last kiss until January and heads toward me. Pulling me in his arms, he kisses me with such passion and need that it makes me weak in the knees.

“I could spend a whole eternity kissing you, my heaven,” he says, breathlessly. “I love you, Laylah. You are my world, remember that.”

“I love you too, Mickey,” I whisper to him. Stretching up onto my tiptoes, I hug the love of my life, wishing that we could stay like this forever.”

Sixty days; the length of a traditional Puerto Rican Christmas, starting the day before thanksgiving and ending as soon as January 6th. That’s how long Laylah’s entire family will be visiting.

Laylah has been in love with her brother’s best friend, Mickey, since she was ten. Even at such a young age, she knew her love was true. At thirteen, her family moved away, leaving her love and his beautiful dimpled smile behind. At eighteen, Laylah went off to California to attend college. At nineteen, Laylah returned home to her grandmother’s, broken and lost as to where her place in the world was.

Six years is how long it had been since Laylah and Mickey had seen each other; six years is how long it took for them to finally be together. Two years later, Mickey and Laylah are going strong. They have built a life together, a life they want to live forever. One problem, only a few select people know that they are a couple, let alone living together. Now, the entire family is coming to stay for sixty days to celebrate the holidays after years apart.

Will this family be able to endure the next sixty days filled with secrets, lies, and deceit that threatens to break them apart? Will Mickey and Laylah’s love be able to withstand the next sixty days? Join Laylah as she embarks on this journey of family, love, and finding her true self.

Life Of Love : Book One of the Life Of Love Trilogy

by Santonu Kumar Dhar


Full of emotion, charm, and compassion, this heartfelt story will take you along on John and Sarah’s journey as they discover their love for each other, travel along love’s sometimes’ rocky path, and ultimately try to adapt to the challenges their love will bring them.

It seemed destined for John and Sarah to fall in love after running into each other on several chance occasions. It all started out with seeing her at a busy bus station in Manhattan. Amidst all of those people hustling and bustling by, John was intrigued only by her. Little did her know, he’d be seeing her again at a wedding party. And after a third chance meeting on the street, both can’t help but feel a pull towards each other. As their relationship blossoms into a full-fledged, serious romance, like any couple, they weren’t without their trials and tribulations. With the stress of John’s job and pressure from his mother, who isn’t keen on his relationship with Sarah, the couple’s relationship isn’t looking very promising. And as John turns to alcohol to subdue his troubles, things don’t look good for a future with Sarah. But not even a misunderstanding that breaks them apart can keep them out of each other’s lives for long. Finding their way back to each other, they have a renewed faith in their love. After their reconciliation, John and Sarah decide to take a trip to India, hoping to get a fresh start on things while being surrounded by the mystery and intrigue of a foreign country. Upon finding themselves at the Taj Mahal, John takes this symbol of love literally and asks Sarah to marry him. But when the newly engaged, happy couple returns to New York, tragedy strikes, testing the faith, strength, and courage of everyone involved. And now Sarah must dig deep within to follow her heart with making decisions that will affect her future.

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